Sakura Palace


57 Reservoir St Surry Hills NSW 2010

P: 02 9281 2818

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  1. Kenken says:

    Went for diamond service –
    face: 8
    Body: petite and nice skin
    age: 21

    Bbbj, dfk, two shots, cim also included but shot too early

    I’ve been there few times recently and girls are very attractive, so on my hot list.

    30 mins $160

  2. choi j says:

    worst shop in sydney .

    today ive searched internet near surryhills . and i found sakural palace

    today they got 3 thai women. what a pathtic management got no women ! is that it ?

    by the way i was tired so i just choose yuki thai hal jap ( 100% bullshit )
    she gave to me very rude service today .

    she asked my real name age occupiation
    i answered all the thing cuz i dont wanted be rude for that ugly women .
    i dont want that women realise she s ugly . even i answer her question her reaction was fucking rude

    my point for YUKI that fucking thai
    1 . i live in burwood someting wrong ? what matter with you why you make fun of me ?
    2. yep i am korean . so what kind racist you are ?
    3 . why do i have to pay more even i didit ask you
    4 . i didin t visit handjob shop is that your whole task do handjob and watch somewhere else ?
    5. i dont look like young . you just look like elder .

  3. DeepLy Disappointed says:

    Totally agree! I had worst experience tonight.

    Went there today evening. There were two ladies Hannah and Emily, both Thai, both petite. Hannah was better looking, so selected her for 1 hour. Before starting I asked the receptionist/mamasan lady what were included in service. She told massage, blow job, sex with no restriction on number of times. Thought it’s a decent deal.

    Went with the girl upstairs and took shower. I was ready when it started going wrong. She started time wasting tactics. She told that she needs to get medicine because she was sick. She could have taken medicine when I was taking shower!

    Next she took medicine and then after sometime started massaging my back. Massage was ok, but didn’t use any oil. Just with her hands only. It was good though. With her small hands she did a good job with massage and we started chit chating. I thought we were starting to make connections. Alas I was so wrong!

    She told she needs to pee and went to the shower to pee. Then took another medicine. Wasted another 5-6 minutes. Then she came and put on condom. I was very hard, she wanted me to go on her. I asked her to give blow job first, but she said she doesn’t do it. I told her that I was told that this is standard. Then she told me that’s bullshit, I was telling a lie. It made me very disappointed. I lost erection. I was mad but didn’t express that, clearly knew who was telling lie. She probably felt that I was upset, so then very reluctantly tried to give some blow job. Clearly she was not into it and so I told I don’t need it since she is not willing.

    I asked her to cuddle instead, she obliged. But after 2-3 minutes again went to pee in shower and take medicine again. In total she peed 3 times and took medicines 2-3 times. So 15 minutes lost in total. She then tried to make me hard, but I had lost all interest in her. It was clear that (a) she was very sick, so the establishment should not have allowed her to work today because the customers can catch cold too. This gives very bad impression about the place and (b) she was intentionally wasting time. I tried to get hard, but just mentally was not there any more. My worst experience so far.

    At about 40 minutes into the session she told that our time was coming to an end so she needs to do her job and I need to cum. What does this bitch think? I just cannot do that after what she has done. I’m a nice sensible person who treats others well and also expects the same. I just kept quiet and tried to be patient and politely told that it won’t happen today, so let us just cuddle.

    45 minutes into the session she said It’s time to take shower. And she told that she would go first! Again time wasting tactic. As soon as she came out of shower I very quickly took shower and started to dressed up even faster. Now she was telling me not to rush. Yes! You are right! I just said I’m done and leaving and went downstairs. The lady at the desk asked me how was it, I told that we didn’t click. Other folks will ask for returning some money for sure.

    The establishment should not have allowed a sick lady to work. Also the lady at the desk should not lie about the services provided (blow job). So I left very angry with Sakura Palace. I’ll never visit this place again.

    About Hannah … Full service is clearly not the right job for her. Everyone is fit for certain jobs and unfit for certain others. Hannah seems to have decent massage skills. My advice for her would be to take up a job in head, neck and foot massage parlour. The old ladies and gentlemen will like her service and she won’t have to fake, lie and no need to do thi gs that she doesn’t enjoy. Wake up and be yourself!”

  4. Yong says:

    This place is shit I called 4 times to book I got the booking
    and they cancel my booking because somebody extended the booking I ask for compensation for next visit.. They dont even bother While kyoto201 gave me $20 voucher because the booking cancelled Never visit sakura palace again.

  5. David says:

    This is the worst brothel i have ever visited. This place is nothing infront of Stiletto, Tiffanys girls and The penthouse. Visited last week, had 3 girls, all were looking like above 30. The lady at reception had no way of talking, didnt know how to talk with elite person. This place is good for illiterate people who always use fuck in each sentence. This place has opposite environment as compared to above mentioned brothels.

  6. danny says:

    All I can say YF is: you got big hands!=D

  7. Davo says:

    Hey YF. She’s just a child. Grow Up.

  8. Peter Parker says:

    Don’t know if I will be able to top that review from YF, but I’ll give my thoughts on a girl I saw this afternoon.

    Her name is Helen, and apparently she has worked at Kyoto 206 and Ginza before. Tall Thai girl.. Legs that go for days, full lips, and an smile that made me weak at the knees!

    She gave me a great GFE(right up my alley), though she has the body for the whole PSE thing!

    I was hesitant to post this review, as I don’t want to get lost in a sea of faces so to speak next time I visit, but this girl is too good to keep a secret!

    Highly recommended shop, and girl.


  9. mikegibon says:

    Thanks for your review Yellow-Fever. It’s simply excellent in its content and literacy skills. Obviously, you are well educated and a man of the world. You have expressed the erotic nature of this wonderful creature. I’m a university lecturerer, quite erudite, they tell me, but I love and enjoy most aspects of sexuality ( read I love to fuck, I would fuck all the time if i could). Your post is a symbol to the passion of sex and our intrinsic erotic nature.Congratulations, hope to read more from you.

  10. yellow_fever says:

    Repost of my review of Sharena from another website. This girl is definitely worth seeing!

    Person’s Name: Sharena

    Establishment: Sakura Palace, Surry Hills

    Date of Visit: 10/4/2014

    Contact Details/Address: 57 Reservoir St, Surry Hills 0406 878 173

    Hours of Business: call to verify

    Rates: $230/hour Full Service

    Age: advertised as 21, looks teens

    Face: 9/10
    Lots of eye contact, very expressive

    Body: 9/10
    Impossible body.

    Nationality or Ethnicity: Philippines

    Services Provided: CBJ, HJ, FS, COB

    Value for money/recommend?: Priceless!

    I’d been wanting to see Sharena for some time but always seemed to miss her at kyoto 206 so I was very happy when she resurfaced. She talked the talk, but I was wondering if she could walk the walk. She blew my mind! She nearly killed me!

    First off, her appearance;

    She is impossibly small. I didn


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