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P: 02 9967 9991

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151 Responses to Pretty Women

  1. Mat says:

    Can you share her number. I’ve lost it. Trying to get in to see her

  2. Wei Hung says:

    Saw Karen on Sunday small petite Chinese good bum on her and nice rack her cunt looked like a fired abolone though lol oh well was in the mood so paid for the hour had a shower and she instantly meets my meat with her hot warm mouth as I dry off this turned me on and after about 5 minute I asked her to lay on the bed her head hanging off the side as I slowly skull fucked her and tasted her sweet shaved cunt.

    After about 10 minute it was time so she slid on the ppe and hopped on after two minute she said she was getting cramps so switched to mish and pumped away for another 15 minutes after her clinical moaning and light kissing I felt it was time to blow so told her to bend over the bed standing with her hands on the bed I as I finished her off with my patented hard doggy it was a beautiful sight watch those tits swing as she winced with every hard deep thrust of my 8 inch hard thick cock came into the bag as I gave her tits once last hard squeeze we both collapsed I then had a shower and she gave me a massage until the time was up.

  3. Alex Hanna says:

    Contact me for a list of bbfs girls at 533
    0438 174

  4. Cliffy says:

    Which of the ladies here let you go full ‘play school’ if you catch my meaning???

  5. Billybawb says:

    Yes she is, not frequently tho’. just check the roster

  6. Cliffy says:

    I’m starting to miss my ladies. Any news when 533 will be back in business?

    • Pro Seeker says:

      I did try messaging Angie but to no avail. I wonder if she’s still in business on the quiet just with the regular customers.

  7. Cliffy says:

    Is Nana from TP64 still working here as “Karen”??


  8. Damon says:

    Anyone know which girls at TP64 do bbfs now?? All the good ones don’t appear to be working there anymore.

    Chloe was good. Where has she gone?

    Thanks punters.

  9. Damon says:

    Anyone know which girls at TP64 do bbfs now?? All the good ines don’t appear to be working there anymore.

    Chloe was good. Where has she gone?

    Thanks punters.

  10. George says:

    Has Sally come back or working somewhere else, great girl that worked well with me

  11. Stop the Clock says:

    If anyone sees Yeri can you ask her when she will be returning the $1200 that she stole from me to fund her poker machine addiction.

  12. Pete says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Sally, on the roster every week but not there for weeks now

    • joe says:

      seems like dejavu on rooster but never show up…mamasan marketing strategy..

      • Pete says:

        Yeh, I checked roster and booked two hours with Sally, I turned up and she was a no show, when I called I even reconfirmed the booking by calling back, poor service, I travel 1 hour to get there too

  13. Punterc says:

    Does anyone know where Karen has gone? Havent seen her for a while on the roster.


    • Fred Smith says:

      She is working at Tate point in Friday’s as nana. Hasn’t worked at 533 for several months

    • Pete says:

      Does anyone know where Sally has gone, hasn’t been there for a couple of weeks

  14. Paul hammond says:

    Any one where Tina used work 533 & she was rainbow at 64 she long gone now

    • Fred Smith says:

      Long retired. Got married 3 or 4 years ago

  15. Pete says:

    Any recent reviews on Sally, sounds like there could be some natural service

  16. Jonno says:

    So is there any recent reviews on Sally,

  17. Dan says:

    Any party girls here Tuesday or Wednesday who are all out satisfying

    • I am an idiot says:

      Yeah you should try Doris, she loves drunk guys who want lesbo doubles and taking it up the poop shoot

      • Dan says:

        I am an idiot, you are a fukwit

      • Dan says:

        So other than Doris the Lez pegger are there any decent party girls Tuesday or Wednesday

  18. Jonno says:

    Are there any recent reviews on Sally

  19. BHJ520 says:

    Had a go with Sheri just over a week back, she is damn awesome, what a great body, specially her pussy slide. Unfortunately, couple days later I star feel burning when I take a pee, went to see my GP, he tell me is chlamydia, had a test done, also come back the same. Fortunately, a simple does of bill kill the damn in with 2 days. Therefore if anyone feel a bit funny when they go pee or got funny discharge coming out their dick, pls go get a checkup

