Cabramatta Massage


191 Cabramatta Rd Cabramatta NSW 2166

P: 02 9728 1100

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. Bobby says:

    Went here 1 week ago and seen a WL, though I forget her name, around 20years old, very young and very beautiful with a perfect body . I straight up asked for BBFS, she replied “NO!” I then ripped out a new uncreased hundred dollar note, she then said repeatedly okay, fuck no condom. She started with a sloppy wet BBBJ while she was clothed. I then started undressing her revealing her sexy body with that small waist, by this time my penis was fully erect. I then put her on her back and slowly inserted my penis in her warm and wet vagina, fuck me what a tight pussy she has. I pounded her for a good 10min keeping her on her back so I could see her pleasure face and body while DFK her. When I could feel my orgasm arising, I told her ” I’m going to cum inside your pussy” she replied “yes, yes” .I then blew my load deep inside her, my god it felt so fucking good, it felt like my balls were being sucked out of my penis. I then slowly removed my penis from her vagina followed by a stream of my warm white semen.

    • Ronald Chump says:

      Nice story did you wake up from your dream wet and sticky?

      • Bobby says:

        Go down there yourself….you’ll see.
        Make sure you take a $100 note as it looks too irresistible. Let me know how the punt went.

  2. 55_year_old_Aussie says:

    $40 for 30 minutes
    $50 for 45 minutes
    $60 for 60 minutes

    Called in on a Monday afternoon, the front door was open so I entered and called out “hello”. A few second later a women in her 30’s came down the stairs and ushered me upstairs into a room. The usual “how long?” and I asked “who”. She called out a name and a young lady came, but when I insisted that I wanted her (mama-san) she agreed and we went back downstairs.

    Her name was Niko. So into the room, not too small but with a curtain not a door. I paid for an hour and when Niko came back into the room i offered her $40 and her clothes came off. Her little dress and her rather sexy underwear. Good size tits (C), trimmed downstairs and a tattoo under her arm.

    It was into the massage and Niko got out some wet wipes and cleaned my hands and fingers – always a good sign. Lots of mutual touching was given and received.

    A customer came through the front door so Niko hurriedly slipped on a small button-up dress that was hanging on a hook on the wall and went out, back in less than a minute, then the dress went back on the hook. So Niko being naked in the massage room downstairs seems to be normal.

    The happy ending was slow and smooth and more soft massaging for rest of the hour.

    Niko said that she had been in Australia for 10 years and preferred Australia to China. She also works at the shop 4 days per week. During the hour session Niko took 2 phone calls but got rid of them after a few seconds. She complained that she was getting spam calls from people wanting her money and also spam calls from people pretending to be from the Chinese government. She asked me if I got spam phone calls. Strange as it may seem, I do NOT get spam calls from people pretending to be from the Chinese government.

    So a good time was had by both of us. Treat the women with respect and you can get good results. This is definitely an EXTRAs shop. Is it a FULL SERVICE shop? I don’t know, it wasn’t offered.

    Here’s an idea – have a condom in a wrapper in you wallet. When you pull out your money, “accidentally” pull out the condom and let it drop to the floor. See what their reaction is. I’ll try that next place I go to.

  3. Ben says:

    Anyone keen to do a double at 105 cabramatta on wednesday about 6.30pm ?
    Email me at

    • Ryan says:

      Hi ben i have an asian chick in parramatta who is keen on gangbang with many guys. $100 to 150 each. Is avaible this wednesdsy morning if interested. Email me

    • David says:

      Does 105 offer FS?

      • Fred says:

        If you want Full Service then go to a Full Service Brothel and then you will be guaranteed Full Service.

        105 is a street front massage parlour. They most probably offer extras, but it will always come down to the girl. If she wants to do extras then she will at a price. She may have a limit to what she will do or she may not. She may have a price for one thing and a different price for something else. Maybe $20 for a hand job and $50 for a naked hand job. Some may do a blow job for $50 or she may want more. She may do Full Service for $50 or she may want more or she won’t do it at all, or she won’t do it with YOU. Just because someone got Full Service at a street front massage shop does not guarantee it for everyone all the time.

        You may get a girl on a good day or you might get her on a crap day. I’m sure that you have had crap days at work as well as good days. Remember 105 and other shops like it are selling massages and that what they do. Extras are extras – they are not guaranteed.

        It all comes down to the girl and you can’t force her into it. If you do force her into it, then it is RAPE! People say that you can’t get done for raping a prostitute, well you can and they are blokes in jail for it.

        So if you want Full Service then grab your local free newspaper and have a look at the classified ads in the back – that will give you a good selection of places. Look at the places that advertise on the home page of this website, some of them mention Full Service.

        How about going to 105, hand over some cash and what happens happens – or not – then write a review.

  4. Boby says:

    The massage parlour on the other side of cabramatta train station is much better place for a good massage they have Vietnamese lady’s doing the massage.$40 for 30mins and $70 for 1 hour.No full service but Just bring extra 20 hj some will do it if your lucky

    • Tommy says:

      You mean 105 cabramatta? The one on the corner of cabramatta road and cumberland st?

      door only had curtains and a bit see through, we had to be quiet and also she always kept looking at it since the boss is always at the register and we were next to it. I see her after work hours now and also we go out to dinner a bit, teach me a bit of mandarin too and i help with her english for her test? Something about passing the test means she can stay in australia.

  5. Spendthrift says:

    Does anyone know if this shop does FS? thanks

    • Cute Sausage says:

      NO……… only cute sausage rub.

    • Jack says:

      No FS, I asked for extra’s, only willing to do HJ in nude.

  6. Steve says:

    Just got back, not the worst massage but no way near the best, the girl was like 35 kg and had no strength and bearly an idea what she was doing. If your after a happy ending look else where, if your looking for deap tissue look else where. If you enjoy giving your money for an hour massage and getting a slap of oil from what looks like a 14 year old Asian Girl for 45 minutes you have found your spot.

    • Jack says:

      I was in the area last Friday evening so called in for a massage.
      Massage wasn’t great, had better had a few worse.
      The nude hj was ok, girl was very cute with a great body, cost was $85 all up.

  7. Vincent says:

    Anyone know if this place still open?
    If so, what are the rates and any recommendations?

  8. RandomUser says:

    is this place still open?
    anyone know the rates?

  9. jim says:

    terry is that you? little terry?

  10. Soap says:

    Thanks for post lol will avoid this place ! I was always curious but lucky you ran the ball up mate cheers for that

  11. Neo says:

    Business must not be good lately. Their prices used to be lower.

  12. Terry says:

    Went there this afternoon, it was a lousy place. The girl didnt know how to massage at all. And asked for $70 extra for nude massage. what a rip off. The worst massage shop ever been. Will never go back.


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