Liverpool Asian Ladies Massage


Shop 3, 312 Macquarie St Liverpool NSW 2170

P: 02 9602 7799.

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  1. David says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Angels Touch at 402 Macquarie Street Liverpool? I know the place got demolished but are they operating elsewhere? I miss Samantha. Really wanted to try those other Latin ladies…

  2. Misc says:

    Anyone know where April has gone?

    Went here today, waste of time/money. Girl by the name of Emily, massaged was pretty average. Second stage was terrible. She offered to give me a CBJ for $50, and after 30 seconds she was complaining that she was tired, so she took the dom off, and got some oil and started pulling the old fella. She wasn’t into it at all, she just stood there and barely allowed me to touch her. Every 30 seconds she would have to stop cause he arms were tired. She says she’s been working there for 2 years, but I don’t know how the hell she survived for so long. It ended with me pulling my own dick while she stood there with fake moans.

    Afterwards she has the nerve to tell
    Me her name, and what days she works (Friday/Saturday), and she kept asking if I come back??? Lol

    Never again. Where’s April?

    • Puntermug says:

      hahahaha what terrible service from her! and she had the nerve to ask if youd be back! I think a problem is that a lot of punters are too polite to say ‘no i won’t be back, that was terrible!’
      How old was she?
      I’ve been in that situation where I was getting a HJ from an older WL and I could tell she was tired but she put everything into it, it sucks when you can tell their heart isn’t in it lol.

      • Misc says:

        Haha, that post was from pure frustration lol. Especally when im walking in there expecting the goddess April.

        And your right, i think we are too polite to say, nah that was fuckin shit lol.

        And tbh, i reckon she would of only been mid-late 30’s, so not heaps old i guess.

        • Puntermug says:

          yeah I was getting a massage and the mama-san stopped twice to answer the door a few minutes overall, I asked her where did she keep going, hinting that I wasn’t happy with it. She extended the massage, it always pays to be upfront.
          the worst part of any visit is the fake moaning imo

    • Tron says:

      Sundays are crap Bobo is like a goldfish and Serlina pox ridden and too greedy No more Save your bucks They both work at Warwick Farm Tuesdays No girl is worth more than 50

    • Tron says:

      Just want cash for China
      Have no understanding of their expected effortsThe girls are useless with no understanding of our expectations Just Cash for China
      Knock back anything over $50 they wont decline

  3. Mike says:

    Anyone know what day a filipino chick works here? Small and petite

  4. allan says:

    I visit the place on Wed in February. The girl was pretty asian, slim and small boobs. I paid $35 for massage half hour. She got the money and went outside, I undressed and laid on table. When she return to room I notice that the door was locked. First 5 minutes in massage she went next to my head and I managed to touch her legs upskirt toward her undies. She didn’t react at all. That was a YES sign for me. After 15 min she asked me to roll over, she whispered on my year $20 for hi, $40 naked hi. I offered $50 for fs. She negotiated $75 for cbj and cfs. I had just $70 and she accepted. She covered and suck my man and was done really professional. The pussy was wet and worm and cowgirl me really nice. I was too that she work only wed and Thu. By luck I was day off wed. I will try again on my normal Monday day off. Conclusion: clean place, locked door and proper walls, nice girl, good massage, cbj and cfs 30 min for $105.

    • tron says:

      Too Much Allan say No They wont

    • donny wong says:

      $20 for hi, $40 naked HJ is the standard price? anything over $50 is rip off?

  5. Misc says:

    Does Anyone know what happened to canny? Used to work Mondays/Tuesday?? I tried to call the last weeks but cannot they keep saying she’s not working that day.

  6. Sunny says:

    Any recent reviews? How young are the ladies

  7. Sunny says:

    Any recent reviews?

  8. Mr Fox says:

    Any recent reviews? Who would be recommended?

  9. Mick says:

    Anyone wanna join in for a bbbj with april today about 1pm ?

  10. Al says:

    Went there recently. Girl was very cute. The massage was great. It wasn’t one of those half ass massages that you usually get from these places, she was actually very good. I was offered FS with about 10-15 mins left. Highly recommend this place

    • John says:

      Great to have a girl that does a good HE with actual great massage. What day was it and name of girl please?

  11. jimo4u says:

    Went to this place on 4/10/2017 at about 1pm and got massaged by a girl called May who claims to only work on Wednesdays. She gave a brilliant massage although there was little or no teasing during the massage so i thought that would be it. When she rolled me over she gestured the usual motion for a hand job so I offered $50 for sexy and she took up the offer. First was a hj then covered bj then she jumped on top for a while, i nearly bucked her off the table, she climbed off and lay on her back. She wouldn’t let me finger her or touch her pussy so i stood at the side of the table and gave it to her. I would have liked to fuck her brains out but she kept telling me to be quiet. All in all it was great, i have been there a few times over the years and always got full service.

  12. michale says:


    Is this place in Liverpool? any rescent reviews? I would like to try this, that would be mine first time ever. Appreciate your advice!

    • Listen here says:

      Michale, I always walk out smiling. LMAO

  13. Stevo says:

    Hey just wondering if anyone has been here recently wondering prices and all that

  14. Tommy says:

    Went here today.
    not sure of the girl, very pretty Thai girl.
    $30 half hour, $50 for hour.
    After massaging my back and legs (very well i might add), she asked me to roll over.
    Bit of a rub on legs and chest for about a min, the she rubs my cock and says “you like me…” while making a hand job motion.
    Hand job for 20 or nude for 30, which i went for of course.
    Great breasts and figure, very curvy, left her underpants on though…
    I was a little nervous – first time for H/E, she must have sensed as she took my hand and guided it to run over her breasts and arse – very nice.

    Great technique, then a rub down and rest of massage.

    Will definitely be back either for her, or for the hot older asian piece I saw there earlier

  15. Jim says:

    I went to this place Saturday morning 7/9/2013 at first I just took a brochure from the front when a reasonably good looking Asian woman came out and asked if I wanted a massage $30 half hour.
    I went in and paid my $30, the massage was pretty ordinary then toward the end she asked me to roll over and started massaging my cock, she then asked for $20 to finish me off and $30 to take her clothes off. I asked for full service straight up she said that would cost $50.
    Why not! I had to pay the $50 up front, then she got her gear off, not too bad, a bit of covered head for a while then I got her on the bed rubbed her clit till she nearly blew a valve. she made me stop then and fuck her, I think I went too long because in between me driving her hard she kept trying to say – you finish, you finish. Bottom line here guys $80 total for half hour massage a suck and fuck. not bad I thought. one more thing, the walls were solid and not just curtains so they must have improved the place since Greg T went there.

  16. Greg T. says:

    This place is funny.

    A sheet seperates massage areas.

    The asian massueses talk to each other while they’re massaging you!

    Very unprofessional, small and it always feels very rushed.

    Young and Older women here, but I would not go back because the quality of girls and service is really poor.

    Greg T.


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