Marrickville Massage


24 Station St, Marrickville NSW 2204

P: 02 9558 8588

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78 Responses to Marrickville Massage

  1. Tim says:

    Money hungry Asian old ladies. Rushed and left because other customer waiting. Never go back.

  2. Joe says:

    Was there yesterday. It’s open

  3. Dong Bei says:

    Went on Wednesday and found this place had been closed down.

  4. Bob says:

    Is Casey back working Saturdays? Or any updates as to who is working the weekends?

  5. jt says:

    does any know when sasha is back she worked on thurdays?

  6. Freddy says:

    Is Lucy back from China yet?

  7. Steve says:

    Casey has gone home for 8 weeks; sadly

  8. Teddy says:

    Saw mayomi last week tight hairy pussy

  9. Mr B says:

    Any update re the rosters? Suggested ladies or days to go. Any new girls

    • George says:

      I go on Tuesdays and spend time with Lucy. GHorgeous woman, about 40 years old. BBBj and and no condom sex. Worth every cent.

    • George says:

      Went there last week and saw Lucy. She’s about 40, but cute and sexy. Fake boobs but still very nice. BBBJ and no condom sex. She was just fgantastic.

      • Freddy says:

        I see Lucy regularly at 152 Flora St Sutherland. She does BBBJ with CIM. She does bareback sex in any position as well. Excellent service. Great fun personality.

    • Stark says:

      I see Lucy every couple of weeks on Tuesday. She seems to be popular. She late 40s and slim. Gives me BBBJ and natural sex. She’s fun, not much English. Sometimes likes to start by kneeling down and giving a good suck and then massage for a while. She normally gets her gear off from the start. Stroke back of her legs and inner thigh and she gets wet quickly. Doesn’t mind a bit of fingering. She likes being fucked from behind while leaning over table and then gets on her back and lets you go for it. Doesn’t take long to blow my load after that. She’s a great fuck. I think she works a few places, about six days a week..

      • Stark says:

        Your right Freddy, Lucy went back to China to re establish her old relationship with ex…..pity.

  10. Mr B says:

    Any updates on the roster for this place? Who works when and what’s a good day to visit for the best lady? Any new staff in the past few months?

  11. Azal says:

    Anyone know where Mayumi working? Monday – Friday?

  12. Big Easy says:

    Monday afternoon, had Mona. Where do I start. Average looker, nothing special, but neither am I. Massage was just a bit of rubbing and pushing on the back and neck. So down to legs… light, accidental touching of balls while ‘massaging’ legs. ‘Ok, turn over darling’. Asked I I want sex or just hj. Said hj thanks…. then ??? Body to body on downstairs…. not sure what I got, but I’m guessing some guys like it, oh well, it takes all types…
    All in all, average, i’ve had worse. But no way anything special. I’ll keep my money for somewhere else. Well not be back, but that is why they call it ‘PUNTING’…

  13. Billy says:

    No sex is offered at this place anymore because the council is keeping an eye on this place. This place does not have a brothel license so they have been offering sex illegally.

  14. Jay says:

    Today I visited station Street and saw Jenny. Pretty hot for an older Asian wl. Very friendly and smily. Massage was pretty ordinary just lots of light touching and pressing. We didn’t negotiate extras at the start but after about ten minutes asked me to turn over and stroked my balls saying ‘tickle tickle’ and asked if I wanted to suck. I said yes suck and fuck. She took her gear off and had pretty damn good tits. Natural but firm c cups with great nipples. Perfect size and colour. Surprised me actually as I was expecting dark brown nipples but they were kind of pink but overall pretty amazing tits. Jenny is average in size and probably even more on the thin side with a nice smooth body. Hairy pussy but not too out of control.

    Gave me a covered bj which was the first time I’ve had a covered bj at station St but I wasn’t fussed. Pretty good suck job didn’t mind me fingering her. Very tight pussy and wet. She layed back and I went for gold missionary style. Few moans and encouraging calls.

    As I was going to cum I told her and she smiled and told me to cum in her pussy, (inside rubber)

    After that I had another little tit suck and she cleaned me up. Finished up with a shit massage but just layed back enjoying having an empty ball sack.

    Overall Jenny is pretty attractive, one of the better at station Street. Great tits and tight pussy. Would recommend

  15. Teddy says:

    Saw Casey this week ; fake boobs : shaved pussy but she is awesome. Highly recommend her

    • Henry says:

      Can you be more specific? Why do you recommend

  16. Benji says:

    Had my first session with the famous Sasha I hear so much about. It was great. Very friendly with a nice smile. No clock watching had the full 30 minutes. Full sex offered right away for a total of $80. Sasha has a slim body but is mature and probably had kids but still sexy. Nice floppy suckable tits and trimmed pussy.

    Great bbbj to start before slipping a condom on and riding my until I came. She then cleaned me off and finished off a nice full body rub.

    Worth while.

    Sasha works every Thursday

  17. Tommy D says:

    Any update in this place as to what days to avoid or who is a must see?

  18. MAC says:

    So I’ve had a few more sessions since the last time. My experience can be summarised as follows:

    Mon: Sophie
    Mid 30’s, Medium build, long hair, friendly and flirty personality. Loves a chat and a joke.
    Massage: Strong with proper flow.
    Extras: BJ and FS: Good.
    Best massage from my experience.

    Wed: Jenny
    Mid 40’s, slim build, not much English. Nice personality.
    Massage: Average.
    Extras: BJ good, FS okay, tight p@ssy.

    Thurs: Susan
    Mid 30’s, slim build, average looks.
    Massage: mostly light rubs over body, like to brush bum and balls.
    Extras: BJ good & FS okay

    Friday: Yo-yo
    Mid 30’s, slim build, not good looking.
    Massage: Crap
    FS: Not much effort (Dead fish)

    Have seen Mona on Monday, old lady.
    Also Sasha on Thurs. Mature but still very attractive. Probably the most attractive woman here. Has many regulars and likely busy.

    TBH, this place is catered for more old(er) guys or those who like mature women. It’s the equivalent of a retirement home for ML’s.

    Still, can’t beat it for value if you are in the area and don’t mind older ladies.

    Best time to visit:
    Before the afternoon rush when everybody finishes work.
    Like anywhere else really.

  19. Tim says:

    Is it true some of the girls are up for anal here?

    • Stan says:

      Well listen up mate. All girls everywhere do anal…its coarsely called having a shit.
      We all do it.

  20. dave stern says:

    if you want quickie for release then this place might be for you…don’t expect a good massage. the girl i had into sex more than massage.

    • Yes says:

      “…into sex more than massage”

      I don’t see the problem with the above. All good with me.

      • Jim 4 says:

        Seems like more of a brothel than a massage place haha. Are the women actually attractive and a good root?

        • George says:

          No the quality is quite low. I went once. Didnt buy. Found the place depressing

      • No says:

        Beggers can’t be choosers.

        Brothel is located at 47 Sydenham Road Marrickville.

        $60/100/120 for 30/45/60mins.

    • Dave the rave says:

      Wow so little information , so much empty talk YES, NO
      Shit everyone knows about Marrickville Massage.
      Why does the same mindless topic on Marrickville have to be rehashed for zero effect.

  21. Punter says:

    Like Steve I also saw Casey one Saturday afternoon. The entry to the joint is a little out there especially as it is a fairly high traffic area. Once inside Casey practically jumped on me and lured me into a room. I payed for the half hour and she returned moments later. She asked if I want massage first or after. I said fuck now? With this she took an extra $50 from me and began to undress. Really tight toned body and firm fake tits with big long nipples. I lay he back and start playing with her pussy which was tiny and tight. She began to suck my cock bbbj before slipping a condom on me and laying on the table while I fucked her. She asked me to cum all over her body and seemed to love every bit of it. Probably pretend joy but who cares. After I came she wiped me down with a warm towel and finished me off with a nice massage.

    I must do!

  22. Steve says:

    Went and saw Casey on Saturday the 24/06 for 1 hour and she was fucking great, Nice fake tits and was up for just about anything.
    Was trying so hard not to blow my load too quick!

    • Dennis da Menace says:

      Steve, what do you mean by “up for anything”? FS? 69? Anal?

      • Steve says:

        Well she asked if i wanted a condom first then said i could fuck her ass if i wanted too.

        • happy camper says:

          Good boys… But I hope you did all the deeds bareback, just get stuck in full rim’ cim’daty, CIA … You know everything!
          But make sure its bareback, look the risk is worth departing underground with a smile on your faces ..right?

    • Cetetera says:

      What the FUCK! Why do all you HE MEN want to fuck a sheila’s arse? What’s wrong with the pussy? You are a bunch of fucking faggots

  23. MAC says:

    Dropped by on a Monday a few weeks back and had a session with Sophia.

    Chinese, mid-30’s, average body and face.
    Mummy tummy but really smooth skin .

    From the previous posts below, I know this place has mature ladies and I wasn’t picky.
    What stood out was her friendly and chatty personality, as well as her above average massage skills.

    $35 for half hour and $55 for the hour
    I opt for the 30mins session as this was my first visit.

    The shop has a main entrance from the train station and a side door as well.
    Unfortunately, the side door is not very discreet, especially when there is a row of cars crawling along waiting to turn at the intersection and everyone’s looking around the scenery, LoL.

    The shop is not too bad in terms of its cleanliness and condition.
    I’ve been to worst and this shop didn’t give me the feeling it’s seedy or dirty.
    Rooms are decent in size, full height walls, lock on doors and sturdy table (you’ll find out later)

    And they use clean towels on the massage table instead of the disposable paper sheets.
    Which is handy as I used it to have a shower afterwards.
    Always a bonus to wash off the oil, sweat and other bodily fluids. LoL

    Back to the session.
    Massage was good (not the best I’ve had) and extras were on offer 15 mins from the end.

    HJ $20 BJ $40 FS $50

    I paid for the FS and it was good.
    Sophia’s quite fit and was keen to have an energetic session.
    I like a girl who enjoys her work and is not just going thru the motions.

    Started with BJ then proceeded to ride me cowgirl style.
    The was going up and down was like a jack hammer (damn).

    We changed to mish position and she just prompt me to go for it.
    Well, who could turn down an invitation like that.

    Stroke – stroke – stroke

    *Boom goes the dynamite*

    I’m done, thank you madam.

    We had a kiss on the lips and that was it.
    Short, sweet and achieved the objective.

    Will be back when I’m next in the area.

    • Dany says:

      Went there on Monday and I think there were two ladies. One in red shirt and the other in black??? I wanted to go with the black one but she was with someone else and I didn’t really like the girl in red so ended walking straight out. Any chance you remember if Sophie was the girl in black?

      • MAC says:

        Sorry mate, I can barely remember their face, let alone the clothes they were wearing on the day.

    • Cetetera says:

      Fucking BS! You’re delusional, Mac. She wasnt even rostered that day. All BS folks! Just like all the other reviews. That’s it. I’ve had enuf of this site. Never cumming back. BOOYAH

  24. Guest Greg says:

    I dropped in on Monday and asked for a strong massage, Mona was called. In the room I was glad to see fresh clean towels, with a half dozen more under the table.
    Mona confirmed for strong and then started with a good back walking massage. She walked out the knots and stretched me, that I was two inches taller. I had to reposition myself in the face hole. By the 40 minute mark, she had worked up a sweat. With a heavy fist pounding and hot cloth wipe down to finish. If you’re after strong massage, Mona only works there on Mondays.

  25. Punter1 says:

    Reading reports (thanks guys) it was mandatory to check this place out, and give some detailed intel.

    Short story: I was for business, and it did not disappoint. I did not feel great urge to be honest for a punt today, but just call it greed, and investigative twist.

    Today Monday afternoon, park just outside the side door, real estate agent across the road observing who’s in and out. Was about to wave him a Hi as I went in the door.

    In the side door, bell rings, a woman voice rings out and she rushes to meet.

    Hi’s and hugs exchanged straight away like I’m there twice a week (never been there but hey), she is good looking and I’m rushed into a room.

    There was no beating around the bush here, touching, kissing and her hands stroking my twin over my jeans – Punting is too hard sometimes !

    She is good looking, gave her late 30’s- mid 40’s with a medium figure. Name Mayomi, Japanese.

    So chat goes,

    She: ‘how long you want, one hour?’,
    Me: “no, maybe half hour, have to rush.”
    She: “want extra?”
    Me: “sure, everything, how much you want today?”
    She then gets thinking, ums and ahs, so I pull the $35 “that is the massage”. Then pull the $50 “that is for everything”

    Big smile, all sorted.

    She takes the money and dashes out the room, I undress and sit on table, she comes back, strips (and pops the condom from her bra to the table, laughing about it, she is funny and nice) while rubbing her bum (nice bum by the way) on my groin, then stands between my legs and handles my twin and surprisingly gives me passionate kissed as well.

    She: ‘massase or fuck first?’
    Me: “I’m fine either way, you be the boss, whatever you feel like”
    She: “mass ….. f… mass …f…” – Have no idea what she blabbed then, so let it flow.

    So, let her keep going on stroking my twin, kisses, tits play, time to lay down and let her bbj.

    Was very good at it, let her go more than I wanted to because she is good. Kept looking at me how I’m enjoying it and I gave her the confirmation – good attitude.

    I stop her, “fuck now?”, yes, “where you want me?” on top.

    She puts dom on with some mouth help, climbs on table, and humps away.

    And kaboom a couple of minutes later, she was happy for cip in dom, and I was fine either way.

