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  1. 54_year_old_Aussie says:

    On the corner of Joseph Street and Railway Street with the entrance is Joseph Street, top floor.

    Climbed the stairs on a Sunday afternoon and the door was opened for me before I got to top landing. Nice clean shop with 2 massage rooms, but only one girl in attendance.

    Price list on the wall was $35 for 30 minutes up to $55 for the hour. I opted for 30 minutes and immediately full service was offered. “You pay more.” I took $40 out of my wallet and she said “Yes”, took the money and disappeared out the door while I got undressed

    Kari returned a minute or two later and her clothes came off straight away. In her 30’s, she had a nice pair of B tits, reasonable sized nipples and trimmed pussy. No tatts and a bit of a flabby baby tummy – just the way I like them.

    She knelt down and had a good look at my penis and then cleaned it with a wetwipes, then with a tissue with water from a cup of the table. Then she made to start straight in with a bare back blow job. I motioned her away and she reached back to the table and pulled out a condom and put it on. Then she laid down on the table she gave me a CBJ for several minutes while I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. Next came the full service that didn’t last too long. Kari didn’t appear to be faking it, she was into both cbj and the fucking. She would probably have also liked me to eat her out, but safe sex for me.

    After a bit of a cleanup it was into the massage, which wasn’t too bad and finished out the entire 30 minutes.

    One major downside was that the place is popular and 5 times in the 30 minutes Kari would have to stop, slip on her dress and go and answer the door, telling the punter to go away. Then she would come back and off would come the dress and back into the massage.

    When finished, Kari changed the towel on the table. 

    So definitely a place to go back to, maybe during the week when there would probably be 2 girls working and maybe someone to answer the door. And definitely a full service shop.

  2. Fred says:

    Several people ask about the location.

    Street address is 68 Railway Street Lidcombe. It is on the corner of Railway St and Joseph St, across from the railway station and opposite the hotel. It is a 3 story building and on the top floor – the entrance is up a set of stairs in Joseph Street. Discrete entrance as it if covered in signs for the real estate business on the first floor.

    Stand across road with your back against the railway and look up and you will see a big sign on the top floor 0415 279 788.Even have a look at it on google streetview.

    I went of a scouting mission a few days ago – $35 for 30 minutes, $55 for the hour and full service was offered straight off. I will return.

  3. JG says:


    Her name was EYA…EVA?
    Asian woman, 35-39, 150-160cm, MILF.

    Above the orange real estate agency, on Level 3. Creaky stairs, security cameras.
    She was the only one on duty and said that she worked twice a week on Wednesdays and another day (can’t remember [fail]). Asked me if I wanted 30 minutes or an hour, I said 30 minutes and she said $35.

    It looked like there were two rooms, she led me to room with two massage tables. I noticed hand rails on the ceiling.

    After a few minutes of light touching around my groin she asked me what I wanted. LET THE HAGGLING BEGIN! I negotiated a $20 happy ending.
    She got to work and started stroking me off. I was trying to hide my laughter from her moaning as she gripped my member and throbbed it up and down. I held back my laughter when she said that she was aiming for my mouth.

    Luckily for me I negotiated a, “I’ll fondle your boobs clause” and I was very pleased with my thrifty boob skills. I asked if I could fondle her ass, and she said, “don’t go inside” and tried to raise the stakes by convincing me to search my wallet for more money. About 30 seconds later my pole burst and she got what she wanted.

    I think she was a little annoyed that she agreed to the deal because she carried on playing with my doodle, spinning it around like a helicopter and making sounds. I flipped on my back and asked if she could massage my back. Though, thinking that she was still annoyed at my negotiation skills she was aggressively cupping my back and slapping the soles of my feet with her hand.

    The door bell rung (probably another Parlour Pages Superuser) and she left the room to greet them. I lay awkwardly on the bed thinking that another smelly man was going to lie down on the other bed.

    Fortunately she made him wait in the other room and came back to me, saying that the next time I visited I should give her an extra $10.

    Overall she was very playful and it was a hilariously enjoyable experience.

  4. Maximus says:

    Methinks Neo has made these reviews up. At least they are entertaining to read. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Lol. Every “bistro” has business cards. Neo, what is the address ie street no & street name? The RE would have its street no displayed. What about phone no? Sounds like a load of bullshitski to me. Everything is so VAGUE. Very nice FICTION

  5. Neo says:

    This place in Lidcombe above the Real Estate. Been going there on and off for ten years now. It’s changed hand several times but has always been used for massage.

    The prices are standard. $35 for half the hour (to start lol) but I’ve always been offered more and sometimes it’s been crazy. One time even had a threesome with two chinese Milfs and fucked them both without rubbers (but that was several years ago and they have since moved on).

    This time I noticed they re did the settings and furniture, made it resemble something a bit more professional with a waiting area and water for visitors. I went in paid my money and got ready for part one. Milf on shift had a great rack and nice round ass, not skinny but now that I’m into my 30’s it’s what I prefer. She asks half way through if I want to fuck her and of course I said “yes ma’am”.

    She then tells me to roll over and gets her gear off and sits right on my face, she’s completely shaved, smooth and very sweet. Licked her pussy and ass for about 5 minutes while she gave me a great BBJ and then she spins around and hops on raw. Went through a few positions on the table had my face in her tits as much as possible before I pulled out and came all over her tits.

    Absolutely great value and it’s the random moments like this that keep me going back after all these years. $85 all up. Didn’t get her name but she only Wednesday to Saturday.

  6. Shailesh says:

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of lindy…

  7. Commando says:

    31 a john street lidcombe

  8. Commando says:

    There is another one in Joseph st 90087566 try helen is ok and her girls are ok update please admin thanks

  9. henry08 says:

    try lindy of lidcombe 35 ,short , love her tits.long dark brown hair, brown eyes .thai will please all , do anything , for a $ 0422 266 114,, god she hot


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