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55 Bridge Street Rydalmere NSW 2116

P: 9898 1788

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  1. Big Slick says:

    ANyone up for a DVP or DAP here this weekend or next week?

    • Bill says:

      Which girl do you want to do on Sunday?

      • Big Slack says:

        Few good options. I don’t mind. What time is good for you?

    • Taylor says:

      I am interested. It sounds a lot of fun.

  2. Mister Whippy says:

    I went there a couple of weeks ago. Booked Vicky. You probably know of her, she’s a stockyTaiwanese MILF famous for offering all services: not only BBFS/CIP, also BBA/CIA, CIM etc. And she’s enthusiastic with a lovely personality.

    So I turned up and got… well not “Vicky” but someone else: a Chinese GILF, a bit tubby, flat chested but a pretty face. In other words… perfect! So I decided not to ask questions and give it a try.

    Started with some cuddling. GILF Vicky is an enthusiastic kisser. Enthusiastic with everything actually. Without being asked she shuffled up and sat on my face. “You lick OK?”. Yes ma’am!

    A fair bit of FOAMing but I don’t mind, I like the sound effects too.

    She gave a great BBBJ with plenty of ball sucking and licking. Then 69, then she turned around and climbed on top.

    She gave me an eager ride, plenty of encouragement, and it wasn’t long until I blew. As she climbed off my ‘pie started dripping out over my thigh, she hastily grabbed tissues and we both laughed.

    Both cleaned up, she came back for a cuddle and massage, which was very good.

    It was getting close to the end of our hour session & she asked me if I wanted another shot. I’m normally only good for one but we were cuddling and she pointed out that I was poking into her, lol. So I decided why not? Went down a bit then I went on top this time. It was great but I didn’t reach the finish line again, still very nice.

    Gave her a tip and she seemed genuinely appreciative.

    So she wasn’t the previous Vicky but she was great, gave the excellent kind of service you normally get from no.55. I’ll be back!

  3. Mick says:

    Planning a visit to yokos on Sunday
    Who’s good to see nowadays haven’t been in a long time

  4. Happy man says:

    Open again newly renovated rooms. Same old fashioned service bbfs $70 half hour. Older ladies but for service and price they can’t be beat.

  5. dipstar says:

    Does anyone know the roster here these days? Or who is good at the moment?

    • Razza says:

      Would love to know which girls are working still privately

      • Fred says:

        Hi Razza,

        Don’t know who Ian still working privately from Rydalmere 12, but check your local,newspaper for massage and adult services in the classifieds in the back. There are still women working.

        However you’d be fucking mad to see one. And she’d be fucking mad to keep seeing clients.

    • Bill says:

      Does anyone have a contact number for Yuyu

  6. John says:

    I’ll be going here this Saturday 25/01/2020.
    Anyone interested in a MMF? I’ll be waiting in the car park between 9:30- 9:40am, if no one shows, I’ll have a 1 on 1 with whoever is available. If there are any questions,message here.

    • Adzi says:

      How much is there rate? Do they do anal

    • Dave says:

      Hi yes I’m keen

    • Richard says:

      im willing to try something different let me know when to catch up

    • Razza says:

      Hey john who’s good to see on Sunday planning to go there this weekend and what service they provide

    • Ron says:

      Witch girl is good for a mmf on Thursday night

      • RiskyBusiness says:

        Are you free on Sunday? Totally up for an MMF.

        • Razza says:

          What girl do you want to go with on Sunday and what time do you want to meet
          Maybe yuyu but not sure if she would go for a mmf

    • Razza says:

      Hi John
      Are you available tomorrow night after 6pm

      • John says:

        How about this Saturday?

        • Razza says:

          Sounds good preferably afternoon or evening

  7. Michael says:

    Hi all. Does anyone know the roster and who works on a Thursday here? Thanks

  8. Nik says:

    I Went with Selina on Sunday at Yoko 55 bridge st.
    Good BBJ and nice fuck. Worth your money.

    • Cubz says:

      Is she young or mature age?
      What service does she provide?

    • Razza says:

      Hey Nik ever been with yuyu and what service does she do

      • Nik says:

        No. Doeant like her. But you can choose jojo.

  9. Jim says:

    Any recommendations as I’ll be going this Sunday?

    • Ryan says:

      If you are interested in a threesome with japanese girl and thai guy . Very sexy and you won’t be disappointed try ringing 0434584243. They are in parramatta

      • Real.deal7.5 says:

        Called her, said not interested! Wtf…
        where snouts in parra are they… if not here, can you email me

    • Greg P says:

      Hey Jim
      Try Yuyu and let me know how you go on Sunday highly recommended

  10. Bobby says:

    I went to Yoko’s last Saturday the 13.07.2019 there were 3 older WL that I only remember 1 name, “Helen” as she also works at 274 Liverpool. I chose 1 of the other 2 WL as she guaranteed very good service, no doubt as it is Yoko’s. After I showered she started with a sloppy wet deep BBBJ and ball sucking one of the best, I was enjoying that for around 20min then I could feel my orgasm arising, at that point I put her on her back opened her legs wide open so that her knees touched the bed then as I was about to insert my penis inside her vagina she asked ” condom or no condom”
    well I wanted to uphold Yoko’s reputation as a only BBFS brothel so I opted for no condom, I then continued to insert my penis deep inside her vagina thrusting for an additional 5mins until I ejaculated deep inside, then I slowly removed my penis for her vagina followed by a stream of my warm white semen. I then had another shower and went home. I’ll be back this Saturday for my weekly punt.

    • Nik says:

      Went with Helen on Wednesday 17 july 2019. Nice body and boobs. Good BBJ and nice fuck.

    • John says:

      Sounds like you were with Vicky. A lovely lady who enjoys sucking cocks.

  11. Cubz says:

    Anyone been here lately who are the girls to see

    • John says:

      Vicky on Monday’s and Saturday’s. She always gives 100% and she enjoys making her customers happy. I am a long time customer. DFK. BBBJ. BBFS. CIM. CIP. She always keeps me hard from start to finish.

  12. John says:

    Has everyone been with Vicky on Monday’s or Saturday’s?

    • John says:

      Sorry I meant to say has anyone been with Vicky.

    • Ryan says:

      Is anyone interested in having a gangbang with a very sexy asian chick. Great tits and fully shaven pussy. Prefers older men. She is in parramatta. Private situation. Loves sucking cock. Strictly hetero. If interested email me on ryancooper55555@mail.com

  13. TJ High says:

    Few weeks ago I ended up at Yoko’s in the afternoon. No one was in the car park, Mamma Sen told me that only one WL was available and she wanted to settle time and money straight away. I wasn’t going to settle for it and I asked if I could see who it was. Eling came with a smile and seemed very eager to please. She looked ok. When I asked if she could do deep throat she said no problem. So I agreed to 30min with her.

