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104A-106 Hampden Rd, Artarmon NSW 2064

P: 02 9884 7895

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94 Responses to Thai Massage Centre

  1. cheekymonkey says:

    How did you find this? Prices?

  2. jones564u says:

    Is this place still open there have been no comments this year

    • Ryan says:

      I went to a private place in parramatta. 3 very sexy asians there. Could have chosen any one . FS available. Definitely go back. Mine was thai but there is also jap girl. Can contact them on 0434584243

  3. Mr Man says:

    Anybody know where Linda from Artarmon / Oasis has gone to?

  4. don't-lie says:

    When does paula work?

    • jones564u says:

      saw Paula 2 mondays ago not sure if its the same short not thin but not overweight nice tits with a few tats

  5. John says:

    Where has Diane gone to, anyone know ??

  6. Chicka says:

    I think emma is at leichhardt as well 95605755 she left Artarmon and 32 pacific hwy st leonards 80416475

  7. Chicka says:

    Emma has she gone toHarmony thai St leonards

  8. FatCat says:

    Danny, call Vivian at 1/10 eastwood. I had her about 4 months ago there. Good luck (note: this yoko is small Korean maybe, nice shaped med tits – wanna be porn star right…)

  9. altdavie says:

    Emma is fabulous and a lovely Thai girl. Not interested in fs, she says she could work elsewhere for that.

  10. jones56 says:

    Just saw Emma this morning. Great way to start the day good massage followed by a blow job whilst squatting over my chest and playing with her pussy at the same time and letting me play as well.

  11. Dan says:

    Stressful and busy week, that

  12. Danny says:

    Hi guys…. any idea where Yoko has gone? I’ve been OS for 6 months and when I got back last week, she’s gone….I need her….

  13. Adviser says:

    Mark, I forgot to mention, the heavy make up does not sound like Hannah. The Hannah I know here is a natural beauty. There is a Hannah just up the street at 116 Hampton. She has a head like a beten favourite, perhaps you went there?
    The perfect one for you would be Suzy at Carlton Massage!!

  14. Adviser says:

    Hey Mark, try Hannah again, she is the best here and loves to be treated like a lady. I would assume you know how to do this?

  15. Mark Latex says:

    Saw Hannah today. Probably mid to late 30’s. Well, for $70/30m the experience was pretty ordinary. I have been around and this rates about 6/10. Although she was quite friendly she is approaching her use-by date. Mid-section a little rotund and breasts starting to exhibit overly protuberant nipples (like a lactating mother). Heavy make up. Requested extras (for a substantial offered fee, but basically none forthcoming). My advice is that there is much greener and cheaper grass in a number of alternate locations.

  16. Simon says:

    If give the tips to the girls, able to have sex
    I had sex several times there giving extra tips
    They always keep condoms in their purse or drawer
    Its real and not lying there are only 2 girls do sex and these girls were pretty young

  17. ben says:

    Wed 27/03/13 First time for any massage, just walked in with no appointment. Girl and woman at the counter were very friendly and liked it a lot when I patted the dog. Told me to sit and wait 5 minutes on a private couch and gave me water and mints.

    5 mins later Katie greeted me and took me to a room. She looked nice maybe mid to late 20’s, petite body. She asked how long and pointed to a sheet on the wall with times and prices – went for the $70 for 30 mins deal and gave her the money. I told her this was my first massage and she said “Ok, it’s a full body massage with a hand job is that ok?” I laughed and said “Yeah sounds awesome”. I had a shower while she went and grabbed me a towel.

    Lied down naked on the table, she gave me a leg massage with a bit of ball touching, bit boring. I did a little small talk to let her know I was relaxed. Then she came round to my head, she was fully naked her pussy right at my head. I asked if I could touch her, she laughed and said “yes but wait so I can give a good back massage”. It was alright, not amazing. She did get on top of me which was sexy, with her leg between my legs. 15-20mins so far.

    Then she asked me to roll over. She did a bit of light, sexy finger strokes over my whole body, I started rubbing her leg and bum, squeezing her etc… she started feeling my balls and dick, got some oil and started jacking me off. We we’re both getting more relaxed and enjoying each other, I grabbed her and started kissing her body, boobs, waist, hips, she liked that. I started kissing and licking her boobs and nipples while feeling her ass then put my other hand on her pussy.

    I asked her to slow down because I was getting close and wanted a bit more time to feel her body, kept going for a bit, then she said smiling “sorry, you should cum soon” I said “ok do it faster then”. She used two hands it was good. I kept feeling her, rubbed a little bit inside her pussy lips and she was wet.

    I came as she smiled at me. Lay there for a bit feeling real good. She giggled and asked if I was ok. I had another shower, she did too. I talked to her a bit about the job. She’s been at it for 2 years, said this was one of the better ones cause guys are usually too forceful and don’t know how to relax and work it up gradually. She said usually she doesn’t let people touch her nipples and feel inside her pussy but because I was friendly and gradual it was good.

    Glad I did it, but I wasn’t blown away and get way more out of putting in the effort and finding a girl without paying for it. But it was a good experience, ticked it off the list. Probably a good way to get used to women if you don’t have much experience with them. If you really want to try it out without spending lots of money go here seems like a good, safe option.

  18. James says:

    Jesus.. I’m new to all this.. have had many a massage – hoping for the pleasure.. and enjoying the massage instead… Was once offered the extra overseas – but frankly had no idea where to find that here..

    I popped into this place.. very nice discreet back door too..

    Had no idea what to do.. but paid $70 for a half hour.. got Linda..

    Shocking massage, but lets not kid ourselves.. I wasnt there for the massage..

    I thought i’d kick off my intent by going naked on the table so when she returned that was obvious to her? It was, she took off her dress.. cute underwear.. nice..

    gentle rub down basically, then stood at my head so i could see her underwear up close.. quickly she took them off, naked and sat on me for more massage..

    Shortly later.. i turned over at her request.. a gentle rub around after loads of earlier teasing.. then a slider around me, rub my cock on her etc… she let me feel her tits.. i didnt really want to do more.. then she oiled me up and got me to where I wanted.. perfect stuff..

    she cleaned me up.. then left and came back with a hot towel for my head and a head massage.. unncessary frankly.. but hey – i was relaxed:)

    Seriously, for $70 with no need for an awkward conversation or negotiation.. this place is AMAZING!!! just amazing!

    highly recommended

  19. DodgyBoy says:

    Hannah is awesome. Good sense of humour, fun and the hitherto mentioned comments regarding the male posterior are accurate!

  20. Persepolis says:

    Saw Kara on Tuesday. She is a petit 25 year old Thai lady. Absolutely gorgeous face. She complained to me that she thought she was getting too thin. She has delightful small perky breasts. She gives a good quality massage and her hand job is always erotic and stimulating. I have seen her quite a number of times and she seems to get chattier and chattier each visit which can be a bit distracting. She works there on Tuesdays.

  21. Mr Lucky says:

    I must admit this is one of my favourite places. I went there not long ago with a friend of mine, and he ended up with a girl called Jennifer (maybe the same as the one mentioned above??). He said it was a good experience. But in all honesty, it all depends on the girl. Some girls like you and go the extra mile, sometimes at no cost. Others are completely indifferent. It happens. I prefer to play the field and find girls that like you. Once you become one of their regulars they enjoy giving you a GFE (i.e Girlfriend Experience).

  22. Love The Toe says:

    sort of wheels..
    She tried so hard to usher me out the door before i could get a word in.. I looked at the manager and just said “she is terrible and needs to be fired, I wont be back and ill be telling everyone”

    Honestly.. when i think about that experience I get so mad I just think of all the evil shit I should have said.


  23. wheels says:

    I hope you let your feelings known to the management LTT…?
    Unless they get complaints, they dont know they have a dud on their hands.

  24. Love The Toe says:

    Went here Yesterday afternoon, called ahead.. didnt recognize any names so I chose “Jennifer” because I had a childhood sweetheart with that name… Fuck me.. was I WRONG.. Jennifer was a complete nightmare.
    She was in such a shit mood, a real biatch! she gave a rushed massage and just made the whole experience feel cheap and rushed.
    When it came to the HJ she had already pretty much set the theme.. of it being SHIT. There was nothing erotic about it, or even the lead up to it. She looked at the clock, started cranking way to quickly.. all the time staring at that clock.. after exactly 6 minutes I could see her hand getting tired.. I kept saying slow down.. she was getting the shits, she kept bouncing her ass and pussy like it was supposed to really turn me on?!?! but it didnt.. she ended up just saying angrily “why you no cum?”.. I explained to her that her attitude and being angry was a major turnoff – she then says- “You must cum in 3 minutes” … so I said forget it.. dont worry about it.. I dont want you to do that anymore, mainly because of her attitude.. she was such a drybox biatch. She then says.. “You must do it yourself too much?” I couldnt believe what I was hearing.. I then proceeded to tell her that I see Emma usually or Yoko and they have NEVER have had this problem.. Its your attitude..

    Anyway… ill cut it short.. Been here a number of times.. most of the girls are pretty good. JENNIFER is an absolute cow… be warned! she has an ok body.. no boobs.. nice box and ass…but her sourpuss attitude just kills it.

  25. Bo says:

    Just found out today that Yoko has quit. Which makes me sad. Last time I saw her was on the 7th Dec and she is very nice.

  26. Exec says:

    All good, no complaints here!

  27. Jaycee says:

    Hi, is there any girls do BBBJ, and how much for an hour? Thanks a lot, I am a shy guy…

  28. paul says:

    clean place….hannah is the best !!!

  29. darren says:

    Jonesy when you get your freebie massage youll be firing in a review. Or if it is all too much i will volunteer myself for a recheck of this place. What chance of you getting a real Japanese lady there about as much chance of me finding the winner in the Melbourne cup next week GOOD LUCK!

  30. jones56 says:

    BJ $30 with a hat on

  31. jones56 says:

    Went today for the first time . Saw Diane great back massage, Great big Tits, good BJ and through the leg up on the side of the bed for good feel whilst still sucking. Quite young but would go back again Great Value

  32. Greg says:

    I am new to this place and city…
    Does this place offer full service? as in Sex, 69, HJ? apart from massage?
    Can someone please suggest, i just dont want to be embarrassed, if I ask for this, so just want to know upfront what to expect apart from massage of course 🙂
    & what are the expected rates for such services? any idea will be greatly appreciated..

  33. tom says:

    Went here one Thursday a few weeks ago, only time for thirty minutes and had massage by Carol an attractive Thai girl who clearly preferred to be doing something else. Absolutely bloody hopeless – for the first time in one of these places did not bother to tip. I won’t be back!

  34. Jack says:

    I try Nicole last Saturday At Artarmon Thai Massage She good Massage and Sxey body I will back see her

  35. Bada Bing says:

    Visited for my first ever massage, and it was excellent.
    Booked for Hannah as per this sites recommendations, and she didn’t disappoint. Although she is probably in her 30’s some where (Thai girls look much younger than their age), all her experience shone through.
    She enjoyed her work and as i had an hour she made me blow first then gave me a massage next and then made me blow again at the end, with a special surprise of fingering my ass.
    8.5/10, highly recommended.

  36. Mr X says:

    Was swept off my feet by the beautiful Linda on the weekend. Such a perfect face & body with perky boobs. Massage & body slide was crap though but the extras on offer is well worth me returning to find the next beauty

  37. Mal says:

    Had Emma a few days ago, great massage and HJ but not as skillful as Hannah on the HJ side but younger and better looking IMHO.

  38. Mal says:

    Just come back from the care of the awesome Hannah, can definately recommend her and I will be back. She come from Notheast Thailand and seems to enjoy her job.

  39. Jerry says:

    Somedude…. dude, you have to suggest things you like to them..ask and you will get.

  40. SomeDude says:

    Finally made an appointment with the beautiful Hannah. Definitely not disappointed and will be going back for more. She offers a more comprehensive and appears to enjoy her job more than the other girls, she also seems to have the bigger and better room. Wish she fingered my arse though!

  41. Jerry says:

    Yes Hannah is really hot….she also works in surry hills. I agree with you ramzy, her hj is great….she likes to finger guys’ arse if you like that kinda thing….heheheh

  42. ramzy says:

    ok lads. went there on friday evening for a 30 min massage. the place is nice and clean with showers as described in previous comments. rate is $60 for halfy. luckily hannah was free, so decided to try her. nice slim body greeted and hugged in the room. had shower and straight into action. massage was average and she put off her cloths after 15 min. nice pair of boobs but no touching and no kissing. the HJ was so amazing with full enthusiasm. so all in all, this place is really worth it. cheap and best……

  43. SomeDude says:

    After the comments left by others I decided to try Hannah/Yoko. Unfortunately Hannah was not in so I went with Yoko. Yoko has a pretty face and pleasant demeanor, and comes across as sweet and a little less pretentious. On the figure side she has some beautiful breasts and womanly figure, not too skinny and not too big either, i’d say she is a genuine size 6/8. Her firm message is exactly that firm and through which I was very pleased with. The massage did not appear rushed and the happy ending was precisely that. All in all I would try her again, but I am going to have to sample Emma and Hannah before I decide on my regular girl :-).

    To the owners of Thai Massage Centre, job well done. My only minor complaint, please be a little bit more selective about the music you play, Rap music and R&B gives the place a bit of a brothely feel.

  44. Thaiman says:

    I saw Hannah she look very old, offer everything but always ask extra big tip, terrible, Nicole look awesome honey skin but her eng very bad, Jenny look not young big fake boobs but good massage but I will try Emma Yoko Linda later

  45. Hisense says:

    When does Hannah work? Like to see her in action!

  46. JmzCruzer says:

    There’s another Hannah in 116… She ain’t that great.. I’ve been with the Hannah from 104A and she’s awesome

  47. Bert says:

    hi admin the place is mixed up here thee are four places on this road and the guys are talking about the Thai place the others are talking about 116 hampden Rd with Hannah
    and just next to the Thai place is 116 second shop

  48. JmzCruzer says:

    Hi guys.. I just dropped in for a quickie (30 mins) and tried Neena (or Ameena, or maybe she said “I’m Neena” which sounded like Ameena).. She’s new.. Started work here only last Monday and according to her this is her first job.. Good body, smooth skin, small (fits your palm) tits and a lively smile.. Very good GFE.. The flip side is that her massage skills are quite average and kept looking at the clock every 5 mins.. Gave an above average finish though..

    Body 8/10
    Face 6/10
    Age 9/10 (I like younger girls and she looked 20 – 22)
    Massage 5/10
    GFE 8/10

    Overall experience 6.5/10 – a little disappointed with the massage but she made it up with her smile and GF experience.

    If anyone’s looking for a young pretty thing for GFE and a happy ending I’ll recommend her..

  49. Tenderrub says:

    IM BACK IN ACTION! Still recovering from our big overseas trip (which I will have posted online for all to read when I get around to it)
    anyways popped by this place on the weekend. picked Jennifer young thai girl maybe <23? very nice features but complexion wasnt perfect. great massage – very strong and attentive for a young gal. off with the underwear and she exposes her perky delicious young titties. all hands on deck from me but no kissing. a little cold with the foreplay but my hands still got to the important bits and my juices still splattered her shoulder and chest as she stood beside me – so all in all NOT BAD

  50. SomeDude says:

    By the way what does FS stand for? I am curious.

  51. SomeDude says:

    Went earlier today, as it was my first time I was a little bit shy. I ended up getting Linda. The place presents well, though the noise transmission is a little bit distracting. Linda was fine, I agree that she might lack enthusiasm, but it is possible that she feeds of the client and as I was shy maybe she felt a little bit uncomfortable. She offered a BBBJ for $30 to my surprise but I declined. The massage was a little bit average, but on the plus side she has a nice slim body and she is perky. A bit short though. I think I will go back and ask for Hannah or Emma next time. Will let you guys know how I go. Great forum by the way.

  52. Commando says:

    This place is old and u go do better 3/10 the girls are cows

  53. JmzCruzer says:

    After reading up on all the good reviews decided to try this place out a few weeks back.. Wanted to try Hannah but she wasn’t around so decided to try Emma..

    I had a decent time with her and decided to hit the place again last night.. For my luck Hannah was around.. Picked her and boy i’m glad i did.. The service Hannah gave me was out of this world.. Sadly she’ll be away for 3 weeks on holiday but said she’ll be back on the 28th.

    If you guys are into sensual massage.. She’s the one to go for..

    I went there a happy man and left a happier man 🙂

  54. Mr S says:

    Guys, try Nicole if you get the chance. Amazing deep tissue massage and very enthusiastic happy ending.

  55. Bruce says:

    Just wondering if there are any girls that offer breast release or bbbj? Thanks ! 😀

  56. doggyscuzz says:

    are these asian girls?

  57. GermanGuy says:

    A little advice, don’t ask for Linda here. She doesn’t know how to massage and only goes for extra services but not enthusiastic. my recommendation goes for Hannah and Yoko. Both are very good in massage and services as well as enthusiastic what they do. Not sure about FS with Hannah and Yoko but HJ and BBBJ possible.

  58. Mal says:

    Yes – its 10am till 9pm.

  59. RandyMan says:

    Tried Emma today. No hannah on roster but was very happy with the service. Greeted and hugged in the nice room. had a shower and straigh into the action. ripped her clothes off and performed a routine that would only happen in a FS shop normally. very good with her hands and she is so erotic – once she got me to finish she lied me down and continued with the massage. talks the talk and walks the walk. just wish i could go all the way with her – maybe next time

  60. Happy an says:

    Great place… Nice place, great massage ( ask for Hannah) and as per other comments…. Left VERY happy !!!!

  61. Tenderrub says:

    my newly found favourite shop!!!!! very clean, showers in room, plenty of parking at the back or along hampden rd. right opposite station. very impressed and still thinking about the young gorgeous EMMA that was SOOO SEXY! definitely knows how to get your blood pumping. her eyes, the way her body gyrates – just the all round perfect package. nice looking gal, delicous body, perky tits, slim and firm like a model.
    and the best part of all she can actually massage. very strong, uses elbows like traditional thai massage. $60 for halfy, $110 for hour. relief and body slide included.

  62. Mr S says:

    Very clean premises. Girls are friendly and good looking. I’ve been there many times and always satisfied with the service – massage, slide, HJ all included in the price.


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