Red Sunset

47 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

P: 02 9550 4633

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. Big&Thick says:

    Hi boys, Had a gr8 experience at a place yesterday. Arrived at exact same time as another , older guy. Bit embarrassing. An asian lady 40 quite attractive opened door. the older bloke knew her as Helen, she said she was free but other girl was 30min wait. Small standoff as to how got to see her, who needed to wait. The older guy suggested we both see her, Helen’s eyes lit up and she said why not. I was nervous but thought what the hell. He even offered to pay 150 and negotiated with Helen for a full service for him , and 80 for me to watch him and get a r t. As i said i was nervous. anyway what a great half hour , he fucked her pretty quickly (condom on) whilst she sucked my cock, i gave her the tea bag , the old guy came within about 5 mins, he then sat and watched. i lickked her out and she came twice, my nerves went away , both helen and the older dude were begging me to fuck her. What could i do ? I gave her the full length i am big and thick, and i gave it hard and quickly. The older guy wanted some of my cock also, bizarrely i let him , he started to go down on me , whilst helen fingered my ass. At this time i reciprocated , i had 2 fingers in her pussy and one up her ass, she was groaning and squirming. We all made lots of noise and i am sure the girl next door could hear everything, walls there are thin as. what next ? Helen then asked me to fuck her ass, i couldn’t believe it, i pounded her for 2-3 minutes whilst she sucked the old guy who was now hard and i blew the biggest load all over the back of her head. the older guy wanted me to give him a hand job also , i resisted but grabbed his balls whilst he blew in Helens mouth. sounds like bs right, well i am telling you its for real, it was unexpected, amazing horny, Helen is the horniest asian woman i have ever seen, get yourself some boys. As i left she asked me to go back early this morning so she could see me in private and do some ‘special’ things to me, she whispered how she wants my cock in all her holes. can’t wait

    • = says:

      Don’t believe this cunt – it’s a scam.
      Go there and a sumo bouncer will kick your ball out the door if you ask for this shit.Happened to a mate of mine

  2. MAC says:

    Saw a WL by the name of BoBo recently. Chinese, late 20’s early 30’s.
    Of the three girls I was introduced, she was the most attractive. One was too big for me, the other too old.

    Before I go into the session, the building is bright pink, can’t miss it. Three parking spots are available off the side street. Turn left and it’s on your right. Rear door access via the parking area. Main door at Sydenham road can get busy during the day.

    The owners have renovated the place recently and the fitout is modern and very clean. Rooms have a solid firm bed, chairs, side tables and given (fake) flowers in a vase. I was very surprised. For the price I was expecting a dump.

    They have about 5 rooms and a reception area for punters to meet the girls. Plus a shower cubicle and the girls’ area / linen store room at the back.

    $60 for half hour
    $100 for 45mins
    $120 for the hour

    And $50 for a quickie 20mins.
    Sometimes that’s all you need.

    The half hr session I had with BoBo was okay. Nothing to write home about, all usual stuff, just doing her job.

    I do find her body attractive even though her tits were enhanced. But her nipples were the largest I’ve seen on a chinese girl in a long time. Bigger than a 50c piece and sticks out 1cm. Lovely to suck on.

    She even gave me a 5mins shoulder rub afterward to see out the half hour.
    Funny thing is, her massage skills is much better than the sex.

    For the price, I don’t think there’s any cheaper. And I was pleasantly surprised with the standard of accommodation, even though the service I had was okay. I will return in time to see what other adventure awaits.

  3. Pure Disappointment says:

    …part two…
    Chose my second WL, again very limited English, as I had already showered 10min ago I didn’t need to have another so I lay on the bed waiting for her walking in and out of the room about 5 times so I decided to have a cigarette until she got her shit together, she finally came back into the room gets her gear off and starts rubbing her hands up and down my stomach as well, what the hell is this, (must be their standard wasting time practice) after about 5-10min of this she gets me up and want to shower with me, fair enough so I get in the shower with her and she scrubs my body clean then starts BBBJ while in the shower, I thought finally got a good one, she turns the shower off and gets out and dries me off and asks me to lay on the bed, she then goes back into the shower and has another shower, by this stage more than half the time was up and I knew that nothing good was going to come of it. She finally gets to the bed and continues BBBJ which was reasonably good so I couldn’t complain about that, next the receptionist presses the buzzer, time was up, i looked at the time to check and it was up, she gets on google translate and says to me that I need more time, I don’t think so baby, had another shower to wash all her saliva off me got dressed and walked out without saying a word. Paid for two 30min sessions and didn’t even have sex. Never coming back to this place again. Wanted to share this with you all so hopefully the same doesn’t happen to you.

