Club 350


1st Floor 350 Penshurst St, Chatswood NSW 2057 

P: 02 9882 3086

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  1. Dave J says:

    This is a badly run and run down parlor. The girls are nothing special in hospitality, skills or looks.

    Very poor and rushed service and average price. Paid for an hour and ended up having an argument about time after 35 minutes.

    There are lots of other options in and around Chatswood. Never again.

  2. jones564u says:

    Has this place reopened yet and is it any good? I read somewhere it was now another Asian shop

  3. Tom says:

    Anyone know where Rihannon is working now?

  4. Scout says:

    Appears they are doing a renovation there now. Phone rings out. Anyone know when or if they will reopen? Anyone know where the girls are working in the meantime.

  5. John Port Macquarie says:

    Hi Just want to say been going there for years never had a bad experience…always saw Juliette or Annabelle sometime both together always helpful and very obliging love those 2 girls..have not been there with knew owners will try soon.

  6. Nick says:

    The last time going there, I found out that Club 350 is under a new management recently, they open all 7 days, 10am-9pm now! They have new girls, they are awesome.

  7. jones564u says:

    Has anyone been to club 350 lately? I haven’t been for a few years and was wondering if it was still any good. Also who should I ask for?

  8. Magilla says:

    R was giving me a massage when she worked at Eastwood. She unexpectedly offered FS for $50 and I couldn’t get to my wallet quick enough. She was fabulous, and I’ve enjoyed her sexual generosity a few times since at Club350.

  9. mr massage says:

    does anyone know what happened to Tori?
    Does she now work elsewhere, is she still in the industry?
    i was a loyal customer of hers since she started and was absolutely gutted when i found out she isnt working here any more.

  10. Joe says:

    Thank you, BillyC. Your wise advice has been noted…

  11. BillyC says:

    Hi Joe
    I had been seeing R for a while until I one day asked her about the sign on the wall which listed “$50 extras”.
    From that day onwards, we had sex- and she never accepted extra money even though I insisted. R said to me that if a guy respects her body, then it can offer a lot of pleasure. If u say youve been polite, then youre halfway there. You must make the first mention of extras though.
    Tell her that u regard her as very sexy (she is very vain) and tell her you’ve been tempted many times but the time has come to query wot extras may be on offer- she will look after you coz she doesn’t want to lose her clients and income. She spends continually on Botox, liposuction (notice the lack of cellulite on her legs now?), wrinkle filler injections etc., and she is 48yrs old. Not sure if Tara is working there, but R n T (no pun intended!) are the old girls and continually felt threatened by the young girls- as R asked me long ago, “Why do guys always pick the young girls?”.
    She won’t make the move.
    Good luck Joe.
    Anyone else might like to mention how they first approached the question of sex with Riana?

  12. jim says:

    Hi Folks , I went there 2 times .. Didn’t like the service at all .. Girls are reallt rude and very poor service ,,, I heared a lady fighting with a customer in the next room aand they kicked him out of the place !
    Not recommended. At all

  13. BillyC says:

    Hey Sydboy4Play
    Do Tori and Juliet charge a standard fee for extras? Or do they give complimentary extras once they know u well?
    Do either BBFS?
    Also, who has experienced Sasha?
    It seems that Monday and Sunday nights are closed at 350, might anyone know if there is a problem there or is it a lack of girls to work the shifts?

    Thanx- BC

  14. Sydboy4play says:

    Hi Guys,

    Have been going to Club 350 for a while. I have to say Tori and Juliet are great. Juliet is mind blowing at the moment. She is often booked out so book ahead. Young, Good looking and adventures.

  15. BillyC says:

    Tori is great and gives BBBJ and she’s proud of it!
    Vivian I’ve seen once n no more, too loud and moody and Alexa talks like an old woman n acts like she’s on the pension.
    Rianna has been there since early 2000s, and worked at Eastwood, did stints at the then “Goddess” at 11a Norton Street, Leicchardt, and at Impressions (as Brianna). Vivian also did a stint at Impressions as “Georgia”.
    Few years back , Rianna used to venture in a van with some others to Canberra for extra cash. (Tara n Rianna are MILFS yet look great )
    Tara doesn’t work as often , usually only Saturday nights and she, like Rianna, do lots of BBBJ , DATY, fingering, CIM, and sex without condom.
    Rianna works M,W,F,Sat- days only and has lots of regulars. If u r polite and gentle with her, then she will take your money by including the above as freebies, but one must build a rapport with her. And her service is consistent- once u blow in her mouth, then you can always if that’s what you choose. She fucks in every position as does Tara, though I find Tara a little scitso at times.
    New girl Paige is tallish n great body n lovely but not the extras type.
    Sasha and Juliette are sexy blondes and are booked ahead often and are in their mid 20s.
    Try all girls except for Vivian n Alexa.

  16. mr massage says:

    Tori is easily the best young girl here, 18-19 years old, extreemly attractive and a great service


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