Mays Asian Massage Clinic


4/16 Ingleburn Rd, Ingleburn NSW 2174

P: 02 9618 1888

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104 Responses to Mays Asian Massage Clinic

  1. GRUB says:

    Is this place back up and running again? Anyone got any stories from here?

    • AnonAnon says:

      Back up, a new thai lady 30-40’s great massage and hj didn’t get a name

  2. Aussie48 says:

    Tried Mona yesterday (Thursday). Big boobs, nice body and nice massage. She is about 40ish On the way out saw another cute a bit chubby chinese girl. The manager told they have a young girl on Wednesday,..
    Will come back

    • Jason says:

      I was there last Tuesday tried the little Thai chick amazing soft ass, did a good job on a happy ending keeped blowing my cock like a candle while giving me a happy ending, she got on top watched her pussy while I got a happy ending very sexy pussy n ass didn’t want to let go

  3. Khan says:

    Saw people in and out. This place seems starting to get busy. I work in the area and always pass this joint when I go to woollies. Any recommendation and what extras do they provide.

    • GRUB says:

      Just an average massage joint mate. Nothing more than massage and a wristy.
      If you are after anything more than that you’re better going elsewhere.

      • Khan says:

        As long as I can do some rubbing and nipples kissing..thats enough for me. Some shop doesnt even allow it.

  4. GRUB says:

    Has anyone managed any F/S here? I have been in a few times now and it seems like the boss lady keeps things by the book.

    • Laney says:

      I dont think they offered extra other than normal hj. They do good massage though. Have you tried the chinese girl in her mid twenties? Is she the one that menth ioned by aussie 53

      • GRUB says:

        I haven’t seen the Chinese one yet. I saw the Thai and Korean girls on separate occasions. They both did reasonable massage and standard service H/E. Nothing beyond that however.

    • Laney says:

      I hear you, i tried the lil thai too. I think she works on wednesday. This place is clean and the ladies doesnt stink unlike some other surrounding place. Mona is amazing, the review is spot on. I never had bad time with her.

  5. Prince of da Paparlours says:

    Wen to this place now three times , the service has been crap 2 out of three times
    Little Thai girl was by far the best the Chinese lady Mona needs to retire , woeful service , the Korean girl new also needs to consider doing origami because he massage was shocking this place needs to either lifts it S game or go waste of money

    • Scoons says:

      What aas the thaingirls name and what service did she procude

    • Dextro says:

      Anyone been here lately, any recommendation? Any young girls here?

  6. GRUB says:

    Anyone tried here recently? After recommendations please.

  7. Undecided says:

    Went there this afternoon (Sunday), Young woman, mid 20s, reasonably attractive. Didn’t say anything at all.
    Horrible massage, just random rubbing in no order. Left my jocks on and just folded the towel in.
    No extras offered. Very disappointing visit.

    I have been on a Friday afternoon (could have been a Saturday) and saw lupekka (not sure of spelling), 21, attractive, good massage and good hj.
    Definitely recommend her

  8. Sam says:

    Any suggestion
    As Iam new to all this
    Can u pls guide me
    Who and what to ask for
    And how much to offer

  9. BigEasy says:

    4 hand massage on Sunday with lily and Mona. Wow… 4 hands working on me… money well spent… want a massage and happy ending, place to come for what you need. Expect to pay for what you want…

  10. 53_year_old_Aussie says:

    Called in on a Saturday afternoon.

    Met by WL in her early 20’s – forgettable name. Standard $35 for 30 minutes. When she came back in I offered her $30 to get her gear off. She stood her ground and demanded $40 or nothing. So OK handed over the money and off came her clothes. She was tall and fairly skinny with size
    A tits, small nipples and a full carpet down below.

    Into the massage and it wasn’t bad, but she spent a lot of the time on my legs and lower half of my body. Not much touching was possible as she kept moving away.

    Then came the rollover and she started lathering up the old fella with oil. She started fast, but I did manage to slow her down somewhat. As for anything else, “I don’t do that” was her consistent response. Anyway finished fairly quickly and then she wiped me down, put on her clothes and called time 10 minutes early.

    Could be a good shop. It is certainly in a discrete location which means that they wouldn’t get too much passing trade unless someone knew about it, so extras would always be on the cards. I probably just got a dud. Someone else some other time could be better, a lot better.

    • Alf says:

      Hey 53
      Go on a Wednesday, nice Asian lady in her 30’s. Does a nice hj + strip off for 50. And above all doesn’t seem to rush to get the old fella to squirt. Hate that. You tell them to slow down and they do for a few seconds and rev up again. Probably anxiously awaiting for the next gentleman (sucker).

  11. Pogo says:

    Went there last wednesday, Got the best massage in a long time. Thought I would got for the full nude extra $20 and Handjob for $20. Had a late 20’s thai chick. Really nice tits but her pussy was a bit dry, didn’t like me fingering her. All over still a great place.

    • Bob says:

      Name of girl pls Pogo.. would like to try her… thought they only have Chinese

  12. ryan says:

    dont’ know what has happened to the good looking girls but went during a weekday say 5ish and yeah not that great, did one 30 mins but had to rush so i left and the 2nd i did an hour but must’ve got some old lady and yeah i didn’t want a HE for that matter

    • oldfella says:

      Went there today.
      Good massage 35/30 min 60 for 60 mins.
      No Extras offered open 10am -7pm

      No Sex signs in rooms . Clean rooms nothing flash .

      • Alf says:

        Yes it’s nice to go to a place for a regular massage.
        I do so occasionally.

  13. Bobby says:

    Hey David Jim
    What prices are you expecting… the standard price for HJ is $20 nude is extra $30 in most places.
    Just save your pennies until you can afford to pay up buddy.
    If you want freebee’s get a girlfriend (in the end it will cost much more).

  14. Gaz says:

    Has this place. Improved at all
    Is there any day that is better than others

  15. Ben says:

    How late are they open to?

  16. cheekyman says:

    anyone updates? anyone been here lately? any reccommendation of girls

  17. David Jim says:

    im quite a regular here and for some reasons some of the girls expect $40 for a nude… I mean seriously $35 – half hr, $20HE and $40 for nude is one quite expensive 30mins run…. Then again isit up to the girl on the extra prices?

  18. James says:

    Hi guys Iam new to all this pls suggest me how and what to ask
    I cross this joint everyday when Iam going to station
    But never get the courage to go in
    What kind of massage they offer
    Do they do nude massage is it worth going
    I want a good rub and tug massage the one they show in porn movies

  19. Perverts INC. says:

    Went in today (Saturday), Had Ivy for 30 minutes.
    age- late 30’s early 40’s
    body- firm, tight for her age, nice handful of breast, quiet long nipples.
    massage- 4/10 quiet rushed and sloppy.
    happy ending- 5/10
    venue- 4/10, lots of rooms, but not on the classy side.
    price- $35 for massage, $20 extra for HE, $20 extra for nude.
    The showers are separate from the room so I found I had to walk down a long hall way with all but a towel draped around me, This left me exposed to other customers coming and going.
    They also used a towel to wipe me down that I am sure had been used on other customers.
    Final thoughts, they were friendly and easy to negotiate with. I would go back but most likely not to Ivy.

  20. Stan says:

    Hey peeps I don’t normally go to mays on Monday but is there any recommendation on that day?

  21. Trixie says:

    I went there today. Was so sore after a big week at the Gym. I got Mona. She seemed OK. I’m new to the Massage thing so I can really say if I got a good or bad Massage. It did feel good to me though. I went for the 1/2 hour for $35 plus and extra $40 for the nude body slide and H/E. She has the biggest nipples I have ever seen. She let me finger her as she finished me off. Ill be going back for sure.

  22. johnno says:

    Any recommendation for girls on Tuesday?

  23. PornKing says:

    Went here again a few weeks ago. Had Mona for half hour. She gave a good med-hard massage. Opted for a $30 full nude HJ. She has a nice rack, a good size C cup tits, pretty big for a chinese chick. $65 well spent.

  24. Sam says:

    Got the best massage ever along with $50 nude
    Body slide. she is ivy only works sat
    Good assets fab BJ loved it…
    Forget Wendy she is the new star…

  25. john says:

    hey guys – stumbled across this thread and thought i’d try it out.. here is my experience..

    went after work from the city and took a while to find the place but eventually found it.. went inside but they said if i called and i said no and had to wait 20 minutes so i thought i’ll just come back another time but i went around ingleburn and came back but they said they were still busy and i’m like wtf

    ok so i came back couple of days after work but this time i called to make a 30 min massage … arrived on time and got in with a girl, can’t remember her name but during the massage she straight away offered the HJ and nude but i just opted for the HJ… she was ok but would be happy to try another girl next time

    so went yesterday (tuesday), booked in the afternoon and I actually asked if Wendy was working and she said yes so I said ok which I assumed I would get, rocked up and asian girl, probably easy in her 30’s or maybe 40’s can’t tell lol, did a 1 hour massage but didn’t talk at all so i thought i’d just relax.. i could hear the guy next door talking so loud its like going to the cinema and watching a movie and someone talking lol, don’t mind chit chat here and there but man half the time they were talking.. anyway turned over and she offered HJ for $20 which i said, it was ok and then completed the massage… I asked her name coz thinking this is ‘wendy’ but no she was ‘nina’ i think she said.. damm how do i get this wendy girl? lol

    overall interesting experience however would like to see which girl is the best and is it only sundays when the best girls work? lol

  26. carmelo anthony says:

    Got a great massage here and hj forgot the girls,name though. She went nude for an extra $20 and allows me to touch her downstairs

  27. Jason says:

    Just had the best massage by this little cutie didn’t get her name but she was short little chubby big tits in a nice dress got 1 hr with here should of went 2 was so good then she offered nude body slide for 50 I couldn’t resist I had to say yes it was unbelievable definitely go back to see her will and defiantly remember to get her name and possibly her number haha massage 10/10 body slide 10/10 looks 9/10 she was a gorgeous little Asian

  28. pistol pete says:

    Had a massage today first time there. It was tidy and I had a girl named Jenny. Prob not the youngest or best looking but nice and good hj. Not rushed etc.