  4. Pure Disappointment says:

    I visited this place last night, haven’t been here for a long while because the last half a dozen times before that all I got was substandard service so decided to have a good long break from coming here. when I walked in I could hear from the back of the shop a heated discussion between the receptionist and an unhappy punter, (not a good start already) not sure what the argument was about but it sounded like it was over time, refunds, etc, didn’t want to get in the middle of it as it was none of my business, so was quickly taken into the small waiting room with the ATM in it, fat rude receptionist that also given me misleading information in the past so I can understand that it wouldn’t be hard for her to push the wrong buttons of many people. Anyway I chose my girl, was told that she does BBBJ and that she was one of the better girls on that night, well wasn’t that a big mistake, I did ask her name but I didn’t even want to remember it by the time my session was over, died blond hair but it was more yellow than white, wasted 15min of my time just brushing her hands up and down my stomach with a disinterested look on her face, no BBBJ not enthusiastic at all, by this time I was already turned off and couldn’t even get the old fella hard so I just asked her to give me a massage, again no idea on how to massage just rubbing random parts of my body pointlessly. Before I knew it her alarm went off, oh time finish, she said, it didn’t seem like 30min to me but I didn’t mind as I couldn’t wait to get out of there, had a shower and was getting dressed when the receptionist pressed the buzzer, now the time was really finished, so she ripped me off at least another 5min there. Out of a 30min booking I got 10min of substandard crap service. When I finished getting dressed I asked her to bring the receptionist to the room because I wanted to see what other WL was available, quized the receptionist what all the different buzzers and alarms mean and changed her BS story about 5 times. Ok fair enough you just want to keep lying through your teeth. At this stage I should have walked out, but my smaller head convinced me to stay and try someone else, well that was an even bigger mistake than the first one. … stay tuned for part two…

    • Phil says:

      Pure Disappointment. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.
      But sorry I just can’t buy your story that you only got 10 minutes out of 30 minutes.
      These things simply don’t happen.
      In all my years as a punter this sort of thing has never happened to me.
      Also, the cost of a half hr massage is very minimal. Why didn’t you cut your losses and walk out. It’s just like a guy that gets rejected by a girl in a bar…. every girl knows about it and none will be interested in him. His only option is tail between his legs and get the hell out.
      Also, you need to make an appraisal of a place immediately set foot in. If it seems shit be diplomatic and polite, turn around, walk away and go home and wank yourself… cheap too.OR go to a joint that seems better.

      • Pure Disappointment says:

        Believe what you want Phil. I’m just sharing my experience with others so that it doesn’t happen to them. If I wanted a judgement on my story I would have taken it to a judge

    • joel says:

      this place has really gone to crap! used to be a cheerful cheap root here for just $50, how much is this place now?

    • Ben says:

      Pure disappointment you sound like a dud. I find your story hard to believe

  5. jaunty says:

    Visited what used to be the ill-reputed Red Sunset today, on a lovely Sunday afternoon. Seems like the place has changed hands and undergone a long-overdue major cleanup, including turning the outside fascia pink. Definitely not the grottiest place in the area anymore!

    Met a very cute little Asian, mid-late 20s I guess, who gave me some unusually-good covered oral for a while, then finished me off with the most amazing gentle/lingering/intense HJ I’ve had in several years. She was watching me carefully as she did it, definitely not in a hurry, seemed to be deliberately pacing things to ensure I got the most out of it. I did!

    I think her name was Lini or something like that. Cute glasses, short dark hair. Thanked her politely and gave her some extra cash on the way out. Will try to see her again for sure. A .

    PS: my first post here. Hi folks!

  6. Combat says:

    Went to Red Sunset this afternoon and had Yuki. A cute small breasted honey.
    $60 1/2 hour. I didn’t last that long but she was well worth it.
    No showers but she wiped me down with sanitary wipes. Well, that’s different but rather nice actually.
    By the way, the phone number has changed, 95503828. For a quickie this place is ok. The cheapest I have found elsewhere is $75 1/2 hour at 143 Marrickville Rd.

  7. wartboy says:

    went here yesterday, got next in line, didnt ask her name. got a cbj covered sex that was ok. all over in 15-20mins. thats what you get for $60 30mins or $65 30mins with a card

  8. Troy says:

    Pay for an hour, and you’ll get 40 minutes. Older women who are past their prime, to make up for a lack of looks most will do anal and BBJ. Good if you want to do something most escorts aren’t willing to do. Won’t go back there myself, not my cup of tea. Can see it suiting some guys.

  9. Rembrandt says:

    Well, I went in there to have a look, told the owner the ladies were too old, and she blew up at me and told me to leave.

    They were old, ugly and dirty. You betcha I won’t be going back there. The girls were like the old, saggy, middle aged Asian ladies you see walking in Chinatown, but with lingerie on! Horrible sight, wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  10. Goundy says:

    Older women. Not really attractive and a bit money hungry. Always trying to scam me out of extra money. Like after sex she wanted me to give her 20 bucks for a unprofessional, crappy 10 minute massage, when there was still 30 minutes left in the session. Also ended the session early by 15 minutes. Not worth the money and effort. Better places nearby where the women have a better attitude.

  11. donga says:

    Boys, all women are old. most are ugly. But i lucked up and get one that does BBBJ licks my toes and for a bit extra she licks my ass. maybe its my approach. Place is a dump

  12. Greg T. says:

    Humm… MILF’s ey, sounds good!

    Is this a full service place? Or Just massage?

    Greg T.

    Checkout: link to

  13. Micheal says:

    I went here on Sunday twice, saw too different girls. The service with one was ok but the other girl was awful. Didn’t get any of the extras mentioned

  14. Bertie says:

    Similar to 269 Canterbury. Older MILF’s usually right into it especially if you finger & lick them. Most don’t mind which hole you plug in any position. Cheap rates, not flash but good if the animal in you needs to be unleashed. Can get at these places what you can’t get at home.

  15. Segal says:

    Chinese MILFs, BBF/S a few will do anal

  16. KJB says:

    Mate, went there last week. They are older Asians but still ok. its $50 flat fee for half full service. Mine was really into it and i even got a BBBJ. Decor was ok not flash. Would go back

  17. Boogieman says:



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