99 Fortune Adult Services


99 Parramatta Road Annandale NSW 2038

P: 9557 3437

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. X says:

    Absolute garbage, that’s all you’ll get at this dump. It needs to be shut down immediately!

  2. Hazza says:

    This is really the worst place in the inner west. Don’t go. Terrible service. Dirty beds and towels. Dirty, smelly women. After 5 minutes they will tell you to hurry up. Especially Flower.

  3. likeyfantantastic says:

    I am writing this as a favour to one of the better girls I have seen at this shop, Melissa. She’s asked me to put up a review as she clearly wants to get more regulars. I will try to do an honest one without being too biased as I am a fan of hers and hopefully will still have the desired effect. She’s, I think, an early 30’s Aussie girl (I am bad with telling women’s age and I was too shy to ask her) but definitely not old. She’s about 5’8 tall and her body shape is between “skinny fat” and “curvy” according to this chart:

    link to veyroniqa.blogspot.com.au

    Smooth skin. I don’t want to rate her face as that can be quite subjective. I’d say she’s no supermodel, but definitely hot babe material (for me, that is). She loves passionate sex (the type where you kiss a lot and have maximum skin-to-skin contact) and really loves to suck dick and she readily admits this to you during your session. She loves sex toys (has one herself) and she is absolutely horny as and loves to show off and shake her ass in your face. Very very open minded girl and easy to talk to. Her libido right up there. She, however, likes to be in control at the beginning as she wants to come while she rides you cowgirl. It’s just her thing. If and when you make her come, you can do whatever the fuck you want (her words not mine). I think this is the key here for a great session with her. Make her cum first then it is like being handed the keys to the kingdom after that.

    Her rate in this shop is $175/hour (great value for money for a hot aussie girl with awesome service). BUT, and there is a BUT, she does not roster here regularly for personal reasons. So I ask her how the heck to the gents find you if they wanna book you? She works from a hotel in the CBD and, according to her, is pretty much 24×7 available. She charges $250/hr but says rates are negotiable especially for longer bookings. I have to put it out there that I have personally not seen her at her hotel venue with her hotel rates. I have always booked her via this shop since its better value, obviously. But she says you can reach her directly here to check her schedule if ever she decides to roster herself: 0403 985 358. She doesn’t even mind private numbers, surprisingly.
    For any extras you might be interested in, just ask away she says. Mind you, she did not charge me extra moolah for BBBJ, DATY, kissing, and light fingering. No I have not done anal with her yet but I am confident she is open to this too. Keep in mind that its still her prerogative who she allows these with so don’t go in demanding or expecting all of these. Talk it over with her at the outset so you don’t get disappointed. My personal tip is to treat her nice (i.e. be comfortable around her like you were hitting on some girl in a bar) and she will easily melt in your hand. I can tell she loves feeling desired.

    I know my review about her services might come off as quite indistinct but I did not what to spoil the experience for you. This girl is no dud (for me) and I am confident she will satisfy your craving for hot aussie ass as well. Whenever I want to take a break from my regular Asian delights, Melissa is my goto-girl.

    • Fergus says:

      Tried texting that number but no response. Does she have a new number? Sounds OK.

  4. gaz says:

    Hi all
    just call in to 99 parramatta rd for s half hour visit. Nearly wasnt going to stay. …..but I did &am I glad I did I saw an Asian lass called crystal. Very beautiful & gives the best bbj ive ever had ….really top notch.
    Can’t wait to go back

  5. Alex says:

    SUCK! Haunted ….


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