    Into the shower and out to bed. She came and undressed, disappointed with her breast, it was small and operated on – removed add ons. She went straight to business, licking and sucking my balls. She did a brief rimming and back to balls. Eventually to the dick. The BBBJ was unreal, she would have made me come in 3 min. Got her to slow it and go between the balls and dick. There was lot of tongue action and different motions. Deep throat was normal dick inside mouth. BBBJ went on for 10 min and then she said fucky fucky. I asked her to continue the BBBJ and she said something back that sounded like Chinese swear. She continued with a few smiles and I kept on enjoying it. She kept on bringing me to the point of explosion, and I would ask her to suck my balls. That is when she gave the best ball sucking I have ever had. Gripping it with her hand and pulling it to the point of popping and then sucking it. That was so good that when her mouth got to my cock I was about to come just from the feeling I was getting from the balls. After another 10 min I had to stop her and take a break. I thought if I continue I would come so I opted for a fuck although I would have been happy with coming in her mouth.

    She gargled her mouth and sucked me again to harden me. She had the dom on the side of the bed, once I was hard she said fucky with dom or without! I was surprised as I wasn’t expecting it. I said with dom. She put it on, lubed and we started with mis. Changed to doggie and on we went. She was able to make her pussy very tight and each stoke brought me closer to the end. I wanted her to suck me off but by the time I wanted to stop it was too late. I came in the dom.

    Time was almost up so I washed up and she left the room with a bye and smile.

  14. johnob says:

    Does anyone know the current roster for Yokos?

  15. Cubz says:

    Who are the girls to see here nowadays, any decent lookers?
    Been a while since visiting this place.
    Besides Sala who else takes it up the rear?

  16. Jack says:

    Saw Lucy last Monday, long sloppy bbbj then dommed up and finished doggy stlye.
    Pussy is still in great shape not stretched like some others.

  17. Massive Masood says:

    All the ladies are Chinese MILFS but there are a couple here that are good looking. All will give BBBJ and BBFS for nothing extra, one or two do Greek as well. Best lady is Lulu, very slim and sexy. Helen is very good too, except her breath smells of smokes. But gives good BBBJ and BBFS. Ages range from mid 40’s to 60. Cheapest price in town at $60 half hour for everything.

    • Pal says:

      Massive? What ya got a huge gut, have you? Peanut brain. Betcha your cock matches your brain. Hope you all get the clap or HIV or whatever.

    • Big Lebo Gherkin says:

      I agree with ya, bro. Every slut I’ve seen here has given me BBBJ & BBFS. Over da years have had about a dozen chicks give me anal at no extra cost

    • wartboy says:

      Massive Masood you are Massive Liar its been $65 for over a year. clearly you havent been here for a very long time, bullshit report

    • RZ Apprentice says:

      How about you post an honest account of your experience with an WL at this establishment. Like… when Helen whispered into your ear “Hello, come with me” and then you proceeded to blow your pathetic little load on the spot in the waiting area. Helen told me that you wanted to pay for a tight ass 30 mins although due to taking 30 mins to build a boner, you were charged 60 mins.

    • Lebo Cucumber says:

      If you want a real filthy double fuck, pick Michelle & Sala. BB & anal. One of da best 3sums i ever done

    • Jake says:

      Lulu used to be my favourite too at this joint years ago. She was as you say, very slim and very attractive.
      I don’t believe she works here any longer though and probably hasn’t for a while. No idea if she still works in the industry?

  18. Cubz says:

    Hey guys plan on going tonight (Thursday)
    Which girls are good for doubles? Really keen as it’s been years since I’ve done it

    • Der FagFuhrer says:

      saw yoyo yesterday new girl no english tall 5′ 9″ nice figure firm small boobs, about 30yo lovely. good head enjoyed very much

      • Cubz says:

        Does she do bbfs?

        • Der FagFuhrer says:

          yep good ole yokos service. fingers crossed that incurable clap isnt doing the rounds yet, on the way out passed a punter coming in that smelt BAD! poor girls.

      • Rick says:

        Is yoyo still there would really like to see her and what days

    • Anthony says:

      Michelle and Sala.
      Sala takes it up the Tan Track.

      • Der FagFuhrer says:

        fuck you must be tiny, im too big for michelles pussy, never get anal anywhere, but why would you want anal anyway? thats for fags

        • johnob says:

          When they say you are sooo big it is because you are not.

    • Anthony says:

      Never mind the FagFuhrer!
      I think he just answered his own question Dickhead!! If your after Corn Hole see Sala! Or alternatively see QQ at 142 Hornsby.

    • Bwuce says:

      Cubz. Quite a few of da girls here do anal for no extra charge

      • Cubz says:

        Bwuce, who are the girls that do it? All I know is Sala that does it in that place.

  19. TJ High says:

    Went there few weeks back at about 5.30pm. Asked for Michelle. Mamasen gave me a towel and asked me to shower. I showered and sat on the bed for few min before Michelle came in with a smile. I lay on bed and she undressed. She is almost as described but I found her breast firm. I told her I read reviews about her and want her. She started with DFK and then cat bath all the way to my dick while she was on my side. I played with her pussy and breast. I told her I like sucking balls. She moved between my legs. She sucked for 5 min and gently touched my cock. I told her do rimming and she alternated between sucking my balls and rimming for another 5 min, that was awesome. then she licked my shaft and onto my cock bbj. I told her to take it easy if not I will come. She was very gentle. I then told her I wanted to try prostate massage, she took a condom and started massaging while sucking ball and cock. I didn’t find the prostate massage as erotic as I had imagined so after about few min I asked her to stop and just suck me. She kept on sucking my balls and sucking/licking the cock until I came, I dripped some on me and when she saw me come she took the whole cock in her mouth. The other half I came in her mouth. She worked hard and I was totally satisfied.

    • etcetera says:

      Well all I can say to this report is BULLSHiT

      • Herpes says:

        thats an accurate report, michelle prefers doing blow jobs because she has a small pussy and doesnt like big cocks. and she is very service oriented

        • etcetera says:

          TJ High / Low or Herpes or whatever… this is a BULLSHIT report.
          Be bloody factual.- she doesn’t do what you say she does – you are lying !! cut the crap fantasy man.

  20. Adamx says:

    Since no one replied i went to try myself and my god what a waste Coco terrible from the moment i walked in she was uninterested. As my previous comments i thought she always gave a shitty look and i was right. blow job was ok nothing special and the sex was just shit like i looked up and she was like “yeah yeah” “oh baby” like i was more pissed off than anything i mean you chose this line of work to be in a brothel and you should be aiming to get customers back repeatedly not fuck around like you dont care and waste peoples money sorry sounds like a rant but it was a waste of a afternoon. My advise dont pick coco even if the manager insists have seen julie which she is always good lulu was a new one saw a glance she looked in her 30’s but don’t know about her at least u guys know now dont get coco if yous think im just lying mate go try and see for yourself you’ll be pissed off too. Also she coughed alot like she had phlem so i used alot of disinfectant on my penis after the one u use on your hands 🙂

    • Grant says:

      Hey Adamx , Coco done the same shit to me , I was pissed bad as well.
      I am over these whores , not going back , a waste of money , she made me feel like I am desperate , and it worked , but she’s the whore.
      Over it.

