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13 Lincoln St, Minto NSW 2566

P: 02 9603 2582

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  1. Prince of parlours says:

    Dropped into this place today , to see this Lexie girl , I was not disappointed, she is a very attractive, funny girl with a disarming personality, my visit was merely a recon , with limited time , I met all the girls but Lexie was the choice she is a natural, for all you losers who made disparaging remarks I suggest you get a life the girl is a gem

  2. cheekyman says:

    any news on this place?

    lexi is great body (8/10)

  3. cheekyman says:

    lexi, whos been with her? how was she like?

  4. Mark says:

    I had Lexi for the first time today and what an awesome time I had with her highly recommended. I’ll definitely be back to see her.

    • Cheekyman says:

      Can you describe your experiences?

  5. fuked off says:

    this place is shit, im not gonna waste my money here again, friday non asian shit service

  6. cheekyman says:

    anyone been to the new massage place on redfern street? near the train station, minto?

    newly advertised in the macarthur newspaper.

    • Matt says:

      Went there on two occasions, about 6 or so months ago just after the shop opened. VERY mature ladies on both occasions and really not very attractive figure wise or general looks, and I’m really not that picky even as a younger guy I love my milfs and gilf ml’s wether it be an attractive face with an average body or a good figure with a not so attractive face but I struggled on both occasions to find either qualities. Generally I’d expect a decent quality of massage but I can’t say I got that either. Shop was quite dingy for a newly opened set up, parking out the back and discrete enough entry was the only bonus. Only the $20 option was offered on both occasions although I didn’t ask about the $50 or more but I wasn’t interested enough to ask also. All in all I felt like the still quite average options in c’town we have were still better than this place at the time. I have however noticed a new add running on craker new management ect over the last week or so. The photos and wording in the add are similar to the second shop in narellan that opened up for a couple months but closed not long after. ( not the one upstairs which is still there as far as I know ) so maybe they have changed owners. Hope so I planned a return visit too the shop at narrelan but closed before I could give it another go. Will probably give it another go to see if it is any different

    • Milas says:

      NO, but feel free to report. Probably a bunch of old Chinese.
      Went to a place at Glenfield recently. Interesting: there were about 4 youngish girls playing with their mobile phones. The mamasan asked what sort of massage I want “relaxing” I said – in a rather rude tone she responded “we no do relaxing only remedial” and almost kicking me out. Bitch. Suspect they had been busted previously.
      ****Attention :Two reasons NOT to post on PP. The cunt that runs it is amoral and has no ethics at all.. And by posting you are keeping him in business. He should pay us money for posting.
      Also, you are giving the feds free info to close you favourite places down.

      • cheekyman says:

        thanks for the heads up matt.
        ive been going to honey suckle on queen street. theres heaps of new girls working there these days, weekdays and weekends. all under 30.

        have you been to the one on old leameah road? i only recently discovered that from cracker, but havent had a chance to try yet.

        • Matt says:

          No worries, was gona ask where you think is worth going locally as of late havnt been regular in the area cheers for the heads up I will give h/s another go. Yeah been there once on a Tuesday few months ago young and a stunner! Can’t speak for other days or girls but worth a look mate

        • Alf says:

          Been to the place at Leumeah twice recently. Ummm must curtail my spending soon lest I go belly up.
          Look, don’t get too excited about this place. It’s the usual Campbelltown Chinese old duck choir here as well. The massage was ok on both occasions – enough said on that. Saying that the first girl was about 30 and a nice face but bloody skinny (should have left her clothes on) with a tiny arse, wouldn’t allow pussy play, and miniature pancakes upstairs. I had bigger boobs than her….ahhaaahh. Got me over the line though.
          Second occasion late 30’s Chinese with nice face below average body. Does some kissing. She had RSI of her right wrist so she had to alternate to the left occasionally. Being a slow blower she was quite sore by the time she had me over the line. The usual costs $60/50/35 + $50 for naked +hj. Clean, new looking, can hear traffic and walls paper thin. Nothing to write home about or get excited about. I would give the place 6 out of 10.Give it a try if you want but don’t expect too much. Will I go back ?? hmmmm don’t know not that impressed.
          Campbelltown is shit, shit, shit.

        • Andy says:

          Experienced worst massage at newly opened massage centre at old Leumeah Road. Tried another time again since it’s in neighbourhood just expecting if they have improved but useless. The girl kept looking at wall click and stupid hand motions unwillingly. Don’t go until to wanna waste money

      • Geronimo says:

        Who cares if the Feds read this site. I’ll report the facts. Not my problem if they haven’t obtained & paid for a FULL LICENCE. If they busted for breaking the law, then I’m all for punters writing detailed reviews.

        • Chief Sitting Bull says:

          Well, well, well you have pulled yourself out of the sewer for a while.
          Guys, it’s only the fucker from this site trying to get you fools to post traffic on this site so the fools that fund him still pay him.
          Once again: don’t post anything here – even if the places aren’t registered – do you really want your favourite girl to be put out of business – I ask you.
          Have this fucker that posts all the arsehole shit to be down to his last dollar. Get some ethics man and maybe you will engender some respect from punters. But the reality is “you have no self respect”. BTW the jokers that you mentioned are well gone and rid of you. No good blaming others for your folly.

  7. witch stalking me says:

    curious so true, pushed badly to see asian. refused to see, asked to see aussie, met holly, still wasn’t keen refused, holly was angry, won’t be pushed with my cash. ladies say 25 30 years. more 45 up. where are true sexy aussie girls in sydney ? no washed up insecure jealous blonde witch who i refused. won’t go back there again

    • Alfred says:

      Hey Guys
      I think you all have to face the fact that Aussie working girls are few and far between. They are too precious and entitled to play with men’s cocks.The ones that do work are invariably junkies.
      My advice get out of South Western Sydney and head to the CBD. You will find beautiful Thai’s and Chinese girls there. Much better that Aussie junkies IMHO. STOP wasting your time and money locally. They are mostly old chooks.

      • Benny says:

        Lexi is good value. Gets wet and loves doggy. MILF and def horny af.

      • Steve says:

        Best Aussie girls at Tams on 45 in Wollongong. Hot and young most of the time, and not off their face on drugs.
        I’ve seen Ellie a few times, tall, blonde, early 20’s, other girls always intro well, just don’t want to jump off a good thing

        • George says:

          Steve you are either the owner or have very low standards. The girls at Tams are average at best and thats put it nicely if you are horny as fuck they will do the job but don’t expect to be inspired by their beauty, class or service.

  8. marco says:

    I have seen a sexy aussie girl called lexy this arvo.boy what a great mussley body with dd boobs.great sex in all positions and great doggy.she said she is a personal she can be my personal trainer anytime.a down to earth babe and great in the room.thanks lexy for a great time.i will be backfor moore soon sexy lexy xoxo

  9. Curiousguy182 says:

    So it’s a dog box of a place. Shitty little brothel never commented in the 5 years I’ve been punting. But now I’ll be going thru all the places I’ve been or visited sick of bullshit reviews go in and feel robbed afterwards.

    Went inside to look at the girls. Like most pushy cheap Asian brothels. They whizz me straight in a room. Refusing to show me other girls. When I said I’ll come back later. I had the door way blocked and the girl started negotiating… mate she would have to pay me too fuck. I’m a solid bloke and a swift move towards her she didn’t move. Eventually I push my way out. And the older Asian women was a little nicer. By that I mean she didn’t block the door. Has happened to a mate aswell when he had a browse. The Aussie they always put on looks like she would swap rock rather then cash probably making it a little more convienient for herself. These “25-29 slim body girls” are actually like 40 plus junkies.
    Don’t waste your time boys.

  10. DontHavaLife says:

    hiding deranged females desperate to find out what coworkers doing. pathetic i see you hiding behind phone looking fuked up in head yuk sick thing. reading, writing reviews got a huge crack in skull. creepy stalking witch

  11. Ray says:

    Yo guys anyone know if any of the girls do anal? I know the asians I’ve seen don’t, but I didn’t get the chance to ask Lexy. Anyone know if Lexy or anyone else does anal?

  12. The Muppet says:

    Yeah I’ve slept with Lexi at Lincoln St Minto. Can confirm she in the PT/body builder. Received a great BBBJ before she covered me up and rode me. Good GFE before play with missing and mutual masturebation too. Can recommend.

    • the lad says:

      know if she still works there or what times?

  13. Rover says:

    Just wondering. Has anybody fucked Lexie and what was she like

    • Lady hunter says:

      I fucked lexi about 6 months ago.
      She was nice, muscular and very friendly.
      Sex was ok. 4 out of 10. Has got a big cunt though.
      If her hygiene was better I may have given her a 6.

  14. Joe says:

    Saw new aussie lady robyn wednesday blonde mid to late 30s great service felt comfortable she wants to please god stuff punters

  15. Ray says:

    Haven’t been here for a while. Is there any new girls with nice tits and ass that know how to fuck? Best I’ve seen so far is probably Lexy. But I really want to see a new young girl with good assets and good in bed.

  16. chinchin says:

    when i came here just old ladies yoyo service is shit, ladies to old

  17. nathan says:

    YoungGun, this place is the best place,
    beautiful young Korean, Chinese,
    Hong Kong and Thai girls, great

  18. tom says:

    Mick, I went to 67a Christina rd.
    Villawood too, you’re right, nice
    young girls, I had a good time, I’ll
    be going there all the time from
    now on.

  19. steve says:

    I’ve seen a girl named
    Yoyo, 50, old enough to be
    My mother, our you kidding,
    Really, ready for the scrap heap

  20. mick says:

    I went there about a week a
    Go, seen yoyo, middle age
    No good, if you want a good
    Time, go to 67a Christina rd,
    Villawood, nice beautiful young
    Slim girls, Chinese, Korean and
    Thai girls

  21. peter says:

    Speed, I went there last
    Week, you’re right about
    Yoyo, I wished I went somewhere
    Else, I’ll never go back there again.

  22. speed says:

    Hey guys, this place no good, I’ve
    Seen a girl named Yoyo, middle age
    And a big ass, no good at sex, I left
    Unhappy, give this place a miss.

  23. the king says:

    Who has a bigger ass, a fat ass
    Wombat or yoyo

  24. piss off says:

    Fuck you ivan, why are you fucking
    Blokes up the ass and giving them
    Head jobs, all so copping cocks up your

  25. jeff says:

    I like asian girls

  26. killer says:

    Is there any korean or japanese
    Girls working there?

  27. asian guy says:

    Does mimi still work there,
    Can anyone tell me

  28. asian guy says:

    Nice clean place, good service and nice
    Girls, asian and aussie girls

  29. asian guy says:

    I like sexy judy, good in bed,
    Makes me very happy

  30. asian guy says:

    My american friend likes asian and aussie girls,
    Any age

  31. asian guy says:

    I like little kiki and feebie

  32. asian guy says:

    Asian sexy girls,
    Are beautiful

  33. johnny b says:

    To you ivan, do not threaten my mate big karl again, i mate is a six foot 2, weighs at least 110 kilograms, think twice before you threaten anyone

  34. marco says:

    I have seen sexy gorgeous busty sandy blonde girl called judy today.boy what a great time I had with her today.great oral and great sex in all positions.we even rocked the bed.she allways wears sexy clothes and sometimes wears a school uniform.i wish I went to her school.i have seen judy heaps of times but today was the best time in my life.she allways gives great service very bubbly person and a down to earth girl.i allways leave completely satisfied.thanks judy for another great time today.yoyo can u give judy more days there so I can cum more times every week.thanks judy I will be back for more and more.xoxo

  35. big karl says:

    I saw judy tonight !
    She is very good servis!
    She soo good!
    Sexy and frendly.
    See her please!
    You will be happy very much.?

  36. big karl says:

    Me better than you, i’m big and strong, too much for little girl

  37. big karl says:

    You can’t handle my big cock

  38. big karl says:

    All you asians look the same as the last one

  39. big karl says:

    That taste like shit, turn around

  40. big karl says:

    Hey little girl, what a big ass you have

  41. big karl says:

    I like big tits and small pussy

  42. big karl says:

    I like coconuts and beer

  43. big karl says:

    Mind is bigger than yours little feller

  44. big karl says:

    I was boredh

  45. big karl says:

    What time open shop?
    How many j
    Girl work there?
    All atuon?

  46. big karl says:

    Sleeping with yoyo was good, after about 10 minutes another girl was, she came into yoyo’s room and had a threesome, enjoyed every mlnute of it, thank you yoyo xxooo

  47. big karl says:

    I’ve been there and seen yoyo, not good at giving head, slept there over night and stayed there until 7.30, when i was about to leave, there was someone bipping his horn waiting to get in

  48. marco says:

    marco-the phone number of minto 12 is-87121454

  49. ken says:

    what is your telephone number, thank you

  50. Turf guy says:

    Hi guys, this place is my regular and it’s a good place for a quick fuck. Always sexy Asians with a few Aussies, not a fan of Hollie but the rest of the girls are great. $50 for a quicky and $80 for the half. Descrete parking go there at least once a week.

  51. Aussie says:

    Hi whats the price for a massage please interested in coming down tonight?

  52. Abe says:

    Came here once. Was shown a tall dark skin Thai.. I asked her to turn around so I could see her bum and she said “look but don’t touch”. This immediately turned me off as it felt like she was stuck up. I then had to wait 29 mins to see the next girl who was a short blond Aussie. I asked her if she does doubles n she said no, so I waited for the last girl they had.. About 10 mins later this older woman comes in and immediately gets close rubbing my cock, literally begging me to pick her. She says “if u choose me I’ll do anything to make u happy” I was like ok let’s go. She sucked me off BBBJ and I fucked her doggy until I came. Left and never thought to go back. The place is like a run down house with porn playing in the waiting room. Ok if ur in the area, on a somewhat secluded factory area but not worth going out of your way for.

  53. marco says:

    marco…I have now seen sexy blond girl called judy 5 times in what a great service she gives on Tuesdays only I wish she works more days.keep up the good work judy I will be back for more and more sexy any one else going to write any reviews this year.come on guys write some review on the girls there.take care sexy judy and i will be back next week or sooner if you are working oxoxo

  54. marco says:

    I have seen sexy blond girl judy twice this week.mon & tues.whow what a great time I have had with he.great sex in all positions and I am allways happy with her service.had heaps of great times with judy in 2015 and will be having heaps more great times with her in 2016.a special thanks to judy happy new year for 2016.i will be back for more sexy babe judy.xoxoxo

  55. marco says:

    to big g…judy works on Tuesdays and she does not do bbfs.she is a down to earth sexy babe.who gives good service and I allways leave satisfied.keep up the good work judy I will be back for more and more.thanks judy xoxoxo

  56. marco says:

    i have now seen sexy aussie girl called judy heaps more times.even greater sex in all positions.she is the best girl there.verry understanding an satisfying wish she works more days ther.will be coming back for more and more.keep up the good work.thanks heaps judy.xoxo

  57. Frost says:

    Just went there to get a full service. Dont go there. When they think you can’t hear they talk shot about you. Especially one by the name of Mika, she work at ultimate relaxation in ingleburn as well under a different name. This is the second time ive gone in, the first time i heard them talking shot about a client as i walked past the staff window.

    All things considered especially as under a different name on this sight, a man spoke about his besy mate getting hiv from this place. So be very fuxkin careful if you go here.

  58. Ray says:

    Hey guys, seen 3 girls half an hour each, gonna lay out my opinions:
    Yoyo (Chinese) – Very horny, can speak English decent, not the best body, praises herself a lot yet I wasn’t too impressed with her sucking and sex was average.
    Sunny (Chinese) – Young, not much talking and not very good English, average sex.
    Judy (Aus?) – Horny, makes you feel comfortable and praises, a little bit of fat on her, decent sex, and I was completely dissappointed in her sucking – said my cock was too big (7 inch) and didn’t go past the head.

    Can someone recommend me a girl that can suck 7 inch cock well and potentially does anal? Going to see Lexy/Cee cee next, opinions?

  59. marco says:

    i have seen sexy aussie blond girl called judy heaps of times..great bj and awesome sex in all positions.great body and a pleasure to be with in the room.i recommend her to any one but would like to keep her for my self.keep up the good work.i will be back for plenty more.thanks heaps.i allways leave there satisfied.thanks judy.xxxx

  60. almac says:

    yoyo still here?

  61. Brycey says:

    Weres lexi goone awsome service

  62. Big Jim says:

    Does any know where Mimi is working now. She used to work here on Tuesday’s. Would love to find her again. She was sensational!!!

  63. Sami says:

    Is the place still open? And do i just walk in?

  64. bb1 says:

    Went there for the first time. Compared to the other places I have been in Ingleburn and Liverpool, I was not very impressed.

    Parking was good, discrete palce, clean enough. But the Asian girl was a dud. Rushing the whole episode. Very poor attitute. There may be other good girls, but I am not willingto take the punt.

    Has anyone gone there recently with good results? Any good girl?

  65. Bunnyboy says:

    Went there last night 23/1/15, Was greeted at the door by the most gorgeous young Asian girl I have seen I a long time. I only go there for a HE massage, been going there for around 6 years. Sat in the waiting room for about 5 minutes, and another very good looing Asian girl asked me what service I wanted. I said a massage please, she said no massages here only FS. I then said I have been getting massages here for quite a few years. She said FS only or nothing. So I got up and walked out. I will never step inside that place ever again.

  66. Flatfoot says:

    Do you still have porn movies on in the room? One of my best ever handjobs was here with an older Asian lady while watching porn.

  67. Yeah man says:

    Does anyone no all the prices plz

  68. Campbelltown_guy says:

    Went today 9/6/14 seen yoyo didn’t get to choose from any other girls I just wanted massage after she rubbed my Back for about ten mins she asked me to roll over starts giving me a hand job then says can I suck it I say sure she gives me head for about ten mins why I’m fingering her pussy and arse then I tell her I’m about to cum waiting for her to pull away but she takes it In her mouth I left a happy boy

  69. tom says:

    This place is old and dirty inside rang up to find out what girls are on offer
    Reception had advised there are 3 girls to choose from all aged between 22 and
    27, and said they are very sexy i thought i will give it a go when i had rocked up
    they are old hags in there 50s who just want to collect money why do these places always bulshit
    give this place a miss you will be very disappointed

  70. Matt says:

    Any locals been here within the last week or so, seems the management may have changed hands according to the macarthur advertiser add. Interested to know if rates have gone up or down, still asian ladies young or old now ect

  71. Leon says:

    had the girl named yoyo not much of a blow job hopeless sex 2/10 never relaxed . give my penny anytime she knows how to ride. ( Be safe with any girls ware a condom even if . They say no condom play safe

  72. cobra says:

    Tried another gal named Penny, a bit chubby tho good personality. great bbbj. sex was good lots of playful kissing and moaning. works on mondays i think. last girls name was yoyo works sundays pretty face small t**s not much kissing nice and tight no anal on either girls though

  73. cobra says:

    I also would like to know the name of the girl who does rear entry. Probably come around again next month, hopefully someone answers.

  74. cobra says:

    Thumbs up from me, best service in C-town.

  75. Leon says:

    Does anyone no the name of the girl who does anal entry at minto

  76. nasty252006 says:

    Been here a few times can’t recall the girls name but qas the best bbbj I ever had . Really knew how to use her mouth sex was pretty ordinary though. ..but in any case has any 1 gotten in contact with layla that advertises on yhis and many other walls as well. Emailed her a few days ago and I still waiting to get in contact. .thanks

  77. George says:

    Hi all!
    I have been seeing a Girl that goes by the name of Cee Cee for 9 months now and WOW! once she gets to know you better she will make sure you leave with a smile on your face, she is late 20’s early 30’s but what a body! highly recommend her.

  78. Laylaa says:

    Sick of Asians ? Want an Aussie well Hey guys (:
    My name is laylaa, I’m 19 , Australian. Busty size 14 !
    I’m doing escorts in the local area (:
    I offer a great service and Im always a happy ,bubbly loveable person !
    Email me if you are interested !
    I am not a computer or a mistress ! I am my own business and you who contact me will hear from me directly (: looking forward to speaking with you !
    Laylaa xx

  79. Wally says:

    Just spent the best two hours, For a very very long time, Just never had the courage too go to one of these places and now I wished I had long ago. Although the Madam of the house is a little off putting but the girls are more than pleasing to the eye and know how to please I spent the night with a young girl that goes by the name of ‘Sugar’ and what a sweetie she is!!! all my aches and pains have gone. Will be going back for more, and thats for sure.

  80. Bertie says:

    Matt, 13 Lincoln Minto is fully Asian. Usually in early 20’s – F/S most will do anything & sometimes rear entry.

  81. Matt says:

    I live close by this establishment also, is this place mixed nationality or Asian??

  82. bertie says:

    Dave, what was girl’s name for tight anal. any additional cost? this place is fairly close to where I live. F/S place Mc Credie rd Guildford also good for this.

  83. dave says:

    Been here. girls are nice n pleasant n will accomodate what u want.. tried anal on girl here n she was to tight n sexy I almost blew my load str8 away

  84. g says:

    full service place at $90 1/2 hr

  85. jason says:

    Haven’t been there yet, that’s why asking. Anyone recommend?

  86. jim says:

    What Jason no happy ending or not happy at all. This is one on my list.

  87. jason says:

    Happy ending?


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