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142 George St Hornsby NSW

We are the most joyful place you should come. Different choices are every day. We have special massage, special rates with erotic service. Our ladies are cute, busty, young, and passionate. They are all well trained and know what you want. Their excellent service will ensure you the most fantastic sex. Many different choices of girls are prepared for you: busty, sexy body, plump figure, cute looking etc. Come to play at any time. Our beauties are well prepared and ready to be played with. Their soft skin, busty breast, kissing juicy tongue will make you hot immediately. Their massage will relax you quickly. We are decorated luxuriously and room is very comfortable, close to train station. Parking entry is at back (Hunter Lane). Our aim is to give you the most relaxing time.

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02 9482 9456


142 George St Hornsby NSW 2077

Massage Rates:
30 minutes $35
60 minutes $60

Full Service Rates:
30 minutes $90
60 minutes $150

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299 Responses to Hornsby 142

  1. DasGav says:

    This place was raided by police in September 2019, I had not used its services but drove past it when the police were in the middle of the raid. news reports allege drug trafficking.
    It appears to still be closed in October

  2. Macca says:

    I never write reviews but this place has gone to the dogs, ring up and book QQ, get there and say have booking for QQ, they give me Kiki, nice girl, tried hard but average, walk out half way through, see lady at front desk all other girls busy, and that QQ finished at 7pm, they lie to get you in then say no refund, avoid this place not worth the waste of your time, better places to go for same money else where

  3. X says:

    100% waste of time & money!!! This place has gone down hill severely. Saw Monica, after 20min of asking me weather or not I took just about ever drug known to man kind she finally gets my dick in her mouth, gives me a very average bbbj for about a minute then she says oh no time left, trying to get me to stay another hour. Well if you can’t do the job in 30min then I’m sorry but I’m not going to spend another cent on you!!

    After walking out of the room feeling like I’ve been robbed for that 30min, I decided to give sunny a go, well that was even worse. She spent 20min smoking her fucking ice pipe telling me that it’s not hers and complaining that I didn’t pay for an hour wasting my fucking time, I just didn’t even bother anymore and had a shower got dressed and got the fuck out of there!!

    All they want to do is get paid to smoke fucking ice in your time, they are not interested in providing a service and it seems like the management know about it but just don’t give a shit. I’m surprised they haven’t been raided for the infestation of drugs in the place. It will take something pretty special to get me back here. I refuse to support their drug habits especially when they can’t even provide a decent service.

    • John Doe says:

      I just sent a report to the policecabout drug dealing at 142. Just like last time it will hopefully cost Mina thousands.

  4. smiles says:

    Any tried new girl jessica , she looks nice from photos

    • chris says:

      Look guy anybody that has heard of Jenna will know how awesome her service is including her pretty much constant squirting and amazing gagging blow jobs . If your looking for her this is her web site http://www.jennalove.net she is worth every dollar

  5. Mo2427 says:

    My regular say if Ayumi like you he can get natural sex? Is this true, she very sexy.

    • XXX says:

      Natural sex any girl if like you

      • D'Big Big Pig says:

        As if any girl is going to be a receptacle for your suspect disease riddled semen in her pussy. Fuck what an outright lie.
        No matter how much she likes you.
        Also, that means she has to have a bath afterwards to wash out semen that smells vile afterwards.
        You fucking demented liar. Looney escapee.

        • XXX says:

          To d big pig, just because your semen is riddled with disease and smells vile it doesn’t mean everybody else does. Your probably too disgusting to the girl that’s why you never get the chance, btw you don’t have to CIP you dumb ass

  6. Panku says:

    How is the indian girl Kareena

  7. Willy says:

    It’s the old Heaven can wait, Touch of class, Pink Door etc
    The owners have the other site on Dural St if you can’t find a girl. The owner willnusually tell you though.

  8. Bmac says:

    Anyone know what happened to Rikki, when will she be back on roster, or if she’s working somewhere else?

