Rooty Hill Massage


6 Barker St, Rooty Hill NSW 2766

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  1. Mr bond says:

    Does anyone know what happened to cindy or where she works now? I think she worked at another shop too

  2. 54_year_old_Aussie says:

    Now let’s get the address right. The shop is 6/30 Rooty Hill Road South, Rooty Hill. Number 30 is on the corner of Barker Street and Rooty Hill Road South. Shop number 6 faces into Barker Street and is on the corner of Artonish Lane. Number 6 Barker Street is a private house 100 metres down the road.

    Visited a few weeks ago on a Thursday arvo.

    Small shop on ground level, two WL on duty, but I only saw the other one as I was leaving. MeMe came out of the rest area as I entered and dragged me into a room – well to call it a room would be generous. It was narrow and I could almost touch both the side walls at the same time. Sturdy table, walls all the way to the ceiling and lockable door.

    $30 for 30 minutes and up from there. I paid MeMe and got my gear off. When she returned I offered her $40 to get her gear off. She stood her ground and wanted $50. She had B tits, small nipples and bare downstairs. 

    Into the massage and MeMe didn’t object to or move away from my caresses of her bum and pussy area. 

    Then came the rollover and towards the happen ending. She started fast and I tried to slow it own and do other things, but MeMe wanted it over and done with, or pay her more money. She was really pushy for more money.

    MeMe claimed that I was only her second customer of the day (it was 4pm) – either she was telling porkies or business was very slow. So no extra money and the happy ending happen, not too bad, but could have been better. 

    All MeMe seemed to be after was the money and would do what was necessary, even though she wasn’t into it, unlike some others. Would she have done BBBJ or full service, I’m not sure, maybe if the money was right.

    I didn’t see the towels being changed before or after.

    Anyway, not the worst place I have been to and certainly clean and tidy, but MeMe could do better. Different girl, probably different experiences – hopefully better.

    • Emil says:

      I fucked Mimi before, plus BBj and CIM. It’s just a matter of negotiating the right price. However, Mimi loves a good fuck if you can turn her on.

  3. Spenny says:

    Just wanted to find out if they do full service like not hj but full on bj and full on, and which girl would you recommend

    • Fred says:

      Hi Spenny,

      I’ve been coming here on and off for years. The girls change – they come and go.
      Some will do hand jobs, some will do blow jobs and some will do full service. Some will do bareback and some won’t – it is the luck of the draw – no wonder it is called punting.

      It depends upon the girl, but I have found that if you are friendly and treat the girls with respect then you are a lot more likely to get lucky. Be demanding and insulting and you are not likely to get a rest and they are likely to call time early.

      As always, just because you pay the girl doesn’t mean that you own her. If she says NO, then she means NO.

      I haven’t been for a few months, so I’m not sure who is currently there. Give it a go, what do you have to lose.

      • Spenny says:

        Hey buddy thanks for tour generous reply, will visit soon just quickly if they offer me any of those how much am i looking to spend on those services…thank you once again

  4. col says:

    cindi can I have the $100 service

  5. col says:

    I want to know more about cindi and the names of all the girls cindi excites me

    • sanders says:

      been with cindi a few times good massage…..tried to ask for a bbbj never gives in. any stories u have of her?

  6. Teddy says:

    Yeah i have been here a few times. The quality of the girls is sub par. I just walked out

  7. PPP says:


  8. Fred says:

    The Correct address is 6/30 Rooty Hill Road South.

    This is a group of shops about 50 metres away on the corner of Barker Street and Rooty Hill Road South. The massage shop faces into Baker Street. The address at the top of the page is a private house.

  9. LB says:

    Anyone know where Anna is working atm? Last time I popped in to see her they told me she didn’t work there anymore. She gave a really good massage and was always friendly with me.

  10. Punter333 says:

    Yes, the zen shop is offering extras. However, they claim to have young girls working.. I have been twice and only seen 40yo working.

    • Emil says:


      • Emil says:

        Has anyone fucked Mimi, asian lady in her forties, who works at the Zen. If so, was she ok?

  11. Ted says:

    Never been there, but love the name “Rooty Hill Massage”

  12. Rog says:

    They moved somewhere else now i have been there but its a family who are living there now

  13. Paul says:

    Is it the remedial massage shop or is it in a residential address? The shop was closed at 630 when I rang the number there was no answer,I saw 6 Barker street but it looked like a clean well maintained family home,does this place still or even exist?

  14. SilentBob says:

    Went here and saw a cute Asian lady maybe in her 30’s called cindy. It was $35 for half an hour massage which was pretty good. And another $30 to get her kit off and HE. Not too bad at all

  15. Jay says:

    Went here on Friday avo/night, walked in and an older lady greeted me and took me to a little room to the side, she said what you like, I asked for half hour, she said ok, take off clothes and lay down, as I got to my undies she was still in the room, I looked at her, and just slid them off, she said ok lay down, massage was ok, no effort, said turn over, massaged my front, got me all excited, then said you want h/e, I said yes, she said $50 and I said is that the total! Haha she said no, extra $50, I said I only have $50, she said ok, nice soft h/j, cleaned me up great, gave her $50 and she said ” come back next time” haha definitely will!

  16. jason says:

    can anyone confirm this address? im local here and this looks like a residential address

  17. Maximus says:

    Ok. After reading the above comments I have avoided this place until today. Was in the area n thought what the hell. The place is very clean n tidy. Saw a girl named Lana. When I asked how much for 1/2 hr with happy ending she asked how much I wanted to pay! Wtf? $50 I said. Ok. She said. Was a good massage and nice relaxing music in the background. I didn’t like the way the walls don’t go to the ceiling and you could hear the girl at the front answering the phone often. Other than that it was a good experience. Didn’t feel rushed n the girl was very polite. She said she was there Wednesdays n Sunday’s.
    Massage 8/10
    Erotic 6/10 (she was fully clothed but still nice)
    Ending 8/10
    I would go here again when in the area.

  18. Shagga says:

    This place is the worst crap English
    The only English she knows is U Pay More
    There clock watchers

  19. jim says:

    Keep up the good work guys – i was going to pay them a visit, thanks for the heads up, i will save my money.

  20. henry08 says:

    15 min in told the women to slow down i was getting there so went faster .. then left .. then boss came in said you finnished go

  21. quick53 says:

    rude ,old , push me out door with 10min to go

  22. jonny says:

    Yep, not recommended

  23. Jason says:

    Don’t bother, old cows there

  24. Ben says:

    Do you offer in room massage service to the root hills area? Looking for a 1 hour service


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