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219 Elizabeth Street Croydon NSW 2132

P: 02 9799 5856

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  1. John says:

    Anyone here remember Eve? Australian girl with tattoos, cauasian.? I see Eve still to this day, she no longer works in these shops she does private work, for anyone who is still searching for Eve you can contact her on Kik Messenger for addy is EveEvans94

  2. Ricardo says:

    Went there today had a good
    Line up about 7-8 girls. I went with Sasha brunette beauty friendly smile on intro … did not disappoint in room was very happy with service A++

  3. Scott says:

    This place has gone to shit. Was made to wait for 15 minutes before I could see the 3 girls available. Picked Bella (or is it crazy Bella). She smelled foul & didn’t want to kiss.
    Insulting condescension and a horrible starfish session that ended in 15 minutes. The manager, Lily, doesn’t care about customers and thinks they’re fools. Worst experience ever.
    I was robbed of 120$.

    Hope others benefit from my experience and can enjoy some pleasure from their hard-earned money.

    • Jon says:

      I’ve been going here for on off 6 months never had issue with lilly she is blunt but this is most likely a culture difference. I’ve seen few different ladies here (Larissa celina) and always been happy with the service the girls for this price and the quality of the girls is good

    • Sera Aikins says:

      The month you made this post was also the last month the most amazing woman who ever worked at 219 Croydon worked in this industry before leaving it for good.

      26 year old ½ Egyptian ½ Maltese woman known as Rebecca Rizk (sometimes rostered as Mikayla)

      Stopped responding to texts on 0415 094 280, the number she gave to customers so you can try other methods of contact:

      All the best!

  4. A Punter says:

    $200 girls who wish they are $300 — bitchy
    no sign out front – entrance way dangerous
    especially when your leaving.
    not a welcoming place
    girl said $80 bucks to lick her pussy
    I nearly laughed in her face
    she said guys actually pay that much and she was serious !
    – as you know plenty of girls will let you do that for nuthin !!!
    I can get my kicks for under $90 an hour
    clean place clean towels etc
    but I wouldn’t go there again personally

  5. sammabrams says:

    Hi I agree that receptionist is a really a cunt. I had been going there regularly and some girls are nice but I don’t know why they work for her. As far as the girls not seeing whites, I would imagine it might also have something to do with the girls themselves.They may be self conscious of bumping into the client in day to day life etc

  6. Bob says:

    Update – Don’t bother going there.
    The boss – and owner – lilly is so rude, the majority of the nice girls, Bianca, Shardey, Gypsy etc all left.

    I stopped going there the day I was sitting in the waiting room and overheard lily screaming trying to force a girl to sleep with someone she wanted to reject

    I want a good time – not to hear a poor chick cry

  7. nobel says:

    I was in 219 Croydon a week ago, I had been their regular customer for over 3 years. surprisingly, the receptionist asked me about my nationality and background, and if they don’t like your background they do not show you the girls. I even heard some one having a fight with the Asian receptionist about the personal questions that she asked from that guy. it used to be a good place but now they discriminate people!!!!!!!

  8. Alejandro says:

    $110 for half hour.

    Current line up: Pepper, Bianca, Amy, Emma, Chardey, Lauren. I missed a few here as I am not that familiar with the place my self as I had just recently discovered it.

    Pepper – stunner, sociable, no kissing. Very popular, always busy. Can sometimes appear cold and disinterested.
    Bianca – a real gem. Asian but born in Hawaii. Super hot body and real friendly attitude to match. No kissing, no DATY. Not much else to offer because she doesn’t need to – with that body that can burn you without touching you.
    Amy – Brazilian. Said to be a sex pocket rocket but I wouldn’t know as I haven’t had the pleasure yet.
    Emma – real down to earth, lovely character. Slender and a real lady. Lots of tattoos and piercing but a real winner where it counts.
    Chardey – said to be much in demand too. I haven’t had the pleasure to get to know yet.
    Lauren – Scottish or Irish. Voluptuous and easy going. Very friendly. Knows how to enjoy your company and knows how to return the favour.

  9. Jay Zee says:

    Also anyone know if they offer CIM or COF at this joint?

  10. Jay Zee says:

    Any one know what the prices are at this place?

  11. Jason says:

    Been there 6 months ago and tried Emma. She has the rock chick look and I was in heaven. She has small boobs but better than fake one and she is tall, approx 5’9, hot as hell and boy she is flexible. Been to this place 3 times and only been with her even there are some stunner there. Don’t know if she still work there but if she still is you got to try her

  12. Research b4 says:


  13. Panda78Rocket says:

    I heard about Croydon about a year ago. I went to have a look. ..the place is fine but if you wan5 a bad attitude from the staff and the popular girls…then Croydon its the place. The Chinese owner hardly can speaks english on the top of that, girls charge for everything. Fake nationalities and the Australian recepcionist its so pusher….better choices in town. For example,Bodyerotic has super models, great attitud, awesome service and a great location.

  14. brothel master says:

    Tried Sarah – A young 20y/o Aussie. Too skinny and no boobs. One of those shy girls that try everything to hide their chest from you cos they lack confidence. Friendly and talkative and great BJ so I still managed to blow my load thank fully.
    No hotties in the line up but I will go back there to try my luck for a blonde fantasy next week

  15. Punter says:

    Not a bad experience at all. Quite nerve racking but Crystal definitely made things easier as she was very outgoing and friendly.
    First timer at 219 but was shown a line up of 4 girls. A really hot Caucasian [sue?] with blonde hair and tattoos on her left arm [still fantasising about her now] but I craved an exotic and went for my Brazilian fantasy.
    Crystal was very eager, in fact she wanted to proceed without a shower??? she can talk about anything and everything. Has a porn star attitude, unique hair a good actress in all to help make things easier & an Excellent set of boobs.
    Face: 7/10. Body 7/10. CBJ: 8/10. Service: 7/10. Going back for the blonde Hottie Next!


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