    • pm says:

      anyone know the whereabouts of this lovely lady? she was great

  9. Brolley Bandit says:

    Went in today and saw a new girl called cici. Young enthusiastic pretty girl but service was below standard…

    CBJ, no touching and minimal kissing, clock watcher, showed no affection, time waster. Not worth the money unless you got heaps and are prepared to blow big bucks on long sessions with her. 3/10

    • Johnob says:

      Yep, waste of money.

    • B says:

      A-greed, havjt been to hornsby in years, won’t be going back. Clock watcher, unenthusiastic, wants me to massage her, says times up around the 30 minute mark instead of 60. Obviously not a full service venue, unprofessional.

      • Chilli says:

        100% correct, they are not interested in satisfying the client, its just a money grab. Steeling from clients!

  10. Robby says:

    Anyone know when QQ will be back?
    Not sure who else provides good service like qq.. anyone know? There hasn’t been much reviews lately on hornsby

    • BHJ520 says:

      Try yaya or Kay, they all give u the same service, but non of them can does the work like qq

      • John Connor says:

        Does Yaya do bbsex. Does she do creampie. It think I need to see her 🙂

        • Churchy says:

          Shit yeah John Connor. Also BB anal. That’s right you low life scumbag cockroach. Spread your STDs & warts all over the place. Shitbags like you make me puke. Are you so stupid & irresponsible risking your health?

  11. Flop says:

    Oh what a buch of cuntz youse are. all talk talk talk, betcha never fuck anything except your hand. Im different , i get our there, i experiment , cunt, mouth, arse, hand, female, tranny, even little asian homo blokes, I’ve done em all, Im fit, Im hung with 6″ , and I’m cut, i wax my back, crack and sack, i lick like a demon, i give head like i’m eating an icy pole, i admit i like other blokes and toadies sausage, love it when they blow in my face, i eat it all day every day, any questions you desk jockey fags, let me know , I’ve down it all

  12. BHJ520 says:

    Person’s Name : QQ

    Establishment : Hornsby 142

    Date of Visit : Around beginning of March 2017 (I think it was Tuesday or may be Wednesday)

    Contact Details: (02) 9482-8456
    Address:142 George St, Hornsby NSW
    Weblink : http://hornsby142.com.au

    Hours of Business : 9:30am – 2:00am

    Rates : $150/hrs

    service: 5/5, but looks: 3.5/5

    Age : 30

    Size/shape : C cup, average body shape.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese or maybe HK (cant really tell, but somewhere around those nations)

    Services Provided : BBBJ, Cat Bath, DD, Pussy Slide, Anal, FS, CIM, etc… (to be honest, I really don’t think there is a thing she would not do…)

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes, if you are after full on dirty PSE and make sure you are fully energies before you go.

    My experience/comments :
    Due to that bloody endless rain, a bit of blue start to appear in the sky.
    After a quick lunch with my friend and his sexy GF in Hornsby Westfield,
    I feel so horny that my testicles is about to explode….
    A quick call up to 142 for a quick fix, according to that the reception, the only WL that’s free soon is QQ,
    Never try QQ before, but to save my testicle from explosion, I was, OK, FINE, WHATEVER, I’LL BE THERE IN 15MIN.

    When I arrived 142 (Arrived in record time, 6min 47sec, and I think I need to quit smoking),
    a very beautiful young Asian girl was behind the desk (forgot her name, but I would really love to get her in bed if she is also a WL),
    Hand over $150 to the reception & She asked me to wait in the waiting room, and QQ will be ready soon.
    After spending the next 3, 4 minutes staring at the ceiling, QQ turn up in her black T back and grab my hand lead me into her room.
    The moment she locked the door behind her, she immediately knee down between my legs and took my cock out and give me a BBBJ,
    In my head, i was like, WOW, i havn’t had a shower yet,
    next thought, i was like “Fxxk, yes & yes, jack pot….”
    Dont know how, but somehow I end up naked in the shower area with her hand rubbing up and down of my cock.
    After another quick BBBJ in the shower, she ask me to dry up first while she is giving herself a good wash.
    (one thing to point out, while in the shower, she was holding my cock and rubbing against her pussy furiously, there is a moment I feel she want me to give her a BBFS, but my logic stop me from doing that)

    One the bed, she give me a quick cat bath and ask me to position myself in the female doggy position and she stand behind me and give me a DD.
    I’m not a big fan of DD, but I have to say this is the deepest drilling i every received from any WL.
    while i was still in that position, she slowly move toward my rock hard cock, and suddenly, she bend my cock downward and give me more BBBJ.
    (to be honest, this probably one of the strangest BJ i every received in my entire fxxking life, and there is a moment when she was bending my cock backward, i thought she is going to snap my cock, but she seems to know what she is doing and my limitation).

