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86 Pitt St, Redfern NSW 2016

P: 02 9698 8118

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  1. loicformidable says:

    I dropped in here (the one on Botany road, near IGA) in early October 2015. Sorry it’s taken me so long to write a review.

    I’m going to write quite a bit of detail, since this is what I would have liked to have been able to see before going there myself.

    This was my first time getting a sensual massage, so I had no idea what to expect. A few month prior, I’d had my first ever normal “therapeutic” massage at a “legit” spa, and had found the gentle brushes that just missed my dick to be excruciatingly arousing. Since then, I was determined to find an opportunity to visit a less formal parlour, in the hope that things would go… just a little further.

    I called an hour ahead, asking for a 1 hour slot, and confirmed the price of $60. My appointment was 2pm on a week day (had the day off work). Aray’s doesn’t look especially seedy. I was a bit nervous as I walked in, but he host (an older Asian lady) put me at ease with some friendly conversation, and showed me to my curtained-off part of the room, and asked me to strip and get on the bed. The room was clean enough, with a big sign saying “NO SEX”. The partition walls between my section and the bit next door could have been better privacy-wise, but that was my only complaint. A few minutes later, another lady wandered in, waved hello, and wandered out. I didn’t catch her name, but she was a bit younger (mid 30s?), slim, with big eyes, wearing yoga pants and a tight top. Not mind-blowingly gorgeous or anything, but definitely attractive enough for me to look forwards to the physical contact.

    Eventually, she came back in and began the massage. Based on my little experience, it seemed like it was a really good, proper massage – not a all a pretend excuse of a back-rub – to the point that I was unsure whether this was actually fully legit and I wouldn’t get offered extras (and I was too shy to ask 🙂 ).

    About 45 minutes into the massage, she asked me if she could pull off my underwear, which was hot. I loved that feeling of “just crossing the line” from serious massage to “something special”. Her rubbing became more intimate and I got painfully aroused; it was difficult to keep lying on my front because of the bulge, and my pre-cum making a mess on the paper towel.

    With about 10 minutes to go, she asked me to turn over and gently asked if I wanted any “extra”. I asked to explain, and she motioned a hand-job. I said yes, and she said $20 for straight HJ, and $50 for naked HJ. I said I wanted the latter, but explained I only had change from the $100 I used to pay the $60, so I could only pay $40. She was fine with that. I handed her the cash straight away.

    She stripped all her clothes off quickly, removing her top then rolling her yoga pants and panties down together, a little patch of wetness visible on her panty crotch – and launched into a pretty damn good handjob, starting gentle, lots of variety, good eye contact. She gave me plenty of compliments as she went too. She seemed to be having fun, or doing a very good job of pretending. I asked if I could touch her, to which she said “of course”, so I started running my hands over her body. She seemed to enjoy me touching her breasts, but went quite still when I ran my fingers over her pussy lips. I wasn’t sure what was considered OK, so I didn’t push it, and went back to her cute little boobs.

    The HJ carried on and intensified, finishing a few minutes over-time, which didn’t seem to be stressing her out at all. When I came, she giggled cutely and said “Cool!” excitedly, which I thought was a nice, positive touch.

    She then toweled me down, and gave me plenty of time to get my mind and stuff together. Overall I must have been in the room for 15 min over time, but that didn’t seem to be an issue at all.

    On my way out, both ladies tried to ask me lots of questions about where I’d come from, when I’d be back next etc.. which I found a little disconcerting. I just wanted to get out at that stage. And exiting onto busy Botany road isn’t a great experience – although, again, Aray’s doesn’t look especially dodgy from the outside so perhaps it doesn’t matter too much.

    So there we go. Overall, it was a low-key but professional and enjoyable service, not too overtly sexual but satisfying nonetheless, which suited me just fine for a first time experience. I’ve since had a completely different experience at Cherry Massage, which was much more openly sexual from the get-go, which I’ll write about shortly.

  2. Troy says:

    I saw an Aray massage at 1 botany rd. Maybe this place moved…
    Anyone tried it out?

    There is also another new massage place across the rd


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