Lidcombe Massage


1B Joseph St, Lidcombe NSW 2141

P: 02 9643 5888

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38 Responses to Lidcombe Massage

  1. Dipthariank says:

    Worst choice of girls and the Mamasan Lisa is very forelceful. Feel sorry for the punters.

    • Allan says:

      Is this the one next to the cafe? Are they younger girls or milfs?
      I’ve only been to the one above the real estate on the corner. Can’t complain about the service, trade off is they are older ladies. Last time I was there she wanted me to call her mummy while pounding her.

  2. amin says:

    terrible choices of girls. Sorry, not for me. Never again…

  3. Fred says:

    Try 153 Wellington Road SEFTON

  4. JayP says:

    Went on a Thursday a few weeks back.
    Tried to short changed me on time and $$$.

    Said it’s busy and tried to get off out 10mins before time. I say no, I paid for an hour and will be the full hour.

    The old woman just wants to milk you dry (of your cash).

  5. Caz says:

    Anyone been here lately?

  6. Harr67 says:

    Any recent visits?

  7. Harr67 says:

    Anyone been here lately. Please share some feedback on ladies and roster

  8. jor blow says:

    just came in next to cafe top level..forgot to get her name but for Real Full Service @$70..she might be not good looking but she gave great service, places with hot girl but unsatisfactory service…

  9. Harr67 says:

    Whose good here and what’s the roster like?

  10. Izzac says:

    The number for 1B Joseph St, Lidcombe NSW 2141 says not connected. Does anyone know the number?

  11. fred says:

    The address is 1B/11 Joseph Street. It is about 50 metres from the corner.

  12. Curiouspunter says:

    I was very curious so I went up stairs. the woman didn’t have great teeth and led me to a dingy room, I opted out. If you go during the weekday, no one cares if you go in.

    • Billy says:

      Is this the massage next to the cafe or on top of the real estate agency?

      • Curiouspunter says:

        I thought they were the same, no?

        • Fred says:

          Hi Curiouspunter,

          There are two massage shops at Lidcombe about 50 metres apart. One is right on the corner above the real estate agent and the other is about 50 metres down the road. The address for this shop is 1B/11 Joseph Street, next to the cafe.

  13. GFE_LFAGT says:

    Some great reviews. Lack of discrete access is a big issue for me. People I know live in the area. Will have to give it a miss.
    52 year old, nerd of goats, Mac & george keep those reviews coming.

    • haveaputyamug says:

      I’m being serious, wear a disguise. while its cold, buy a hoodie that you’d normally never wear ($10 at kmart), as youre walking to the place with the hoodie up and sunnies on, cover your mouth by pretending to blow into your hands to make them warm. do the same on the way out. then walk to the nearby parking station and remove hoodie.

      just an idea

      • Mr Shafter says:

        Wear a disguise? Maybe he should buy one of those Groucho Marx glasses with the plastic nose and moustache and walk in with that.

  14. George Clooney says:

    Went there today. Large clean place, 4 girls on site (Monday morning)
    I only saw the girl who opened the door for me and we went straight to the room.
    Opted for 30 minute massage $35. After 20 minutes she asked me if I wanted “extra’s.
    I asked her “what’s the deal”? She said handjob $30, blowjob $35, I asked if she offered Full Service. The answer was yes $40 Then I asked if she offered a 69 position. I had to explain what that was 🙂 But she quikly agreed to that. She got on top of me giving me a nice shaven pussy in my face while she gave me a BJ.
    Her name is Emmy, works only on Mondays here. Face 7/10 Body 8/10 Personality 9/10
    I had a great time for $75 all up and will be back for more 🙂

  15. Simon Belmont says:

    Had a CBJ. Dunno her name, but jeez …. She sucked like a hoover. Had trouble walking down the stairs afterwards. My right leg kept tingling.

    But fuck me. The crowd near the sidewalk had me doing walk of shame….

  16. MAC says:

    I paid a visit to this place as I was visiting bunnings (as you do over the holidays).
    Unfortunately for me, I went on a weekend in the afternoon where the whole suburb was out and about, shopping and eating.

    No kidding, the cafe next door had an outdoor seating right next to the entrance to the shop.
    So I casually walked pass the young couple enjoying their lunch, turned 90 degrees and walked up the stairs.
    I just tell myself, act cool and casual, just visiting a place of business, no one knows (Hahaha).

    Up the stairs and rang the door bell. Stepped in, greeted by a lady by the name of Angela.
    She’s in her 40’s and not very attractive (sorry, I am very honest).

    She said only mature ladies here, I said, okay.
    I like all sorts of women, don’t discriminate.

    Price is $35 for 30mins and $55 for an hour.
    I opt for the 30mins session as I just needed the Part 2 more than the Part 1. Balls were busting.

    Went to a large room with an ensuite at the end.
    The room has laminate flooring, high ceilings, soft lighting and the bathroom is like one you see in a new apartment. Very modern and clean. It’s like being in someone’s apartment rather than a typical massage shop with tiny rooms, grubby floors and a basin in the corner.