    After few minutes of strange new thing, i quickly flip around sit up on the bed and pulling her toward me, while I was sucking her delicious nipple, she was twisting her waist back and forward to give me a very nice pussy slide,
    there is couple of times that the tip of my cock was in her wet pussy, i have to say it was very seducing to stick the whole thing in and banging the shit out of her.
    After fighting against with my self in the head, I quickly ask her to put on the dom and give her a quick screw.
    In no time, I shoot my load in the dom, she remove the dom and give me another after sex BBBJ.

    Both of us took a quick shower and start round two,
    I ask her to stand in doggy position and my turn to give her a DATY in that position.
    while i was playing around with her pussy, I give her “back door” a good spit and slowly jam my finger all the way in.
    Start with 1 finger, 2 and end up with 3 all the way in the back passage.
    I get her to give me a quick BBBJ to harden my cock and put a condom on.
    Few seconds later, I was banging her ass from the back while have sticking my finger in her pussy.
    I have to say it was wild but in a good way.
    After couple minutes of intense physical movement, i tell her i’m about to come,
    she quickly turn around, remove the condom and give me this unforgettable BBBJ,
    off course, i end up unload my cream all in her mouth.
    After that, another shower, dress up and left.

    QQ may not the pretty type, but she sure makeup the rest with her dirty service, therefore, for those who is looking for a lusty adventure, she is the one.
    Would i see her again? yes, damn yes.

    • Roving Cucumber says:

      You can find QQ at 78A Hampden Rd on Sundays. Goes by the name Tina. Nice juicy arse. Just perfect for BB anal. She’s great value.

  13. BHJ520 says:

    Any try this girl Yoko yet,?
    She looks pretty good in the pix, but how about her service?
    link to xxoo.com.au

  14. Fpunter says:

    Does anyone know if Nicole still works here? Thanks!

  15. Nj says:

    Went to 142 recently; in the waiting room; the curtain’s pulled back to an asian girl with dyed blonde hair; she grabbed my hand and pulled; I started following her up the stairs but forced myself to stop and explain that I wanted to see all the girls available. Back in the waiting room; the curtain opens to an unenthusiastic asian woman; I explain that I wanted to see all the girls available before making my selection; she grumpily pointed out that it was getting close to 2am/closing time. She leaves. It became apparent that they were the only two to choose from; there was a third girl but she was busy/booked. I knew I should’ve left but thought ‘I’m here now’; the way the first girl yanked me up without asking; even though that annoyed me, she wasn’t bad looking so I paid, braced myself for a bad experience and got sent upstairs. Her name was Lily/Lili; she said she was from Singapore. Showered and on the bed. After thoroughly inspecting my knob and instructing me not to cum in her mouth she gives me a BBBJ; it was more like licking. A knock on the door; she opens it, leans out for a minute or so, speaking in an asian language. Back on the bed; I brought some toys (a vibrator and a wand); ‘too big; pussy small’ she said in response to the vibrator. She agrees to use the wand; I put a condom over it and instead of using it on her clit she stuffs it awkwardly into her vagina; the vibrator would’ve fitted better i.e. the head of the wand was bigger/thicker than the vibrator. She points to the clock and asks me in pigeon english to extend the time. Another knock on the door; she opens it, leans out and speaks to someone in an asian language (wasting more of my time). She agrees to ride me; we put a condom on and she sits on me using the wand on her clit and says in pigeon english something about the time ‘half an hour, half an hour’. She agrees to let me finish via spanish without a condom although she didn’t really have big enough breasts for it; I pop between her tits in an uninspired, forgettable orgasm; ‘too much cum!’. I shower, dress and couldn’t wait to get out of there. As I was leaving the boss asked if ‘she was okay?’ I didn’t want to express my true feelings so all I said was ‘she needs to learn english’; his response: ‘can’t have everything’. I left feeling angry at myself as though I’d just thrown $ away.

    • Paulie says:

      Yep. Nothing worsenthan a dud session. Shit happens

  16. Jaay says:

    Had a few sessions with Joey at 142 last month. Pretty Thai girl … Think she is on holidays now. Anyone know if she offers BBFS? Im hoping to line her up for it when she’s back.

  17. majid says:

    Which girls are to avoid any names please

  18. John Doe says:

    142 is becoming nothing but a drug den. The proliferation of ice and to a lesser extent MDMA is becoming ridiculous at this place. Anyway, the authorities have been notified and hopefully appropriate action will be taken soon.

    • roving zucchini says:

      You Church goer. The fun police. Party pooper.
      Grassing on the ladies and us punters
      What’s wrong enjoying ourselves using illegal substances

      • Churchy says:

        Hey Roving Dill Pickle
        Just had a Papal directive this minute to allow you sinners to get on with what you want to do. Up to you. You dirty, filthy bastards. Just get the girls to pardon what you do to them.

        BTW I NEVER grass on anyone, it’s not what I do

        • Pope Francis says:

          To my son Churchy. Please dont harangue the poor sinners on this forum for they know not what they do. Instead pray for their enlightenment & salvation.
          And remember, everyone has Free Will. So stop wasting your time, Churchy and do something more useful. I have a troupe of choir boys cumming over today. Want to join me? Hahaha

          • Churchy says:

            Such blasphemy !! you risk eternal hell and damnation and coming from a Pope!
            Go to mass on Sunday and confess your evil sins. To suggest anything than sing with the choir boys is very evil. You mad fucker. Also, tell that mad Roving Dill Pickle to keep his miniature pickle in his trousers. All it’s good for is pissing with.
            I have a good mind to stay if you keep on with this evil stuff.

    • Paulie says:

      John Doe. Using another new “name” to post your crap. Crikey you must get confused with all these “poisonalities”. You are suffering from multiple split poisonalities. LMAO

  19. pride says:

    Any bbfs girl on Friday. appreciate advice

  20. Roger says:

    Thinking of Cummings here today who do u guys recommend I need someone cute and preferably with nice boobs. Happy to try somewhere else in area in you recommend. I always play safe with fs or handy I’m easy same result. Where do I go??????

  21. shuan says:

    Hey, please give a feedback witch girl doning best services right now at 142??

  22. Jamie says:

    which other wls provide same service like Kay/Nicole/QQ?

    I haven’t been to Hornsby in months now, due to laziness to drive out there lol

  23. Mr.Honest says:

    tried momo earlier a bad experience. She gives a cbj which is good, average sex but has a bad attitude, she doesnt like chinese men and indians, she loves only aussies she told me herself.

  24. dragon08 says:

    Any bbfs girls here?

  25. Marathon says:

    Anyone ever stay here for an extended time, like 12 hours?

  26. silvio-from-the-Bunga-Bunga-party says:

    last Wednesday finally got a chance to visit to 142 again, it has been awhile,
    popped at Blu-Vit-V prior on arrival so I wasn’t going to waste the energy stored
    was met by young lad at reception, but was escorted to the waiting room by Mina, sat down together and chatted for 20 minutes, finally I was introduced by 2 ladies who I last saw about 18 months ago, Amy and Annie, both mature and experienced the others I believe were young and new,
    so I decided to go for Amy for one hour.
    into room 9, shower and prep myself while Amy was getting the bed and herself ready,
    For good time memory sake, like the old days she waited on the bed, lying down legs raise and me ready to dive into the love canal with my tongue,
    She loves a dammed good licking, culinary delight, juices flowing, moaning, squeezing my head with her legs until I finally came up for air, dom on and slam bam into the pre moisten pussy, the two of us was banging away, flipped her into doggy, then rolled over for her to ride cowgirl, lost track of time, and I wanted to blow my load,
    Like the good old days we switch to 69 were I got to taste more of the wet pussy, and she ripped the dom off and hoover the love to prod to content and off loaded into her, spit the jizzie out onto tissues, turn around and into the DFK ,
    When to 2 of us decided to came up for air, collapsed in pure exhaustion in each other arms and giggling, not soon after the door chime buzz saying times up, still laughing in the shower and talk about how it has been awhile and seems nothing has change between us since our last encounter, by go to girl when I am in the area
    Ciao, viva la figa

