Arncliffe Massage


2 West Botany St, Arncliffe NSW 2205

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  1. 54_year_old_Aussie says:

    Visited a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. Only one girl in the shop, I heard no other voices and saw no one when I went to the loo before we started the massage. Looks like only 2 massage rooms.

    Very clean and tidy shop, no mess and no dust around the place, all nice and fresh. But the light in the room was so dark that I had to use the torch on my phone to read the price list. $35 for 30 minutes and up from there. I decided on the 30 minutes.

    One girl, Yuri – Chinese, in her 20’s. I offered her $30 straight up to get her off and she said $40, so I handed it over and she didn’t – “Later” she said and she eventually did. So into the massage that wasn’t too bad. Then came the rollover and Yuri got naked. Reasonable sized tits with small nipples. Lightly hair downstairs. 

    She allowed a bit of a feel and tickle, then into the happy ending. Slowly did it not like some and when it was over, no tissues but warm wet towels. Nice touch. Then the clothes went back on and finished off the full 30 minutes. 

    And when it was finished, she pulled off the paper sheet, put it in the bin and pulled out a new one.

    Yuri could have been a bit more friendly, but not too bad a shop. Maybe worth another visit if I’m down that way.

  2. Adam says:

    I decided to give this place a try yesterday afternoon. I was greeted by a plain looking short chubby Asian woman probably in her late 20’s. She asked how long I wanted and I told her 1 hour, to which she replied okay $60 please. I said okay and started to pull out the money when she asked if I wanted anything more, making hand job motions. I didn’t find her attractive in any way so I said no just a massage. She then said I can’t do 1 hour, can only do 30 minutes… obviously not enough money in it for her to just do a 1 hour massage.
    I then said no thanks and walked out … I won’t be back!

  3. Riley says:

    Does anyone know if this place is worth going to? Or are there any better parlours nearby that would be more worthwhile?

  4. John says:

    Does anyone know if this place is still open

  5. Matt says:

    Well that was the worst massage I’ve ever had! Was working in tempe thought I’d start the long weekend off with a punt at new shop, fuck me what a mistake. Started out offered full service $80 half hr thought sweet but I’d blow in 3 mins not worth it this time so opted for nude massage h/e $60 half hour. Took her clothes off straight up..yeh nice I thought, door bell rang 3 times in 5 mins so they got regular customers massage starts and not only did she have no idea she didn’t even pretend to care rubbed my back like she was cleaning a shit house no oil told me to turn over with no build up pulled my cock quick as I move my hand begrudgingly to her ass, clenched her cheeks ok, moved around to the bush turned away, bit of nipple maybe? No once again turned away an I’m thinking fuck she was offering full service!! if I knew what was ahead at the start I would have payed $80 and just smashed the shit out of her instead. Apparently she works at a shop in mascot across from station and only works here every second Thursday. Don’t know what the other girls are like and what they offer hope I just got a dud. Any other reviews better experiences here??


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