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447 King St Newtown NSW 2042

P: 02 9519 4555

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. tim says:

    Visited today.
    Friendly welcoming.Was taken to a very small room, very dingy did not feel clean.Did have paper over table.
    Was introduced to a lady,No other ladies were offered.I did ask if there were others.
    Nice young lady.Spoke english well.
    Very ordinary massage, She asked if wanted extras.The massage was not enticing extras and there was no teasing or playfulness.I asked how much was FS she wanted 150, Considering I had paid $40 for the massage it makes it almost $200. For that money i would expect much better.
    Summary not worth your time.Website looks very good but not reflected by the shop.

    Infact last week I went to a place on May street.which was clean great value.

  2. Ken says:

    Has anyone been to 170 King St Newtown massage shop in the last 15 months or so. Do they give full service or any feedback would be good.

  3. 53_year_old_Aussie says:

    Visited there in a weekday arvo a few weeks ago. Standard Chinese R&T shop.

    When I entered, mama-san ushered me into a cubical – “how long you want to stay?”
    $35 for 30 minutes and up from that.

    I was told to wait a few minutes and one girl was show in, “You like?”.
    No choice even though I saw a couple of other girls down the corridor and I could hear them talking.

    The girl was in her 20’s and tall, other than that fairly forgettable. I offered her $30 straight off, but insisted on $50. She got her clothes off, and into the massage which was fairly routine. Didn’t allow much touching and then after about 10 minutes told me to roll over and into the happy ending. I tried to slow her down, but she was into it.

    Then she put her gear back on and finished the full 30 minutes.

    Nothing special for the day I was there – it may be better with a different girl, but with mama-san running the show you won’t have a choice of girl.

  4. Bent says:

    Wow!… Where to start. Cute enough girl with all the right talk and as soon as money is exchanged it’s down hill fast from there. Paid for 45min, standard 50, sorry 45 in smaller room, and got flailing 20min back TICKLE then the obligatory tease for extras. On turn over told 40 for bbbj bit had cbj that was not worth either of our time. Tried to stop her to save both of us the time and the argument ensued. Even after offering to leave peacefully she still called a manager and claimed I was in the wrong. Left the shop after having sunglasses go missing and blamed for mistreating someone I willingly paid for a service that she was unable to do. I’m a regular punter and take the rare bad experience with the outstanding but mark my words this place is the worst. DONT GO HERE. DO T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. DO NOT EVER WALK IN THERE DOOR.

  5. Goundy says:

    3 to 4 years ago, this place was great. I use to come here all the time. 55 dollars got you a decent 1 hour massage with HJ, sometimes if you were lucky the girls would let you put your hands up their skirt or take their bra off and play with their tits. They became so successful, that they needed to open up two stores within 100 meters of each other.

    When they started charging for a HJ though – like everywhere else – and a couple of other Chinese massage shops opened along the same street, that’s when their business started to lose customers.

    What they try to do is always up-sale you into a “bigger room” where they charge an extra 5 dollars. It’s not the money that’s the problem, it’s that they always offer you this room without telling you it costs extra.

    Went in there today, and every girl instead of giving me a direct answer on how much a HJ costed, asked me how much I was willing to pay. I’d told them 20, and they said it wasn’t enough and wanted 30 for a HJ, and 50 for a HJ with clothes off. That’s 105 dollars! Which is kind of stupid, because 100 dollars will get you a 1 hour massage with FS down the road. It’s like every girl is hell bent on taking customers to the cleaners.

    Only one room was occupied when I went in there today. Will they change their business practices? Probably not. Greed blinds people from doing what is good for their business long-term.

    They also own the massage shop up the road – 421 King St as well.

  6. Tom says:

    Has anyone been here lately ? or can suggest good place in newtown?

  7. Mark says:

    Had a big day out in Newtown where I visited 3 parlours on the same strip in one night. I don’t get out that way often so thought what the hell. First stop was 447 where the receptionist, Janie or something, gave me a massage. She was attractive, nice tits, and we went straight ahead with the massage and then turned me over and started jerking me off while I caressed her tits from her cleavage. After I finished, she went to get some hot towels, but it was getting busy so I headed off. To my delight, she didn’t charge me for the happy ending this time – next time, she said. Very nice for $30.

  8. Mark says:

    Haha, you lucky bastard!

  9. Count Ejacula says:

    Yes Mark, I was a frequent frequenter here too. But it has all been sullied now and I have not returned for many a moon. My classic, never to be repeated was from a newly arrive Chinese lady (quite attractive) who obviously knew nothing about prices, etc. $30 provided a massage, bbbj and fs. And…I didn’t even have to ask!!! Ah, those were the days.

  10. Mark says:

    A few years ago, this and other places in Newtown used to give 1/2 hr massage plus HJ for only $30. Those were good times and I made full use of it. You didn’t even really care whether the girl was good or not because it was so cheap – you could even play with the girl’s tits from her cleavage (or more if you paid), and I even remember one sweetie who used to do a fantastic handjob using with both her hands. Then, they lifted the price to an extra $20 for the Happy Ending. (however, I had a stroke of luck lately when I got my cashback for the HJ hehe). My question to punters out there is – are there any places left that include the HJ for the price of a $30 massage? If we can get that going again, it’ll be happy times for all.

  11. Juggs says:

    Anyone had that home visit massage lately?

  12. Josh says:

    Went in for a massage and met a new girl Luna
    She is awesome. For $50 she was all nude and massaged me everywhere to give an ultimate gf experience. Awesome cutie who was just too good for that place. Some other girls that I met earlier (Vicky) was not that good in the way she behaved, but Nancy, another new girl is a cutie pie. Seems that this place is improving and is a fantastic massage place to stress relaxation

  13. Mark says:

    Last year, this place was real good. Once I had a massage HJ for $30 by a sweet girl. I even lifted her shirt and took her tits out of her bra which really helped me finish – for no extra cost, (probably should have given a tip though lol).
    This year however, went back. New girl asked $20 extra for the HJ and was poor service. Didn’t want to go back. Maybe it was the girl though.

  14. Mark says:

    Good value


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