      • Alf says:

        Listen AdamX & Grant.
        Face facts… they are only interested in your money… nothing else. They probably hate you (punters) as well.
        They have been fucked so many times, that sex to them is an uninteresting chore and they want it over quickly. In there mind as they lay there they are thinking new handbag, shoes, dress, food on table for the kids, holiday etc.
        And pay attention to this you guys: you ARE desperados for going to a WL. Not nice calling them whores.They are just trying to make their way in life and circumstances are they may have to do this unsavoury work, to service deadshits, desperates, that don’t wash, have smelly arseholes and treat them as shit.. you are just as bad as they are. What’s good for the goose etc.
        Don’t like the treatment. Then don’t go. Save your money – runs into thousands you know – have nice o/s holidays. Just play with yourself. Costs nothing and just about as good without the risk of disease. Do your sums as to what you are paying for a couple of squirts. It may surprise you how much dough you are wasting.

        • Slamming Micro Prick says:

          Alf, not all punters treat working ladies poorly, and as for being a waste of money its all relative to how much money one has. $2 to a pensioner might be alot. $200 to a property developer might be peanuts. So you see, the working lady has a good day when the loaded guy comes in and treats them well to boot. has a shit day when Pal the centerlink bludger comes in and gets angry because he cant afford the bus home now he blew his dole payment on a ‘Whore”

          • Alf says:

            You have a point slammin whatever.
            Yes, it is relative. But they all can’t be like pal. So many complain.
            But I did quote those two characters that were far from satisfied.
            I personally don’t think what they are charging is worth the effort.Much prefer a decent relaxing massage at 1/4 the price. Horses for courses.
            If people want to indulge , so be it.
            Look lets face it, it gets a bit monotonous when the girls are obviously acting poorly.

      • Desperado says:

        Gee Alf, the WLs always enjoy every orgasm. As the saying goes: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAD ORGASM.
        Maybe it is possible that you are unable to give a woman an orgasm. This may be due to a lack of expertise & experience, ineptness & the fact that your pencil dick doesnt touch the sides. LMAO
        HA HA HA HA HA

  21. Adamx says:

    Hey guys gonna head down here today anyone new on Sundays have had julie and lucy before but havent gone in a while anyone new to try on Sundays ?

  22. Thickload says:

    Hi all. Planning on heading here on a Sunday coming up. Anyone know who works Sundays and the best to see? Thanks in advance

    • Ninja Goemon says:

      Lucy my friend. Does rimming. Wonderful BBBJ anf BBFS. Anal anal and CIP too.

      • Cute Little Sausage says:

        You’re obsessed with assholes, you arsehole.
        All BULLSHIT!

  23. Cubz says:

    Anyone tried a WL name suni or soni?
    How’s her service and looks?

  24. Annoyed says:

    I saw Mimi (Julie’s sister) a few weeks back. She’s actually known as Linda now, so that’s why nobody seems to know who the hell I’m talking about when I call. Not to put too fine a point on it, whoever said she is the best looking at Yoko’s is clearly visually impaired. Compared to Emily and Koni, she’s way down the list. Saggy breasts, flabby c-section tummy and halitosis. Not the best guys.

  25. pride says:

    saw sala recently she is a clockwatcher, decent bbbj for 2 min ten wants to go for sex. all covered and when asked for anal she just said no. finished in 20 min when i paid for 30. Waste of money , there are better gems here. shall avoid her in future

  26. pride says:

    Who is the best to see for bbfs cip on saturday?

  27. Hard says:

    been seeing an old favorite of mine here lately. suni you can find her here couple of days a week, love a cheap dirty slut like suni, she saves up her piss for me then i drink it all down straight from her pussy, always follow this up with a BBFS fuck and CIP

  28. Jackson says:

    Hello punters. Who’s the best pick here on Saturdays?

  29. myuhavebigone says:

    visited last Thursday as was working at Parramatta and had read the posts. Asked to see the girls first but only one available after I asked for a double. Met Sala – not really as described, D cups yes, big arse and big belly, poor English. Oh well, too late now. Into the shower and came out, Sala sitting naked on the bed, two condoms already next to the pillow. Had booked 45 minutes. She started kissing my chest and rubbing the old fella. After a few minutes I moved to Daty, nice and shaved down there but after ten minutes still dry as with lots of fake moaning. No DFK, no BJ – not looking good. After 15 minutes decided to start fucking and she perks up and says you still want double – ok I say – handed over the money and down the hall she goes in a towel. She comes back with a mature Asian woman – very attractive for her age. She introduces herself as Michelle. At this point Michelle takes charge – DFK and then Sala starts as well – Michelle moves down for some BBBJ and then moves back for DFK and motions Sala to start on the old fella. Wow, this woman knows how to suck cock! After a few minutes I motion Sala to stop as I will drop my load early. I move to Daty on Michelle, she is wet and her clit is rock hard! A few minutes of this and I motion Michelle to jump on top for some cow girl action while Sala DFKs me. This is pretty good, and then I ask them to swap. Sala still not showing any signs of excitement but Michelle tastes great and she is still rock hard. Then time running out so got both on the end of the bed for doggie – pumped Sala first, the pulled out and into Michelle, then back to Sala who is very tight! Then back to Michelle – after a few minutes blew my load into Michelle! Wow, what a session – doing two girls doggie one of my fantasies. Now understand the mixed views about Sala, went from a starfish to a porn star in a few minutes, and a dud experience to a memorable event. Michelle is fantastic – good fun, enthusiastic and a very handsome woman. Collapsed on the bed spent – Sala went into the shower while Michelle left the room to clean up. As I sat up noticed the two condoms still sitting next to the pillow – sometimes things happen and you have to go with the flow

  30. Retroron says:

    Saw Angela today. Bbbj and bbfs. Was on a bit chubby side. Nice service and very polite…. Excellent massage to finish things off….

  31. Roy says:

    I know all the Wls are mature in here but who is a bit younger with great look compared to others??

  32. Annoyed says:

    Saw a pretty young lass called Koni about 2 weeks ago on a Friday. Yoko touted her as young and slim. When she was introduced, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was indeed quite young (mid thirties), slim and pretty. I’d put her on par with Emily. Definitely a notch above most of the other ladies working here.

    All services were bare, and she asked me to come outside. Her tight body had me so excited while she was riding me in cowgirl and I was busy sucking her beautiful perky nipples, that I only just managed to tell her I was coming before the man sauce started boiling up. She did not move as quickly as I expected and I’m fairly certain the first volley was inside her.

    All in all a great looking girl that I’d definitely see again. Pity she has not been on the roster since then. In fact, nobody apart from Yoko seem to recognise her name.

