Sutherland Massage


10 Adelong St, Sutherland NSW 2232

P: 02 9545 5688

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  1. Hobbit says:

    Went in last week. They were a little late in re-opening due to renovations.
    Saw Cindy. What a lovely body.
    If only you had the funds to go every day.
    Same price same service.

    • Shaved says:

      What are the prices?

      • Shaved says:

        Nevermind! $70 all inclusive. Saw Cindy too. Amazing body!

    • Fred says:

      Renovations – do they still have the mirrors in the walls?
      They were great at looking at the ladies (naked) while they were massaging you.

  2. HotBread says:

    Has this place closed for good. Walked past the other day and the carpet was being ripped out of the cottage.

  3. Hobbit says:

    We t there last week and saw Cindy.
    My what a body. I cum just thinking about her tits. The massage is average but if you use the mirror to watch her body OMG. Happy ending was a bit more entertaining than usual with a finger up the ass. $70 for half hour.
    Probably needs a bit more involvement from her to be worth advertising.
    Would definitively pay a lot for FS but she always says no.

    • Percy says:

      Does Candy take all her clothes off and does she let you touch her anywhere

  4. Hobbit says:

    You haven’t experienced life until 30 mins with Nina. To me best tits ever and I would say the 30 min from gentle rub climaxing with absolute @&$&&&.
    No FS. Other babes are either hot looking with cold rnt or not good.

  5. Petra says:

    Does anyone know if they do couples… and if yes will they let us fuck afterwards?

  6. Gazza says:

    Anybody know if Nina is back at the shop?

  7. MAC says:

    So I was in the area and decided to check this shop from the many on offer. Unfortunately for me, I had a dud session. Ain’t called punting for no reason.

    It was a Friday and of the two Thai girls on shift, I had Jasmine. Early/mid 20’s Thai girl. Not slim, I would say a ‘big’ girl by Thai standards.

    Anyhow, for $60, it was a scouting mission when u consider a nude HJ is $50 by itself.

    The premise is a white detached cottage at the end of a row of shops. I rang the door bell and Jasmine sticks her head out and say hi with a towel wrapped around her naked body. She’s average looking and has a nice smile.

    Into the main room, I got on the table and she removes her towel and starts the massage. A full length mirror is positioned by the massage table so you can see while laying down.

    She lathers me up with too much oil and does the massage, which is best described as 15mins of circular rubbing on my back, legs and buttocks. Again she applies more oil on me like im basking in the oven. They must have had a special on massage oil as she was using it like there’s no tomorrow.

    Onto the finish… oh no, her technique wasn’t any better than the massage. First she flogs it like she was doing a countdown to blast off.

    Not going to happen like that Jasmine.

    Told her to slow down and build me up instead. After another 5 mins, still nothing.

    Time’s running out she saids.
    I said okay, then finished up 2 mins later. It’s one of those times when DIY would have been better.

    Had a shower then left.
    Still feeling too oily.

    Cheap, but wasn’t very cheerful for me.
    Put it down to an inexperienced girl.
    The other girl looked to be older (late 20’s, early 30’s) and more experienced.

    • Rob says:

      Mac I can identify with that. Some of these girls seem to think that fast is good and faster is better.
      I’m with you – slow and sensual gets me over pretty well.
      Also, some of these chicks don’t know that the balls are sensitive and can be painful if handled roughly… once they begin to hurt the balls … no spurts from me – leave unsatisfied and pissed off.

  8. Gaz says:

    Visited here Tues. Saw Cindy. Normally see boss lady who is away for 5 weeks, anyway Cindy has a great body. But thats where it stops, massage at best was a rub, gave her $120, never saw the $10 change & an hour turned into 50 mins, normally a great experience here but this wasn’t one of them

  9. 007 says:

    Any recent update or story of this shop? Please share, willing to visit tomorrow.

    • Rana says:

      anything special happened to share here?

  10. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    Definitely a good place.

    I have been there a few times but the door has either been closed or a lady comes to the door to say that they are busy. And now I know why!

    Called in a few days ago about midday. I was greeted at the door by a light skinned Chinese woman wrapped in a towel. Went inside and waited a few minutes in a small alcove with a door and some magazines, while she finished up and showed out another punter.

    Showed into a massage room and $60 for 30 minutes was quoted and since she was dressed in a towel, I thought that this was reasonable. So paid the money and started to undress. Second thing I noticed was the stack of 50 boxes of tissues (no kidding 50 boxes). First thing I noticed was the mirrors on the wall facing inwards.

    So the women comes back. When I asked her name, she said Nicky. I laid down and the straight away off came the towel. Nicky would be in her 40’s, great pair of C tits, probably bolt-ons, with very small nipples. Shaved downstairs, but with a bit of a three day growth.

    A pair of rolled up towels under my legs and into the massage – lots of oil. Nicky was doing a good job and knows how to massage. More importantly, the view in the mirrors was good to see. She also didn’t mind a bit of a feel.

    As the massage progressed there was the occasional brushes between the legs and tickling. Then the roll-over. Nicky got as good a she received and both of us were satisfied. When it was done, a few tissues and then a nice towel with warm water and a good cleaning of all the oil used.

    Only downside was that the towel on the bed wasn’t changed either before or after.

    All in all a good experience and now I know why they are busy. Give it a go.

  11. Rob says:

    Been here a number of times.
    Younger ladies are very attractive.
    Older lady not so much.
    But both times ive had an hour with the older lady shes offered hj at the start and at the end. Also her massage is great.
    Consistently a great place to visit.
    $60 for 30 mins, about $110 for an hour.

  12. Gaz says:

    Anybody been here lately? Is Nina still manager

  13. BigEasy says:

    Been here two time. Great service. The first time had great service. Second time had two girls, better service. Girls here really enjoy there work and make sure you are happy also.
    As with most places, look nice, clean yourself up and treat the girl nice and you will receive the service you are looking for.
    As for price, fair for what you are paying for. Pay for an hour, you get an hour, not 45 or 50 mins.
    Shower is avaliable, clean but only room for one, hehe. Rooms are clean but alittle dated. But service makes up for any negatives.
    Enjoy guys.

  14. anonguy says:

    Does anyone know the name of the older lady who runs the place? I’ve turned up twice with no booking and both times she’s given one of the best massages I’ve ever had. All the ladies there are great but I really want to book an hour with her.

    Problem is I don’t know her name so I can’t ask for her! Help!

  15. John Smith says:

    I’ve noticed a few posts that make it sound like a Sunday afternoon visit could be pretty interesting.
    Can anyone recommend any particular girls that give extra’s? I’m really only looking for a blow job in place of the happy ending but interested in hearing about anything else.

    Thanks in advance

  16. Dexter says:

    Went here recently. Had the best session.

    The girl was a round but healthy girl. She was extremely friendly and flirty. Got straight to the extras (somedays I’m into that) and spent the whole period enjoying the extras.

    Would love to know her name. She works Thursdays and Sundays (last had her on a Saturday though) has massive tits and a bit of acne on one side of her face

  17. Feenix says:

    Is this place still running, what’s the rates?

  18. Sensualist says:

    Other local places will usually end up costing you about $85 for a similar 30 minute experience. Competitors often do not undress until the last 10 minutes. Adelong St, however, is quite a great offer in price and friendly attention.

  19. Nekomo says:

    Not a bad establishment at all. It’s an old building so the room and the shower was a bit antiquated but the service was terrific. A decent massage and a well-paced H/E.

  20. boney says:

    Don’t know where you went dealio, just came back from a lovely 30 minutes of erotic massage and best h/e I have had for a while. Lovely Thai lady around 30, shortish with beautiful brown skin, dark nipples and an arse that looked more African in shape than Asian. She stripped off straight away and did nice massage, after roll over her h/e skills were very good, just the right amount of stimulation to keep me on the edge. Allowed some stroking and touching, but we had just met so the petting was on the light side. I have no hesitation in recommending Mandy on Wednesdays for a pleasurable time.

  21. dealio says:

    Are you guys kidding me!!!??? Thanks for nothing! One 65 year old lady trying to force me into getting naked! Yuck!!!!!!!!!!

  22. rob says:

    anyone been here recently? what are the ‘extras’ offered, are they good, and price for all services?

  23. surfer says:

    Just wondering are the girls all Asian here

  24. Lucky Larry says:

    Hello. Which one of the 7 Sutherland shops are you referring to please?
    Thank you!

  25. The Badge says:

    Dropped in here today and by god was it a great idea. Beautiful late 20’s girl answered the door with a smile that could light a whole room. Good massage and even better HE. Great body and very sexy. Let me play with ass and tits but got a bit uncomfortable when I started to feel her tight pussy. Good service I do recommend. 60 bucks for massage and HE half hr.

  26. Turfguy says:

    Been to this place many times, great service. Nice girls full nude with great tits. Great massage and price is fair. 8/10.

  27. gortson says:

    This has to be the best value massage place in Sutherland. Have been going there for over ten years. The girls are always friendly, know their stuff and will do everything to ensure you have a good time. You know what you are getting right from the start. Full nude and HJ, all included in the modest price, $60 for half hour. Worth the visit.


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