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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. LastManOnEarth says:

    I went to a place in the george st arcade. don’t know if this was the place.
    The woman I had was 40s, chinese, b tits, hairy pussy, skinny-fat with a flat ass 🙁

    I decided to pull a 55_year_old_aussie and offer $30 upfront for her to give a nude massage, she said ‘okay’ but then kept her clothes on :/ I tried to mime her taking her clothes off but it went nowhere.

    The massage was good. Something I like about the older women, they seem trained. Not too much oil used.

    I pulled out a hood and said ‘$40 blow yes?’
    She was down for it.

    BJ was weak, I’ve had better HJs, I tried to graze her pussy, but she kept her legs together. I asked for more & she said ‘no FS’.

    The massage was good and I like throwing money around so a weak CBJ, good massage and a bit of groping set me back $75.

    Wouldnt do it again.

  2. FreshPunter says:

    I’m sorry y’all these were made up. BUT if you liked them & you want more, let me know. I got a few and i can send an ebook (60 pages) to you for $7.45!

  3. FreshPunter says:

    I went back to this place again to see if the first time was a fluke. They are pretty mature asian woman but for some reason I enjoy them more. It feels more taboo.

    So I went back, was ushered into a room. I got naked with my masseuse watching. She kept asking if I had been before. I said ‘oh yeah’ and we shared a smile. We both knew where this was heading. She did this thing where she stands at my head facing me, then rubs the full length of my back. I feel boobs and a bra touch my back. Its 2 minutes in and I can’t hold it, I ask how much for a topless HJ. she says ”$10 for the HJ’ i couldn’t believe it. i said ‘$25 for a topless HJ. she immediately lowers her bra but continues massaging my back. feeling her breasts trace my back, touching my head felt amazing. I ask if I can touch her arse, she says sure. I go to touch it and she pulls down her pants and underpants! she has a nice tuft of pubic hair and a very nice arse.
    I asked if I could give it a little smooch. Im intoxicated by her at this point, I take her arse in both hands and squeeze. I hold and suck her breasts. I want more of her. I asked how much for a BJ. she said she doesn’t do that. fuck. I had the best ending though. how good? I took the contents of my wallet ($85) and gave it to her. I honestly think she enjoyed herself, which was a massive turn on.

  4. Well cooked says:

    Where is this place?

  5. FreshPunter says:

    I went to a place but i don’t know if this was it. it had a picture of a lollipop on the sign though…

    I walked in and was met by 3, very old/mature chinese ladies. I said just 20 minutes for $20 for a back rub.

    it was actually pretty good so i asked for 10 more minutes, she says if i removed my pants i can avoid getting oil on them, i ask if i should take my underpants off too, she says its up to me.

    she’s rubbing my ass with oils, it feels great. she asks if i would like a hand job, i ask for a blowjob. she pulls a face and says she doesn’t do that but the other ladies do 🙁

    I say sure, I’m a bit nervous as this is my first one ever. I ask if I can touch her, she says yes. I feeling up her arse, i ask if i can suck on her tits, she says yes. she lifts her top and pulls a nice breast over the bra. i suck and play with the nipple. I ask if I can finger her, she says no (so far I’m only paying 50 for a 30 min massage and HJ so thats fair imo) I give her ass a kiss and she moves closer to me, eyes closed, whisper talking generic dirty talk (‘cock in pussy…suck your cock’) which lost some effect with the fact she says she doesnt do BJs,

    Her face was close to mine when, for some reason, i placed my had on her face when she started sucking my thumb. holy. shit. I wish that mouth was on my cock. that wet tongue massaging my thumb pad, the lips running up the length of my finger. fuck

    before too long i came pretty hard. she had a smile that you get with a job well done. she cleaned me up and i gave her a $15 tip (i kinda figured id be paying more anyway) she was SO thankful, I’m absolutely going back


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