  33. Dan says:

    Which WL is the most well maintained physically/looks over here at 55?
    I’ve seen Lucy once here before just curious from other punters visits

  34. roving zucchini says:

    A foot note to the last comment
    In my spare time I get my arse ready and primed for the lady boys and and homosexual encounters
    By going to the grocer and buying my favourite vegetable
    Of course the biggest zucchini I can find and shoved it up the black hole
    Are it feels good
    Cheers RZ

  35. queer queen says:

    roving zucchini , lets get together for a three way with a T-girl

  36. Jhon says:

    Hey Guys,
    I want go tomorrow. Please help me to find a girl for anal. This is my first time. How much time I should book for??? 30 mins or 60 mins?? Does they allow for multiple ejaculation?? Which girl will be best for me tomorrow???

    Advance thanks…..

  37. PUNTER says:

    Does anyone know if Jennifer still works here? Thanks!

  38. Risky Business says:

    Looking for BBFS today, do any of the Sunday girls offer this. My usuals aren’t on today.

  39. Franklin says:

    Does any of the Wls in here do anal?

  40. Nik says:

    Today i have spent time with Emily. Really nice experience. She gave me really warm welcome. She provides BBJs, DFK, if you want you can go for BBFs. She knows how to please a man. Really good sucker. If i want to choose someone for Friday then Emily will be my choice for sure.

  41. AK47 says:

    Anyone been here recently?? Reviews please

  42. Jaye says:

    Hey guys! I’m new to punting.
    Been reading this forum it’s a great read, few girls name keep popping up.
    If u could give a quick run down on those ladies would be much appreciated.
    Seems to be no current reviews on them.

    I had a very unpleasant experience first time I went here. Saw WL called CECE huge manly women. I felt so bad after, I need to learn to say NO.
    I’m willing to give this place another shot. Just need to decide who to see, hope you guys experiences here can help me decide. Looking for small body type.
    Quick run down on these girls would be great or any others!
    – Jennifer
    – Michelle
    – Lisa
    – Lucy
    – Linda
    – Julie

    Thanks in advance!

  43. Nik says:

    Went to Julie today Had a really good time. She is about 40 but the service is amazing.

  44. Nik says:

    Had a session with Lucy. Nice service I had a BBJ and nice see session. Definitely go again.

  45. RiskyBusiness says:

    Hey guys, looking at going today, have seen Michelle, Lucy and Jessica lately, all great service, but they aren’t in today. Does Julie usually provide BBFS?

  46. noheart says:

    Does anyone there do anal?

  47. Adamx says:

    Has anyone been with Liliy or Sala Recently what are there services like ? Thanks

  48. RiskyBusiness says:

    Went and saw Michelle on Thursday. Looks are a little on the lacking side, but her service, OMG. She knows how to work you, get you so ready, so you can’t wait any longer to bend her over. Really impressed with her English skills too as I was able to tell her what I wanted without misunderstanding. Highly recommended for service.

  49. Adamx says:

    So I decided to go down today to try someone new since there are hardly no review on tina or coco thought id give one of em a try. Asked the manager to see them first and ended up choosing tina. Average service she has a hairy pussy was constantly wet though she did get turned on the way i was eating her out though other than that she was just a regular fuck nothing special. Oh and coco gave the impression of snobby when i saw her so Id love to her a review on her

  50. Adamx says:

    Wanna head down to this place today rang up and asked who was there Sala, Michelle and Yuyu. Ive been with Michelle before want to try someone new anyone been with Yuyu or Sala ? What are they like

  51. Fairmont says:

    Stayed with Jennifer for the first time as Michelle was busy, bbfs, cip light kissing but a bit boring to be with. If you are just after some sex and need to unwind fine but that would be it. I would choose someone else next time.

  52. Asianpussyluva says:

    Hi all. I’m going here tomorrow (Wednesday) and would like to ask your opinions on who is working and the best to see for cip? Thanks.

  53. Christopher says:

    Any recent reviews on Tina or Coco who work on Sundays ??

  54. AsianLovingJ says:

    Does anyone have any concerns about diseases here ?

    BBFS, CIP & CIA are normally high risk activities…

    That being said, who can you recommend for a sunday night ?

  55. RiskyBusiness says:

    Hey guys, looking at going down tonight. Who’s the best on tonight for CIP, and if I was to do a double with the same service as above, who would I choose.

  56. RiskyBusiness says:

    Anyone know if Lucy or Jessica is working tonight?

  57. Davo says:

    Hey Nakidninja. I would say you also left with a dose of every disease known to man. Good luck!

  58. NakidNinja says:

    Went in on Saturday, booked for Lucy. My second time with her.
    She is approx mid 30’s (hardtotellwkth asians), with hazel eyes, ok body.
    Goodtits, Great pussy, She has hair on the vulva then, but it stops where her puss begins… its like a small slit pussy.
    i started with dfk, going down to servicing her puss n ass. she has a weird way of orgasming, like a japanese schoolgirl giggle, its kinda offputting to me, but she tasted nice. i grabbed my rod and lightly put half inside her. i shook it inside her to see if she likes that… but i liked it even more, i took it out and came all over her pussy. white thick goo all over her pussy lips, so i help her get a real good orgasm by rubbing my cum all over her clit n puss. doing it faster n faster, now i saw her orgasm hard, she expelled a bit of white cum herself, i quickly licked this up and tongue kissed her. we then went into mish, thrusting hard n fast. after some time, she wanted to wash up, so we both had a quick wash, come back and now into doggie. slapping my balls hard against her, getting my bbc deep inside her. i them cum deep inside her pus. we rest for 5. then fella hard again, so she goes into ball licking and sucking, then to putting her small mouth around my bbc and sucking. good bbbj. only had 5 or so mins left, so i put her in mish and inserted my bc hard and fast until i came inside again.
    a great saturday start, came out completely relaxed and went home a happy chappy.

  59. david says:

    Do i get to see all girl first or do u just send randomly. I dont like old ladies

  60. david says:

    Pai pai do u have picture of any girls 7 cowper also gives very good customer service and they shows all real pictures. I usually go there but u r close to my home.
    anyone fucks with no condom?

    Whats ur youngest girl and her pic?

  61. almac says:

    saw jennifer , small woman about 40yo maybe under 5ft tall. slim being a small woman could only fit my knob in her mouth. good fuck in mish bbfs cip. followed by a good massage. recommend

  62. keen says:

    Who is the best to see for bbfs cip on saturday?

  63. Coco Jamboo says:

    Hey punters, not much written about Tina on these posts. She has been around for a while it seems and works Sundays. Madam says she is a size 10 and busty. Anyone tried her recently and how does she compare with Julie or Emily/

  64. AsianPussyLuva says:

    Hi all. I’m planning on going here on Monday and would like to ask who’s the best to see for bbfs, cip? Thanks.

  65. Chevy says:

    Has anyone been with Coco before? went in last week and saw her pass by the room looked cute anyone know what her services are like?

