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[Sexy Thai Ladies] Wollongong / Illawarra NSW 2500

P: 02 4226 5553

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. The Badge says:

    Saw coco again today after a long time away from 55 west. Another top service. Great bj, (20 extra for bbj). Good root which ended in the infamous anal play and hi routine. As mentioned, it is odd but it does feel really good. This lady has skills not to be missed

    • Stiff says:

      WTF is anal play and Hi routine ???

    • Stiff says:

      link to

      Read that you dimwit.
      No doubt The Badger is Mr Booya, Piddles, assorted Lebs and all the other idiot names. AKA the owner if this shit site
      Hey you a man(and your manliness is questionable) ?? what’s the fixation with large, fat, farting, smelly arses.
      Stick a finger in yours and take a good sniff…. idiot.

    • Stiff says:

      Wow I hit Mr Crapologists nerve with the truth.

      • Jamie says:

        Stiff/Pal whatever your name is get a life you sad little fuck. You don’t even live in Wollongong.

        • Stiff says:

          Now Jamie… Just why am I sad little fuck ?? And I do have a great life actually.
          Am I a sad fuck by doing the responsible thing and at least trying to protect some of the sad fuckers, like you; from contracting a fatal disease by their stupid actions.

          Look YOU are the sad, fucking demented, imbecile, arsehole for promoting this irresponsible lifestyle to the general public. This site should be promoting safe sex – and condemning unsafe sexual practices. It’s clear management doesn’t care.
          The sooner this site is shut down in the interest of public safety just can’t come soon enough. You the owner Huh ?? As that great guy Pal stated ad nauseum about you Jaaaamie …Puke Puke .

          • Stiff is Pal says:

            LMAO your life is so sad and pathetic you took the time to write that long reply hahahahah.

          • Stiff is not Pal says:

            Ahahahah- Jamie puke puke you are a poofter eh!! You have this yearning for Pal eh!! Male sexual fantasies ??? yeh I know.

            Vote YES no doubt for you poofy Jaaaaamie

          • Stiff is a Cuck says:

            Is Pal your alter-ego you cuck?

          • Kooky Jamie says:

            No just my hero.
            Now go to sleep junior.
            Or better still go and partake in some very unsafe sex practices

          • Stiff is a Cuck says:

            Did I ask you to reply to my comment? When I say its okay you can comment until then be a good little cuck and shut your fuckin mouth.

          • Jamie Puke Puke says:

            Up your nose with a rubber hose & in your rear with a bottle of beer nitwit !! . Now go to bed you brainless fool.

          • Stiff's Pal says:

            Mr Stiff has now left the country and has boarded a plane and is heading to Rome.
            He intends to meet up with his hero Pal and Pal’s cousin – Churchy.
            He wishes you all the best in your lives of debauchery.
            Don’t respond as he is un-contactable.

          • Keith says:

            How the fuck can Pal be your hero? The guy is absolute vermin, so I can only assume that you Stiff and Pal are one and the same.

  2. The Badge says:

    Dissapointed about my recent visits here in the last month. Both times very rushed with both ladies very disinterested in supplying a good service, kept constantly watching the clock while getting down to business.

    One particular lady was pushing me to finish after only 5mins cause she wanted to see another client. Hopefully my next visit is more like the true 55 west

  3. Curiousguy182 says:

    Gave here a crack Friday
    Now what I’m about to say will either make people rush there or not go at all.

    Seen coco. Seems to be good reviews about here blowies. “Could suck a bowling ball thru 50ft of garden hose”. And they arnt wrong.

    There was a twist. Let me break it down.

    Her English was poor but she tried to explain herself which was effort. Instead of bouncing around saying happy happy happy. Very gooooooood.

    Starts me off with a massage not bad after a while she starts lubing up my ass dick and balls. Starts stroking me from behind as I lay face down. Then that’s putting fingers in my ass.

    After a while I almost came. She flipped me around. And started giving me the iconic suck. While playing with my asshole still I almost come instantly I could hang on for about 5 minutes before filling her belly up with my cum.

    She then explained how men always come there want pussy pussy pussy but this feels better. End of the day. She made me cum pretty hard and I am
    Happy. I’m a straight fella the ass play was odd but good. Would have liked to fuck her cunt. But still I was happy.

    Also a 2 days later I’m sick. Not sure if that’s linked

  4. The Badge says:

    Another great visit here recently. Saw a middle age women name yuki or yuko… Very good service. Didn’t rush, plenty of foreplay, kissing, good bj skills, nice boobs and an all round good root. Recommend

  5. SeanDean says:

    Hi guys, please be careful out there, i visited here and taken point 64 and have caught something pretty bad, i am in a 6 year relationship that i have most probably thrown away. If you are reading this, don’t do it its not worth the stress and anxiety trust me. This is hell. I was safe but caught something condoms protect. Don’t throw away what you have. ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!

    • Samir says:

      Hey SeanDean, you post the same krap on nearly every thread. You are a twisted, sick fuck

  6. The Badge says:

    Visited yesterday and saw a thicker girl called Bobo. Not bad looking, nice tits and plump ass. Average fuck but good at giving blowjobs -nice & sloppy. 7.5/10 for the experience. $75 half hr and extra $20 for BBBJ which is worth it.

  7. john says:


  8. Adam says:

    Saw cocoa lst wk. doesn’t have the best assets but gave good bj to start off ,luved doggy and let me cim at the end. worth a try

  9. Ol'mate says:

    Hit and miss. Similar rates and similar experience to Asian Rose. Safe but boring bet.


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