    Angela is from Taiwan and her massage was quite good. I can tell from her technique, she’s been doing this for quite some time. Friendly personaility, but her English is very limited. Big tits though.

    After 15 mins, extras were offered.
    $20 hj, $40 cbj, $50 bbj.
    I went with the cbj and she said she’s very good.

    Well, I was happy she’s right.
    For a cbj, it’s probably one of the best I’ve had in recent memory.
    She was doing a lot of differnet movements with her mouth and tongue.
    Can’t really describe, but it’s very enjoyable.

    Before too long, it all came to an end (in her mouth).
    She gave me a big smile, knowing I had one of the best climax in recent times.
    Good to see a WL enjoying her job as much as I enjoyed the experience.

    I must be honest, she aint a looker but the experience is very satisfactory.
    Both Part 1 & 2.
    And of course, very reasonable prices and clean facilities.

    I had to do the walk of shame as I exited the shop, walked down the stairs and tried to blend into the crowd on the pavement…
    And you know my face was flushed from the events 5mins earlier, Hahaha.

    Will I be back ?
    Yes, when I’m next in the area.

  17. Nerds Of Goat says:

    Went out of my way to give this place a visit last Thursday. Near the train station and next door to a caf̩. As stated before it is up a narrow set of stairs and has a surveillance camera near the door. I was greeted by an attractive 35 year old. place was spacious with a bathroom down the hall. She escorted me into the first room and that too was big. No background music playing which was a shame.

    Paid for 30mins 10 minutes into the massage (which was so so) she offered full service for $50. I accepted and she started to undress. b cup tits and a little hair on the vag. She was surprisingly very passionate. Lots of hugs and kisses. She gave me a natural BJ and protected sex. Halfway through she offered to do natural but I refused. Natural sex is a big no no!

    Afterwards she escorted me down to the shower where she proceeded to wash me down.. Bathroom was clean and well stocked with body wash and toiletries.

    I was honestly impressed at how clean this place was. after a hug and a kiss she escorted me out.

    Location – busy area. No discrete entrance and left doing the walk of shame
    Price – standard
    Service – F/S was amazing.

  18. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    Address is 1B/11 Thompson St.

    Up a narrow set of stairs from the street. No signs at street level, but once you are going up the stairs, you can see that you are in the right place.

    Went a few weeks ago on a Wednesday afternoon and was met by CiCi and shown into a big room – also used as a storeroom and the laundry and toilet were off it. It would be interesting if another working lady or customer wanted to use the facilities during our session.Apparently CiCi only works there occasionally.

    $35 for 30 minutes – gave CiCi the money and she left while I got undressed. I took an extra $30 out of my wallet and when she returned I offer it to her. Smart girl, she immediately knew what I wanted and off came her clothes.

    CiCi was probably in her 30’s (nothing wrong with that). She had reasonable size tits with very small nipples and downstairs had been shaved but now had a 3 or 4 day growth. Smooth skin and no tattoos.

    Into the massage, which wasn’t too bad for one of these Chinese shops.

    Some mutual pleasure and a reasonable happy ending.

    Definitely an extras shop but probably not full service, however you never know what could be on offer from other ladies.

  19. pjc says:

    the place has now reopened after the fire # 11b flat # 1

  20. Rambler says:

    Passed by this place today if it is 11B and not 1B, so I guess it is still open. Any more recent reviews?

  21. Train Heartnet says:

    Ok, so I was around the Lidcombe area and my muscles were aching due to DOM’s from gymming hard out. So, I thought I really wanted a massage that was cheap, after a quick google and a phone call asking for massage prices for various establishments, this was the cheapest one. I arrived and chose $35/half hour since I was bit broke. Went in, paid, then the lady told me to take my clothes off (I was a bit suprised since I didn’t think it was that kind of establishment), and so I did. Massaged my back for a while, then asked me to lie down face up and started giving me a massage on the head. Then after that she walked over to my side and started gesturing for a bj, told me it was $20, and that fs was an extra $50. After being taken back at the sudden shock (bear in mind I only wanted a massage), and after a few quick calculations in my head I just said thank you and headed out. She was butt effing ugly and I wouldn’t do that crap.

    In my head I was thinking $35 $50 = $85 for fs massage with a fat ass butt ugly 30 lady, when I could go to a few proper establishments that I know of that charge the same price and have waaaaaaaaaay sexier and more customer-satisfaction driven girls!

    Massage = half ass (my muscles still ache)
    Happy ending/fs = i would rather get someone better looking to make it more worthwhile

  22. tenderrub says:

    Is there a choice of ladies? What are the charges and services? I always go thru lidcombe but havent tried this place b4… THX

  23. lightbulb says:

    It’s been a long time since I had a massage here & even though the first massage I had was good, the second one was outstanding. The rooms are basic but the prices very resonable.


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