  66. julayi says:

    hi guys
    any review on salla and sony, what is their service, do they provide bbj, is it worth giving them a try

  67. darren says:

    Folks dropped in the other night to see how things are going here. Someone tells me they done some renos a bit of new lino and some paint here and there other than that nothing has changed much. One thing is that it still stinks ol Prince is spot on smells like a hundred smelly feet. Too scared to put me clothes down for fear of them stinking and people thinking im a smelly dog. Kept the can of deodorant in the car and sprayed a stack of it so the clothes and the limo wouldnt stink either! Any way onto the lady she was Alice not a bad body on her late forties id say ok face. Shower onto smelly bed for a ok heady then i flipped her over and give her one hell of a drillin. She will only take the wand in her honeypot with a party hat on. She does have a nice arse for her age a lot better than some of the other ones here.The problem is it just stinks here. Kind of like a house that has dogs in it it will take a long time to get the pong out Its cheap but i just dont know if my nose can handle another go here.

  68. RiskyBusiness says:

    Hey guys. It’s been a while, but one night I went here I got a random girl. Honestly I found her unattractive, and I was quite unhappy at first. But down to business her bbbj was just incredible. She offered me bb anal but I was a little startled and I declined. Anyone know who this is, or who else will do bb anal?


  69. Chris says:

    Anyone can tell me how are the services of Coco and Lily??

  70. almac says:

    saw sala today, the place was busy car park full, yoko told me to come back later but told her i wanted to wait inside so waited in the douch room, 1st door on the right where the WLs douch their love holes after cip. yoko was in a flap, she doesnt like it when 10 customers buzz the door in the space of 15mins. anyway didnt have to wait too long at all because most of the customers didnt wait. so 20mins after arriving saw sala. she looked like a robot today, cant blame her with the place being so busy. she was on auto pilot to begin with , the foam started and fake moans started before we even touched. but salal is i nice woman, treat her with respect and she will treat you well. made some small talk , after a few mins she relaxed and spoiled me to a good bbbj , cowgirl, mish and an extended massage. as busy as the place was i was expecting the bums rush at the 20min mark, but she gave me overtime massage. be nice and she will return the good will.

  71. RiskyBusiness says:

    Hi. I saw a woman on Tuesday that is quite tall, and does a great cip. All I really know is that she only works Tuesday and Saturday. Anyone know who she is?

  72. Hope says:

    I just moved into the area and I’m going to give yokos a try, I’m only free on Mondays & Tuesdays. Any regulars with recommendations for those two days. I’ve seen some of the older posts about Lisa on monday. Anyone have an opinion on her/others?

    Thanks in advance.

  73. James says:

    Hello, I was just wondering will Michelle still give me bbbj and cim even though I have a lot of pubic hair? Thanks !

  74. James says:

    Hello, will they still give me bbbj and cim even though I have s love of pubic hair? Thanks !

  75. Andy says:

    So which girls offer bbbj? And which girls offer cim?

  76. Andy says:

    Hey, where can I find a picture or Michelle’s body? I wanna see how she looks before I come in. Thanks !

  77. Sag says:

    Hello, what days and what times is Michelle working? And what does she offer?

  78. AdamX says:

    Just rang up and was told Michelle was here today. Never seen her before is she worth to pay for 1 hour ?? Thanks

  79. Coco Jamboo says:


    Just to clear out the STI scare, I’ve had bbbj at this joint several times and been tested. No issues over the last year. I think the risk is greater if you decide on a bbfs. Having said that, do this at your own risk. The girls apparently get mandatory testing done and inform me they are clean on requesting. Anyone catch a bug from having bbbj only at this joint?

  80. Kedi says:

    Who is the best to visit on thursday.

  81. Pete says:

    Does 55 Rydalmere provide full intercourse service for its rate or is it more, or does it only provide oral services

  82. Zli says:

    Can here and got lucy. Gave me a BBBJ, with some rimming and then finished with CIM. Great way to start a long day.

  83. RiskyBusiness says:

    I would consider myself a regular at Rydalmere 55, however im horrible with names and have no idea who i’ve seen in the past. I play bareback but always get checked. Does anyone know if any of the girls do 2 guys at once? Looking to see if anyone is keen to do it with another guy and leave our loads in one of the girls?

  84. almac says:

    is something wrong with my last comment?

  85. Robert says:

    Too the regulars here.
    Can someone give me a recommendation for Wednesday as Iam temporarily working in this area and the West,any feedback would be appreciated,Mature lady with good service attitude.Cheers

  86. Ards says:

    Hmm.. my question i posted earlier appears to have disappeared…

    I have been to 55 Bridge a few times now, mostly good service, with only the odd occasion where i havent been 100% satisfied.

    If things have changed as Pai Pai said, does anyone know which girls are working Fridays now?
    And which girls would you recommend for a 1 hour visit?

  87. Ant says:

    Does anyone know which girls are working this Friday? any recomendations for an hour sess?
    Im thinking of heading over in the morning, but not sure who will be available…

  88. kevin says:

    can i get reviews about Julie?

  89. Rus says:

    Looking for bbbj bdfs on weekend
    Any reccomendations

  90. Ray says:

    I m wondering if they accept to lick each other pussy/ass?
    Thinking of having 3some with Lucy and Lisa on Monday. Ask them to go for 69 position. Start doing them while sticking out of the pussy and stick it in for deep throat ( with condom)

    Has anyone done this before?

  91. DD says:

    Is there any guys want do there have 3p with Tina this afternoon around 5:30pm-6pm.

  92. Daman says:

    Any recommendations if one wants to go in for a rimjob and bbbj

  93. Antz says:

    Hey john matrix,

    Did you get it from bbbj? Or bareback full service? If it was from bkowjobs only, I’m getting a little worried. Got offered full service here from one of the girls who just licked her fingers, rubbed her pussy and said just put it in. That’s when I went back up and just blew down her gullet.

    Fuck that.

  94. John Matrix says:

    Went to this place about a week and a half ago and had a double. It was awesome.
    I now have chlamydia, and I’m quite sure I didn’t have it before. Thankfully I haven’t had sex since so personally I haven’t spread it anywhere else, but if you’ve been here recently get checked.
    Treatment was easy. 2 pills, both 500mg of azithromycin, taken at the same time. No biggie, I knew what I was getting into. It was worth it, but still, get checked boys!

  95. Jk says:

    Place is shocking.

    Led into a room by a girl who I would have loved to smash. Young and something about her made her interesting.

    In walks a old lady! I undress, she starts to suck me bbbj till I’m solid. Then slips a dommy on and lays on the bed saying fuck me.
    I then jump on top Meanwhile she is now on the phone talking to a male while I’m balls deep inside her! Such a huge turnoff but I keep growing.
    3mins later she hangs up and says I suck it you cum!!!!

    Why not get me outta this place :/

    She sucks me fast and grinding hard 6/10 I cum in her mouth she then spits it everywhere all over the room YUCK!!

    Overall 3/10
    Won’t return ever

    Was rushed from the start! With her talking in the phone and rushing me fuck that!

    Only way I’ll return is if the girl who walked me into the room will have a go 🙂

  96. Jk says:

    Visiting Tuesday Arvo,

    Want bbfs and bbbj who’s the best to see?

