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409 Park Rd Regents Park NSW [Entry from Rear]


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  1. 56_year_old_Aussie says:

    409 is open. Thursday afternoon. The sign in the window facing the street was not on, but I decided to try anyway. Climbed the steps at the rear to the back door. The screen door was closed but the inside door was open.

    I was greeted by LaLa – only lady working this afternoon. $55 for an hour and when she came back into the room, $40 got her naked. LaLa was mature, probably 40’s. A good set of D naturals and gravity hasn’t worked too much on them yet. Trimmed downstairs and no tatts.

    LaLa started off with hand sanitiser for herself and also for me – always a good sign. Then she was straight into full naked body rubs, hers on top of mine. Excellent and she didn’t mind me doing some exploring either. Then into the happy ending that was slow and gentle – I wish they were all like that.

    Then LaLa spent the rest of the time giving a really good massage. When she was finished she changed the sheet on the massage table – good.

    Would she do full service – don’t know, it wasn’t offered and I didn’t ask. Maybe some of the others working here may – just go along and see what happens.

    But as I say, treat the ladies with respect and you may end up with a good result. So if you can’t wait until the 13th, take a walk down the back one and see what is on offer.

  2. Bob says:

    Add wechat AndyLC3 if you want a tall young white male to service calling asian ladies who can’t work at brothel i am here for you.

  3. Adzi says:

    Anyone know what happened to lulu, all mid 50’s small tits toned ass

  4. Randy says:


  5. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    Went back again a few days ago for another session.

    Along the rear lane, up the stairs and greeted by Lisa – Chinese, 40’s about 5ft tall. The place looks a bit of a dump inside and out, but we are not there for the decor. It is clean however. Typical operation, 2 rooms and 2 ladies, but only one comes out to greet the new customers. Anyway she starts flirting from the start with her hands roaming over me as she directs me to the room.

    $30/30m $50/60m – I took the $30 option (pressed for time). She leaves the room for me to undress and then returns. I offer her $30 and her clothes come off straight away. Good sized tits with small nipples and trimmed downstairs.

    Not much formal massage was done and mutual fun was had by both parties. Treat a lady with respect and it is amazing what is available.

    Given the choice between a mature lady and a “pretty little princes”, I’ll take the mature lady anyway. I’ll be back.

    • Peter says:

      52_year_old_Aussie, you are totally correct, sir.

      Mature ladies really respond to some TLC.

  6. Georgy H says:

    Does anyone know if the place still exists? Tried to go there last night too dark to see anything n I wasn’t gonna knock on all the door in the alley

  7. bad-taste-roving-zucchini says:

    Good riddance RZ
    You are the one who brought the trash talk and comments
    You are the one who copied any tag name for your own personal gratification
    You are the one who lower the standard of this forum and have business remove their names and disassociate from this website
    You and your other trolling mates are to blame
    Cheers and whatever

  8. 52_year_old-Aussie says:

    Been well over a year and I decided to give this place another try.
    $30 for 30 minutes and $50 for an hour.

    Not as bad as it look, they have tidied up a bit and dusted a bit, so not bad.

    Went on a Thursday and had Lindy, Chinese, 35, B tits and shaved downstairs, with a one day growth. Her English wasn’t very good at all, but she knew how to ask fuck or suck, but I wasn’t after those. $40 extra for a naked body rub with the expectation of a happy ending and off came her clothes in a flash.

    Lindy was very much into mutual pleasure, there wasn’t too much formal massaging done. Nowhere was off limits. A good time was had by both of us.

    Lindy does Tuesday and Thursdays at Regents Park and Wednesday and Fridays at 264 Beamish St Campsie – opposite KFC.

    Well worth the money and worth a return visit.

  9. Rob says:

    Have been here twice so far 1st time wasnt a good experience usual quick massage and turn over for h/e , however second time I went was much better
    no massage straight up was asked you want full service and off came clothes and after a great fuck came the massage to relax me
    Didnt get names sorry guys

  10. 50_year_old_Aussie says:

    409 Park Rd Regents Park
    Not as bad as some make out – there are a lot worse.

    Went there yesterday and as I approached the back alley as another bloke entered. Yes he went up the stairs to the back door, so I gave him a few minutes before I entered. So, only one WL available. Emily.

    $30 for $30 minutes and $50 for an hour. Sign said NO SEX – yeah right!

    Room walls didn’t go all the way to the ceiling and only a curtain. Sturdy massage table.

    Emily, 30’s and thin with fried egg tits, peanut sized nipples and hairy pussy. Medium English, you wouldn’t want to try and discuss cricket or world politics with her.

    Massage not too bad and 10 minutes asks if I am horny. $30 gets her naked and a handy. Very limited touching and kept her legs tight together all the time. Finished the handy then put her clothes back on and continued the massage.

    Kept asking me to come back next Friday – $50 for full service.

    Not the greatest service and not the greatest place either – 9/ 46-48 Amy Street Regents Park is a 5 minute walk away, a lot cleaner and more modern.

  11. Jim says:

    have been last week .. really one of the worst places I have been to .. extremely poor place .. dirty & was massaged by one of the ugliest ladies I have met in my life ! dont go there guys

  12. Bert says:

    phone number0410029493
    commando is out of action has the flu has asked me to give you this
    thanks guys
    he wants to know if you want to arrange a group tour to send an email to me

  13. admin says:

    Pending contact number & Review from Commando….


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