Rydalmere 12


12 Euston Street Rydalmere NSW 2116

P: 9638 4221

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  1. Brothelcreeper says:

    Whst dsys does emma work?

    • Zheng Lin says:

      She said seven days, they have changed their roster so still working my way through. Nana is also very service orientated

  2. Zheng Lin says:

    Emma is not the youngest lass, but she is eager to please. Enthusiastic during the whole session and very playful while she took my balls and swirled them in her mouth. Playtime starts in the shower and doesn’t end even if the buzzer goes off

  3. Benetts says:

    Go for Judy fucking hot asian. Punt was fukin legend.

  4. Punteer says:

    Does anyone know where she advertises now that Backpages is gone?


  5. Ant says:

    Does anyone know where aussie cassie has gone? Could do with bareback anal and cum in her ass session right now

    • For The Greater Good says:

      ** Admin
      Next letter of complaint sent to your advertisers. You just won’t learn.

    • Tom Cruise says:

      She has gone private now under the name of ‘Nat’ . This might help!
      link to sydney.backpage.com.au

    • Maximum Penis says:

      I don’t think Cassie is working with Max the pimp anymore. Has anyone seen her?

  6. Bigwilly007 says:

    Saw aussie cassie today, she was high as fuck twitching and shit. Bbfs but no cip, covered blowjob only, she only wanted me to fuk her, she didnt want to swap positions, overall even tho it was bare, it was crap, boner even went down at one point because she was talking about some bullshit, if you want to just fuck raw and hard then cassie is your girl, if you want some passion in sex better look elsewhere.

    • XXXLarge says:

      I took for for 45. Started fucking her pussy raw in mish but she fell asleep. Got her on her side so jerked off until I was about to come then slipped it in her ass and blew and she didn’t wake up. Got her on her back back and went hard at her pussy for the next 10 minutes. Couldn’t come again so finished up. Cassie didn’t realise I came in her ass so she didn’t shower!!!

  7. Fairmont16 says:

    I saw Cici here a few months ago and Cici does bbfs with cip, 1 hour 2 shots great ass for doggy.

    • Jaro says:

      Have you been with other girls at this place? Any recommendations?

  8. Benny says:

    Cassie is back working at 12 Euston street Rydalmere now she has changed looks better than ever and yeah check her out

    • Stiff says:

      Hey Bjorn !!
      Should that read Cassie is on her back working. heheheheh

    • Piddles says:

      I saw Cassie during week. On two different days. I had two fantastc sessions. Got everything.

      • Stiff says:

        Hey Everyone attention piddles got everything .Wow fuck me what a specimen. Do you mean Hiv-Aids ?

        • Piddles says:

          maybe, not feeling well at all, my glands are swollen i feel tired and been sweating at night.

          • Stiff says:

            If your gland is swollen its not an erection it’s… it’s… it’s wait for it…. the CLAP as well. Are you having trouble piddling Piddles ??? like sliding your cock on razor blades…??

          • Piddles says:

            no the glands in my neck. . sore throat, swollen glands, tired, night sweats. had a dirty BBFS plus deep kissing now im not feeling well at all

          • Stiff says:

            Ahh ok … BBFS ??? Tell me do want a consultation with a life insurance broker and a funeral director ??
            Best for you to plan ahead under the circumstances. Seems like to don’t want to live long !!

        • Jackass says:

          Actually, in Australia sex workers have extremely low HIV rates(something like 0.03%) so i am pretty sure whoever sex worker you fuck bareback(not that i am advocating), and given the very low transmission per act probability(4/10000) for vaginal sex, its near to impossible that you got HIV. It must be other common STDs you got. Stop listening to falsehood information by stiff

          • Stiff says:

            You Jackass !! What a fucking irresponsible thing to say. How the fuck do you know sex worker have a low rate of HIV… ??? All sex workers are doing it for money – as if they are likely to tell anyone that they are HIV +.
            If they have it they will continue working and sharing their misery with unsuspecting fools like you and that idiot Jamie and Piddles. All of you are Neanderthals.
            But… good keep eating their shit and going bareback.

