Guildford West


1/ 181 McCredie Rd Guildford NSW 2161

P: 9681 3698

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  1. Spartan says:

    This place has gone from bad to worse, older W/L, not very good looking and the service is pretty shit, my time was cut short twice, never again, spend a little more and get something decent or just avoid this place

  2. Nicolas says:

    Went for a visit, SO DISAPPOINTED
    They show me only one girl, rush me in, tell me great service, haha what a joke, honestly.
    The girl got naked after i shower and it went down hill from there, got her mobile phone out to show me pictures of her, not really interesting , got a BBBJ for 2minutes and then she is on the phone talking with another WL for 15mins and spends 10mins washing her pussy that i didnt even get to root and tells me time is up, pathetic and definately not going back.

  3. Johny says:

    How many time can we fuck the ladies in 1hr period? is it 1 cum?

    • Stiff says:

      Depends… if they are legends in their own minds hahahah…. 20 times…. hahahahah

  4. Big Gun says:

    Kat is amazing!!!! Yes abit too much make up but that tight body of hers is out of this world!! First up shower, straight into BBBJ with great vibe and energy. Got into 69 and when i started to rim her arse, she pressed her arse hard into my face. My tongue penetrated her. She went off & went to town on my prick. Awesome oral. Awesome. Into missionary making her cum a number if times and returned the favor with one of the most sloppiest BBBJ ive ever had. Spitting on it and just attacking it. Onto doggie and wow the view she gives!! Back to missionary then pulled out & came in her mouth then another shower. Ending with another BBBJ and body rub. 45mins is not enough. I will be seeing her for 1.5hrs next time. I left with my dick aching and fuzzing for her. Doesn’t really do DATY without paying extra but we’ll work on it. Gets right into it. So naughty & horny. I love it!

  5. Kamil says:

    Finally tried tina last week. Decent english and quite bubbly. Very cute face with a slim body. Very hard to catch her as she starts late. Booked for an hr. Hopped in shower while she undress, nice tattoos on both nipples, quite firm all round. Started with the usual cat bath. On to bbbj (she has a thorough examination to decide) followed by 69. She made sure i used mouth wash* enough of that, went down on her, clean shaved. She loved it and came twice. Turned her over for some doggy. And i was amazed how tight she was!!! Her pussy was just latching on to my dick and took awhile to fit. Nice tight ass to go with it. Then onto cowgirl decent hip swing. Enough to make her come again then onto missionary till i couldnt handle anymore. 20 mins left so shower and topped it off with bbbj till time up. Overall abit shy, great GFE. Need to get comfortable and break the barrier. Will defs see her again thanks

  6. Luke says:

    Just went and saw Yuki after seeing her on another site as a naked hairdresser got a shave from her which included a cut to my ear service was very nice but to make it worse she didn’t shower afterwards all she did was wipe her bits at the sink like eww so glad I never kissed her or licked her nipples told her I’d be back but after seeing that I don’t think so

  7. bob says:

    this place is shit.

    go to asians@smithfield or nirvana at pendle hill.

    had one chick steal money out of my wallet. fucking outrageous.

  8. Jhon says:

    Had a visit this morning around 3.30 am. Three girls available, took APPLE, reddish hear,small and petite girl. Paid for half an hour.Went to the room, while having shower saw her busy with paper work/time sheet!!!
    Stopped me kissing which was a initial turn off. Had some touching on the bed.Extremly limited English, very hard to communicate.While I was fingering her, she was busy with phone and showed me some translation in English which means”I am very tired, need to have sleep”.wow!!!
    She kissed me on my chest and went down, put cap on, pretend to suck for few seconds and pushed me to go for missionary. After few minutes in missionary, I asked her to ride me on, she pretended don’t understand! It’s time for me to be firm to get her do the work, she obliged but only for few minutes and told me time is almost up though I know it should be 15 min left. Anyway, I give up as lost my interest.
    Dressed up, talk to the girl in charge about my experience, but she seems not much interested about customer’s feedback.
    It’s a place of value of money just be awere of Apple.

  9. Don't trust the ad says:

    Went here recently after seeing an ad on an adult classified for ‘yuki’. Prices and services in ad sounded good so off i went. Wasn’t expecting a brothel from the ad but…it matched what i was after. Met at the door with a warm greeting. Thinking this is good. Mentioned i was there to see yuki as instructed and then things turned bad. Manager made it clear that they did not like the yuki ad. Taken to a room and met with yuki. Room was nothing like the ad or even close. Was told bbbj included in price but when there only for an extra 20. Feeling annoyed and given anal was included i started with that. There were a couple of false moans from yuki but i finished happy enough. Next was a very poor massage whilst reloading. Ad said mutual masturbation amd passionate kissing which turns out to mean touch my bum but nowhere else. Went again with her on top and a further crap massage after which i stopped and left early. Ad was crap, service was crap but140 for an hour with anal is ok in some respects. Would not go back anytime soon.