  97. Madam Ginger says:

    Agree , Mr/Mrs Admin why don’t you block these zucchini people – can’t you set a filter – anyone who has zucchini in the name or text should be ignored, the original one and all the other ones. These zucchini people are bad for my business

  98. bad taste says:

    Enough said
    Would all you RZs and others, blatant or not, just go away or fuck off (in your own words)
    This is a forum for punting experience , not for those with small dicks and egos, the recent languages is apappalling. The nit picking, name calling is a joke.
    Enough I don’t want to read anymore crap
    Stick to positive and negative punting reviews
    Other wise what ever

  99. Pai Pai says:

    Went in on Monday and decided to see LIsa small size 8 firm breasts and a trimmed pussy, only drawback she is a smoker but apart from that she was a very passionate lady from the start ,joining me in the shower and asisted washing my privates paying special attention to my a-hole . After the shower she helped wipe me again paying attention to my anal passage , I asked what she had in mind, I lick you she said ,I have not been a big fan of rimming but decided to let her go after her preperation and I must say enjoyed her masterly tongue and she managed to get me hard as a rock. I then gave her sweet pussy a good tongue fuckin which got her nice and wet beggin for my hard cock, she jumped on bb and rode hard making sure she got the full length inside we fucked in all positions but she wanted me to cum in her mouth which I obliged and she gave an awesome blowjob. all three girls here on Mondays give great service for 65 for !/2 120 hr great value also. cheers

  100. roving zucchini says:

    After I wrote couple reviews on 105 pymble, I thought what a pleasant way to spend lazy Sunday evening and visit one of my favourite ladies Lucy at another establishment, I sms her to see if she was available, reply yes, quick drive to shop, greeted by the receptionist, paid the funds and into the room, where Lucy enter as I just finished shower. No need full details as her and I go way back and our encounter is always intense and pleasurable, cheers the original RZ

  101. fairmont says:

    Stayed half hour with Michelle today, she responds well to been touched gently and loves to kiss with a little DFK, onto the bed for some nice BBBJ, after about 10 mins I pull her up towards me and she jumps on top bareback, 10 mins later I finished up inside her. $65 well spent.

  102. DD says:

    has any one try double with wither Lisa, Lucy or/and Julie.

  103. James says:

    If anyone is up for arranging a 3some, 4some or gangbang then message me at jamesj0099@gmail.com

  104. DD says:

    lets do a comparison of Lucy, Lisa and Julie at Rydalmere 55 to Lulu and Monica at Canterbury 269. List what they do and what the are good at.

  105. Coco Jamboo says:

    Rocked up yesterday evening and tried Lucy for the first time after reading good reviews here. Boy oh boy – she gave good head and it was so good I think 75 percent of my 1 hour booking she spent with my cock in her mouth. She loves to slobber, lick balls, pretty much clean your pole out. Enjoyed cim to finish. Experience without the condom is great but just wondering if you regular folks have ever caught something serious? These ladies seem to take care of themselves.

  106. darren says:

    YES folks primed and ready to go out and dump a load. Not sure where heard this place has shut shop so il find out later, Good to see the reviews still going on all the good wons and a stack of bad ones.Lucy here at this place will lick your starfish like theirs no tomorrow, shes no oil painting but while she got her head buried in your groin she could be MIranda Kerr. Ok folks im jumping in the cot i will report back later on what Gem i found. I should be pretty wound up if the girls are surfing at manly in their little bikini bottoms LOOK out!!!!!!!!

  107. darrev says:

    Hi folks im back!!!!!!! Look out parlours!

  108. fpunter says:

    Does one get to choose whos available or just assigned the next WL off the rank?
    Cheers and thanks

  109. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, had a wonderful session with Lucy last Saturday, I am a fan of mature ladies and Lucy is on top of my list. I have being seeing for many years, many years, either here and artarmon, the service is quality, she loves a good fuck, suck, daty and bbbj, bbfs, overall experience is awesome, and always walked away satisfied,
    Please treat all women with respect,
    Cheers RZ

  110. robert santolin says:

    I saw Lisa today, I went to see Julie but I did not book and Julie was busy. When Lisa walked in I could not believe my eyes, Lisa is a pretty girl, 160ish tall girl, B size breasts, nice figure and is 35 years of age. Lisa likes to light DFK likes her nipples being sucked gently but also likes to be in control.
    Nice girl who I will spend an hour plus with next time.

  111. Andrew says:

    Who should I go see if I want to go on the weekends ?

  112. Arthur says:

    First time here can someone recommend who to see on the weekends ?


  113. Mark says:

    So whos the best here ? Lisa, Michelle, Emily or Julie ?

  114. Cesaro says:

    Hi – looking for any info on girls here who would offer anal? Can anyone give me some recommendations?

  115. Pai Pai says:

    The lady U are after is LISA on Mondays,

  116. Fairmont16 says:

    I saw Michelle last Thursday afternoon, laid on the bed and straight into DFK, I then started to play and lick her pussy. Michelle got wet and super horny, no BBBJ today she jumped on top and put my cock in bareback. Michelle was super horny and came quickly, I followed not long after and left a large amount of cum inside her. Then a nice message. I will be back. I also saw Mina at 212 queen street st Mary’s that morning, review in that shop location.

  117. john says:

    Thanks Pai Pai

  118. john says:

    Julie my mistake i keep saying judy haha

  119. Prince of Palours says:

    hi dudes and anyone else
    please hear me on this place went there the other night and the old boiler on the door only to happy to take my money, said she had big busty one when i went into the room the old dear came in and she was not busty she took my $$ then started going on I could not care less about $ walked out , now if it was a case of me being fussy so on but this place is really bad it smells like a hundred smelly feet and the showers are a tinea reunion , not to mention the steal your money and run stay clear and to the owner I told you I would be making a bad comment here next time dont shit on me by not giving me a refund , if I am good enough to come and use your dump then be good enough to refund when i ask

  120. christian says:

    anyone tried Angela or Sophie ?

  121. Jattan says:

    How is this place recently any good? if you like older Asian Women ?

  122. Fairmont16 says:

    Hi admin, why was my post removed?

  123. fairmont16 says:

    I stayed with Lucy today, middle 40’s decent tits, Lucy likes to dfk and gets straight down to business, a bit of foreplay she enjoyed having her tits sucked gently then into bbbj.
    After about 10 mins I pulled Lucy up towards me she said sex now, I said yes, she jumped on my cock bareback and it felt great, she was a little tight. 5mins later I unloaded inside her and then Lucy slowly kept riding me it felt great and kept me hard.
    I will be back for more.

  124. Micheal says:

    Saw Emily today. Not bad looking, probably early forties. We started off with a bbbj which wasent that grt. We moved to 69 position, she has a nice arse, grt to look at while she sucked me off. Told her I wanted sex, she straddled my cock bareback in reverse cowgirl. Loved looking at her arse while she rode me. We moved to cowgirl and were in this position for about 15 minutes. She has nice breasts that were good to fondle. We finished in missionary and she asked me to pull out before I came. Ended with a massage which was average. Overall performance was average. She is very mechanical, didn’t do much kissing. I paid for an hour and only got 50 minutes. Don’t know if I will be back to see her, though she is good looking with awsome C cup tits and nice arse. I miss Heidi and Amy. They were def the best wl’s that place has had

  125. Pai Pai says:

    I used to fuck Heidi here one of the best ever does anyone know where she is working now????/

  126. Hope says:

    Anyone been here lately? Recommendations for any ladies here?

  127. jason says:

    i had rash all over my body after went here
    dont go

  128. SHAGGA says:

    Hello pplz
    Been quiet waiting for new girls but same ol punanni
    At these places went here sat morning yes had the
    Morning glory 1 st customer 3 girls couldn’t choose but got
    Tina a lil a on the fat size nice swollen Nipples
    Had a shower un loaded on her just unleashed on her
    Bj was average kept liken the backdoor lol
    Sex was ok
    Can’t complain if I had any complaint
    As u know this place fuckin reakes like moisture like something died

  129. Cubz says:

    Any decent looking girls here lately, I’ve seen Heidi few times, but want to try a different girl this time.
    Any recommendations guys?
    Will be going later tonight.

  130. darren says:

    Firstly folks welcome back ADMIN hes been on the case of the Angry Tranny thank fuck for that we have all heard too much from it. Feeling horny and very silly so i visited this place again on friday night. I know i shouldnt of but i did given the choice of Kugi. She was ugly fat i know i need my head read. Showered layed on bed for not bad polish star fish lick then she rode the party pole and i said how bout i dump my load down your throat. She agreed and the man sauce flowed. Look she didnt look great late 30s asian cross maori lookin big thighs bad head if i didnt have a few schooners under my shorts i would have walked.Davo the gun is going back into the holster for a short period of time just to reload and plot my next venue. Folks keep up the good work steer clear of being SHAFTED! way too much of that going on at these places!

  131. Joe says:

    Anyone been here of late? Stories…. Bbfs still on offer, who’s the one to see?

    Cheers boys

  132. offroader says:

    Hi guys
    Thinking of going here on Monday any recommendations of girls to see and what to get from them?

  133. wicksey says:

    Balled Heidi last weekend, she was was horny as hell, great value

  134. darren says:

    Folks im back feeling healthy and ready to dump a few more loads. And thats exactly what i did here today with Tina dressed in a wonder woman costume she was no Linda Carter her sagging gut tits flabby arse werent the greatest i dont know what i was thinking! Average heady didnt take as much as she could have half hearted pouch suck overall was not very exciting. She is scratched off the list i think its time to pay a shade more for better looking merchandise.And folks leave AWARE alone hes just old an seen a whole lot more than us young ones hes geniune if he wasnt 77 and 37 i think he would understand a little more after a hard stinking crap week in this shit town these days a few beers and a good fuck is what you need to wind down its tough out there and thats all we got! .

  135. Uminaman says:

    After reading your excellent blog, I would love to meet Michelle. Does she still work here?

  136. Jonathon says:

    Dropped in here last weekend based on the feedback from this site. Basic place in a quiet industrial location (well it is on the weekends at least) and was greeted by a friendly older woman.

    Didn’t catch the name of the ‘girl’ that was sent thru but for $60 for 30 mins she seemed reasonable value with a good set of tits for her age (must have been late 30’s). After a quick shower she started with a wet and willing bbbj looking to take as much meat down the throat. She didn’t ignore the balls and also started to lick around the back door as well.

    After getting covered we moved to some missionary and cowgirl fun although I must admit this was some pretty average sex. After trying to swap around a couple of other positions i suggested that she just continued with some oral. After whipping of the condom she started to suck with all her might, trying so very hard to extract whatever man sauce was being kept in those balls she was massaging in her right hand.

    No more than two minutes later I could feel that I was about to explode so I did the gentlemanly thing a warned her I was going to blow. To her credit she then went deeper and harder pushing me to the point of no return and let me blow my thick wad straight into her willing mouth.

    Based on that brief account, I can see myself spending a lot mor time at Yoko’s.

  137. Gavin says:

    Good thing ladies are old but worth the money $60 half hour and bbbj and if u say bbfs
    Will go there again
    And that’s the cheepest

  138. Mister X says:

    I’m not sure to be honest. If I had to guess, I’d say Chinese. Lucy is nudging 40, but has a slim body and smaller breasts. She gives the usual excellent value service that Yoko’s is famous for.

  139. Pornstar says:

    Guys, 1 / 72-80 Percival Road Smithfield. A lady called Amy, works on Sunday, is probably the best root you will ever have.

  140. darren says:

    Folks it may of been wet outside but let me tell you it was just as wet inside. Seen Lucy today she licked my crotch silly. Sucked the pouch and the wand give the exit door a slurping like there was no tommorow! She got a little bit of a belly on her late thirties over all not to shabby.Bareback is on offer if you want you can dump your load down her throat if you need and if you are tiny u get anal which ruled me out. You know the deal with this place the decor is not much and the ladies not glamours but for your $60 for 30mins you are getting your rocks off! AAAAHHHHHHH!
    and Shagga carved his name into the bedhead here was Shagga 1/13 LOL

  141. Stan says:

    Went on Wednesday,saw Cassie.Very good service and she is very horny lady and it was worth the money

  142. MrOrsm says:

    Came here on Saturday.

    Originally they gave me SaSa; I told her I want another girl and they sent in Lucy. Mid-20’s I think, she didn’t really wanna tell me her age. Either way, spent an hour with her. She’s great. Gave me an OK massage then a BBBJ. Slipped on a dom, rode me cowgirl, missionary and then doggy. Definately will go back again.

  143. uminaman says:

    Looking forward to Mister X’s report. If all goes well, will have to try this place out.

  144. Mister X says:

    I am going to try and see Cassie here on Tuesday next week. Apparently she is on the youngish side (under 30) when compared with the rest of the ladies here. She is also quite slim, olive skinned and possess a fully shaved/waxed pussy. Looking forward to it and will post a report.

  145. SHAGGA says:

    Oops I for got to tell u there is a new girl workin here
    She was there on Monday name CINDY
    I was in the shower and u can’t really see well out the glass she walks in says
    Hi I looked nz said wow hotty
    Then when I finished washing the tiger wiped my self
    Down got out. Of shower and said ahh fuck
    Milf a lil chubby size 10-12
    No shape does natural everything
    Very little English
    $60 30min no
    Massage tho
    Anyone else tried her

  146. Mister X says:

    I’ve balled both Heidi and Lucy here. Heidi was definitely the better looking of the two and really seemed to enjoy a shagging. For those hoping to repeat Matty’s experience with Michelle, I was told she had returned to China this Monday. Looking forward to trying some of the less crusty women here. Great value for money!

  147. nuhwog says:

    can anyone tell me when they closed? how much for an hour?

  148. Matty says:

    Went here and saw a tiny size 6 chinese milf named Michelle, had big D Cups enhanced but such a tight pussy. Works mon , wed and thur. Went straight for bbbj in 69er position for a good 10 minutes. Was hqppy for me to finger her but could only get 1 in as she is very small girl and would be one of the tightest WL that have been with. Finished off and creampied her pussy. She let me watch the cum drip out of her pussy, gave me a 5 min massage then showered and on my way.

  149. Shagga says:

    I went to this place on Saturday I saw Lucy as a mate said
    She gives good head.
    So went in parked at the back > fuck me it was like shopping in westfields plaza
    Cars every were. So went up stairs place smelt of sex lol
    Waited in a room 15min in comes Lucy and straight into work kissing touching
    The. She goes deep throat for about 10mins I pretended I was going blow so she would think oh yeah this one will b quick
    To steps ahead of u hun
    Then we had sex she moans and it sounds pretty funny
    I started to laugh it was like a Oprah singer lol. She is crash hot
    Would see her again coz she gives good head
    Merry Xmas
    >Blow a load < have fun

  150. darren says:

    Folks its been a dirty long weekend still needed more loven so ive just got back from seing Heidi. Shes younger than the rest of the rabble chinese early thirties average bod She give me natural polish no sign of rimming and wouldnt take it the backdoor unless maybe if i had a little wand. So i was out of the equation there overall just a very standard experience she went through the motions put the man sauce in her mouth and that was it. $60 bucks for half and hour she isnt that keen but still did the job i got to behave myself.

  151. lols says:

    When does this place closes? I noticed that this place actually closes earlier than some of other places.

  152. cubz says:

    any other girls similar to heidi working on weekdays?

  153. Alex says:

    Went the for the first time. The price is cheap – $60 for 30 mins – but the lady is middle age and so ugly, her body is the worst from chest to pussy. The service is also very bad. Will never come back. Do not waste your monney in such place.

  154. B4busty says:

    Went there yesterday . Chose double with Lucy and Mitchell
    It was heavenly experience , only cost me $100 for half jour
    Lucy is the best cock sucker both do natural blow job
    They are milf and they know what man like

  155. Shagga says:

    Thanks Darren
    Did she still have hairy underarms lol
    She’s a big girl alright
    but she loves to go hard

  156. darren says:

    Shagga that big thing her nickname is Bundy Bear. She is a massive unit folks if you like your girls big and bulky she fits the bill!

  157. Shagga says:

    Hey what’s up guys
    Went to this place just b4 closing time 30 min service with
    A Asian milf ok looking
    Fiddle about think she just wanted to go home so I asked
    Her pussy sore > yes a little no fuck hard ok gentle
    I laughed
    So after seeing all the guys giving the grls anal So iasked her u take it
    Up the bum > she goes what u want to do bum bum
    She said ASS BROKEN NO GOOD <
    Made my night I still can't stop laughing
    For the record I pounded that pussy coz she is off till Tuesday haha

  158. Shagga says:

    Went. To this place yesterday
    3 girls working. But the lady didn’t let me choose
    But I said I want to choose a lady
    She said ok
    Have a shower
    Had a shower wiped my self down n waited in the bed
    Then I here like big foot steps heavy foot step
    Lol incomes a yeti she was a big grl and tall
    Tool her clothes of and said only me working
    Anyway she got straight into bj was average kept licking and
    Sucking my balls about 5 min then we got into put a umbrella on
    She would of had the biggest pussy wasn’t tight loose like a moose
    Average service but $60 can’t complain. Sunday is best bet with Heidi
    She looks a bit younger

  159. Jack says:

    Hey bros…. Is bbfs standard here or extra/ask for it? Looking to cream me a WL any recommendations? Cheers

    • Mister X says:

      Hi Michael. Like all the ladies I’ve encountered at Yoko’s, yes she does. Asks you to finish on the outside though.

  160. darren says:

    Folks its been too long since my last review. I had the chance to fire in one today. Found myself in Ermington stopped of at the hotel to wet my whistle. While I was there the half decent bar maids were G in me up so I thought I would relieve some built up anxiety at this place. Just off Vicky Rd west bound before the bridge this place lurks. Looks like a old shed in the industrial area. This place is certainly no palace. It could do with a bit of love there was a massage bench in the room I was in looked like the back seat of my school bus! The host give me 2 ladies to choose. I chose Linda early thirties Chineese I think average body average head. Had a shower laid on the bed she give pretty good natural blow job. Did her best to get the whole of my wand in her throat she managed three quarters of the monster I havnt seen a girl do that yet so she deserves a pat on the back for that effort. But sadly it was all very clinical after that did her front ways back ways she was whingin that i was pounding her too hard and that I should hurry up and cum soon. If I needed to hear complaints I would go and get myself a bitch! Anyway the more moanin the more I ploughed on and in eventualy making a donation of the man sauce. $60 for half and hour it wasnt the best full service Ive had not by a long shot but there has to be better than Linda but you cant expect top shelf for that price but worth a visit to see if the others reviewers are full of shit.

  161. Micheal says:

    Best wl at this place is Heidi. Gives grt gfs and pse including bbfs, anal and rimming

    • Pai Pai says:

      I’m sure she would give the same service as you have been given before. Cheers

  162. grub says:

    Had a punt here on Saturday, it operates under YOKO’s. Paid $100 for a double only felt like BJ. Saw Lilly and another who’s name escapes me, I’ll just refer to her as Tub’s. Both MILF Chinese Lilly def better looking of the 2.
    Got a double BBBJ and CIM which was excellent and of course Tub’s was the recepticle. Girls weren’t concerned about each others spit which was all over the stalk. Lilly I have seen before at a place in Burwood, under the name of Shelly. She will give RIM and seems to favour just blow jobs, of which she excels.
    Tub’s also sucks a mean one and her face is ok but body is a little on the large side which may appeal to some punters.

    All round good experience, will be back next time I’m nearby.

  163. Danny says:

    wow by the feedbacks the others gave, this place sounds like a really nice place. Except the women aren’t that young that would be the only down-side. Might check that place out sometime this week who knows

  164. Shagga says:

    I went here on Sunday had truble finding the place it’s in another backstreet
    Anyways went upstairs three grls workin
    Got a grl called Heidi not bad lookin pretty face
    Had a shower
    And she asked if she could join to my surprise I said yes
    She help wash me down top to bottom then come half way
    N took my shaft deep into her mouth n cradling my balls
    At this time I was thinkin f@@ kin awsome
    I was hard as rock then she bent over n slipped my cock inside her a couple of times then said
    Lets make love on bed
    Best 30mins in along time she was so willing
    Deff go back for more

  165. Neo says:

    Just came back from there. Saw a great MILF with decent C cups. She smelt like smoke but as a smoker i dont really care. These chicks really do anything for $$$. After some 69 and rimming told her i wanted her ass, she let me cum in her ass without a dom. Best punt i think ive had all year.

  166. George says:

    55 Bridge St Rydalmere. All the ladies are Chinese MILFS but there are a couple that are good looking. All will give BBBJ and BBFS for nothing extra, one or two do Greek as well. Best lady is Lulu, very slim and sexy. Helen is very good too, except her breath smells of smokes. But gives good BBBJ and BBFS. Ages range from mid 40’s to 60. Cheapest price in town at $60 half hour for everything.


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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair