West Ryde Ausfeng Massage


4/99-101 Anzac Ave West Ryde NSW 2114

P: 02 9807 2953

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  1. BigEasy says:

    Used to be one of the best in Sydney, but this place is on its last legs. They must be washing the walls with oil because the stench of oil in the place is so strong of over the years giving HJ to punters. Go for one last visit then move on and find another favourite because this one is DONE….

    • Handyman says:

      There is smell of something like deep heat but itโ€™s not over powering. Have always found the ladies hear to be friendly and attentive – always leave you smiling. Yes they are not young cheerleaders but they know what they are doing and they are not all about the money. I for one will continue to see them regularly.

  2. Boyohboy says:

    Anyone remember the name of the thinner taller woman? I remember going to her once but I havnt seen her in a long time.

  3. Spy says:

    Is there are any other massage shop which is mature lady run

  4. Bruce HOPKINS says:

    Saw Cici about 8 months ago I asked her for a spanking, she didn’t know what I was talking about. Not an asian thing, After I showed her, she softly used the featherduster I brought along. After more urging “harder, harder”she took to it loke a duck to water. My bare bottom was striped over every square inch. The next day the red stripes permeated to purple black and blue. My bottom was marked for 2 weeks. I had to be very careful not to show my mother, otherwise it would have been a repeat dose

  5. TJ High says:

    Diana was the only one I the shop. Took me to the room and asked if I had been there before and how long Iam staying. I said yes, with Cici previously, and 30min. Paid $35 and on the table. Asked her if Cici was around and she said that she will be back in 10min. She said do you want Cici and I said no you will do. Diana is a big WL may be size 18 or 20 in her late 50โ€™s. nothing much to look at. Big boobs and butt. Asked for Cici as she offers HJ and FS. As soon as she started the massage another punter came asking for Cici. Diana told her to wait and Cici would be in soon. Few minutes later I heard Cici come in and took the punter to the room next door. The place itself is very small with 2 rooms, lockable doors but thin walls.

    Massage started and she asked level of pressure. Very good massage for 25 minutes and I directed her are areas that needed loosening. No teasing or brushing of dick or balls. Very professional. Then warm towel wipe down and turn over. She asked if I wanted relaxing massage and I said how much. $20. Ok paid and closed my eyes. She got oil and started massaging my dick which went hard in no time. She used both hands, one on the balls and the other at the right place. I groped she abit on the ass. She went slow initially and then fast, blew the load and she cleaned me up. It was almost time so got dressed.

    Started chatting for more than 5 min while dressing up about stuff and she was very talkative and funny and we were laughing. Then asked if she would offer FS and she said yes, for extra $50 but I have to get the dom. I said ok next time. She offered me a cold bottle of water which I took and left.

    Defiantly enjoyed the massage and the HJ at the end.

  6. MAC says:

    Went by yesterday (Tuesday) and saw CiCi (again). Can’t believe it’s almost a year since I’ve been.

    As before, I come here for massage only. CiCi is the best masseuse I’ve seen in my time and she does nothing for me in the arousal department.

    For a $35 half hr massage, she puts in twice the efforts of the young pretty girls (in massage). Her hands were like a rolling pin on my back. Completely ironed out my tense shoulders and back. I slept like a log last night.

    She will do HE for $20 if you need the relief. Just give her $55 and it’ll be sorted. I can’t personally comment on that aspect.

    If you want young girls, go further down the road towards the block with the pub/ opp Shell station/McDonalds. I recommend Indulgence but they get very busy. Plenty of other choices here, also at Meadowbank (5mins drive).

    However, avoid L2 980 Victoria Rd.
    Lame massage and the girl just wanted to drain your pockets for as much as you have. Very amateur operation.

    • Alfred says:

      I normally find your reports great , but today it was more of a non descript promo.
      Surely half hour massages are non satifying or therapeutic. Why are punters so stingy and by and large only go for a cheapy $35 for 30 min. That sort of massag e generally only leads to shitty service with zero build up. The girls only get $17.50 so they dont try. You can get a bloody good massage for a miserable $50 for 60 min

    • MAC says:

      It is what it is.
      There isn’t much more to say about my visit.
      Compared to the lame massages i got elsewhere, it was tops.

      Credit is due where credit is due…

      Its been a while between reviews as I kept seeing the same girls.
      You know, when you’re onto a good thing….

      I did go to 88a Hampden Road Artarmon recently (next to Subway).
      Saw a mid 20’s Korean girl by the name of Tiffany.
      She also works at 265 Sussex St in the city.
      Will write a review on that visit soon.
      So many shops at Artarmon….

    • jacob says:

      mac any recommendations at indulgence or meadowbank plz

    • steve says:

      can anyone suggest a good girl near west ryde plz

      • Thring says:

        What happened to the shop at 1043b Victoria Road West Ryde? its now empty. The same applies to the one further down on the other side of the road near the railway line.

  7. Patrick says:

    The best massage with h/e
    Ask for Mam only works Saturday
    Best ring shop for booking
    02 934464

    • Jamie says:

      This number 93446473 doesnt even belong to West Ryde Ausfeng Massage its from a Massage shop at East Gardens shopping centre.

      Just fuck off with your bullshit Pal.

      • Tall Focker says:

        Every site has its trolls it seems. Pal, Roving Zucchini etc They have got to be some of the biggest losers around

  8. Matt says:

    I went to Indulgence, the one next to west ryde pub last week. $85 for 45min. Paid the extra $50 for nude with handjob. The massage was really good! The receptionist who took my initial call met me at the door. Late 20’s early 30’s. amazing body, smallish perky tits, really erect nipples. Very friendly, happy to let me feel her wet pussy, no fingering. Blew a huge load after about 35min and was happy to give me a head massage to see out the full 45. I’d definitely go back, not sure about the other girls there though, I didn’t see anyone else, left empty and happy

    • Matt says:

      $85 was with the naked hj. $35 without

    • MAC says:

      Which day did you go ? I think I know who you’re talking about.

      Jessica and Melissa does reception. But they dont fit the description. Plus they only massage if the girls are all busy (rarely).

  9. 53_year_old_Aussie says:

    Visited on a Saturday afternoon. In the unlocked front door and no one around but met with a women’s voice asking me to wait a minute, so I do. Out comes a mature Chinese lady who I later learn is Cici. No other voices and so most probably only person there. Shown into a small room and shown price list $35 for 30 minutes and up from there.

    Pay for the 30 minute option and Cici leaves the room and I undress. Sturdy table and lockable door, not a large room, but more than enough space.

    When Cici came back in, straight up I offered her $30 and her clothes came off. Trim figure (but not one of a 20 year old) B size tits with small nipples and lightly haired downstairs. Straight into the massage that was fairly light, with first occasional and then more frequent touching of my groin area. During this time, Cici didn’t mind a bit of light touching either.

    After about 15 minutes, I was invited to roll over. Cici was going to go straight into the happy ending, but I stopped her. She ended up of the table and I was giving her as good as she had been giving me. Happy ending after about 10 minutes then Cici got dressed and asked me to roll over again and continue the massage. There was only a few minutes left, but rather than being cut short, Cici carried on with the massage for another 20 minutes or so.

    Others experience may vary but I liked what I got.

    • Plonker451 says:

      Is this the same Cici that used to work at Eastwood 10? About 37/42 or so, very slim, a good masseuse.

      • 53_year_old_Aussie says:

        I have never been to Eastwood 10.

        Reading the threads, Cici has been at this shop for years and is also more mature.

      • Garry says:

        Cici at Eastwood, was she short and with great english ? And do you remember what days she worked.

        • Clean boy says:

          Seriously mate, every second lady in Chinese massage shops is called Cici!