  29. Michael b says:

    Has anyone managed to get full service or bj here?

  30. Kurt says:

    I go here quite often. I have found it to be the best value for money place in the area. Although in saying that I always try to get Wendy as I have never had a bad experience with her. she gives a great massage and a top hj with plenty of teasing. But she also knows me now and strips down and lets me cum on her tits at no extra charge other then the standard $20.00 happy ending. I guess it pays to be a regular.
    I once had mona and I will never have her again. her massage was terrible followed by a terrible hj.

  31. PornKing says:

    Tried this place again today since late 2012. Was greeted by Sasa, a chinese girl with a nice and genuine smile.
    Asked for a hard massage and she didn’t disappoint. She dug her elbows in to my sore shoulders and all along the back & spine. She also worked hard on the arse cheeks.
    Towards the latter part of the massage she began some soft rubbing of the legs with the inevitable slowing down and soft rubbing of the groin area.
    She quickly asked if i wanted the obvious. Well, does any punter ever say no at Mays?
    So a quick turn over and her oiled up hands went on to perform her nicely paced HJ. During the HJ, she allowed touching and groping of her legs, arse and tits (through clothes).
    Looks – 6.5/10
    Attitude – 9/10
    Massage – 8.5/10 (dug deep into back, legs were just a rub)
    HJ – 8.5/10
    Price: $35/ half hour $20 handy (prob cheapest going around)
    Definitely will go back when in area.

  32. 2800km says:

    Dropped by today $50 1 hr massage and $20 HE. Massage and HE both seemed value for money.

  33. Michael b says:

    Anyone managed to get headjob or full service here?
    Who are the most obliging girls?

  34. mountainking says:

    Hi all. Who do you guys recommend here? Been meaning to go but not sure if I should with the mixed reviews here. Thanks

  35. Thechosenone_69r says:

    Thinking about trying either here or ingleburn massage any
    Which one is better
    Do I try both and find out for myself lol

  36. keanu says:

    Yeah mate …. I agree with you.

  37. Rick Gonzaga says:

    Just advising you guys…in my experience in this massage parlor is no good. I think Mona the name of the lady, she do a massage and H/E, it seems she obviously rushing. I felt.. they are after with the number of clients, but not the quality of service.

    Not recommended.


  38. Michael says:

    I got a fully naked massage and when i turned onto my back she climbed on top. As she was rubbing her tits around on my face she was grinding her pussy back and forth on my cock. I felt that she was prepared to let me inside but I didn’t try for it. Anyone else experienced this?

  39. Good says:

    newbie question. are the extras negotiated before with the boss lady, or during with the masseuse?

  40. Zeus says:

    Hi, this is the best place I have ever been. Saw Lily the other day, She took her time and seemed genuinely interested in me.

    By the way does anyone know of anywhere in Canberra I can go for similar relaxation when I go there?

  41. 611 says:

    i went there today, lovely staff, great Hj with happy ending. will do anything you ask for the right money. private, clean. good place

  42. John says:

    Tried this place weeks ago, fully nude massage, happy ending. will definitely visit Mays agains.

  43. PornKing says:

    i paid my second visit to the establishment 2 weeks ago. I was quickly greeted by a very pleasant, smiling and not bad looking girl called Angela, early 20s slim sz 6-8, about B-cup tits.
    I requested a med-hard massage which is sort of what i got, but unfortunately she didn’t have much of an idea to massage the right places. It wasn’t the worst massage i’ve had, so i’d give her about a 4-5 out of 10. But i’d give her a solid 8 for trying her best.
    The hand job however, was something else!! She knew what to do. She took her time, stroked the old fella, hand-massaged my balls slowly anddelicately. And most importantly she looked you in the face when doing it!!
    Then she suggested that for a small extra her top would come off and couldn’t say no to that. So just before the pop she put her tit in my mouth – nice touch!!
    Total cost – $35 massage $20H/J $10 top off – not bad and i will be back there next time i’m in ther area.

  44. Jimmy says:

    Went there a month ago nice hard massage .. Started moaning and groaning so she then took off her dress and bra … As she still gave me a massage bit softer climbed onto used her tits as well was brilliant …. She turned me over climbed back on top happy ending and fully nude massage was in heaven cost me a hundred been back 3 times since same treatment 🙂 …. Highly recommended

  45. Jake says:

    Hey guys, I have visited here a couple of times. Had a great time however I did not get any of the girls names when I went. Can anyone provide me with a few names of the girls that were their favourite?


  46. Bertie says:

    Saw Mona here today. Great massage & very happy ending. $35 1/2 hr , $50 hr $20 H/E.

  47. Bertie says:

    thanks, will investigate

  48. Bertie says:

    anyone know where you can get massage from dark skinned girls, African or Indian, as a change from Asian girls.

  49. Matt says:

    Any info on opening hours and rates?


  50. jim says:

    I went here yesterday and was lucky enough to get Wendy
    She gave an amazing massage, I was moaning and groaning with the pain, she just basically told me to suck it up

  51. David says:

    great massage, cute girls giving amazing happy ending. happy to be touched too.


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