    Clean up with tissues and wipes, then she goes massaging me very well, midway she pulls my hand “No ring, good, I’m single too” .. Awesome twist, I say something irrelevant and she does not persist (much). Her last day is next Monday before she goes to Japan for 5 months she says.

    She keep massaging my back nicely, which was a surprise as I was expecting a finish. Few minutes later he boss yelling at her and she bolts off me and out of door while apologising to me – overtime?

    I dress, she comes back, nice last chat, and lip kisses, and I leave. Real estate guy not there, should I have left him a Bye note?

    All in all, solid joint if you need a no bs joint, value for money, wall to ceiling rooms, and for a good bonus, 2 clean fresh full length towels on the massage bed.

    If the joint & Mayomi were a good punt, towels made my day !

    • Bla Bla Bla says:

      that was mayoumi’s last shift, she left for japan. shes coming back after a few months

      • Punter1 says:

        I’ll go back, not for the ml, but for the clean bed towel !

  26. Jimmy says:

    Bros, had a weekend visit and saw a Chinese matureish lady Casey. Started off with a good massage and was not shy in “brushing” past my exposed nuts. After 10 minutes she asked what I wanted “suck or anything” I asked wanna fuck? She replied okay how much will you give me? I offered 50 and she agreed. Gave me a bbbj until I was nice and hard before slipping a condom on and riding me until I came. She cleaned me off and continued the massage. Casey was a nice lady who truly want me to enjoy myself. $85 for a good massage and fuck. Cannot complain

  27. Matt Davis says:

    Anyone out there give some.more feedback on this place. Extras offered best times and days to go?? General state of the place and ease of getting fs? Even anal?

  28. Thereviewer says:

    Does anyone know when sasha works? would really appreciate the help

  29. Fred says:

    Today was only a scouting mission to see if the place was still open – it was. I didn’t take Sasha up on her offer, but I have had her before. She is a very delightful lady. Most enthusiastic and dedicated. She is not a precious young princess, but a mature and caring lady. Her extras are in no way mechanical like a lot of places.

    Do yourself a favor a give her a try.

  30. Fred says:

    Went on a scouting mission this afternoon. The door was open, so I entered.

    I was greeted by Sasha. Full service was offered straight up $80 for 30 minutes or $50 short time.

    They are back in business – did they ever close?

  31. Billy says:

    This place has been closed by the local council for offering full service under a massage license.

  32. aussie gaigin says:

    Only girls I would recommend at the moment are Mona on Monday and Jennifer on Thursday. But check first, I haven’t been there for a few months

  33. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    Went on a recent Friday afternoon. Clean and tidy place, nothing special, but not too bad. Enter by the side door as the big main glass door doesn’t work.

    Greeted by Sasha, 30’s Chinese from Singapore. Shows me into a room and shows me the pricelist – $35 for 30 minutes. I look her up and down and say yes and pull out the $35.

    Straight away she starts rocking her hips back and forth and asks me if I was a fuck. No.

    Starts moving her mouth and asks me if I want a blow job. No.

    I indicate a handjob with her naked and ask how much $20 – bargain. She later told me that it would have been $40 for full service. Covered or bareback – I don’t know – didn’t ask.

    She leaves the room and comes back a few minutes later and her clothes come off straight away. A good set of B/C tits, a bit floppy but with large areola and big nipples. Downstairs she has a hairy pussy.

    Into the massage and she was enthusiastic and didn’t mind me “copping a feel” or two.

    A few minutes later, she was on the table and I’m giving her clit a good tickle. She even reached down and spread her pussy lips to give me a good look. Strange to see inside her pink pussy surrounded by her dark skin.

    More mutual fondling and then time for the happy ending; slow and expertly done. After the happy ending there were none of the usual tissues, but a warm moist facecloth, like one of the small towels from a Chinese restaurant. It felt almost as good as the happy ending and certainly a good touch. Then more massage of my shoulders, arms and scalp. Got the full 30 minutes, no clock watching or cutting short.

    Must say that I like a women who is enthusiastic and interested, rather than someone just going through the motions. Mutual respect and mutual pleasure. Too many younger women try to make do with their looks and that they are young. Give me a women like Sasha any day.

    Certainly would go back, not for the place but for Sasha

  34. Billy says:

    The owner is an old, ugly whore from Shenyang, China. Avoid her if you can, she smells.

  35. Unlucky punter says:

    went here not long ago and got the clap

  36. Goundy says:

    The girls there are generally old, fat and ugly. If you need a quick release, don’t care too much about quality and strapped for cash, then this is an okay place.

    Went there once and swore I’d never go back, and I never have.

  37. Rayman says:

    $20 HJ
    $50 FS

    girls are mostly old or fat


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