          Keep the reviews coming 53 yo, you’re the best contributor on this website. Nice to see some good people here aside from the usual trolls!

    • Plonker451 says:

      The Cici at Ausfeng is definitely not the same as the Cici formerly at Eastwood 10. The Eastwood 10 Cici now works in Castle Hill but I don’t know which shop yet. Can anyone else help?

      • Concretepills69 says:

        Plonker451 I found her. Hills Family Massage in Castle Hill. Goes by the name Cindy.

    • Flammpanzer III says:

      Cici would have to be in her late 60’s, possibly even hit the 70. Why anyone would go there aside for a massage for genuine therapeutic reasons is beyond me,

  10. MAC says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been here.
    Was visiting a friend nearby and had a tight lower back that needed sorting out.

    Arrived around midday and it was CiCi who greeted me.
    As I said before, she’s in her fifties and definitely not my type, but damn, of all the massages I’ve had, she is the best.

    Unfortunately she does take phone calls from customers during the massage.
    Usually less than 1minute then she’s back.
    She apologies, so it’s okay with me.

    Paid for half hour and got close to 45mins worth.
    Her massage has proper flow and pressure the whole session.
    Part 2 is on offer but not for me. Just massage only.

    Ther are two Thai massage shops around the corner on the same block.
    The one near the station looks legit.
    Not sure about the other one opposite the park.

    Need volunteers….

  11. MAC says:

    I’ve been here twice in the past month.
    Saw CiCi and Helen.

    Both did amazing massages, very deep and remedial. That’s why the business has been operating for 12 years and their service are always in demand. Expect to wait during the morning and lunch time.

    First thing first: the ML here are mature (40-50 ) and are very experienced masseuse. Your whole body will feel ‘tenderised’ after the session and all muscle tensions released.

    The prices are very reasonable:

    $35 for 30 mins
    $45 for 45 mins
    $60 for 60 mins

    HE is provided for an additional $20.
    Complementary bottle of water is provided upon exiting the premise.

    The place is tidy and clean and in my opinion, the massage is the thing you’ll come here for. HE is a bonus if you need it.

    Personally, I prefer the company of 20-30’s something girls for my HE massages. But for a top remedial massage to loosen the tight knots in my back, shoulders and legs, this place is highly recommended.

  12. Coco Jamboo says:

    Went in a few weeks ago and saw cici. As per the other comments here – while she may not be a looker and won’t see 45 again, boy she gives a good massage and hj. She’s very nice too – will be seeing these ladies more down the track.

  13. Coco Jamboo says:

    You need to make a booking as they can get busy. Thankfully for me, they were busy and dog ugly – told me to come back in 30 mins and I never came back.

  14. randyfireman says:


    tried this place once was working nearby. Very cheap $60 1 hour massage and he to finsih included.

    But she was very old and dresses like an old lady really not sexy at all i dont mind older women at all but this one didnt do it for me. Massage was very good though and she did give a nice he but i dont think i would go again . I love when they are naked and love bodyslides. Any advice i places to go noticed alot of comments here are very old and places regularly change the girls so irrelevant now

  15. mickey54 says:

    met CiCI there on tuesday,she is probably the oldest lady to massage me,i needed my knots massage badly so i stayed ,she a mixture of toffered hj and i tuned her down thinking it would be no good ,massage was strong and i felt great,rolled over and she started on my chest and legs and a couple of little touches and she asked me if i wanted the hj so i said yes,and it was one of the best hjs i have ever had a mixture of tease gentle and twisting and yes i wiil be back for more

  16. mickey says:

    does anyone know where Cindy from ausfeng is,i heard she has gone to china for 6 months

  17. mickey says:

    just discovered this site by accident last thursday,and i would like to say what a great site it is.Today i visited suzanne at ausfeng at west ryde and had one great massage with a reasonably good HJ,i must say for aladyin her 50s i found her to be quiet attractive and pleasant and will certainly return

  18. Handyman says:

    Saw Cindy on Wednesday for an hour. There is a very good reason why you have to ring for an appointment with this woman, even if she won’t see 45 again! She is a first rate masseuse and knows every trick in the book coming down the finishing straight!

    First rate and top value at $60hr, plus a tip if you appreciate real quality

  19. M K says:

    Visited this place today for the first time and last time.

    The lady that massaged me came into the room eating a banana and kept eating it even while she was giving me a massage. She went outside several times throughout the session to answer the phone and talk to other workers and customers. When I’ve had just about enough I confronted her and she was extremely rude to me.

    There are heaps of other massage parlors around the area, don’t go to this one if you don’t want to be treated like shit.

  20. Derick says:

    It is BULLSHIT No HJ & NO SEX ive been going there about 2 years & see Cindy & Suz They Give the best massage in Sydney But ask for HJ or Sex Just not on Legit

  21. mikchael says:

    Called in on Tuesday. Saw Monica. Great professional massage , but nothing else.
    Did I do something wrong?

  22. vlady says:

    Booked one hour with Cindy. Older woman looks very good. Recomend her to anyone. Cindy knows me and gives first class service.

  23. Knob says:

    Went to this place on Sat as I had a bad back. Had an Excellent hard massage. Lucky enough to get Cindy who I will be seeing again. Great finish as well

  24. vlady says:

    Let you know prices went up from 50 to 60 per hour. If you want Cindy better book your time ahead as she is in demand. I was lucky to get her from 11 am.
    Trere is another girl Jo Jo not very good massage but willing to do more. Anyone try her for half an hour you may even fuck her very good body.
    The other girl Suzan on holiday in China.
    I was here on Monday today and left very happy happy ending.
    Cindy does awesome massages…love to see her naked body

  25. Ryan says:

    Hey Matty,

    I have seen cindy on 1 occasion about 6 months ago , told me she does not do extras apart from a hj.
    I did not bother to go back again to see if i can get more ….. Not really interested in her to try. Good luck , hopefully she gives in to your seduction.

  26. matty says:

    I have been here about 6-7 times over the last 3 months and have got Cindy each time. I don’t mind that she is older as always gives the best HJ’s here and at $50 hr you can’t even get a regular legit massage for that price. Has anyone been able to get anymore than a HJ from the girls here? I have asked a few times but sex is not on offer but each visit I have been able to touch up Cindy a little more. She is now happy to let me rub her ass during the massage and have had a few quick feels of her tits but last time she let me rub her pussy through her clothes for the last 10 minutes and she seemed to be enjoying it.

  27. P H says:

    Visited Ausfeng yesterday, and saw Lisa.

    Despite paying for an hour, elicited a further tip ($10) for a H.E.! So, not always included.

    Perhaps an employee rather than owner/manager, so looking for the extra bucks. Or maybe, I’m uglier than those of you who have found this to be included LOL!

    Still, a good deal for the price in any case.


  28. Peter says:

    Dropped in there today, 2 older girls working bout 50 years old, paid $50 for an hour, no offer of hj, kept her clothes on, massage was ok but no happy ending. ๐Ÿ™

  29. David says:

    Hi all I saw Susan last week and saw Cindy today will hold my comments about Susan till I see her again but I want to let every one know what a great time I had with Cindy she was fantastic I will be one of her regulars, I hope you boys give the girls extra if they give you extra. I am feeling best I have ever felt

  30. rick says:

    And the fantasy experience at bodyrotic is fantastic.If your on this site you must visit it at least once in your life

  31. Jerry says:

    Look guys…. Everyone will get old ….and no one whats to be told they’re ugly. So if you don’t have nice things to say – say nothing!

  32. Alan J says:

    Hi to all my massage reporters, i just moved to West Ryde ,
    I have read all the above messages, and because of Mr Massage and Plonker451 comments i decided to try myself Ausfeng Massage , sorry guys this place not for me.

    I happy to pay for attractive asian female , with excellent HJ skills,i am not concerned about massage , any recommendations on places and girl names ?

  33. Mr Massage says:

    It would appear that you have shareholding in Ausfeng , as you have taken my honest comments to heart. If the ladies at Ausfeng really turn you on, then you are getting great value for money. On ya Ryan , i agree with your views.

    If anything , i have not put her business down , just given her more publicity.

  34. vlady says:

    Went to see Suzanne again. Paid $50 for one hour HJ included. These women looks OK for their age. Been here number of times..and can say they know their craft very well. All sore muscles will be history.Left happy and refreshed.

  35. Ryan says:

    Hey Plonker, i thought i would add my 2 cents worth, i suggest you read Mr Massage comments again , he does state that value for money if you are not fussy .

    I too have seen Cindy. If it is just a massage and you can not afford more money to get quality birds then yes its great, with a free hj. Lets face it guys we all want quality birds without paying too much. But as you stated you get what you pay for.

    I have also been to Bodyrotic , yes Rick (Jamie the English lass ) is very nice and tastes yummy, but its $220 for the hour to experience heaven .

  36. rick says:

    Bodyrotic is as good as it gets.Kimberly,Alexi.Jamie,Khiara.The best ever

  37. vlady says:

    Popped in today again. Suzanne put some life in my feet.. hard and painful..but at the end.. felt relaxed.. her eyes closed… happy ending….sweet dreams some place in China…wish you were here. Highly recomended.

  38. Richard M says:

    Visited around 7pm on a Tuesday also saw Cindy (they are open until 7.30pm).
    $35 for half hour, but I offered forty, and was treated for about 50 minutes.
    Although it was well past closing time at the end, she did not seem to be in a rush at all. Even after I had my clothes back on, she sat me down and went to work on my neck with some balm for 10 minutes.

    Then I gave her a high five.

  39. Punter says:

    Super strong massage, just what I needed. old middle aged lady but defintely knows what she’s doing and cares about my aches and pains. paid for 30mins and got 45mins too so bargain. now with my rejuvenated muscles – off to get some bang for my buck!

  40. vlady says:

    Poped in here today with Suzane. She did massage my front body. No pain no gain. Higly recommend … know their trade….genuine smile…very good service. Fifty bucks for an hour with good HJ to me a bargain. Happy customer. Cheers everyone.

  41. rick says:

    Went today.Good massage ,good hj ,cheap price but you have to keep your eyes closed because they are really ugly

  42. vlady says:

    Hey guys …highly recomend both Cindy and Suzane. If you are looking for a great massage and dont care age or looks then this is the place to go. I got ten minutes HJ….between my arse and top of my dick. Cheers everyone.

  43. plonker451 says:

    Noticed that this place had pretty good reviews and as it is one of the few in this area I hadn’t tried, I decided to give it a shot – in fact two shots. First I saw Suzanne and then a few days later Cindy. Both I would guess are 45 and both are top notch masseuses giving an excellent firm to hard massage (your choice). Both finished off with a slow build up teasing HJ – and they really know what they’re doing! At $50 an hour HJ included this is top quality and top value.

    If you want a young nude masseuse who looks good but who may, or may not know what she’s doing, and will cost at least twice as much, go someplace else; but for a top class service you’re sure to you’ll enjoy, these women really are good. As Vlady said “high fives” to Cindy and Suzanne.

  44. vlady says:

    Walked in today and got Cindy. Strong massage all over body. Nice clean place. Paid $50 for an hour includes Hj. Walked out happy. High five to Cindy.

  45. Jerry says:

    Is Cindy there every day?

  46. Martin says:

    Cindy is the head massage lady here and she is good. Massage costs about $35 includes Hj. Sometimes there are old (really old) ladies that do the massage. They close there eyes and think of China while doing the hj. At least there are no fake moans!!


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