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25 Oxford Rd Ingleburn [upstairs]

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  1. Girlygirl says:

    Do they do girl on girl? I just want a breast massage

    • Anon says:

      I can give you a massage (with extras if needed) just get in touch and we’ll go from there.
      Kik: skittlesakasimmo

  2. Girlygirl says:

    How do I ask for the extras?

  3. ctownguy says:

    I went to this place roughly a month ago was greeted by a lady named (mid 30s to early 40s)
    Decided to opt for the full hour.
    The massage was easily in top 3 massages I’ve had. It was firm and she made sure she got the sore spots and she even used stones.
    Was offered a happy ending for $20 or unclothed for $50 towards the end of massage.
    She was very polite and professional but she did try to rush the ending but other than that great experience

  4. Greg says:

    Does anyone know where Tina has gone to? Really appreciate any replies

    • Tom says:

      Tina from Broadway the best ever massage girl. She’s not around anymore

    • Tom says:

      I can not get massages anymore nobody compares to the skill and the athletic pure 26 year old body. And she use to sit on my face I am sharing because shes gone. Some rich guy definitely scooped her up .

  5. 54_year_old_Aussie says:

    $35 for 30 minutes or $55 for an hour.
    Visited last week and was greeted by “Summer”. She was in her mid to late 20’s, difficult to say, but with a good set of B+ tits (probably bolt ons)) and trimmed downstairs. No tatts. $40 got her naked straight off.

    Large room, sturdy table, walls all the way to the ceiling and lockable door. The aircon was good -a cold day outside but the room was cosy.

    Anyway some oil and Summer was into the massage, she knew what she was doing, nice and firm. Summer didn’t mind a bit of feel and a cuddle while the massage was going on. After about 20 minutes she quickly put her clothes back on, popped out for a couple of hot towels, came straight back, got her gear off again and proceed to clean off the oil. A lot better than a handful of tissues at a lot places.

    Then it was roll over time and a bit of oil and a nice slow happy ending. A few extra cuddles as we got dressed and that was it. Summer told me that she works Wednesdays and Fridays.

    As with all punts, results may vary, depending on the girl and how she is feeling. Generally treat them nice and good things can happen.

    The only downside was that Summer didn’t change the paper sheet either before or after.

  6. Sam says:

    How much they charge
    As Iam new to all this can u guide me Iam
    After full service including fucking.
    As Iam a Virgin so no idea pls help

  7. cheekyman says:

    anyone updates? anyone been here lately?

  8. Gaz says:

    Number of girls have left. Seems to have gone downhill

  9. Gaz says:

    I have heard there are new girls here. Any feedback fellas

  10. BANANABOAT says:

    Hi Guys, I have been away overseas for a while. When I am back I always visit this beautiful place. Always enjoy my massage in this clean and decent Remedial Massage. There is no sex , or Hj offered here, I don’t search or look for these things cos I have a steady girl friend. Eunice and Tina are always good and customer orientated Great service. All the oun.ther girls are great value too. Have f

  11. Stevo says:

    Just wondering if anyone could give me some prices and times they are open cheers

  12. miss says:

    can females go?

  13. Wayne king says:

    Has anyone been to gasorn massage near the ingleburn station?

  14. Uigeadail says:

    Can someone post the phone number for 25 Oxford? Too far to go without a booking and google maps is blurred. Thanks!

  15. Wanker123456789 says:

    Has anyone being to the massage paurlore right across the st up stairs near spec savers

  16. Good times says:

    hey there, haven’t been here in awhile, just wondering what girls are working here now days? There was a busty Asian girl that used to work here a few months back, she still work there?

  17. John Doe says:

    Wow, never meant to hurt anyone. So very sorry.

  18. Steve says:

    Hi john r i agree with you this john doe who ever he calls himself has really upset her she is a lovely lady has been a long
    Time friend of mine how dare he published it on web
    Should have kept his big mouth shut don’t need people like that hope he burns in hell .he shouldn’t
    Mentioned people’s names I’ve spoken to her about him hes a slime .

  19. Smiley F says:

    Holy Cow, This place has got 109 comments, and there is so much to read here. Guess this is an exciting place. Anyway I decided to try the place out, and I got very good massages from these pretty ladies. Love all of them. I am not the one for sexual favours so this place suits me very well. The place got a very good reputation and they are always busy. Tina is a very good boss and keeping the ladies on the straight and narrow. I appreciate a nice, clean, relaxing place like this one. A very wonder great massage experience and hope you guys will like to try that too, and not into kinky sex business which I understand these ladies do not provide. God bless all of you.

  20. John R says:

    Hi John Doe, Does it occur to you that Fifi can lose her job as I know the Boss Tina always check this page about her parlour. Tina is very angry as this practice is unacceptable in her massage parlour. Fifi is a very conservation lady. The reason why Tina did not allow these sexual favours was due to an ugly incident where a punter caught “crabs” in his pubic area and place it on this place. I have been to this place many times and what you have described is totally out of character of this nice lovely clean massage parlour. Well I hope Fiji will not sack for what you said. John how do you feel if you do not have a job? Everyone makes a living and would you want you wife or GF or daughter to be one of these ladies doing what you say for a few miserable dollars? Come mon give everyone a way to make a living and stop blowing your trumpet or telling lies. I do not think you will be welcome back there again.

  21. John Doe says:

    Went for the second time on Saturday. This time I made sure I had extra money!!

    HJ and pussy and arse lick!! Beautiful!!! Saw Fifi. Average but tiny body, cute little tits and arse. Next time she will probably let me fuck her. She liked my dick! 😉

  22. John Doe says:

    Did any of you stop to think that maybe the reason you don’t get full service or sex favours offered is that the ladies DON’T find you attractive enough to touch your cock? Just a thought.

  23. bananaboat says:

    Hi Guys,



  24. bananaboat says:

    Hi Guys,
    This lovely massage offers excellent but no sex or Full Service.
    If anyone found FS offer here.

  25. Big Mac says:

    Went here today seen Angelina for a 1hr massage it was a great full body oiled massage then she wiped me down with a hot cloth . She then offered body to body massage for $50 .She stripped and started licking me on my body and nipples light kissing . I asked if she could lick the family jewels but she shyly laughed and I was denied . Overall massage 9/10 looks 7/10 h/e was a 8/10

  26. bananaboat says:

    HI Guys

    Great place for a massage esp Tuesday and Wednesday, also has new ladies coming. Unice is very nice, as well as others. More young chick coming. Always clean always a delight to visit. Hit the town man. Time from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm last customer.

  27. Peter says:

    Anybody been here on a Monday? Descriptions and services offered by the ladies by the ladies, please?

  28. Kevin says:

    Do they have a contact no
    I was planning to go in this arvo
    Any suggestions from the punters
    What’s their prices and how much for

  29. Sam says:

    Can anyone tell me the contact no for this place
    As I have been 2 times and they said its busy
    And I had to return

  30. Sammy says:

    Hi Leon

    Was that $70 for a bj and a massage? Was this a bbbj? She sounds like a keeper, might give it a go tomorrow night.

  31. Sam says:

    What’s is the contact no for this place

  32. leon says:

    Hi just been on my mission most enjoyable
    Really. Knows. How to underhand
    Man it was good said. I was cummin kept. Sucking and cum in mouth. Ill be back next Tuesday. For more.

  33. leon says:

    Going. To ingleburn morning
    Early if i can to see u nice very nice attractive lady
    Just hope it’s as good last time

  34. SamT says:

    Does anyone know what their operating hours are and also if they have a contact number?

    • Eff2fifty says:

      Hey Matt, Have done, took a few goes though…. and just the once, before they went back to “work to rule”….bummer, aint she a hottie???

  35. Leon says:

    Correction 25 Oxford rd

  36. Leon scott says:

    Hi went for massage tues 3 when getting massage and oiled my shaft and sliding her hands up n down so good Then lotta of sucking about to blow finished with hand job milked me dried

  37. Leon scott says:

    Hi just been for massage upstairs 28 Oxford rd tuesday by some lady had glasses middle aged had the most enjoyable happy ending with BJ. HJ she really knows how to Finnish you off Made me cum so much , think her name starts with the letters Uni works tues weds.

  38. flatfoot says:

    I’ve visited here 3 times in the last month. The massages are really good, I’ve had the boss, a Korean lady and a Chinese lady. 3 quite different experiences but all worth the visit. The boss lady massage was the best but just offered HE, which was good. The Korean lady was inexperienced but very enthusiastic, offered extras that involved a great full body rub with HE. The Chinese lady was very enthusiastic and gave me a great tantric HE, where she kept me on the bring of orgasm for about 20 minutes.

  39. bananaboat says:

    Well by the way, if you want to be discrete, just park your car at the back of the shopping mall or in the medical centre car park. Walk through the back
    door of Big Ye supermarket, and going to front of shop, and once out to the side walk, Bingo to your left is that next door upstairs to lovely massages and bliss! Hope it helps the shy, self conscious guys.

  40. bananaboat says:

    Well,I have been back 2 times this week, what a lovely place with aircon now. Have excellent massages but no FS, happy with acupuntures and good massages. Clean rooms. Most old staff gone but younger ladies are in 21 to 31 yrs. Very polite, Tina is excellent Boss gives excellent massage, will recommend Yuki -wed, Ana and Monica Friday, other days are good too, forgot these new ladies names, prices are great too. More Power to you.

  41. Horny1 says:

    Visited this place again last Friday. Met with Dianne. She gave me a great massage. Eventually I talked her into letting me have sex with her but she was quite unenthusiastic. She really didn’t offer any teasing or foreplay. No oral just put a condom on the old boy opened her legs and said go (suggesting I could only cum if I was quiet). Not a great experience.

  42. Horny1 says:

    Seems like this parlour is back to working to rule. They seem have some new staff and FS appears off the menu. Last two visits could only negotiate cbj. Too bad .. This has been a great place 🙁

  43. Horny1 says:

    Almost all the girls will do full service. The cost is $50 on top of the cost of the massage. I was there last Monday and met a young girl …. Mid twenties … Very sexy… Gave cbj and then lay on the massage table also owing me to have full service in missionary position. She did not let me give her oral, which was disappointing as she is one hot lady.

  44. bananaboat says:

    Well I been to seen the ladies recently but unable to get FS, I think you are fooling me! But a very great place for great excellent massage, and acupuncture! Love the ladies here.

  45. Horny1 says:

    This place is fantastic. Fabulous service. And a great price $105 for a great massage and FS.

  46. carmelo anthony says:

    Hi guys haven’t ventured here before but planning to this Friday afternoon after work. Any updates on the quality of the ladies here? And the ladies on a Friday thanks.

  47. bananaboat says:

    You find slim ladies at Ingleburn. The recent increase in price is unfortunate but I understand it is a very competitive business. I had my acupuncture done here by the spectacle girl on Tuesday, She is excellent and very nice and accommodative, but no FS. All of the pleasant ladies will be back from
    China after celebrating their Chinese New Year there. Enjoy! Cheers.

  48. 2800km says:

    Increased the prices here recently. $35 for 30min $55 for 1hr – HE $20

  49. Banana Boat says:

    Hey Punter, I went there Mon and Tues but cannot find the lady giving FS!
    I asked Tina the manageress, and was told she was fired. There are some
    new ladies but I yet to try them. Since the Health Department visit by the
    unhappy punter Tina has very strict rules. Great good massage, and clean
    place and love the music. No FS is on offer! Good massage and service can be from Uke, Jessica, Coco, and others I yet to try.

  50. Lui says:

    What type of girls are here? Any young girls?

  51. Paul says:

    Went there today. Chinese lass called “Ilke???” works mondays and tuesdays only – Massage for 30 mins $30, Happy ending extra $20. Massage was pretty average but realistically I wasn’t there for the massage. FS was extra $40. Gut feel that I paid too much for the FS but was happy to relieve the tension. If I was after a massage with no extras would go across the road to the remedial massage place upstairs near the post office. All in all, I’ll be back but will probably give mondays and tuesdays a miss.

  52. lloyd says:

    been here a few times.Saturdays are good.New lady taiwanies I think.Good massage and wont disappoint you.Works only Saturdays though.

  53. anon says:

    Any one know if this place has returned to its former glory yet I visited around about a month ago and was extremely disappointed

  54. Matt says:

    Any one managed to put Cassey away yet who works Wednesday and Thursday?

  55. Eff2fifty says:

    Gday Jim, Things have changed at this place recently, gone are the sexy dresses, gone are some extras. I was told they had a visit from council, after a tip off from an unhappy punter…… What kind of a fukn douche bag does that!!!! So they are very cautious at the moment. Cant really blame them… especially if you arent a regular. Blame the unhappy idiot punter, not the girls.

  56. JIm says:

    Guys who is the Einstein that recommended Sunday at this place, I have frequented this place a number of times, always during the week, and been fortunate enough to have had only one dud massage, however, Today I got Cindy, nice enough I suppose, but the massage was rushed, hands going a hundred miles an hour all over the body and very erratic, very hard to relax.
    The door bell went and she was out the room like a shot out of a gun talking to the next customer, and she left the fuckin door open to boot. She apologised when she got back, then started offering all sorts, hand job / topless etc, and asking for more money and less time because she had the other customer waiting.
    I asked to speak to Tina who apparently used to be the manager there, I have met her and she is very nice, Cindy told me she is not the manager any more. Hmmm not so sure!
    Well Cindy, Fuck you, I will never use you again.

  57. Thong says:

    Not to sure if they do FS been couple time no joy but if you get luck report back

  58. smartass08884 says:

    I went there on Wednesday evening after a long day of hard work.
    Tina was busy but got Cassey. Jessica was not there. Cassey is a mid aged woman,but sexy. She knows how to play,gave a good b2b massage with hj. It was worth to spend money. Will be back again.

  59. james smith says:

    Great Place to relax after a hard day’s work. All the ladies are nice tried them all good massage. well recommended. Jessica the top one, but others good too. Tina the boss is very nice and helpful. Nice clean place, sterile white towel with Jenola how good is that? very! Been there a few times. Love it.

  60. Horny plumber says:

    Went today sunday 21/7 average looking, good massage, although she walked out 3 times to answer the door or phone very rushed, did get happy ending but i reckon i could of done a better job, been a couple of times now and same sort of experience every time

  61. Thechosenone_69r says:

    Thinking about trying either here or mays any
    Which one is better
    Do I try both and find out for myself lol

  62. Davo says:

    Hi Matt, they were venerial warts. A bacteria passed on in saliva, hence those kisses. She may also be a cat lover, as my Doctor said it was a virus from the feline family. Had to take antibiotics plus paint them 4 times a day with a liquid that was as thick as honey and tasted like burning rubber. Could not eat solid foods for about 5 days. I’m only 30 but my Doctor said the older you are the longer they take to treat and will almost certainly return as the virus lays dormant forever in your system. Almost cleared up now. My wife was not impressed and most interested as to how I got them! We are also trying to fall pregnant so I regret having done all this. I was honest with my doctor and he said condom or not, the risk is still high because you never know who was there with the girl before you. When you think about it, take a look at some of the blokes leaving these places as you arrive. All a bit sleazy.
    From now on, no more of this crap for me. I will stay home and get my needs satisfied. This is all too risky. Good Luck.

  63. Davo says:

    Hi Matt, yeah I’ve seen her, Mimi is really sweet. I got the same sought of service as you got, all over me! Within a week I had warts inside my mouth and on the genitals. Beware of this and get treated early!

  64. Matt says:

    Got rained out on site today finished up early and decided to stop by for an hour on way home. Ended up with a girl named mimi who I haven’t seen before on wednesday. Average looks I’d say late 30’s, quite chatty and gave a decent enough massage. Only about 20 mins into it she started slipping her hand between my arse and pulled my cock out really seemed to want to play more so than me. Now I wasn’t complaining as usually it’s later during the hour that fs is offered for $50.She seemed into it not a bad body, groomed well, smelt clean, loved her nipples being sucked. Played it safe with CBJ good tight pussy and wanted to be fucked. Now here’s the thing she really wanted to dfk right from the get go all through out the session which took some serious effort to avoid wanted me to look her in the eyes when she orgasmed and when I blew in her even after the hour was up and I was dressed and ready to go she sat me back down on the chair tried to dfk again and put my hand between her legs and pulled my cock out again I can’t tell you how hard it was to get out of there was cuddling and trying to kiss all the way to the stairway like she was trying to give me std! Has any one else been with mimi? Experience’s and extra’s offered?

  65. theforum says:

    went here on a thursday & saw Amy. Didnt go for the massage but got a great BBBJ with CIM as it was not the right time of the month for fs

  66. kerilad says:

    Went on wednesday 15 May. there just before closing and no problem…had a great massage by Katie…then asked and got fs…mmm also got fingered gently but effectively…going to go back

  67. Mountainking says:

    Went for the first time today. Place was clean. Saw Amy she said she was 29 but looked older. Pretty good body though. Had F/S. was ok nothing amazing and probably won’t go back. Maybe I should have asked for Tina. Prices as mentioned. Thanks

  68. Dave says:

    That went straight over my head thanks anyway..

  69. Harry says:

    I’m sorry that was in answer to Dave’s post. Welcome to Campbelltown Dave. If you like 8 Ball Pool try CC,s Hotel, Class players you can learn from. Top Staff and Boss. Open tables all day Sunday. Good luck.

  70. Harry says:

    Ingleburn, Berties place, I think he owns it. Best massage from Nonna? No introductions at that place, could be remedied, will introduce myself. See how it goes. I wouldn’t know whom to ask for at a repeat visit. Nonna [famous for the glasses] she picked my sciatica. Best place for the works, not Nonna; She is for the Massage. Or Dumaresq. Linda. Glorious massage from start to happy ending. Works Thursdays. Only new there myself. You tell you find it. Fixed my pain. Temporarily, it,s recurring. .

  71. Dave says:

    Just after bbbj in the campbelltown area. If anyone knows and can help me out… Thanks guys

  72. Fred says:

    Popped in today Friday. Asked for Tina but she suggested Jessica. Great little hottie. He he he. Nice massage and offered HE. Good touch and doesn’t mind being touched up. Ended up with FS. Well worth it. Works Thu and Fri. Recommended!!!

  73. Harry says:

    You said it Bertie. Be nice, respect for professionals gets you treated the same at Ingleburn. I’m delighted to have found a solution to my needs. Here is a link for a laugh. Utube skit ‘full service’ more like the full treatment. link to
    Amatuers; no blanket needed at Tinas Place. Good luck fellow travellors. Proper social network this, beats farce book I think..

  74. Bertie says:

    Mountainking. I am a regular, Sundays & weekdays. Tina is the boss & very friendly & accommodating. Not a stunner but attractive, nice tits, responsive pussy, good massage, good personality & a good root.(plays safe with condom). Best massage is younger girl only there Sundays (but won’t get her gear off) . Be nice & they are nice. Try it & post your comments.

  75. mountainking says:

    Anyone been here on weekdays? Keen to give it a go but not sure what it’s like. Is Tina decent looking? Thanks

  76. Harry says:

    Bertie, you beaut. Went to try Ingleburn massage. Got exactly what I went there for. Nonna gave a professional massage I think ‘never had one before’ defineately going back for more relief for the creaky bod, thanks again. Saved a lot of shopping around, good service is hard to come by. Harry

  77. Harry says:

    Good on you Bertie, you have sold me. Needing professional care, seems to have what I need at very reasonalble prices. Tina sounds a great boss. Keep up the good reports, dows the heart good yo have Qsts answered.

  78. Bertie says:

    Been going here fairly often & am known by Tina the boss as a regular. Can get great massage from new girl there on Sundays. Her name is Nonna, chinese , twentys, nice tits & legs , wears glasses which is kind of sexy. Can really get the kinks out. Have not been able to see her naked yet. Recently asked Tina for a 1 hour massage & double H/E. Nonna gave firm massage for a 1/2 hr then turned me over & worked on the front. She the called Tina in & both sensually stroked my body(4 hands beautiful). 2 sets of hands started to slowly massage the very hard rod, Nonna on the shaft & head & Tina working the balls with 1 hand & her finger working in & out out of my arse. I was soon blowing hard with both of them grinning at me. Finished the time with further massage. $50 for massage, $20 to Nonna for H/E & Tina wouldn’t take $20 for her part, just said it was a pleasure. Tina is also a good root. 2 aims here on future visits – 1) will ask Tina to persuade Nonna to strip off so I can play with her body. 2) Fuck Tina while Nonna is in the room or vice versa. Will report back if successful.

  79. jay says:

    What does fs and akk that mean im looking for good msg naked and oral ?

  80. Bertie says:

    Went there last Sunday to see Cindy again for 1hr. Good firm massage for about 30min , then light massage & teasing & body slide. Gave her a good workout with DATY then finished strongly in doggie. Finishes remainder of time wiyh foot & head massage. $100 well spent

  81. msb says:

    Ok so I went here today. Was met by a cute girl, probably in her late 20s. She had a tattoo on her right arm. Her massage was not very good, she took a 5 minute telephone call during the middle of the massage but she continued with 1 hand. The happy ending was average and she appear uninterested.
    1/2 hour with HJ $50.

    Next time I go I would just get full service and not bother with the massage. If you want a good massage for about the same price you should go down the road to Mays Massage

  82. Kinkyboi says:

    Has any1 tried the massage across the road from this one? Saw it today and wondered if any good?

  83. Kinkyboi says:

    Is there a back entrance to this place as it is on main st where ppl at the cafe can see u enter!!!

  84. Bertie says:

    Admin the phone no for here is 0466763328.
    Went back today to see Tina but she was busy. Another younger girl with glasses wanted me but upon questioning her she would only massage with clothes on. I was about to walk but luckily there was another girl, late 20’s nice body named Cindy saw me 9only works Sunday). Very good massage 8/10, teasing 9/10 & F/S offered. Likes DATY & body stroked but no fingering. She was very wet & didn’t need lube for me to enter. Very enthusiastic,great F/S ending. $50 1hr massage, $50 F/S – or $20 Handie or $40 CBJ. Recommended

  85. Alex says:

    What there contact detail

  86. Matt says:

    10 am till 7pm, might be worth giving them a call ahead if heading there after 6pm some times close up an hour early if it’s a slow day

  87. Jimmy says:

    Trading hours ?…..

  88. Bertie says:

    Visited here again this morning, saw Manageress Tina.. Decided to spend the hard earned on 1 hr massage HE rather than 1/2 hr FS. Top massage, really undid the knots & kept slipping a finger into the crack & between the legs to the jewels, a real tease. Stripped off for the HE, nice body & didn’t mind being touched all over, including the honey pot. Great ending, will be back for FS to explore the love pot.

  89. Bertie says:

    Been here a few times, usually try to see Monica, Chinese mid to late 30’s good tits firm body. very good massage, $30 1/2 hr, $50 hr, extra $50 will get you F/S. A good root in variety of positions, I usually finish in doggy or her straddling me while I sit in chair. Quiet on Sundays & you can often get Monica & the other girl for a double massage or more.


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