Strathfield South


2/ 81-89 Cosgrove Rd Strathfield South 2135

P: 02 9642 3831

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  1. PISSED OFF says:

    Saw Amy/Annie or something that sounds similar, paid for half an hour I happened to look at the time as we went into the room, after 15min the buzzer rings I wasn’t enjoying my time with her anyway so I thought 5min early so what, I was glad to get out TBH. Had a shower then as I was getting dressed I checked the time again WTF there was still another 10min to go to make up the 30min that I paid for. So I said to her that that they must have made a mistake because there’s still another 10min to go, she replies I don’t want I just follow the buzzer then she said ‘I check with bos’ . Well the lying cheating fucking bitch took another 10min to go and see the receptionist, so of course to them I got my 30min. Then the receptionist came to the room and wanted to argue about it, told her that I didn’t come here to argue I paid for 30 you gave me half of that so I wasn’t half of my money back, I even asked her to bring the girl back to the room and ask her in front of me well of course the fucking mole lied through her teeth. to cut a long story short she refused to give any money back. $150 down the drain. Never going back to this shit hole again, they want to blatantly steal from clients well I hope they fucken go broke and loose all that they’ve stolen from all the punters over the years.

    DONT GO TO THIS SHIT HOLE, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LYING CHEATING FUCKING BITCHES!! And if you do go here take your own stop watch with you to make sure you get every minute you pay for. I will name and shame this place so that everybody knows the dirty games they play to cheat the customer.!

    • Miles (aka Selim haha) says:

      Attention Everyone – Flabby arsed Jamie pukey has just gotton home after laying sewer piper in his regular job in smelly Wollongong and now assumes the name Milas/ roving Lobbo/ PISSED OFF is all pissed off – Paul is being thanked for submitting inane shit and Woods is out of the woods. So now I’m going to call myself SALIM – you dead beat fuck wits. it’s Milas in reverse and none of you morons recognised that OR then again maybe I’ll call myself MILES or CHURCHY or PAL or FRIENDor Roving Arse Licker who knows ?????… stay tuned deadshit Jamie.

      • All licking poo jabber says:

        You’ve got some serious mental issues pal. You better get that checked before you blow a fuse

        • Pukey's Adversary says:

          Pukey !! You are actually the one with severe mental health issues. Just look at the moniker you go under .
          You are a real nutter – I’ve noticed that when ANYONE disagrees with you or is putting you in line – your automatic reflex is “oh it must be this ogre called Pal”
          Does this bloke, whoever he is, upset you so much ?? why ?? because you understand, but don’t want to acknowledge it to yourself. Go get a life Pukey and realist that anyone can post anything on this shit site.
          No-one really looks here because you have made sure of that by your behaviour. The posts are 98% lies to fill up space.

    • Ben says:

      This place does this a lot, I used to be a regular here but now I only go here every now and then because of that reason

  2. Woods says:

    Thanks Paul for updating this page. I have been thinking of going to this place.

  3. Paul says:

    Just had the best massage with jule and of course h/e
    Only in town for 1 week
    Best call her 0406888

    • Do Not Call says:

      Pal is doing the rounds posting bullshit this morning. Bullshit number 04068881

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Gotta say this place has improved outta sight lately. Have visited twice in last week. Today saw 8 girls, 4 totally amazing. The girl I went with would have done BBFS but I only do covered FS. DFK, DATY and good GFE offered. Trick is to arrive between 4pm and 6pm. Lots of beautiful young women to meet. Paradise!

  5. Goerge Horny says:

    Drove past the place so I gave it a try. Got shown two girls, one was a little big so wasn’t my cup of tea, the other one was slim so I picked her (I like them skinny). Paid for 45 min, went in, took a shower and the room was fucking cold when I got out, making my dick shrink back….. chick’s name is Tia/Lea/Lia…. something that sounds like TTeeeeee—ah. Told me she’s Korean and tits no bad for an Asian.

    Long hair, big smell, no sagging and tanned skin (very rare for Koreans, they don’t like dark skin, so she maybe she lied, but I didn’t even say I wanted a Korean chick, no problem picking her even if she were from South Asia/Pacific islands/fucking Mars)

    She took like 2 min to shower, enough time to clean but not enough to impact the action time.

    Her English is VERY broken way worse then the lady who picked up the phone, which is great, not much talking. Rubbed her body all over me and licked my chest and neck. I read somewhere that ppl get BBBJ here (I am VERY against for health reason) and when she got close, I signaled her to put on a condom, put it one and sucked for 10 sec and then started with Cowgirl, rode me hard but got tired after 5-10 min so I went on top for about another 10 min. Moaned as if she was having fun and held onto my hands/arms like it was an intimate act, really can’t complaint. Gave me a big “It was great” smile when I was done. Massaged me afterwards for the rest of the 45 min, wasn’t the greatest tho but hey if I wanted massage I would have paid a big and muscled lady for $50/hr elsewhere.

    Would I go back, yeah. Will probably ask for the same one (Hello, I would like to book Tleeeeiiiiiaaaa).

    hotness 6.5-7/10 (5 being just fuckable)
    Service 8/10
    Massage 2/10
    Value at $130 for 45 min 9/10

  6. Ejt says:

    Been her a month ago
    Had a tiny Thai women don’t remember her name
    Looked promising in line up
    Eventually paid 30 min, went to the room
    Had a shower which she washed me all over
    Then dried myself up then straight to the bed,
    1st she started with bbbj then body touching with a lot of talking
    By the time I could even say anything time was up.
    So I was like ohh okay u wanna be like that, and rip my hard earned coin I’ll fix u up.
    So I payed another half an hr
    Told her to bend over in a nice way- which she had no idea what was coming
    Put it in nice and slow about 5 times then smashing away
    Left right centre, was literally throwing this bitch on the wall floor bed.
    After 20 min she couldn’t handle anymore and told me her stomach hurt.
    Was happy after that and left.
    Waist of time and money this place, won’t be bak there
    Time is money at the end of the day- don’t have time to talk.

  7. A Punter says:

    had a look – place was clean and bright – young manager cool guy –
    was offered choice of 4 girls – quite good looking but I moved on –
    to be truthful I had a gut full of pizza
    yes I’d go there

  8. Bob says:

    Do not waste your time going here. Girls are old and not attractive.

    Girl kept complaining that I chose her as she was the only half decent looking girl there, because she had just arrived at work and did not have time to settle in yet. Complete turn off.

  9. Jet Jetson says:

    Been there once during the day. It’s been made over I beleive. Pretty clean. Two girls working. Both attractive, late 20’s. I think I paid about $100 for half hour. Into the deal, she asked if I wanted her to suck me off with condom, I said yes, then she said $20. I said ok, but she insisted i pay her on the spot. Annoying. So I proceed and get very horny. She slips condom on, fuck for a bit, then she asks if I want to give her anal – pretty rare in a sex joint, so I say sure, she says 50 then again, wants me to pay immediately. I do it and we do it and its pretty awesome I have to say, but stopping to pay is a little insulting plus kills the mood. Its not like I would have ran out of there.
    So edging up to $200 for half hr which isnt cheap but was a pretty good experience if not for the stop starting.
    Keen to go back and see if the experience differs with a different girl.

  10. Lenny says:

    Is this asian or does it have aussie gals too? This used to be run by Lebanese who runs it now? Used to have a wide variety of ladies, does it still have? Or is it only allowing asians?

  11. TRUE says:

    Never go there. Its a very bad place

  12. riki says:

    Please never go there, I went and did sex with the girl name “Z”, was one of the shit service, I complained manager but he said if you not happy don’t cpme here anymore……….


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