  20. Sexie Samir says:

    Saw Angelina at 533 the other night. Quite attractive with a nice body. BBBJ was excellent. She enjoyed our 69er. Before anyone asks how do I know that. Well she came about 3 times in my mouth. Tasted real good too. Then suggested sex. Told me to lie on my back & immediately jumped on my magic wand. She then turned around so i was looking at her back & lovely ass. Then she jumped off, spat on my cock & started sucking my wand again. Tentatively asked if I could do anal. No problem! She lubed her Ahole & she sat on it. Boy did that look good – my cock in her ass. Took a pix with my iphone. Then suggested doggy. She got on her knees & put her face on the bed. Ass was just “out” there
    Straddled her so that my feet where near her shoulders. Went in deep. She moaned a few times. I just got turned on so much. Well that was it. Blew shortly afterwards. Right in her ass. BTW this was all bare back action. Then she started to suck me off again. ATM followed by DFK. Didnt want to do that but she was all over me. After showering I said would it be OK to see her again. Reply was YES. Then asked if I could video our next session. Response was YES. Let me saw that Angelina is definitely worth a visit

    • Hampster says:

      Forget about seeing Tracey what a flop so much an Ametur bj bad doesn’t know how to suck and when you fuck her she complains of pain overall I give her a two for looks never again…

  21. silvio-from-the-Bunga-Bunga-party says:

    hi fellow punters
    I am pissed off with 533 and Angie sure knows about it,
    I was a regular last year to 533,
    and I stopped going to the shop at the end of January, first week of February,
    then a few of my favourite ladies convince to come back, so I did with a few visits over the last couple of weeks,
    This last Wednesday I was in the mood for a quick punt, SMS Angie who is available, reply come at 11am, ok so I did
    arrived 5 minutes early, and then endure a 15 minutes wait,
    Told to go to room 4, yeah happy one of my favourites, and the room was not ready, no towel for shower, nothing ready, the last punter just left,
    already 20+ minutes wasted,
    then we started the session, when not even close to the next hour knock on the door times up, with another lady and Angie saying, you finish quick
    The room was going to be used for another lady and punter, (short service session)
    I was told go and have a shower in the laundry, and my clothes  was brought to me
    Exit the shower, my clothes were there, still in the room was the rest of my possessions, shoes phone wallet, specs, cap and work bag
    Put my jeans and go to enter the room again with another punter waiting and the lady getting the room ready.
    Got the rest of my clothes on grab my gear, the lady I saw was no where to be seen the ungrateful, ignorant and unappreciative bitch gone,
    While this was happening outside in the corridor was 2 other ladies and another punter waiting to use the shower and the other room,
    I ask were is so and so, gone, if you see BABY tell her to FUCK OFF and I will message her and Angie about this disorganised kaos,
    I have messaged Angie many times since then of my disappointment and disgust and what needs to be done, yet no reply, only a missed call this morning,
    No apology no comments, nothing to settle this matter
    She now knows I will not be coming back to my business there again,
    I explained what happened and expressed my disgusts, said my goodbye, and told her I am going online to inform others
    totally pissed off with the lack of respect and gratitude you provided to the ladies and the shop
    You we not see going back there,
    as for the rest of my favourite ladies who I like to see, it is up to them to inform were else they are working and go to see them there,
    cheers and goodbye 533
    – thank you for fucking up and embarrassing me and others, being ripped off by a selfish bitch, and ungrateful customer relations services

    • TJ says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROTFL LOL HAHA MUG! 🙂 Boy Have you got an ATTITUDE and dont the girls know it! Who do you think you are? To be treated like a king in a brothel you will have to SPEND like a king. you must be stingy. if you dont have the $$$ to impress then all you have left is charm and personality to fall back on. BTW a vindictive personality like yours is not a charming personality so you had better spend more $$$ to get satisfaction. cheers RZ
      link to

      • silvio-from-the-Bunga-Bunga-party says:

        to TJ or RZ or Troll or what ever you are
        noted, and no comment

        the only thing decent you posted so far is the YouTube link,
        I am a Rolling Stone fan, much appreciated, ta


      • Annoyed says:

        I don’t think he was expecting to be treated like a king. But a modicum of customer service (like honouring booking times, no bait-and-switch and not short changing when girls abandon the service) is expected. Angie’s attitude is shit and the service he received was reflective of that. Her lack of giving a fuck has also rubbed off on the girls. I too have been less than impressed with 533 of late.

        He’s not advocating that we burn the place down or sabotage her business. Silvio has just stated that he will not be returning. He’s not vengeful, he’s just pissed off and wanted to provide feedback to a community that (until recently) was setup to facilitate just that. Now it’s full of trolls who post under multiple monikers (you are a point in example), contribute fuck all (once again, look in the mirror) and are trolling arseholes (third times the charm).

        Parlour Pages is royally fucked. I just come here to look around these days as the site has gone to shit. Much better resources out there these days that are properly moderated.

    • jay says:

      I agree.
      The service has become so bad now. Booked twice for a girl. Arrived on time but girl not available. Also made to wait for 20 min in the waiting room. Made to shower in the laundry and then the girl was in the girls waiting room. She literally threw everything off the bed to make space. i was out in 10 mins. horrible service. no one cares any more. even I was a regular customer. no more…

  22. Sam says:

    Hi guys…can anyone please advise at this moment who provides good Bbfs here…any bbfs girl here who is slim and not over 40 years old??? please advise..

    • Happy Punt says:

      mate most are over 40 more like over 50. I know its hard to tell an Asians age, the trick is to look at the hands, youthful hands dont have wrinkle, vains and stiff looking.

  23. Stevo says:

    On reading comments elsewhere I made a booking today for Sally, in the hope of a little Greek. First impressions, quite ok, nice body for a 30-something, particularly her boobs. Sally was very friendly straight away in the room and as I showered stripped off to reveal her rather excellent body (slight tummy, but she is curvy and busty and overall 8/10 IMO), waxed smooth pussy and long nipples. Lovely! Quick bit of cuddling and even kissing and I was hard as a rock and she hopped into an excellent and deep BBBJ, spraying a little mouthwash into her mouth beforehand, to give that extra sensation. Into 69 and she had a terrific clean pussy and she enthusiastically encouraged this, as well as my tongue right up her ass. At this point she was really face fucking me hard and deep. Then on goes the dom and into a bit of hard-banging missionary, which she seemed to enjoy, then doggie and finally I asked if I could penetrate her anally. I was slightly surprised that she was a little reluctant (probably just hoping I would finish quickly in her cunt) but she said ‘a little bit’. I am bigger than average but not porn star size. Gently and slowly did it nicely as she was indeed very tight and soon I was on the home stretch to finishing off right up her backdoor. Overall a great session, would only have been better if she was really into anal, which I suspect she only tolerates. Nice girl, I will be back!

  24. silvio-from-the-Bunga-Bunga-party says:

    ciao punters,
    dud punt review
    a very frequent visitor of this establishment,
    always get look after by the variety of the ladies
    but last Sunday after working, about 11pm, feeling horny and frisky, I thought I will give this place a call and see who was available for a quickie
    2 ladies was on offered over the phone call, Amy and Amelia, ok lets take a punt.
    Arrived at 11.45pm and was shown a new lady, Amy, and according to the reception same services as my favourite other ladies there, she was eager and keen to have me for an hour with her tongue down my throat, with new ladies I only stay half hour, ok agreed to 1 hour. stripped off into the shower and low and be hold in comes Amy washing me thoroughly all over and the tongue back down my throat. wipe down and onto the bed, beauty ready for action, nah, out comes the wet wipes and cleaning my lips and the love probe which it was awake and poised. Nah, next turn over for a crappy massage. by then there was no more kissing, could not get her into a comfy 69, so so BBJ and things was going down hill very fast.
    To a point off no return, got up put my clothes back on and went looking for the male receptionist and demanded some of my money back, all up I was lucky to be in the over 20 minutes out of a 1 hour session,
    in the end we finally agreed to charge me for half hour so I my $60 back.
    I got home check the website on the description of Amy. OMG
    what the website said is totally the opposite what the lady appeared in the real life. very very strange coming from this place.
    The website on all accounts describing the ladies are fair and close to accurate, but not this one lady, one to avoid by me,
    anyhow I will be back there in action over the weekend for more bunga bunga
    viva la figa

  25. Param says:

    Just came back after having a session with Priscilla. Saw in the reviews that she gives great service but she was a total dead root. No kissing no cuddling, straightaway started with cock sucking and then cowgirl. No passsion, no intimacy and no connection. Looks like reviews on 533’s website should not be trusted

  26. Puffypuff says:

    This is not in regards to 533 in particular, but if you’re looking for bbfs, can you ask the receptionist or are these things discussed in the room with the WL?

    • Wei Hung says:

      Had a fs session with Helen last night nice short petite body shaved cunt dtbbj mish cg and finished off with a standing hard doggy her hands on the bed as i pumped away with deep hard strokes she squirted as i pulled out came all over her tiny little body cleaned me up had a shower a massage and left with a smile on my cock!

  27. jf says:

    Does Joye from 2015 still work here?

  28. silvio-from-the-Bunga-Bunga-party says:

    ciao punters
    A review from last Tuesday, another one of my go to places when in the area
    Firstly a quick message to my of my favourite gorgeous young lady to see if she is rostered on the day and what is a good time to come to see her,
    Please note to all, I do not want to mention my favourite ladies names for a reason, I do not want them to become too busy for when I want to make certain appointments, only ladies I mention are the ones who I do not see often and on the odd occasion need a good review,
    Her replied yes and come at 8pm but you have to make booking with shop
    I phoned the shop and ask if my favourite young lady is available the time I requested, Angie replied said she is free at 9.30pm and I book her for you, and if you come early try a new young lady Marie at 8.15pm
    Thank you Angie see you then
    When I arrived Angie show me Marie, wow gorgeous che bella young lady for one hour, I even paid for the second hour in advance
    Up to the room (number 5, you have to the laundry shower), quick wash while she was prepping the room
    Upon return commenced with DFK, slowly I work my way down to a nicely shave figa, lifted her legs and tuck in to a mouth watering DATY, she was moaning and enjoying this so much her legs was wrapped around my head holding me in, finally had to come up for air, where she was for the love prod to b e dommed up and park itself in the love tunnel
    She loves a good pounding, legs pinned back and licking the nipples for her added pleasure, when that wasn’t enough we flipped over into cowgirl, a real bronco ride, where she was trying to hold me down and not let my hands wonder over this trimmed taught body,
    I was about to explode in the dom, so I whisper to her can come in your mouth, she ripped the dom switch into 69 and open the valve and drain into her, wow what a passionate and exhausting session, short rest and chat and light touching and getting ready for round 2 with her,
    Hang on who is banging at the door, it was Angie, your time is up with Marie and your lady is ready, ok I said, totally forgot I had a second booking,
    In comes my number one 533 lady
    a quick wash while she was changing the covers on the bed, party lights and music on
    enter the room and then all passion was released, her and I have been seeing each other many times so how encounters are wild hot and full passion not holds barred
    One hour of sheer exhaustion sweat body juices flowing,
    Overall sessions at 533 was excellent
    treat the ladies with respect and you will be satisfied
    I will be back to see Maria again if my fav is unavailable
    cheers, viva la figa

  29. samar says:

    any bbfs girls here

  30. Param says:

    Does anyone know where is Ayumi from 533 Willoughby Rd.

  31. Ponston says:

    Karen rosters tomorrow. Best bbfs girl in syd do cim, cip. Going to fill her up

  32. kedi says:

    any bbfs anal/cip girls here. Been long since i visited. Looking to go on thursday./friday. Do all girls in ah do bbfs for free.

  33. LexJ says:

    Anyone know where Karen works now. Not on roster or 64 roster

  34. Whoreny says:

    Can someone confirm having gone BBFS with Sophie fairly recently as I rocked upto 533 for a booking last week and was told she no longer does BBFS and was given Kelly instead.

    Since its alot out of my way to get to 533 (not there since last October) I’m suspicious that Angela saw me as not a regular enough customer (which I’m not) and gave Sophie to another punter before I got there even though I had a booking.

  35. Whoreny says:

    Just wondering if Elin who used to work at 533 around 2 years ago has ever resurfaced at another shop at all. She was also known as Sunny at 647 Elizabeth Waterloo and by same name at 64 Alexander.

    I was told by 533 she had gone on holiday and by 647 she had found a sugar daddy. All I know for sure is that she was a fantastic good looking 3 hole gal and going bareback balls deep up that shit chute of hers was one of the most exquisitely and intensely pleasurable experiences any guy could experience. Not to mention unloading a huge load of jizz up her cunt.

  36. julayi says:

    My mate told me Money does bbfs cip.

  37. Joseci says:

    Who does good bbfs here now? all the girls who do have gone of roster.

  38. Dave says:

    Visited on sat, angie not there but the young guy was, told girl available and shown into the kitchen, should have walked there and then , no shower available, room dare i say looked like a bad brothel, stuff everywhere and service worst ever at 533. She just wanted to get out of there. Consequently, no day, no touching, just fuck me quick im told. Girls come in and out wanted to get things whilst im fucking there mate on bed. Would have been ok if they joined in but just wander around and chat . Short on time , ripped off. And when i ask for refund, told no, . Sorry angie as a weekly customer you just lost me

  39. Adam says:

    Guys, this place is not recommended!!!
    Angie (pimp) is very manipulative with booking service, you call to make booking, and when you go there ,she give another girl (the one is available), i think she not gonna show you a nice one if you a new visitor, the rooms/beds are basic and old /dirty, shower not working well (shower some time in the laundry), for me t place like this is not in my calendar , $90 there are many other places much better than this one ( even with same girls they are working here).

  40. kedi says:

    Who is the best fuck here these days? Which girls on the roster will do BBFS & CIP?

  41. Mr says:

    Angie so called booking system is a fucking joke
    I rang at 12.30pm and specific made a booking for my favourite lady for 90 minutes
    Arrived at 7.20pm and was told she will see you at 7.45 , i was ok with the short wait
    Finally I met my lady at 8pm and was told I can have only 1 hour and you try to force me to have a double, I only agreed because you knew I had the extra cash in hand
    after the double session ended i only had a short time with my lady
    Right on 9pm you bang on the door saying time is up and the other customer is waiting
    Why cannot he waited like I did and in turn have his booking cut short by a few minutes
    Angie improve your business and control the booking services, and honour the customer request
    I only started coming back to see you because of my favourite lady
    And now you lost me again because you look after those you liked to look after
    Fucking joke
    Cheers RZ

  42. Mr says:

    This place is a fucking joke
    I rang at 6.30 pm to make a booking for a particular lady
    I sent a SMS to the lady at 7.55pm
    She replied back at 8.05 pm saying see you soon
    I arrived at 8.20pm
    Greeted by receptionist saying the lady is now fully booked for 2 hours
    And left with out an excuse
    Angie improve your business
    Cheers RZ

  43. fpunter says:

    Does Macy still work here? She doesn’t appear on the ladies list anymore.

  44. Paul says:

    Hi, same one can tell me are any girls in this place that can do Anal Sex

  45. Steve says:

    After reading reviews went to this joint wish I had skipped it
    Marketing 9/10 everything else too low to rate.

    Disgusting joint girl I saw disinterested on phone most of time and even a little Mandarin only got a vain improvement from her Kristie the stage name.
    Place is so grot flies wAshing machines but towels dirtier than the rags I clean down my oil sump
    Shower in laundry
    With state of place I can see why concern over HIV I for one will live without a return to this joint.
    Good luck punters but I am too delicate to face there again

  46. Steve says:


    You doing BBFS then you are playing russian roulette.
    Check out Topix review of this joint.
    You are risking you and them the Mamasan doesnt care $$$$

  47. Mister X says:

    Hi all. Do the 533 girls (Karen, Macy, Lily etc.) charge extra for bbfs? Or is a tip the way it’s handled?

  48. PD says:

    Enjoyed a great time with Macy the Friday before last. Paid a bit extra for no rubber. Very worthwhile, bbfs cip was great.

  49. roving zucchini says:

    good evening
    Today is poets day (piss off early, tomorrow Saturday) gave 533 a call and made a request to see molly,
    Read the reviews on the new lady, now it’s my turn.
    Struth, what can I say, where do I start, 1 hour of shear madness and magic,
    you name it, you get into it, mind blowing sexual satisfaction, wow wow yeah
    Even writing this, makes me want to go back for more, not for the faint hearted
    Cheers RZ

  50. kedi says:

    any girls do bbfs appart from Macy & Karen

  51. Dave says:

    Saw macy again last night. Never had a bad experience here but macy service is amazeballs. Bbbj great cat bath, absolutely loves to rim you great sex and back door if she is ok with u. 10/10

  52. Bryan D says:

    Hey – anyone had experience of Angelina?