    • Ali Khan says:

      Bro, that was a bad experience. I’d be spewing BTW Did you end up getting anal?

  10. Honest Punter says:

    Came in today was very busy. Rooms were full. Waited a little. Met Selina half Hong Kong half Japanese. Was dressed in a push up bra and lingerie covering the stomach. I asked what services she said very good suck and fuck I said ok let’s go!

    Got to the room which smelt like terrible wet carpet. Had a shower where I had to ask for the towel to be provided. Started with a soft massage then COB I asked why COB she said cause she believed something was wrong with my penis (clearly not the case) anyhow went to rub her pussy once again blocked. She took off her lingerie only to und a stretch marked and shrivled stomach.

    Ratings as follows
    Overall appearance 5/10
    COB 2/10
    Politeness 6/10
    Body 1/10
    Service 2/10

    Would not see her again and quite bluntly could have pulled myself off to a better result

  11. Nik says:

    I have went there for an hour session. When i reached there they provide me the room to wait. After sometime some other punter joined me in that room there is no privacy. I have look around for the girls they are roaming here and there and no one cater for the girl. After sometime few girls came in. I choose a Taiwanese girl and she is rude. She didn’t even try to excite me up. she try few stroke of bbj and start to put the stuff inside her. I lost my mood and this is the first and last time i am going there.

    To try new place, not worth of going there unless you know the best girl working there.

  12. Federal Member for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull says:

    Hello gentleman, after countless hours last night receiving some of the final details on the TPP I have decided to visit some of my constituents out in Guildford who are renowned for their hospitality. So gentleman to put it frankly, who’s box can I fill up, Au natural, with a few weeks worth of my well fermented spunk ?? much appreciated lads.

  13. Dragon says:

    Coco has been away for the last 2 months, and thank god she is back. She is the best looking wl I have had the pleasure of spending time with. Bbbj, turned her around for 69, then laid her down and went down for daty. Sensational. On with the Dom, then mish, before turning her around for doggie for a great finish. Relaxing massage to finish the session, wanted to fall asleep. Shower and left very, very happy. Coco always gives a great service.

  14. Sammy1133 says:

    Come there and enjoy with Anna viet girl. She 19yr young girl not to fat girl size 12 but she have the best service bbj:10/10. Face:9/10. Sex9.5/10. Bub:9/10. I really happy and love her bbj. Fucking the best of the best enjoy her time. Like her

  15. Steve says:

    I am going to go this shop and is there any girl any better?

  16. Hcharlez says:

    I had Ivy on a Friday night 5/2015. She has short hair up to her shoulders. nice brown tanned skinned Thai girl. she speak good English. Nice set of tits about cups. GFE too she was rally into it. she loves getting fucked hard at every position and can hold down a conversation she knows Thai massage too. I told her to give me a Thai massage. she cracked my back and neck like a chiropractor. I definitely recommend her. she does not work on Sundays but she should be available any other day. I saw a cute chubby 19yo Chinese girl with big tits i might check her out since i like my young chubby bitches.

  17. horny toad says:

    has anyone tried C C / Cici? shes not bad looking. bit plumb n nice boobs. went there earlier today receptionist kept telling me shes the best. i was just wondering if receptionist just trying to drum up business for the slowest girl? ended up with kitty.

  18. Boner says:

    After reading all these comments about Miki , i will now make the trip and slam her hard with my big cock , i hear she luvs the $$$$ , its ok , she will cope it with my 9.5inc and thick lovestick.

    She will work hard for the $$$$$.

  19. Alejandro says:

    Went there early this morning about 1230am.

    After meeting a few prospects that didn’t tickle my fancy I was offered Nancy (Taiwan), I was told this is her first night and I would have been only her second booking and that her first booking was really satisfied. Nancy told she’d do 69 but no kissing. She is young, pretty, real nice attitude and has a nice cute smile too. Nancy spend a few minutes trying to persuade me. I would normally be annoyed if A WL tried to strong arm me when I haven’t met all others yet or make up my mind but in her case there is a real girl next door quality about her that doesn’t make me annoyed at her effort and I actually enjoyed the banter and her company. I am still day dreaming about her…. But as I was really in the mood for some deep tongue kissing – I wanted to wait for a girl that will do just that.

    Soon out came Miki (from Hong Kong) – fake blonde, petite, flat chest.

    Not even pretty but she came on as a slutty type character, Willing to go at me from ten different directions including a promise of some deep tongue action. Alas, Nancy would have to wait for some other time. So I booked Miki for half an hour as start – Miki insist that she is worth 1 hour but I persisted.

    I gave Miki the cash and she went into the office and get the chance but she never handed it to me as she walk me into the room (Room 7 – it stunk, ventilation is zero. Shower not even wiped clean from last use. Old bedsheet still all over the place. WL obviously living there on long term basis). Her English was so poor she mumbled something I couldn’t even comprehend if it is English or Latin as we entered the room. It wasn’t until I finish showering and was in bed trying to set the mood right that I realize what she was mumbling about. After a lot of effort at telling her about the change that I was owed she finally took the money out of her wallet and gave it to me. She was so quick I didnt’t even see her put the money into her wallet, I thought she left the change on the table. She then spend a good 5 to 8 minutes reviewing her notes about the jobs she’s done for the day – totally ignoring me.

    Her CBJ is nothing exciting just so and so. no ball licks. As she was half way through it – she mumbled in her usual palpable English about “being tired” “suck long time” “no come” “jigi jigi” (making motion with her hand), etc. etc. Which I later realised she is telling me if I don’t come quickly and she gets tired she’d do a hand job on me “jigi jigi” (again with accompanying hand motion to carry her point across) to seal the deal. However, I told her to just continue and see what happens. I soon got tired of her lacklustre performance myself.

    When I tried to kiss her she pulled away saying she’s ticklish here and there and everywhere above her neck – so that pretty much killed the mood. She let me DATY but after a short run she insist on the penetration which I obliged as I wasn’t going to waste more of my time either (I am still thinking of Nancy…). She made an effort to fake her enthusiasm and shouted something in Cantonese or Latin then I came fast. At least her snatch is real tight and it made up for the shortcomings in other areas. And she at least let me unload slowly and fully before pulling it out – one last consolation.

    Looks – 3 out of 10
    Attitude – 3 out of 10
    CBJ – 4 out of 10
    Cleanliness – 3 out of 10
    Sex – 3 out of 10

  20. mikegibon says:

    Miki, who works here, is a good cocksucker. She does a BBBJ with CIM with energy.

  21. Young Gun says:

    Tried that blond Asian you asked about, very pushy as they all are, boring service, nothing to write home about. So I thought well probably an off day so I’ll go tonight. Met a Thai girl Emma, mind you it was packed full of visitors. Service was the same, mechanical, all the work done by you while they lie there. So I made her pay for it and pounded her senseless just to see the look on her face. She squirted I think even she was surprised but thought, no you’re still getting it and pounded her some more. Then I left the room while she was still lying there half out. Last time I’ll be coming here though, I know of better places. Hit me up if you want recommendations. I travel around visiting places every week. Cheers!

  22. mikegibon says:

    Has any of you guys out there fucked a girl called Miki?. She is a short asian girl with died blonde hair that works here. i was told that she is ok. Cheers.

  23. mikegibon says:

    Can anyone reccomend any decent girls in this place ? I just started visiting this joint and I dont’ know any of the girls. Appreciate any response.

  24. Big T says:


  25. mikegibon says:

    Went last Sunday, had a girl called yucu, not bad, but kept asking for extras all the time, cim, anal. They seem to be offering anything at a price . should stick to standard rate.

  26. Brodie says:

    Could someone please tell me the rates ? and what do they offer and is the place any good ?

  27. Big T says:

    Not a bad place tried a few times. Service was okay

  28. mookie says:

    Hey I’m looking for a cheapish decent massage with bbbj do you guys recomend this place or any others

  29. moookie6974 says:

    hey sounds good what are the rates

  30. T says:

    Went to this joint last week first girl that cam ein was a deadset glamour but had a attitude problem. Got an Chinese women who provided great service though body was so so. Rate it 6/10

  31. Hung says:

    came by during my lucn h break. had a quick double as too much porn made me itchy. i think theyve changed owners?? 4 gals on a few milfs. anyone picked 2 asian s, blew my load and got the job done. felt like a king, hands and mouths all over me but no lesbian action.

  32. Fabio says:

    saw coco. at the line up i had this fuzzy feeling when i seen her. looked like a movie star this chinese chick. tall and great body with great tits. a little mechanical in the bedroom but her looks and body made up for it. not enough suction in the blow job but she was enthusiastic enough. banged her sideways and she was hurting after about 30mins of ravage sex. id be back for more as i saw other hotties. she said mostly chinese gals but some thai. not a bad place at all. close up coco had some complexion issues so her makeup and the dark lighting worked hand in hand to get me revved up at the lineup

  33. Bertie says:

    Went back saturday for another visit with Tiffany. Great BBBJ again, persuaded her for CIM (she agreed as it was 3rd visit). Tongue & lips great, when she felt the pressure building she squeezed the bottom of the shaft for about 10sec before letting my juice spurt to the back of her throat – she doesn’t like the feel of it on her tongue. Returned the favour with some DATY – very sweet girl – with her cumming strongly. Finished with a talk and body rub.

  34. Head Jobs says:

    A head job a day keeps the doctor away! and shit if I married cherry from this place, id never be sick. shes a pocket rocket and extremely energetic and wild. love the way she licks and sucks like an energiser bunny. Then for the main course, she gyrates and gyrates like no tomorrow. She definitely knows what she wants and how to get it. I loved banging her hard and fast until we both collapsed in a pile of sweat. Then outcame the winny blues for icing on my cake! I think she’s Korean or Japanese. young girl around 25. Dirty mouth with F words flying out of her like no tomorrow. Pretty good english and supermodel body!

  35. Punter says:

    Anyone know if this barbie or baby still works there been there a few times and asked for baby they said they don’t know ?

  36. Bertie says:

    Felt like F/S today rather than rub & tug. Hadn’t been here for a while, still great girls & value. Chose Tiffany, 23yo Taiwanese. About 5’6″, pert A cup, super slim with bubbly personality. Started with soft stroking & licking. Great BBBJ, with soft tongue work along the shaft &around the head while massaging the jewels then swung her on top for DATY & 69 which she thoroughly enjoyed, pushing herself deep onto my face as she came. Then on with the dom & lively doggy finishing off in mish where she fingered herself while I pounded away with her coming again. She gently stoked my body afterwards & we had a great talk. A must see again.

  37. Punter says:

    After my relaxing massage at West Ryde, I thought it would be right of me to get my back and body tired again so the cycle starts all over. stupid but true.
    rocked up here again. met the same baby or barbie from last time in the foyer area and she recognised me straight away. there was a smoking hot tall korean chick that just got picked by this other guy. 2 others girls walked in but a little too young and unfriendly. so went with the girl i had before.
    same service. threw her around the room, DATY, 69 everything. nearly shot in her mouth… but she madly wanted to cum. after a few minutes i was done and dusted and we both lay there dead tired. she tried for no dom, but i wasnt game for that.
    sore legs and back now so need massage again

  38. Greg T. says:

    Hey Everyone!

    I visited 1/181 McCredie Road in the morning, it was a very friendly service, clean and comfortable! Location is an industrial area, so you won’t be nervous entering.

    Pros: Hot Asian Chicks, Good Location/Surrounding, Clean Place!

    Cons: I only saw two girls working there, maybe because it was in the morning, but that’s all for cons.

    Final Comment, I will definately come here again and hopefully meet more asian ladies.

    I’ll check back here soon to hear about your experiences, Seeya.

    Greg T.

  39. analblaster says:

    This place is amazing. Heaps of student girls here, and if you can get hold of the receptionist (Charlie), he can arrange for you to get the chicks to do almost anything (i.e. anal).

  40. @Punter says:

    Yeh it is Babi mid 20s long black hair saw her last nite. Good to see again next Tuesday.

  41. @Punter says:

    I think you meant Baby.

  42. Punter says:

    Striked a jackpot here with this one! This is the 2nd time Ive been here where the first time I left after only being shown one girl cos they were busy and she was only so, so. 2 months on I ventured back in yesterday afternoon. daytime special is $75 for half an hour MON-TUES and I think the other days are $80.
    Barbie walks in and is all smiles. mid to late 20’s, great personality but her TITS were the most beautiful things ive seen and sucked on in all my 15 years of punting. small framed chinese girl but she is a little rocket. BBBJ, DATY and so much energy. the way she girated on top of me in cowgirl was just amazing. She was so small I just picked her up and carried her around the room as we changed positions.
    Quite a nice clean setup… abit too much RED for my linking but no complaints.
    The BEST thing is that I saw 2 other HOT YOUNG CHICKS that I must be back for. The other girls I think Cici and Yoyo. Smaller and HOTTER than Barbie. Like litlle UNI students.

    ILL BE BACK SOON but i hope the readers here dont keep them too busy!

    Negatives of this place; girls are a little pushy as they will hard sell themselves to you once they walk in the waiting room. And the receptionist will tell you there is 10 girls working when there’s only like 4-6.


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