Penrith Massage


Suite 28/464 High St, Penrith NSW 2750

P: 0430 222 159

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  1. Bob says:

    Where is this one again.?
    Was she the only one there?

  2. mark says:

    Went to this place today seen the older woman she was at least 60 yrs old
    She started off with a sexy erotic massage then she started to suck my
    fully erect cock by now my balls are ready to erupt
    i asked her if we could fuck she said yes please as she was very horny
    i stuck m y very erect hard cock deep inside her and she was moaning like crazy and really enjoying i pumped for about 10 mins and i told her i was about to cum and she wrapped her legs around me and told me to cum deep inside her which i did and when i pulled out my cum was just starting to leak out and when i got dressed she kissed me and said a big thank you and told me to come back again very soon for another massage

  3. Punter333 says:

    I’ve tried a couple of new places recently and have unfortunately been disappointed.

    ( I hate when they flat out lie to get customers into their shop)

    link to

    Advertises “New Beautiful Young Girls”. -> had 1 lady (overweight) 60-70 yo.

    link to

    Not bad massage: but I’m quite certain there is a tranny there. Sorry, not my preference.

    link to

    1 or 2 ladies work here. Both are 50-70 year old and slightly overweight.

    link to

    1 lady working. overweight and 60yo.

  4. Punter333 says:

    Anyone tried this?

    Is it one mature woman or a few different girls?

    link to

  5. Jay says:

    This place still going?!

    • Markymark says:

      Went there today. 2 staff, one was asleep. The other was ok looks, takes me to the back room, asks if I want massage…obviously. Tells me to take my clothes off, that it’s $50 for 30 minutes with HE. I agree. She lays me on my back, no massage whatsoever, just goes straight for the cock, looks like she’s in a hurry. I ask can I touch her, she gestures boobs and ass, but she I try to touch, she pulls away. I am almost done in ten minutes so I ask her can she put a finger or two in my ass, or can I finger her or lick her pussy while we finish because I ‘ve paid for 30 minutes, she says, no you cum, hurry, then begrudgingly lets me lick her massive nipple for a few seconds ,and when I shoot after 15 minutes, she wipes my cock, says thankyou, then answers the phone. Won’t be going back any time soon.

      • Pissed Off says:

        Awww shit !! Wow big spender ($50)… fucking miser. I would have kicked you out for that money.Cunt !!
        “she lays me on my back” …. what are you some baby ? did she pop a dummy in your mouth also?
        “I asked her to put a finger or TWO in my arsehole” OK stretched up ring … GAY bastard. Bullshit report

  6. Joe says:

    So where exactly is this place?
    Like bottom end of high street near the plaza, near where subway is, near the police station up top?
    What shops are next to it? Stuff like that

  7. The bald1 says:

    well its been awhile since i visted the penrith area, for a massage so i thought i’d try head back to here its ben awhile. when i arrived was told busy now come back later. so i went for a walk a lil further down next to cash converters. i found this place, natural massage clinic 15/513 High St, Penrith. was greeted by a very cute petite 20 to 25 yr old chinese girl nice perky tits. didn’t catch catch her name rarely do. i took the 30 min $35 option, started the massage was very firm and actually gave a decent massage. once back was done worked the legs, this started on the prostate. asked what extra’s was told just HE, asked if i can return favour she said yes took close off. so i proceeded to finger her tight lil pussy as she gave me a great HE. all up $80 but i think theres extra’s within once you visit regular. if your looking for somewhere new try this place out. i look forward to reading your comments. happy hunting
    body- 8 massage – 8.5 HE – 8

  8. The bald1 says:

    well its been awhile since i visted the penrith area, for a massage so i thought i’d try head back to here its ben awhile. when i arrived was told busy now come back later. so i went for a walk a lil further down next to cash converters. i found this place, natural massage clinic 15/513 High St, Penrith. was greeted by a very cute petite 20 to 25 yr old chinese girl nice perky tits. didn’t catch catch her name rarely do. to the 30 min $35 option, started the massage was very firm and actually gave a decent massage. once back was done worked the legs, this started on the prostate. asked what extra’s was told just HE, asked if i can return favour she said yes took close off. so i proceeded to finger her tight lil pussy as she gave me a great HE. all up $80 but i think theres extra’s within once you visit regular. if your looking for somewhere new try this place out. i look forward to reading your comments. happy hunting
    body- 8 massage – 8.5 HE – 8

  9. Joe says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get to this place? Like where it is exactly.
    And what kind of services and what are the rates?

  10. petep says:

    Jeff what did it cost you for the double thanks.

  11. Jeffyff says:

    I went last Friday (30/12) and decided on a double with the older lady (who needs to lose some weight) and delicious younger Kenny with largish firm breasts, bubbly, and great body. She started by tit-fucking me as I lay on the table. As it was her time of the month (which I respect) I had to use the boss’s hole (but will be back soon when the other is available). After I had come the boss went off to attend to another punter, leaving K. to do the massage. She has a smooth touch and a firm grip.

    As I said, I am looking forward to FS with K.

  12. Paul says:

    There was a chinese lady working there I can’t remember her name but she is a bit chubby big tits and I remember she had a couples of long her coming out from a mole under her face, someone knows if she is still working there?and what day?

  13. MAC says:

    I was in the area last week and paid a visit.

    As described, head to the pedestrian mall, you’ll see the massage sign.
    Go up the stairs and it’s the last shop on the right. Can’t miss it.

    Surprisingly clean and tidy but the walls don’t reach the ceiling and there are curtains in the place of doors. I was lucky to be the only customer but no doubt you will hear everything going on.

    Had a mid-30’s chinese ML. Her name was Candy.
    Face is so so, body was okay with big tits and flat tummy.

    Paid $40 for 45mins and got 35mins all up including the extras.
    Massage was below average, going thru the motions. I’ve had better.

    Extras are $20 hj and $40 nude hj.
    She tried to rip me off with a $80 offer of cbj but I said no way, negotiated to $50.

    Played with her pussy and tits while she gave me a pretty good CBJ.
    After a few minutes she got lazy and asked if I want to finish off with HJ.
    No thanks, please continue.

    Blew my load shortly after and then she gave a few squeeze of my legs then said “All done”.

    On the way out, saw the old lady sitting on a chair reading the newspaper. Wearing a dress with her legs spread. Not a pretty sight…. reminds me of Jabba the hutt. So fugly.

    Overall, felt like they take your money then get you in and out at soon as possible.

    Will not be returning, so many other places around here.

    • Brad says:

      What other actual massage places give extras ?

  14. Fpunter says:

    Does anyone know the ‘older lady’s name? Been here several times, still havent bumped into her!

  15. shagga says:

    Went here last Thursday older lady was busy.
    So saw the other lady for got her name short hair slim
    Opted for just a massage and HJ
    bcoz she had no meat on her any way terrible massage. Was talking to the other lady in Chinese while she was getting pounded by the bloke in the next cubicle Good job mate lol
    Time for my hand relief this bitch gets tired after 5mins. Wtf
    I said I’m about to come n u say u ur hand is saw keep going
    Anyway she goes u do it. I said give me the $20 back then. She laughed n said no
    So I said ok il finish let me touch ur pussy. She goes from our side ok. So I’m going. At it she gets a phone call. Answer it fuck me lady I thought I’m gonna get this bitch good
    So after she finished I said get close I’m about to blow BOOM
    yes she was pissseed cursing me in Chinese I said sorry but was laughing
    Inside that’s my only bad experience here other times have. Been good i use to fuck the old lady back when she first started. All BB

  16. pete says:

    The old lady sounds great. What does she charge for massage and all the extras.

  17. Hung fred says:

    What’s their hours?

  18. Erecik says:

    where is this place located?

  19. Nadmik says:

    Went to this 5 days ago. Pretty damm gd. Waited for the older one to finish up some dude for about 5 min. She took me in, I’m fairly certain she had some cum on face , bit funny really. Had the normal ball tickler massage from behind which was fantastic, I’m also fairly certain I CD hear the noise of cum sloppy noises coming from her hole as she moved around. Rolled ova , we agreed on 50 bucks and off she went to work sucking my duck, pre cum and all. She climbed on table into 69 position which took me by surprise and planted her pussy on my face, you guessed it – was still full of someone’s cum, ended up eating her out , never tasted cum from pussy before, wasn’t bad, she straddled my dick moving slowly, fuck she was wet as anything. Blew my load in then we 69 ers again, tasting my cum and some dudes cum I guess, licked and sucked every last drop from her, she had done a gd job on me too while fingering my clean arse. Definitely going back, just wondered who got to taste my cum. Gd luck.

  20. Goaty says:

    I’ve at the place twice first time the young girl with glasses was alright good by but it must have been that time of month as she kept her milkers on. Second time saw another young girl good massage,good bj & fingered pussy. I might go back.

  21. Rubntug says:

    Went today, got the young one with a tight ass and big firm tits. Wouldn’t suck my cock unless I paid another 20. She did shove her tits in my mouth and let me finger her while she sucked me off. But was expensive. The older chick normally goes bbbj for $60 or $70.

  22. Curious says:

    Hi all, has anyone had any trips here recently?

  23. Shyone says:

    Had a good massage from an attractive mild, nice tits, firm arse, offered full service but settled for an awesome safe blowjob. $30 plus 50 for the bj or full service. Said she was only there Tuesday’s. Another woman was there, older but with frightening sores on her face…! Not offered though.

  24. Jay says:

    Any updates nothing joint?? Worth the travel??

  25. Stud35 says:

    Went today Monday 2nd August
    Saw the old lady there wow she was great
    Got a fantastic massage and was asked to turn ova when i did she
    massaged my front and at the end she just started sucking my stiff hard cock and it wasnt long before i blew my load into her mouth and she swallowed it all
    i then told her i was not finished i still had more spunk left and for an extra $20 she said i could shoot deep inside her so i proceeded to fuck her good and blew my load deep inside her and she was happy because she came at the same time i blew she then wiped my cock clean and we got dressed and she kissed me and said thank you i was fantastic and to come back again and ask for her ONLY

  26. Steve says:

    Its an odd little place but I go occasionally if I’m in the area and feeling horny. A few months ago I had a fabulous MILF – might have been Lola. Firm tits and arse and a big yellow tattoo on her back. Very happy ending.
    Most recently I had the older lady who gets mentioned often in these posts. She has a great attitude, gives a firm massage and then a nice hand job at the end.

  27. Young Gun says:

    Lola, oh Lola, what a body she has. Certified MILF. Very safe service, no BB or DFK. But she has MILF assets.

  28. paul says:

    Anyone been here lately?? Would love an updated review

  29. jay says:

    Hahahha everyone that has fucked her would be shitting

  30. Kenoth says:

    Iwent their today looks like the old girl is about 6 months pregnant.

  31. Eagle01 says:

    Went there again yesterday
    Got thd old one again! Again good massage and then started rubbing me. This time seen how far I could go so she rubbed my balls as her tits were in my mouth then I started to fuck her tits till I blew all over them.
    Best $50 spent!

  32. SHAGGA says:

    Went there this morning got the old bird as young one wasn’t in
    Best part is she gives a good massage
    She let me dump a load in her ass for $10
    Said naughty naughty
    I really need to find a new place lol

  33. Eagle01 says:

    Went there and got the older lady!!! Asked for the $30/$20 she knew what to do..
    Gave. Good massage and then started playing with my ass and balls and said turn around!
    Took her top off and shoved her tits in my face and allowed my fingers to rub her pussy till I blew my load!!
    Bit seedy but for $50 bucks it’s a great stress relief..
    Will go back for sure

  34. mikegibon says:

    Went recently on a Monday, fucked nana, not bad, chinese girl about 30, but her cunt was well used up.

  35. Benrant says:

    Does anyone know if it’s still the two same old scrubbers here?

  36. Noobpunter- says:

    Went there last Thursday arvo, tricky to find, google maps doesn’t help much.
    Read the comments before going there, so would get a rough idea of what to expect. Pretty much exactly as previously commented, older Chinese lady, 1hour $50 $30 nude HJ, I did get fresh towels and tissues on the massage table tho. Is there a better HE massage place in Penrith?

    I’ve only ever gotten HE massages in Thailand, so I got no idea where to go here, this website is very helpful, thanks!

