Villawood 67a


67a Christina Rd Villawood NSW 2163

P: 02 9755 3663

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  1. Don't tell her says:

    Beautiful women working here though the service is terrible to say the least, attitude, clock watching, dick too big, not this position not that position, only suck for a given period of time and the list goes on, so I tried a different lady on a different day same deal. Yes they are beautiful, but I’ve got a beautiful wife already therefore I just want something my wife doesn’t provide etc oral sex with finishing in her mouth. That’s why I tend to go to the brothels with the lesser attrative women as they tend to compensate their looks for good service and that’s what it’s about the service correct?

  2. Cass says:

    Girls hate work this dodgy place i think becos bad servis and unhappy to work there get money for boss and thats it job ok finished. Room is still dirty and girl not happy to work there. I wonder not legally working?

  3. Pael C says:

    It was really bad play. Came on waited. Saw Mina and went to room had a shower then she complain my one is very big and no sex only bj. I pay money for sex I asked her to leave and bring another girl. Not big at all f bloody stupid but nvm but i got shortlisted another girl. Sexy……and really terrible too! Bad mouth noises coughing and flem in nose. Spitting and sex was worst ever. No feelings and a bit mess up. She always watching clock. Finished then want to leave. If you have a choice don’t wave the money to these guys. She are waste my and you time. They are cute but it’s not a very well service.

  4. Ronald says:

    Holy I went there tonight 01 oct 2017 around 11:45 and as soon as I enter inside I heard the Customer Service Old looking men swearing to his one customer saying (if u want choose one if not fuck off) holy that was his customer.
    The customer was asking him to show more girl as he called before coming and the old looking stressed man told him that there is 12 girl available.
    Very bad experience.
    This old guy treated me the same.
    Never Never Never go to this place. There is plenty of places 100 times better then this in same price.
    Don’t regret like us and don’t waste ur money.
    If u r the owner reading this then get rid of this Old looking stressed man if u like ur business to get better.

  5. Frank says:

    Be careful to choose Anna ( tall, skinny, big bum ), waste of time and money, outside before you pay!!!, shower together( Ok ), kissing ( Ok ), nipple sucking ( Ok ), everything ( Ok ), but after you enter the room, come to shower together ( I just finished shower ), kissing ( No like ), nipple sucking ( No feeling ), she turn you off easy ( attitude ) , looking in the phone all the time, so she was a “mistake”, I told you about this girl service, if choose her after that, you blame yourself.

  6. david says:

    the girl called haha
    just looks pretty in photo
    but ugly face not pretty at all
    dull body and not playful
    i have been in this place 3 times in 3 months
    didnt see a nice service
    guys pleasw save money
    hanha the thai girl are so full of shit
    they all want finish soon and lay like we rape them
    if u like waste your precious money and time
    go ahead to this place with ugly bitches
    gulidford brothel are alot better

  7. david says:

    please if you go to this place
    dont get amanda thai girl
    you will regret
    she is bad service boring
    body and treat ugly
    just want to finish in 5 minutes and go

  8. david says:

    there was a girl thai
    fat ugly
    and dont allow you any thing
    bad behavour to customurs
    dont take her

  9. Dude says:

    Went in this arvo and spent half an hour with Hannah. She was lovely, small tits but great figure. It started to get very busy as i was leaving so felt a little rushed to finish but would recommend her to anyone. English was alot better than many others ive seen which is always a bonus to be able to understand each other. What got me was a really pretty face with very little makeup

  10. RT Popper says:

    Anyone know this shop, seems new opening in Villawood. And do you think the girls photos are real?

  11. David says:

    walked in last night, receptionist man showed me about 5 or 6 girls. had 1 hr with a Chinese girl called Gina because all other girls were too skinny and looked very weak. Gina was pretty but very friendly. made me relax and feel like girlfriend. Had a great hour. she works on Mon and Thurs. will go back again this Thursday.

  12. unhappycustomer says:

    i went there this morning (25th of july 2015 at 7:00 am) and i am not happy with the service, as one poster said above, don’t bother with Emily, sure, she has a nice personality and she’s sexy as hell, but her service is not very good, she usually pees infront of you, not that i’m complaining about that, but i paid for 20 minutes this morning, and she only let me stay like 5 minutes and that was it, i have seen this girl 4 times, and only once has she let me cum inside her…. every other time nothing worked, and she wont let you pick up the pase at all, then she says handjob, and that doesn’t work either….. come on man, i don’t pay to be jerked off by hand, I pay to have a root, and i’m on a low income, so 90/150 dollar is a lot of money for me, and i think to myself before i go, she better be worth it. anyway, emily is no good so dont bother… i wouldn’t dismiss the place all together because of her, some of the other girls i’ve seen there provide a service that is up to my standard, but could probably do better for the money elsewhere, i’m sick of handjobs, i dont shouldn’t be paying for a handjob, because i can do that myself at home for free.

  13. Jason says:

    This place as follows;
    – Bad reception & customer service .
    – Very bad girls attitude .
    – Place Not clean at all .
    – 1shot only in 1h allowed .
    – Totally bad experience .
    – Never be there again .

  14. himu 33 says:

    I went there yesterday, I ‘ll never go back again. I don’t remember her name but she was playing with her phone most of the time. She started with shocking service so I had leave the room in 10 minutes without doing anything while I paid $90. I complained to the front but they spoke some Chinese and said nothing they can do. Shit service I hv ever had.

  15. will says:

    Don’t bother with Emily, had her on the weekend. She looked alright in the line up but in the room almost everything I tried she didnt want to do. Started out OK with a BBBJ but downhill from there. Told her to lick my balls a bit but she really hesitated. Then during the main event she would basically only take it on her back and slow. Tried to do PTM, wouldn’t do it. Told her to turn over for doggy, she kept saying “no time, no time”, then when she finally did turn over she kept saying “no ass, no ass”. I got annoyed and flipped her back over. When I tried to pick up the pace to a bit of a gallop after a few seconds she stopped and pushed me away. By then I was sick of it and left. Unfortunately its not the kind of place I can for my money back

  16. Peterwong says:

    A good selection of hot girls, price is reasonable. You can walk in and walk out easily, the papasan won’t give you a poker face when you want to leave.

  17. Tubbs says:

    Whats happened to all the Korean girls here??
    Last couple of times I visited there were none. Only Chinese (oh sorry, don’t ever mention chinese.. They are Singapore, Hong Kong or Thaiwan) lol

  18. peter says:

    hi i want say i like this place lady are sexy i had 1 lady 22 old very attractive korean she gave me BBBJ,, got me erect fast she was on top of me playing when my penis was so hard she put near her clit teasing me when she gave me a hug and big kisses my penis she put in side her she was pumping me for 2 minits started moaning than she had a orgasm,,not fake real my penis was so wet from her come, i said waite condom on she said yes O, i was horny sucking and than penis went in she is hot angel is her name will come back,,

  19. adam says:

    Before i pay the money, everything was Ok but After i paid $90 for 30m, first thing the girl did it in the room is to pee front of me, she want me to leave after she got the money, after i saw that, i did pee front of her, after that the service started, any thing you want her to do, she will say No, her English is very bad, very shit service.

  20. T says:

    Went to this place about a month ago, got some girl that was dressed up like a teacher (glasses and skirt) she was hairy as a gorilla, underarms and pussy but she had amaziing tits ad offered a good service. Felt a little uncomforatble on entry because you cannot speak to the girl privatley

  21. K Popper says:

    round 2 on the same day. me mate waited and had a good perve this time. bloody great shop. japs, koreans and chinese. tits galore…… im literally screwed now with enough sexercise for at least – 2 days.

  22. HornyBastard says:

    This place is awesome. The hot asian chicks let you do anal. Get the receptionist called (Charlie) I think, and he’ll arrange the best service the chick would give to you.

  23. Commando says:

    Went here tonight on recon stunk of smoke stale to many Asian men hanging around not a safe feel about the place to stay if a place was to be a target of robbery this place has all the hallmarks I didn’t feel good about this place but girls are ok 6/10

  24. Rippy says:

    Been to this place a few time. Fairly clean and good selection of great hot asians. An asian guy collects money at front reception before you take the girl. Big showers. Not expensive and recommended.

    They asian guys who transport the women hang out in the waiting rooms too so if ou go at a busier time expect to hang out with the asian guys. Looks like its run by an asian gang but Im only judging by appearance.


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