  9. Jackass says:

    Guys, Where is Cassie?! She’s was the only Blonde white girl who used to provide good service under $100. She was reasonably attractive for the price you paid for her. If you anyone has any intel on her please tell. Has anyone tried calling the owners of this brothel and ask where did she go? I am 99% sure they would know as they the ones who could have fired her, or ifshe quit, she would have informed them before leaving. So has anyone asked the Owners about this hot blonde woman?

    • Sudious says:

      Hey you jackass Cassie and the hot blonde woman has blasted off to the moon and is eating cheese and having it off with the man in the moon. Just look up – they are laughing at you, while he is porking them with mozzarella cheese.

      • nick says:

        Boys. Cassie is back at 12 Euston St, Rydalmere. Better than ever before!

        • Nick Off says:

          Wow Cassie is back from the moon. I bet the guy up there gave her heaps of cheese heheheh. And a large mozzalela between the legs.
          Sounds like you are her PR officer. What kick back are you getting ??

  10. Andrew says:

    Anyone got an idea where cassie is working now? She was the best slut ever!

    • Kilo says:

      I think either she was let go of the shop as they want to go all asian which sucks because i believe Casey has been there for a long time now and she has loyal customers as well and now their shop has nothing to offer me

      OR she was fired because of unhealthy lifestyle

      OR got caught and send to jail because of above reason

      I dunno i just wanna fuck her again lol

  11. Laz says:

    Wtf anyone know where cassie went?

    • taiga says:

      shes on n off, shes also at 19lipstick, owned by same people

      • Johhnnns says:

        Is this true?..cuz whenever i call Rydalmere 12 Cassie (or any white chicks) is not working there..havemt tried 19 Lipstick yet though

      • Laz says:

        I checked they said she doesn’t work at either anymore

  12. Bazza says:

    Does aussie cassie still work here? Anyone know where she’s gone?

    • Cockroach says:

      Just gone for a quick trip to the moon – for some cheese.

  13. RiskyBusiness says:

    Called the store today to book Cassie at 1:30 “sure, no problems, come in”. I mentioned Cassie and I heard the following words “busy” and “one hour”, when I questioned him again I got “she isnt here anymore, goodbye”. At first I thought she just took another appointment. Really poor service that they made me come in when I specifically asked. So I’m looking for Cassie, she was unreal. Anyone know where she is?

    • Cute Sausage says:

      All I can say is … Fuck me stiff…Risky Business Is this love of Cassies’s pussy??
      Shit man FUCKING MOVE ON you imbecile.
      More than one C*NT around .. you fucking nitwit.
      This is where she is : She is fucking hanging green turds right now, red in the face and straining … with a rotten smell.

      • Risky Business says:

        But I loves her, Cute Sausage. Loves eating her honey pot & her corn hole. I know she loves me too. Dat looks she gives me. Itsa love, bro. Love i tell ya! Love! My life is empty now she gone. Boo hoo hoo

      • Salim Maaahaaaaagaaaa says:

        Cute Sausage. GREEN & RED. Are you suggesting that Cassie is a Rabbitoh’s supporter? That’s slanderous! If true, my estimationof her has gone down. LMAO

    • Dorothy Dix says:

      Hey guys… ahh my fans. This is Cassie, but my Granny has written a letter to all of you because I’m preoccupied… Oh sorry I must run urgently.
      Cassie is preoccupied in the bog right now boys. She is laying very smelly turds. A very bad case of constipation and the runs at the same time. You see, she took too much laxative and now has the trots.

      You may have noticed a bad smell wafting, as she stokes you little heads… well she has to let out a secret fart occasionally… but sometimes it’s not so secret .. is it ??
      So, she can’t attend to your tools right now; so keep pining for her.
      She misses all of you fools… ahh I mean gentlemen (sorry).

      • Churchy says:

        Dorothy Dix = Cute Sausage = Con Rod = Wartboy etc

  14. MRMRMR JOEY says:

    hey cassie if u see this email me mrmrmr6668@gmail.com

    • Johns says:

      Yeah just called the shoo they said she aint working there anymore..last saw her about 3 weeks ago..where is she now?..would love to see her again

  15. Tom says:

    Anyone know where aussie cassie has gone? She wad pretty awesome

  16. XXXLarge says:

    Anyone know where Cassie has gone? Is she working at another place??

    • Pal says:

      BLOODY HELL !!
      This bloody parlour pages has degenerated into a “where is such and such girl” gone.
      It’s bloody management… they can’t get legit submitters so they make shit up.
      Ohh can anyone tell me where “XXX” my favourite cock puller has gone.
      Carmen for instance (fucking boring cunts) .ADVICE Fuck youse all off.

      • Pal says:

        Oh BTW Slammin Gherkin.. got a message for you.
        The weedy Chinaman that runs this site.
        ayoob wopak wopak

    • Cute Sausage says:

      To XXX Small

      Cassie has just gone to the toilet. Apparently she has either a bad case of Diarrhoea or Constipation. Either way she is having a big shit. Hope that was helpful.

      • Cute Sausage says:

        Aw Cute Sausage she’s pumping out little chocolate frankfurts.

  17. Josh says:

    I see Cassie has been writing her own comments using a different name again, Robert this time. It’s pretty said really. You only have to look at all the mistakes and the way it’s written, very similar to how she speaks some of it. She still hates sucking cock and is shit at it if she attempts it. Don’t waist you money!

    • Cute Sausage says:

      Josh, you spelt it as WASTE not WAIST. Another fine product of our fucking education system. Fuck what a “waist” of taxpayer money. LMAO

  18. rob says:

    Go and see cassie she is very good service I went to see her and best service I have ever had

  19. robert says:

    Has anyone gone to see cassie lately what do u think of her service I think her service is very good try her

  20. robert says:

    Yes she does do lesiben 3 somes and its great time she does the who thing she loves both and its great she goes all the way u should try it and Cassie service has gotten a lot better trust me believe me before she wasn’t the best and into the while sucking thing but now she loves it and she deep throat and does it like she loves it go see for yourself and let me know what u think guys if u agree if u think her service and sucking has improved I have a lot of fun better time with Cassie now she is great fun

  21. robert says:

    Thats not her u have the worng person she never worked at padstow and she has not got a tatoo there u have not seen her u should go see Cassie the right girl call and make booking best way

  22. robert says:

    Yes she does have tatoos why u asking have u seen her have u been with her I like Cassie tatoos they are hot I love girls with tatoos and she is wild and u can have fun with Cassie she loves girls too done a couple of 3 somes me Cassie and a nice Asian girl it was great

  23. robert says:

    Cassie is tall blue eyes blond long hair and very nice boobs the best I have seen they are real but look perfect and nice pussy and ass great body and get service is better she sucks good cock now

  24. jimmy says:

    I agree Aussie Cassie service has gotten much better I went to see her again last night and she sucks better cock she has the best service

  25. robert says:

    Best girl I have meet there and I think all of you guys will be very happy like I was I went there and seen ally and her service was good but I have to say Cassie service was more better and she is different to all the other girls go see her again try her new service. And let me know what all you guys think if her service is better

  26. robert says:

    Aussie Cassie service has gotten heaps better again its better then ever I went to see her again I was so very happy great service I think all of you guys should try her again and u will be surprises I was

  27. Dale says:

    My review is to recommmend Kassie to anyone who is thinking to paying a visit to 12 Euston St. She has a very cheerful personality and when getting into it… does not hold back.

    Great experience with her, back to see her again next time.

  28. Karl says:

    Went down to this place a few days ago, booked kassy. Would definitely recommend her. Will be seeing her more often for sure. Only girl I’ve met at a brothel where her enthusiasm meets my own. Definitely knows what she is doing in the bedroom.

  29. John says:

    Booked Allly for 1 hour, worst service imaginable but more importantly I had myself checked out at the doctors and caught genital herpes… stay away from her or wrap it up lads!

  30. cubz says:

    Any recommended white girls other than Cassie with same service?
    Have seen her couple of times but Majority of the time I ask for her she’s busy.

  31. Jim says:

    I did bareback anal with Cassie. Then she game a bbbj! Love white girls they’re such filthy whores 🙂

  32. Anon says:

    What is ruby like?

  33. Eddie says:

    Hay zilla
    U are very worng about Aussie Cassie
    People guys don’t listen to this person Aussie Cassie is nothing what this person says she is Aussie Cassie is totally the opposite don’t listener to people I say try her out for yourself and u will see she is doesn’t live at this place she does go and get tested regularly and she does go home and see her family and she doesn’t take drugs and she talks and sounds not like she takes drugs she talks very nice and well spoken and she gives good service and I think she looks very pretty and nice body these people don’t know what they are talking about she treats people the same as they treat her so not so nice people would write bad stuff about her people don Listen to what people say and write Aussie Cassie Ioves to just have fun go see her and find out

  34. Ken says:

    The world is much better place now that we have had the pleasure of reading your opinion Zilla
    Some of your facts may be true some may not but what most people miss is that a lot of these girls don’t have the best life and the job they do can be quiet hard at times especially with quality customers like you…… they are people just like you and I and showing no respect doesn’t help them.

    You have obviously had a bad visit with her and thought you would get back at her in the fourm. If this makes you feel good so be it…… pretty sad really.

    I have known Cassie for quiet a few years and was a regular for a long time, I have had some great times with her, she loves hot sex and is a lot of fun. As for ice ghb or any thing else you say she does I don’t think anyone should judge that is up to her, true or false and without living in her shoes you will never know the full story….. let’s face it you are visiting a brothel so you are obviously a outstanding pillar of the community yourself.
    I don’t see the point in trying to hurt these girls lives while hiding behind a keyboard, if you don’t like it move on and find someone else that you enjoy.

    There will be plenty of people that love Cassie’s service and some that don’t.

    As far as being tested I have seen test results shown to me by management.

    The fourm would be a better place without the negativity and lies.

  35. Zilla says:

    I just want to clarify some things people have been saying on here about Amy aka “Cassie”.
    – She is an ice addict
    – She lives at the brothel
    – She is constantly in debt to the brothel for the above reason
    – She NEVER leaves the brothel…not even to see her family, so i dont know how she gets “regularly tested”
    – She hates blow jobs and would rather fuck instead
    – She gives shit blow jobs…unless on liquid G aka GHB
    – She is fat around the stomach…not a pot belly
    – She barely speaks, unless she knows you well
    – She is not pretty and sounds like addict when she speaks

    I see her on occasions as she always does BBFS CIP / CIA without paying extra and I get to treat her like the sub slut / slave she deserves to be treated like.
    She prefers vaginal sex rather than anal, so i mainly fuck her ass and I take her lube off her so she cannot use it 🙂

    I say the above as i know as fact, not guessing or making shit up.

  36. dragon08 says:

    Roving Zucchini, I’ve been lurking on this forum and you seem to have some good intel. What is your email address, I wanted to ask you a few things.

  37. puffypuffpuff says:

    Is this the best brothel in the Sydney area for Korean girls? If not, what are some other good ones that have a lot of Korean girls? 5 Star Marrickville?

  38. Mr force says:

    Cassie is not terrible at her service that’s what u think not what some other people think it’s more like ruby and yura are terrible service and like all the rest of them Asain girls Aussie cassie does give good Bjs sometimes she does but the time she doesn’t she still gets u going just as good

  39. Mr you says:

    There are so many people in the world and so many people who like different things and have different taste in girls so go see cassie and try her out she is different with different people and some people will like her and her service and will be very happy with her and some other people won’t but for me I am happy with her service and body and like her the way she is as for ruby and yura sorry but she is so much better then them 2 girls and all of the rest of the other Asain girls they have nothing on cassie u reckon they suck better then cassie I bet u they wouldn’t fuck better then cassie Aussie cassie is the best fuck I have ever had and she loves it and when. She loves it I love it she is not fake it if u want a good fuck and not fake like the other girls cassie is the girl she does suck and give Bjs she sucks better then ruby and yura sorry to say

  40. tommy says:

    Aussie cassie gets tested I don’t know what u guys are on about maybe u caught something Sti from some other girl not cassie she is very clean and I have never caught anything from her and I know she gets tested and she gives good Bjs and very great service and great fuck and so what if she has a little pot belly stomach it’s cute and I rather that then a very thin skinny girl cassie body is cute and great

  41. tommy says:

    Go see Aussie girl cassie she is great fuck and she does know how to suck She does give mad bj don’t know what u guys are talking about or going on about go try cassie all I can say she is great at her service and everything she does in her service don’t be so harsh on cassie she is a great girl

  42. Paul says:

    Hay mr honest I think u are quiet the opposite mr not so honest u sound like an ass hole already I think u don’t know what u are talking about that’s what u think about cassie not what every body else thinks About her every one is different so like I said people should go try cassie out for them selva before they listen to others because people talk shit and don’t know what they are talking about cassie is quite the opposite to what mr honest says

  43. Mr.Honest says:

    hi folks
    went to see cassey today. Regret seeing her. She is not as the picture shows. She has a stomach. I booked her for 40 min. She takes 10 min to enter the room. She doesnt talk , I go to have my bath which is 5 min, she says she is cold and has a bath for 5 min. she comes out dries herself and is messaging on phone for 5 min constantly telling she is sorry. Its ok. she asks me about dom for blow job, i tell her to da as she pleases, she puts the dom and gives worst bj for 5 min then says lets fuck, i tell her to ride she says pussy is sore. I am a gentleman and say bye. She is a star fish,. whoever has posted positive reviews is a bs. Dont visit this shop only visit if you want a disastrous experience. Dont waste your money folks. there are better places around.
    Ingrid from penrith provides a great gf experience. If you want a starfish experience see Cassey. I respect the women i fuck. But have never had such a starfish experience like this. take it or leave it.
    whoever supports this girl is a big BS

  44. Peter says:

    You guys want a good attatude and a sexy body that wants to have a good time and not just make you cum, I recommend Ura, she tiny and has a perfect body and amazing tits. I’ve tried all the girls there and she was by far the best second to her was another small girl called ruby, gives great head & both girls were up for having a good time. Sorry but cassie had nothing on these two girls.

  45. Harry Jameson says:

    XYZ mate of course it was a compliment u seem like one of the more thoughtful erudite authors out there Like yourself Dostoevsky, Proust, Nietzsche et al are all philosophers Emotional intelligence is omnipotent 4 uni degrees and u will talk like a tosser like myself. Enjoy the ladies and wear a raincoat wink wink

  46. Paul says:

    See what did I say another happy new customer who took avice and went to see cassie him self and found out that she is good service not what people say she is go see her yourself Try her out trust me u will be happy like this guy she is one of a kind girl

  47. Harry Jameson says:

    XYZ you are a champion, while us mere mortals craved carnal delight such as a nice rack or perky posterior . You my friend desire intelligence I hope she espoused Dostoevsky whilst you yodelled down under And matched her Proust with fish fingers

  48. Xyz says:

    Saw cassie today, she’s an amazing girl, perfect size boobs slim body and very intelligent. I was exhausted as I cycled really far to see her after reading comments. However she made sure I have a good time. We had a chat and she’s a very honest girl. I wish I had a girl friend like her, she knows how to connect with you emotionally unlike typical Asians chicks. I’ll see her breezy time again.

  49. Paul says:

    Went to see Aussie cassie the other day and she is nice very pretty girl nice smile nice body and great service very happy with her great fuck and she is very good service and attuide 10/10. Don’t listern to these people Saying she is no good service I say try her out for yourself before u listern to other people

  50. Fucksluts says:

    Anyone wanna fuck Cassie tomorrow night with me bareback and fill her up one after the other. Craving to see her get used and absolutely dripping with our cum. I’ll check this post a little after 9.

  51. John says:

    Does anyone know if a girl called xixi still works there? Apparently she is half Aussie/Russian with f cup tits.

  52. James says:

    Cassie Aussie girl she gives a good service try her for yourself she does anal 100% clean I have never caught anything from her you guys don’t know what you are on about or even talking about

  53. Adz says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me which days cassie works and what service she does e.g bbfs, anal? Keen to pay her a visit!

  54. Danny says:

    I To have only been seeing cassie and I have only been see cassie and fucking her no one els and have been for a long time too so I don’t know what u are talking about I have never caught anything from cassie and I too have been seeing her for a couple years and I am a very happy customer and people are just fucked people love being nasty and talking rubbishy go see cassie don’t listern to the people who are talking shit

  55. Glen says:

    All you guy who are talking shit about cassie why don’t u all grow up and stop talking shit about her u guy should get a life and grow up its not very nice to talk about a person when all that shit u guys are saying are not true ok cassie is very clean 100% ok trust me I would know I also to am a very good customer of cassie I have been a good customer of cassie for long time 4 years since She first started and I have not catched nothing at all and she is very nice girl and very good service and she gets regular blood test and everything these people don’t know what they are saying cassie works hard and is a good worker and service is so good I am very happy with cassie And u be nice to her she will be nice to u she treats customers the why u treat her don’t listern to these people they are just talking shit about her I recommend u try her for your self I recommend go see cassie

  56. jimballs says:

    Hey there just wondering if this Cassie also used to go by the name as Kerrie.
    She used to work at narwee, riverwood, and padstow.
    She was pretty keen on doing everything especially bbfs, bbfa etc.
    Noteable feature was a tattoo above her bikini line of a cartoon character called floyed

  57. Ray says:

    Don’t fuck cassie unless you want STI’s I have just been diagnosed with genital herpes and Gonorrhoea & cassie is the only person I’ve had sex with in the last 4months and she didn’t use a condom. She a moody bitch too. I will never go near her or that shop again.

  58. Mark says:

    I am so happy with cassie service she is a good fuck hot and sexy as and good attuide and she is nice and clean been her customer for a while now and I am so happy with her I don’t go no where els and she is 100%clean I recommend to go see cassie try her out I think her service and everything is 10/10 the best she better looking then the asian girls and her service is better

  59. Risky Business says:

    Hey guys, been seeing Cassie lately, but she isn’t on today. Anyone else here over bbfs CIP?

  60. Jason says:

    I really miss korean pibi… She was perfect and beautiful..

  61. Adacmx says:


  62. Mark says:

    Aussie girl Cassie very nice body
    Great tits
    Very good service nice,friendly
    Very clean
    Nice attitude
    I recommend to go see her try her out u will be very happy

  63. Mark says:

    Some people talk shit or they just over rate what they say about Cassie service the best thing to do is go book Cassie and see for your selves what her service is like then u will really know her service is good but u have to see see her more then once or be a good regular or know Cassie for a long time like I have dont listen to what other people say it’s the not nice people who say theses things I have had no bad experience with her on the phone u have to be understanding and her service is good she is hot enough to get away with it and love her service

  64. Risky Business says:

    I was a frequent visitor or of Yoko’s at Rydalmere 55, and one day I was curious to see who else was around, so reading reviews I booked Cassie at Rydalmere 12. First impression was of the lady who answered the phone, easy to understand, but I got the impression that a booking didn’t mean anything (and that’s important to me). Now on to Cassie, my first glimpse was outside in the car park. I had to blink, then blink again, she is a very attractive woman, looks quite young, and Australian?? On service, it wasn’t the greatest (blowjob leaves a lot to be desired, but I didn’t feel like the intercourse was fake), and her personality wasn’t fun as described either, but I like Cassie, her beauty has me blindsighted. Unfortunately I think she’s been mistreated by clients and fucked around. On meeting her I was greeted with “you wanted to see me” and after the service “did you like it.. the.. sex”. I’m getting the impression she’s generally tired and over worked, but I also get worried and nervous from her, like she’s scared she’ll say say the wrong thing. Since discovering Cassie I’ve only been seeing her, and I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by writing this, but let’s hope she’s still available tonight when I plan to go. I’m sticking with her, and I have a feeling (and kinda hopeful) that she’ll become more comfortable with this soon to be regular.

  65. Mark says:

    Cassie service is very good 10/10 I don’t know what these guys are talking about she is all ways busy booked out sometimes all night and long hours and all ways regular customers so Cassie’s service must be good service and looks so hot body and bubbley person she works hard don’t listen to those people Cassie does good service and she is clean 100%

  66. Mark says:

    Cassie is clean she has nothing and I have not catches anything from her and I am a good customer of Cassie for a long time 4 years and she is 100% clean and get service 10/10 the best I have ever had and so happy with Cassie great girl and nice sexy body and loves her job people have nothing better to do then talk shit and that about her
    Service 10/10
    Looks 10/10
    Health check 10/10 if u want good service and fun time go see Cassie

  67. Mark says:

    Cassie service is very good 10/10 I am very happy with her service

  68. Tom says:

    No cassie never gets tested i have caught stuff of her b4 and her service is terrible.

  69. A Punter says:

    I was told by the nurse at the std clinic that I was in the low risk
    category because I had condom sex but unprotected oral – give and take.
    but get tested regularly anyway guys !
    He said even the Chinese girls are well tested
    We are lucky in this country because all girls (most) get tested

  70. Ken says:

    Aussie Cassie, after reading the bullshit comments on here I decided to to have my own blood test and it has come back 100% clear of any std or sti’s. I have had the pleasure of seeing Cassie on at least a weekly basis bbfs for a long time and will continue into the future.

  71. kedi says:

    went today to try casie as usual booked for 1 hr. tried mimi worst service lazy, sloppy covered bj, and covered sex . i was so pissed off with her service i left after 15 min, when i paid for 1/2 an hr. Advice to fellow punters avoid this lady she is a waste of time. I decided not to visit this place as i feel i lost my hard earned money. I politely left without informing mamasan,
    Sharing info

  72. A J says:

    What the hell? I just got on here & have been reading some of the bullshit dribble half of you bleeding heart dickheads have being writing.
    AUSSIE CASSIE!!!! I’ve being a long time customer of hers for about 4yrs, & have not seen another girl since, and still can’t get enough of this girl. If only I was rich enough to be able to fuck her 7days a week, I assure you I would. Best body, beautiful curves, smells and tastes good and has absolutely the most perfect set of tits I’ve ever seen. (100% natural) she showers before & after every session & all she wants is to enjoy herself, be treated with respect & have a good fuck. All you wankers whining about her service are properly a bunch of boring ass dud roots yourself. You pay the money for the pleasure of her company then it’s up to you make a girl want to give you a good service if you r a dickhead she probably won’t be interested like any girl. As for the other crap about HIV ect…
    I was lucky enough to drive Cassie to her last two blood tests for std’s & sti’s & both times her results came back 100% clear. Wouldn’t surprise me if the idiots writing this disrespectful rubbish about Cassie are the same low life scumbags that have hit her and badly bruised her face in the past for not getting their own way. You all need the learn the basic rules of being a man and how to treat a lady.
    Cassie is nothing but good fun a beautiful chick and a great fuck. & she loves her job. Good luck ever finding better. P.s Asian pussy stinks!!!

  73. Ken says:

    Aussie Cassie, nice body great tits and loves to fuck, wild sex !!!! Best service I’ve found.
    As for the rumours mentioned below …. I’ve been a regular customer for a long time and not looking to go anywhere else, as far as I’m concerned they are just that.
    This young lady is a cracker !!!! Like any of the girls,treat her right and you won’t be disappointed
    Definitely one of life’s pleasures

  74. tweetypie says:

    Earlier down this thread someone claimed Cassie had cervical cancer and now HIV. Maybe she’s becoming too popular. Have fucked cassie in the past and she was ok.

  75. phil says:

    Dont go there. One of the girls told my mate that cassie tested positive for hiv. Not sure its true but not worth the risk.

  76. John says:

    Thank you very much dan.Do you know her name at that place ? i checked on their site but hard to identify.

  77. JOHN says:

    Hi,anyone knows where Mimi is now? she used to work there but now she’s left.i think her nationality is taiwanese.i had great time with her and the best sex.if anyone have any information about her post here please.thanks

  78. u8intworthitlmao says:

    I wouldn’t recommend 12 Euston Street to anyone.

    This shop is full of problems. The problems first of all start with girls who are on the roster around the clock meaning they are too exhausted to work or even give a shit… and customers come out pissed or unsatisfied.

    If the girls need to understand one thing… it is that they are there to work not to make easy money by pissing another customer off! I mean seriously… whether you’re doing a 30min job or 1 hour just do a decent job at least… not a half assed trick to shrink people’s dicks with the wrong sized condoms….

    If it was rated our of 10 I would personally recommend not to go to a 4 star shop like this one…. Not worth your well earned money to spend on bitches doing a half assed job.

  79. rated18stackhouse says:

    I’ve been here multiple times and would highly recommend Yura. I’ve done full service minimum 3 hour sessions with her and she is a hidden treasure of #12!

    For sure if you can afford to spend some time at #12 you have to meet Yura. You treat her exactly the way would expect her to treat you right, and you won’t be disappointed. I would advise that you try not to get on her bad side. Pay and be upfront with her on what you want and your experience will not be dissapointed.

  80. kedi says:

    Who is the best fuck here these days? Which girls on the roster will do BBFS & CIP?

  81. kedi says:

    hi guys timings of opening and close any bbfs women

  82. abc says:

    Our lovely Cassey got cervical cancer and is dying. That why she do BBFS these days. God knows how long has she not kept doing blood tests and how many bugs she got down there. Anyway, God bless her.

  83. BB says:

    Does Aussie Casey still work here? Will she do BBFS & CIP? What is her service like these days?

  84. Fairmont16 says:

    Does Lily offer bbfs?

  85. Jim says:

    Visited yesterday. Lily, average looks, could not speak a word of English. Service OK though, good BBBJ before on top them mish and doggy, blew on back . Asked me to shower then gave 5/10 massage. Looks 6/10, sex 8/10 massage 5/10. Good Value 80 for 30.

  86. john says:

    How is this place recently just rang up 140 for 1 hour is it worth it ?

  87. Daveo says:

    Just popped by and was almost forced to pay before seeing the one ugly girl they had..

  88. Young Gun says:

    Tried the famous/infamous Aussie, seems to hop from brothel to brothel. Likes to be fucked hard. Blew in her pussy which came with a promise to blow in her ass next time.

  89. Hadmyfareshare says:

    Went here yesterday & Aussie girl candy works back here under a different name

  90. Thomas says:

    Hmm thinking of visiting this place soon….. Any advices, recommendation or thoughts???

  91. allan says:

    hi ryan iam extremly interested in the threesome let me know the price and time and its on

  92. Ryan cooper says:

    I have had a couple of guys that were interested in a threesome or more with a very sexy thai girl in parraatta. if you are also interested let me know so we can arrange. She charges reasonably and is very hot. strictly straight guys only.

  93. darren says:

    You know what shits me about a lot of these places is when they put photos of ladies that dont work there.IE FAKE FOTOS. Pretty much somes up the deception they try and get away with on us any body would think they were run by the banks. Have a look at this Euston Street website and look at the girls who will never ever work there or in fact have never been in the game in their life. They have no shame .AAAAHHHHHH!!!

  94. Roger says:

    I’ve only been to this place twice. Both times there was only one Asian lady working. I’d be very surprised to see an Aussie there.

    Last time I saw Suki – Slim Asian, mid to late 30’s, nice looking, nice rack. I stayed 30mins for $90. She did BBBJ and then FS with protection. I was amazed when she showed me how strong her pelvic floor muscle was by gripping my shaft. I was so turned on by it I blew almost immediately! I was so blown away by her flexing her pussy that I forgot to ask about extras. Overall a pretty good punt. Only downside was that she smelled really badly of smoke. Unfortunately an all too common problem for ladies in this industry.

    Private shower was available in the room. She took a shower afterwards as well which is always good to see.

  95. Hadmyfareshare says:

    She no longer works there 🙁

  96. David Brain says:

    Clowns. Giving you’re private email?

  97. Hadmyfareshare says:

    Sounds good Ryan, hold old is she & when’s she avail?

  98. Hadmyfareshare says:

    Anyone half decent male want to have a straight 3some with this girl? She goes off

  99. Mr X says:

    hi folks. went to this place on the weekend and i was lucky enough to pick this wild aussie kitten out of a bunch of mostly asian ladies. amy was around 23 yrs old, has some tattoos and a bit of a pot belly. med ht with blonde hair and avg set of tits. her face is quite nice but the best thing is her enthusiasm. she loves her job and she loves sex. once she gets down to business she’ll surely suck the life and semen out of you. i felt like a pornstar from the get go all the way to the end. a bit of husky voice but all in all a great root!


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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair