Granville 32


32 Berry Street Granville NSW 2142

P: 02 9897 1186

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18 Responses to Granville 32

  1. jeff says:

    disgusting girls and the reception is outright rude STAY AWAY

    • Pal says:

      Bloody Granville… Yuck in a word.
      Just look at the deadbeat types that live around the area. Makes you want to puke puke.
      Would prefer to brave it in the ‘Gong instead. Shit no shitty Graaanville for me – ever. Fucking dirty grimy place.
      Best places in either Burwood or Sydney.

      • Watch out Pal, if I catch you on the street I will gut you like a fish.

        • Pal says:

          Oh look – it’s Mr Booya / Fuking Cheeto / poncy Jamie.
          Big man with a big arse.
          Now listen boy – you keep stuffin your face with falafel and mamoul. Your arse will beg flabbier than it is now.
          BTW had a great session in Burwood but I’m not telling you old perverts anything.
          Now planning my departure to Perth.

        • Sergeant Hill says:

          Mr leboGayMafie
          You may be of interest to us in relation to discussion of graves in the Blue Mountains. We are monitoring this site for illegal activity. It seems you are in charge here.

  2. ken says:

    Went a few days ago 2 girls in line up and gave a large Indian lady a miss. picked a korean lady 26, skinny, fake tits and tats. asked for bbbj for tip, but she refused. She licked my balls and cbj was nice and slow. Went onto 69 then daty. did multiple positions and came. after cuddling up went for one more round and she oblijed willingly. Her willing attitude and effort were awesome, did not get the attitude you sometimes get with Korean girls.

    face 7
    body 8
    bj 7
    gfe 8
    sex 8

    Best root I’ve had in Granville by far. I usually frequent Guilford West or 5 star, but would consider going back for the girl. Only issue is thin line up.

  3. Marcello says:

    Mamasan was a bit much. Pushy Korean lady short tempered and short stature. Rushed me into a room and rushed the girls introductions. Fat thai and Korean girls middle 30’s. Nothing great here. Room is clean with nice fixtures but crap service. Sara was a dead fish. Poor massage and covered bj.Poor lay. Has a nice face and figure but cant root if her life depended on it. Looks: 6 Service:3 she was scared to take my cock inside her vag and never smiled once. Sarah is a dead starfish lay.
    Just staring at the ceiling and watching the clock. Plus she has a crappy tattoo and belly thing that just got in the way of a beastly pounding of her box.

  4. alex says:

    32 New open, NEW NEW NEW anything new

  5. alex says:

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  6. Fairmont16 says:

    No one answering the phone so dropped past, looks shut, rang door bell and you wait in a corridor, I waited half hour as signs up everywhere telling you too, I left, but it looks shut. Do you have the right place Charlie?

  7. Charlie says:

    Came here and saw Tess. Nice lady early 50s i would say, not the greatest face. Curvy size 12. Gave a great massage and during bodyslide my dick slipped inside her. She didnt seem to mind and we ended up going at it for a good 10-15 min before i blew all over her tits. Would probably go back


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