  37. punteraddict says:

    No clean sheet or towel used on the massage table. Washes the spoof off you with the same manky face washer they use for every one else. Poor hygene from this place and its a bit smelly too.
    However if that doesn’t bother you, the older lady there is good value and a good sport and doesn’t mind taking a wad in her mouth if your after a dirty old bird.
    I don’t like this place much but keep on going back for some local stress relief.

  38. mookie says:

    Yeah I got stuck with the youngish skinny 1 today shit service wanted more $$$ n rushed if you go there n get her pull the old I forgot my wallet ill get it from the car don’t waste ur time n money on her

  39. SHAGGA says:

    Have to agree abit with robbyhsv
    The young ones only want $$$
    Just put 70 to them but the won’t do natural
    So u just smash them on that table lol
    The old duck she is pretty nasty lookin like a puffer fish
    So doggy is ur best bet still a good local spot me n mate going to go tag team see what happens
    Watch this space

  40. John says:

    do they offer extras?

  41. robbyhsv says:

    A waste of money, especially if the young girl does you.. Her service is pathetic in every possible way. In saying that the old chubby one goes off, she takes it anywhere. Bargain with her say that’s all I got and she will do, where as young one wants top dollar for giving you next to nothing

  42. shagga says:

    Any one been here recently went there today but got the same
    Bird as last time
    If the guy who was in there at 240pm
    Today u should kee quiet when r about to blow i
    Think ppl in the other rooms could here u even the ladies were laughing wen u left
    Anyway we’re r the new girls at

  43. Daniel says:

    Where is this place

  44. mookie says:

    Hey just looking for a cheap decent massage with a bbbj would u guys recomend this place or any others

  45. micky says:

    Hi can anyone tell me the best day and time to go to see this place I need a realy good fuck bj anything at all and would love to do anal asap thanks

  46. GraGra says:

    Visited yesterday , dirtiest ever, business was quite so I decided to bargain for a double, one older and chubby big tits and reasonably attractive, one younger, taller and a little on chubby side with specs. They both got naked and started to massage me , one with specs went straight for the balls and ass, felt good ! the older stood in front of me and did my neck , back whilst rubbing her droopy tits in my hair. I asked if two of us could massage the old chubby one, she agreed and jumped on the table , I went straight for her hard nips and her pussy whilst the younger one watched and started to get all giggly , said she was getting horny. I thought she was fair dinkum so i offered the younger one 50 to go down on old chubby and they agreed ! Couldn’t believe me luck, After 5 mins of her licking like there was no tomorow , and me rubbing her dripping wet clit, i then started pumping the younger one whilst she continued to growl out old chubby, old chubby was loving it. She came real quickly. Younger one let me do her up the ass also, was bizarre and I was nailing her hard and I’m large, she loved it, Ended up blowing all over old chubbys face , she had it dripping off her yes mouth nose and ears 🙂 all up less than 150, goin back for sure, ugly chicks like dicks…

  47. jim says:

    They were busy today, I rang and when she said come up I still had to wait due to the past reviews I chose to wait, I walked the shops for 1 1/2 hrs then got the fat old piece. I could go on but the bottom line is “are you guys for real ” this place is hopeless, dirty and smelly, what a waste of time and money

  48. Dan says:

    Went here a few weeks ago got a little older thin Asian girl. Walked in to the room she says take all off. Instantly offered f/s I said sure as I wanted a play with that ass. She did a quick massage played with my ass which caught me off guard. Than said turn over started rubbing my cock put a condom on sucked a bit she said up and bent over the bed/table railed her hard till she said too loud lol.

    Went a bit slower she looked back and said suck finish? I said why not she took the condom off and let me cum in her mouth 50 for the hour than 30 for f/s all in all not bad.

  49. Dave says:

    Found the joint, as St George bank has moved out, for location it the first arcade on the left heading west, very new arcade blue paint. First time there, a couple of old Asian scrubbers working, was only gunna get a rub & tug, handed over $50 for 30 minutes, in the room (lol if you can call it that) she asked in broken English if I want full service, said yes, she starts of giving me a HJ, then up on the table and drives it into her snatch bear back. Not bad service 7/10. Price 8/10. Looks 3/10. Can’t complain for $50 bucks….

  50. Benrant says:

    Dropped in this afternoon. Visited the older girl. Fantastic 45 minute hard massage. Washed me off with a warm towel, gave the old arse and nuts a nice little work over before asking me to roll over. $20 HJ nude. Stuck her titties in my mouth then lifted her leg onto the table incase I felt the need to finger bang her. Blew a big wad, some of it hit her in the face! Winner of an arvo!

  51. Pussyhunta says:

    Hey joe what day did u go I haven’t seen a new girl there
    Chubby Asians always love sex a lot better then the thin thin girls haha
    Well I’ just came back from there the girl always ask u been here
    Just say yes
    Give $80 n u will definatley get the full service
    The old lady I went seen her late one day
    She does everything lol very supprising

  52. Joe says:

    Went here a couple of months ago and had a good time.
    Got a chubby little asian chic paid $30 for half hour. After a great massage she got me to turn around and pointed at my cock and said $20. I went along with it and as she was stroking me i asked if she would suck me off. It was a little extra but worth it she wiped the lubricant off my penis and started to suck me without a condom, I felt a little iffy on not having a condom on but she sucked my cock so well and within a couple of minutes i could feel myself building up towards ejaculation. I held it in as long as i could and without warning shot a giant load in to her mouth, she looked a little shocked but just smiled and said “to much”. After that i paid the extra got dressed and left.

    I’m thinking of going back there soon. Decent massage and a good happy ending, Gonna try and fuck her next time.

  53. Jay says:

    Hey guys. I go here all the time. The older lady is great she does every thing even anal if u try it don’t ask just try it. Also if u get happy ending she will let you finger her pussy and ass. I went in the other day and they where busy. I said just hand job she took my $20 dropped to her knees and started pulling my. I cumed on her face and in her hand she smiled said thank you and I left. Best part about this place is you can negotiate the price. If u get a massage and want more just show them the money and say its all you got 9 out of 10 times they will do it

  54. Disappointed says:

    I have been back and must say it is a good massage. Well this time i took the hour massage for $50, very good, nice and deep and hard. And also this time I got offered a little more, got offered f/s and took her up on it,i am only human after all. But will say the older lady has no idea what the younger one is up to, it was all hush hush. So at the end of my stay it was an hour f/s for $90. I think i will return.
    Happy Hunting

  55. Pussyhunta says:

    Guys this place is like in an open alleyway after st George bank
    There is two hair cutting shops either side of the alleyway
    U have to go upstairs u will see a sign on the door remedial massage
    Let me know how use go

  56. Drew says:

    Tried to find this place , when I called and I asked for directions the phone was handed to some one who spoke better English , instead I got a text message with the address , after 2 calls decided to give it a miss .. If anyone can tell me where the entrance is I’d love to give it a go

  57. Johnny Depth says:

    Gee, Armitage Shanks, that was so eloquent. I felt a tear in my eye toward the end!

  58. ArmitageShanks says:

    Visited on a thursday and was greeted and treated by Alydia.
    Made me feel welcome and comfortable.
    Very pretty, Indonesian, 35ish, a bit of padding, but fit for her age.
    Basically no English, but we’re all used to that by now!

    Asked for strong, and that’s exactly what I got. $40/45min.
    As I was lying on my stomach, she got her knees up on the table near my head so she could reach the full length of my body, her smooth bare thighs rubbing against my ears with every powerful stoke.

    She undressed fully as she asked me to turn over, and was offered a BJ with condom for $35, but I settled on a HJ for $20.
    While servicing me, she leant over allowing me to suck her nice, long, dark little nipple, and I managed to reach around and stroke her pussy as she spread her legs slightly.
    She was very skilled and I didn’t last long, then was cleaned up with a warm, damp towel.

    We dressed together, as we attemted to communicate somewhat. She was very friendly and warm, then she escorted me out with a fond farewell.

    Needless to say; Highly recommended.

  59. Shagga says:

    I can’t explain why I keep going back here.
    It’s pretty cheap
    It’s an ok massage wish it was more discreet tho u can here wat goes
    On the nxt massage table ova rooms are to close
    If they ask u have u been here just say yes. N u get a better service

  60. jonno says:

    Oldet ladies but very good massage and dirty bitches too. One of the must be nearly 60 but she is still a goer.


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