  53. Minghunter says:

    I will be going there tomorrow. Can anyone recommend a girl that does CIM ?

  54. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, had a wonderful session with Joye, a joy by name and dammed good joy by nature. Phoned up to see youwho was roster and heard Joye was working, I definitely made a booking and request for a room with shower. So soon as I finish my gym session, rolled up greeted by management paid the cash, into the room, had a shower, turned and there she was waiting to dry me and onto her sucking on the love prod. Pick her up carried her to the bed , legs in the air and dined on daty. Slipped on the raincoat and commenced on a solid session of pounding the pussy in multiple positions. Kisses and cuddles followed, another shower, and walked away satisfied. Cheers RZ

  55. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, here is an establishment that gets a little mention. This is one of my regular places I visited. The shop is average, the reception area is tight and waiting rooms are cramp and has the standard porn DVD playing.
    The good thing is it has the variety of different working ladies roster on. Some are average, and then there are ladies who literally give you a service value for money. Totally work away satisfied and exhausted.
    There are only 3 who I regularly make bookings and see, and I always phone ahead to ensure they are roster and definitely available.
    The only downside is, and I always always remind Angie is to improve or move. And I do not want to do the business in the shower less staff room.
    Get this place ago, shop ok but the ladies yeah
    Cheers RZ

  56. Andreas says:

    saw Yoko today. She is the only one available. I came there at 10 am. every one was booked out? anyway she is Chinese japanese mix. also has Russian heritage. look ok better than the average honestly. milky smooth skin, firm breast. She gave me a nice CIM and BBBJ. after that , a nice massage. I really dont like the place as we had to do it in a kitchen and no shower whatsoever. I can even see the micriwave over there. It is just a kitchen with a bed in it. just because i havenot booked ? probably I ll go back to check this place. looks really busy.

  57. uminaman says:

    Absolutely The Best, The Best,
    Arrived for an appointment with Sophia and Angie asks if I would be interested in a double with Miranda. I thought wow! never done that before. So I get in the room and here is this sultry, beautiful girl Sophie and she gives me a very Nice shower, in comes Miranda and OMG! So beautiful and petite. These girls take over beginning with amazing bjs, very safe, but still amazing. I’m doing both girls, going through doms like they are candy and then Sophy indicates ok to explore everything. I must of used 12 doms in this event, only filling only one, but it was tip-top all the way. Definitely one for the record book.
    I Love this place!

  58. flatfoot says:

    My first visit to this place.
    Called first and was told 6 girls available, could view and choose. Called again from outside to check this was the case, and was assured it was.
    Get in and while the manager is talking to someone else on the phone she hurries me up some back stairs, full of boxes of cleaning products and crap and says you go with Sarah. Only one available.
    She was great, slim big (fake but nice) breasts, mid 20’s, Asian, nit much English.
    Get to a fairly dingy room and pay over my $90 for a half hour. Told that the shower is in the next room. I usually don’t mind that but this was in the laundry with washing machines going and piles of boxes and crap lying around.
    Sarah was great and gave a reasonable performance but it was clear that she is somewhat overworked at this very busy shop.
    I will certainly never return, there are too many places that offer a much better bang for my buck.

  59. porn star says:

    the best 3some eva!
    i booked a lesbian double with sue and ayumi and it was the best thing ive ever spent money on. $300 for the hour but I felt like a king in a porn movie. 2 mouths on my manhood, one suckin balls and the over deep throating OMG. sue sucked the life out of me wihle i was dattying the other one. pumped sue for a few minutes but sues facials are jsut soooo hot.
    then they massaged me before going for round two. this time, ayumi climbs on sue and they start kissing lightly before i stick my head and tongue amongst them. ayumi sucks sues delicisous breasts while i enter ayumi from behind. to ram someone doggy while they moan and eat another girls breasts is absofuckinglutely amazing. wish i recorded it.
    give it a try boys.

  60. Felix says:

    Ada ???? ?
    Is that the girl you mean?

  61. punter says:

    booked kobe as she was hot on the website pics. when i rocked up she was running late so angie asked me to try lily first for 30mins. paid 240 and into the room i went. lily is an animal. she pretty much teared me clothes off, got me in the shower and raped me. great bbj and great energy. she loves her job. bit old so id class her as a MILF but still awesome experience. daty, fingering fuck it was good. kobe comes in 20 mins into the action and catches me pumping lily in the mouth and filling her throat with cock. she gets naked and all hands are on me. but it wasnt the threesome girl on girl aciton i was expecting. lily changed and left and kobe made me shower again. this gal is hot but she lacks the wildness of lily. anyway we played around for an hour. great body and tits. i slammed her sideways and filled the dom with some man juice right on the bell.
    exhausted but still horny after lilys efforts.

  62. Jim says:

    Visited a few weeks back and has yumi, wow. This place has never disappointed and at 90 for 30 is good value. Kissed me all over and gave the best bbbj before slipping one on and fucking me in many positions, she absolutely loves it. Then suggested I cum all over her when ready. Afterwards gave a great massage. Exceeded time but she was cool with that.

  63. Fabio says:

    Saw Michelle here very good service. she is a late 20s malaysian gal. so enthusiastic and knows what she wants. daty, bbbj and loves to please. she even had the nerve to teach me how to slow down my tongue and please her better??? so i gave it back to her by keeping her head pressed down when she was sucking me dry, she was choking and needing air. all in all great experience though.

  64. tom says:

    Saw Sara late one Sunday night a couple of weeks ago. Taiwanese student, works Saturday, Sunday and Thursday. Nice face and tits, skinny arse but nicely shaved. Spent a nice hour, full service, bbbj and 69 which she seemed to really get into. Offered me her mouthwash after the event which was a nice touch – as usual with 533 a good experience.

  65. grub says:

    The girls that I have seen have been around mid 20’s. Haven’t struck a dud yet.

  66. Cassanova says:

    are the girls young? many to choose from? sounds like a great place to visit…

  67. grub says:

    Had another crack at this place today Thursday. Saw a nice Thai girl Nina, only works Thursdays. Fantastic service and very tight body, great tits. it would appear that most of the girls here are of a high standard and the price is reasonable.
    You can avoid the walk of shame by using the lane at the rear for a more discreet entry/exit, though you’ll have to walk about 50 meters down it because you can’t park in the lane itself so the side street is the go.

  68. grub says:

    Went today based on previous posts. I saw a hot Asian named Sue who fits the description from Punter, but she said she is from Hong Kong. She only works Mondays and has the body of a pornstar and service to match. Great girl and reasonable price $90 half hour I think.

  69. Prince of Parlours says:

    Nah she was the devil in disguise when i went but the Malaysian sounds ok will check her out only on your advice i hope the punt is worth it

  70. Punter says:

    The chinese lady / pimp is quite friendly too….. so i dont know what our prince here is talking about???

  71. Punter says:

    In all my years of punting this has got to be up there with the best of the best and Im picky. Id say its a hit and miss in the punting world with only maybe 2 out of 10 Working Ladies being able to give me AN ALL ROUND PERFECT EXPERIENCE. This one here was one of them today. Only works Monday. Shes a malaysian girl maybe 25. very friendly, good english. knockers to die for. the best thing is she loves what she does. sucks the hell out of you and keeps on going back for more. no restrictions, 69, fingers, kissing and all. i had her blowing me on the bed, on my knees, on my back, off the bed, upside down everywhere but the corridor to the store. man im getting hard thinking about her again now. she loves DATY and I love how naughty she is. Ill definitely visit her 1-2 more times before I get bored but well worth the $90 for a halfy, 150 for 1 hour.
    FACE: 7/10, TITS: 10/10, BODY: 7/10, SERVICE: 10/10, BJ: 9/10.

  72. prince of Parlours says:

    the madam is a skitzo and is crazy she is pushy and again makes you feel pressured to buy buy buy give this place a miss the girls however have been quite pretty I will not be back as she cuts the time on the clock


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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair