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6 Alexander St Crows Nest NSW 2065

P: 02 9901 4742

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

12 Responses to Hot & Raunchy

  1. bad-taste-roving-zucchini says:

    If this RZ claims he likes ladyboys
    Why he hasn’t put a decent review on of his encounters
    He is all Bullshit
    There are plenty of websites to find his dream ladyboy

  2. bad-taste-roving-zucchini says:

    Hello fellow punters
    Let me inform you on some facts
    I have been visiting No 6 on a regular basis
    Before the renovations and after with new management
    And not once I was introduced to by a TS ladyboy , there are lovely young Asian ladies
    This RZ claims he is the best informed punter, he is all talk and no action
    Gutless to leave is computer alone and fucks himself with a zucchini

  3. Alex says:

    Rang in advance – asked how many girls told 4
    Got there – sorry only one ladyboy (not even remotely attractive) bloody disappointed so as I was going the lady says – look Aussie girl here you like? I looked and said yes why not, Taylor I gotta say looked after me very well – the only thing positive I have to say about the place
    She is awesome- gorgeous, pretty, witty and just really good to chat to
    Massage 10/10
    Place 2/10
    Price 6/10
    Taylor 20/10
    Will go back only for Taylor

  4. AHLUNGOR says:

    Great review brother, how much? I remember when I 1st came inside a ladyboy from Thailand. There is a real hot one at QVB massage opposite QVB in the city.
    Her name is Kylie, very slim & petite but enhanced busty.
    She works Sundays and Mondays.
    Best call Nicole or Vicky the mamasan to book. If you are nice and a regular Vicky with join in for a threesome.

  5. Perplexing says:

    dropped by wednesday, 3 girls asians quite cute and then the ladyboy comes in, drop dead pretty, thought why not, who’s gunna know, she told me she’d be gentle. far out i was scared, went to room didn’t know what to expect, she faced me to the wall arms on wall, and gave me the sexiest tingling strip search ever, where 2 mins prior my cock was crawling inside me guts after this i was boned up, and i thought here we go. she made me stay there while she started licking every part of my body, ass , balls , ears, every where except my cock. i noticed her tits , they were bolt ons but great bolt ons, then i noticed her hard cock , 7″ – 8″ and i thought what the fuck have i got my self into, decided i had to take control so i reversed our positions, your turn now . she complied , i did exactly same to her except i stayed clear of the ass, but i licked the shaft, didn’t intend to but couldn’t stop, i then laid her down, put a dom on both of us, and went the 69 rat, again surprised my self , gave the first head job of my life , and i fucken love it, so did she, talk about both being rock hard. i pulled my cock out of her mouth as i was going to blow , i wanted to saviour the time, so i started giving her a long slow blow job, then took off her dom and got some oil and gave her the fist hand job id ever down on another cock but mine, slow, soft, fast, slow again. She blew after about 5 minutes, all over her own tits, she then started rubbing her fingers in it and eating it, i was rock fucken hard and she wanted me to fuck her. i couldn’t do it, so i told her to lie back and watch me wank myself and cum on top of her cum, i wanted my extremely hard cock , didn’t take long , she wanted me to cum on her tits, i knew i was going to blow big , and fuck didn’t i , missed her tits , got her fair in the chin and mouth , and hair, she fucken loved it , she wanted me to lick it off her lips, i did , first time i ever ate my own cum, we then had a shower where i washed her tits , ass , balls, cock, she was hard again , and so was i, run out of time , what a surprise, never ever thought id enjoy a ladyboy , but definitely gunna see her again.


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