  27. samar says:

    any bbfs girls here

  28. BK says:

    If you want to smoke ice and joints see Gigi otherwise don’t wast your time & money. Looks are ok but that’s all it is, you get no service, & I don’t support the habits of drug users.!!

  29. Pussymaster says:

    Visited this place today as I was in a waiting room a sexy looking girl walked passed, when I asked the receptionist she said that she was busy and her name is semi, has anybody seen her, any feedback about her service would be appreciated, does she do bbbj, bbfs, cip?

  30. kedi says:

    Tried nicole recently
    She looks alright , good figure, has marks on her stomach she has a kid.
    She saw me didnt bother told me to shower, I did it then i had to find the towell,she was busy setting music on ipad, She dint take off her clothes as i was naked, she told to lay down on the bed. She sucked my nipples, put a dom to sick, i asked for bbbj she said she has a disease in her mouth, bj was strong and rough she was hopping i would cum fast, but unfortunately it didn’t happen, she jumped on me started riding, i requested for anal she said no. then she wanted me to fuck her, i said no. she gave me hand job. i said can i fuck her bb she agreed, did the act she said she enjoyed it, overall for those who want bb she is good, but she seems very disillusioned .
    I would rate her as a onetime visit. There are better women to see here.
    the only attraction to her so called extra service is bb and cip no bbbj understand guys,
    She is a onetime try
    Posting for benefit of other punters
    Fans take it with a pinch of salt
    sharing experiences

  31. k092 says:

    Never been there before because I am a local and didn’t want to bump into someone that I knew, but need to get a load away last week so went in. Was not given a choice and straight to Coco. Chinese skinny ok looking. I love playing with these women, sucking their tits and just generally playing. She would even let me touch her tits, let alone get my younger near them. She went straight in for the natural BJ which was one of the worst BJ’s I have ever received. I am only average in size but she was choking, and the worst part was a slurping sound which was so off putting.

    I turned her over and gave it to her doggie (covered of course) and left when finished with half hour to go.

    Not sure if I will be back as it wasn’t enjoyable

  32. bbfs with cip says:

    did bbfs with kay and few days later with paris. best sex ever both sucked very good and both pussies was tight n warm 🙂

  33. bbfs? says:

    Which Girls here Offer BBFS?

  34. chris says:

    I’m just amazed that no punters who regularly visit 142 Hornsby haven’t mentioned or noticed that some of the girls working there are pre ops. I’m not trying to hurt their business. But all want to say to all is next time you visit and the girl you pick please have an open mind about this. Of course I will be bombarded with reply saying I’m crazy or paranoid but this is my opinion and have carefully assessed and I hope I’m wrong but my senses say I’m definitely not fucking a woman. Not here to mention any names but I know when I see or feel a real pussy and what pushes a woman’s buttons is different style I’ve encountered with the ones i suspect. I could be wrong but hey if you think Sydney Asian parlours are not hiring post ops then your naive because they some advantages over normal working girls which parlours owners absolutely love.

  35. old guy says:

    Any body have any reports on Gigi?

  36. Shaft says:

    Has anyone been with Nicole and done Anal sex, can she do it? Can she take a big cock like KAY . I have been with KAY this girl and believe me if she wants she can take a 9″er easy the lot in her ass.Let me know a bout Nicole .

  37. old guy says:

    Has anybody been with mia or gigi?

  38. A Punter says:

    booked a girl – turned up after a 1 1/2 drive – not there ? – no explanation ?
    no sorry mate – no apology no nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hire car parked out front – looks like a wealthy punter claimed my girl !
    ok, other girls I had there were disinterested unless tip then smiling
    fake oh yeah baby that’s sooooo good fuck me baby fuck me hard
    – annoying – FAKE
    had to ask for a condom – the girl scratched around in her bag for one –
    there own website has posts on a girl called qq that says rimming guys ? huh ?
    serious risk of Hepatitis !!! kidney failure – dialysis for the rest of your life?
    I’m never going there again.
    think it through guys kissing a girl who’s had her tongue up a filthy cashed
    up junkies arse ?
    really can you go for that ??????????
    sorry mate, I won’t be joining you !

  39. Ninja Rulez says:

    Any Bbfs Girls on Thursday for cip

  40. test says:

    Anyone tried Nicole , Does she do bbfs, anal . Any bbfs girls here. Curious to try

  41. John says:

    Hello folks, anyone knows where’s Lala or jaja goes? She used to work in a massage shop in Wolli Creek, thanks

  42. almac says:

    saw baby saturday 14th, wow what a beautiful young girl, geniune 20yo uni student, gorgeous body, perfect arse slim ,beatiful face ,inteligent friendly could easily earn more at a higher class joint.

  43. Fred says:

    what the fuck is going on? why is BBFS becoming the norm these days?

    i will admit i was so tempted today to go their and ask for BBFS because i was so horny, but i managed to overcome that and thought about what if i caught HIV? or Hepatitis C?

    they are life long diseases…

    im not sure why these girls would risk it
    do they get monthly testing? and also i also think if any of them had HIV they would be on medication to make the virus non-infectious ( read up about the medications as they weaken the viruses ability to replicate)

  44. marcus says:

    this place is a great shop.. some great girls on.. the reception is good too and have not offered a bad time or service since i have been the past few times.. there are occasional bad punts but overall.. good i will be back when next in the area as it is out of my way..

  45. Norton says:

    QQ wouldn’t be the same lady that goes by Jennifer at 64 Alexander St Tarren Point would she ?

  46. DD says:

    how old is Heidi is at 142 Hornsby. what day she working.

  47. Robert says:

    Called in today Sunday after a week out of town,brief chat with Amanda who says Have you seen Yuki before? No I don’t think so! Yuki comes in and turns out we have crossed paths before.One hour please and into the room Yuki sheds her kit and she is a tiny doll like girl with a nice plump pussy DATY is a treat as is Yuki’s BBBJ then into MISH which doesn’t quite work as Yuki is so tiny and I am over 6ft so Side On is the answer and Yuki goes the Slow Grind till she pops then Grinds again till we both pop.Last day for Yuki as she told me she is moving onto something else. Good Luck.

  48. Wildman says:

    I find it amusing that you all delight in French kissing these ladies, whilst at the same you regale your fellow punters with tales of blowing your loads in their mouths and so on.
    Next time, pause and consider, as little as an hour before you, some other dude had his load in her mouth…

  49. Robert says:

    Popped in today with a early booking for Kay,it’s very hard to get a booking as she only works here one day a week and I don’t get down artarmon way anymore.DFK and DATY is always a delight then onto further action in various positions.Out with a toy and into it again till I have to let go.The more mature ladies always do it for me,Kay,Heidi,Annie,all provide excellent service which means repeat business.Cheers.

  50. Mr says:

    Evening, was in the area today and popped in to see who was available. It been awhile since I was last in 142
    I met Amy in the waiting room and her beautiful smile made me paid for 1 hour service
    Quick shower and onto the bed, commenced dfk and I slowly work my way down on her. parted the silky smooth legs and dined on a wonderful pussy and while I was enjoying the juices she was giggling with content
    Flipped her over so she is on top working her way down for bbbj, were i blew over her face
    Quick clean up. lie on the bed kissing and cuddling, getting ready for round 2
    On with the safety gear and commence a wonderful session of passionate sex
    Off the dom and blew over her body
    Another shower and light kissing prior to departing
    Will definitely be back to see this lovely young lady again

  51. BB says:

    Does anyone know if ozi girl Jenna work anywhere else? If so where?

  52. Robert says:

    Popped in today and saw Annie,mature lady which suits me.Shower done and Annie strips off to reveal some Grass on the pitch!! I dont mind that actually.Very sweet DATY then Annie pulls my head up and proceeds to massage my cock very Slow and Firm whilst working my balls.She has mastered this technique.Then slowly inserts a finger,i got her to back off i bit as i was ready to pop.Swing into various positions with from behind being Annies favourite as she works her Clit with one of my toys,this tips me over the edge.Only light kissing allowed.DFK is my preference but that may change with future visits.Mina has some mature Gems working here. Heidi,Kay,Annie.Cant beat the older Ladies!!!

  53. Phil says:

    Dose anybody know we’re Sophie is work these day , as she was one of my favourites . Cheers

  54. Fairmont16 says:

    Saw QQ or Qui Qui, not sure how it is spelt, youngish decent looking ok breasts about a c cup, started off with a average message she started to message my butt then split the cheeks and started to lick my anus, I put a quick stop to that as I do not like it so she said turn over, almost straight in to BBBJ ( that was not bad at all) then she lubed up for a pussy slide which did not last long as she had a few days growth and it was lick sandpaper on my cock. Up until this stage it felt mechanical and rehearsed.
    I said fuck me and she jumped on bareback to my surprise as she had condoms on the bed ready to go, a few postions later and I unloaded inside her. A message to finish which was just ok.
    $90 for half hour not to bad but I have had better.

  55. Robert says:

    Love Thursday!!! Its Heidi’s day.Early booking today and Heidi’s just arrived,She says sorry honey i have to shave for you first!!! That makes me instantly hard DFKand DATY Heidi goes ballastic, Onto various postions and Heidi selects her favourite toy out of my kit bag.Then a change of pace today and finish with BBBJ,when Heidi puts her hairclip in you know your in for the BBBJ of your life Christ!!! i thought i was going to pass out.Cant get enough of this lady.Cheers.

  56. Robert says:

    Called in today as i was on a day off usual day thursday.On Mina’s advise saw Ayumi,Tall japanese lady carries herself well very elegant.DATY is outstanding and BBBJ well executed.So out with some toys and game on Ayumi warms to the task and various positions follow.Ayumi has a great Ass so i rimmed her while she played with one of the toys on her pussy.All round great time with a mature Lady.I feel the more you saw Ayumi and developed a rapport it would just get better each time.Luv those older ladys.

  57. Robert says:

    Its Thursday the best day as Heidi is on!!! So one hour of delightfull company follows.Ticks all the boxes for me DATY is so sweet i could spend all day performing that and Heidi just goes ballistic!!. Great lady who gives 100% at all times in what must be a hard industry at times.Love Thursdays.

  58. mrstewy says:

    Anyone tried new girl Zoe? Roster said Aussie girl on tomorrow

  59. Robert says:

    Popped in this morning and saw Kay,its been some time since i last saw her.DATY is great with this girl so sweet! Love the older and bolder ladies and Kay is a gem.Shame Heidi does not work tuesdays would love a double.

  60. Jimmy says:

    Has anyone been there with new girls? They put new Australian girl Zoe on the roster, but no pics or description.
    Also at some point in time there was an Italian girl, but not anymore.

    They definitely need to improve their website to reflect all changes in roster.

  61. Robert says:

    Popped in today, usually go in Thursday to see Heidi.Mina suggested Amy older attractive lady ,DATY is delightfull so sweet!!! The slightly older girls really do it for me and Mina has some gems working here.

  62. Minghunter says:

    I visited here last week. The service was good by the girl but I found the management a bit unfriendly. I have been here quite a few times before and found the place very attentive, but on this visit very much “get em in then get em out” I think maybe there is some problem under the radar. Hope it it improves.

  63. roving zucchini says:

    Not happy
    And What can I say, I have been a regular customer, supporting the business, looking after my few favourite young ladies, providing fresh flowers the shop. Then one day at the start of the year, everything turned sour. Literally through bullshit, lies and deception, from one of the ladies and management, showing no respect on how much you contributed to the shop, and no apologies saying what they did and say was wrong.
    No consultation and explanation, they shrugged their shoulders, whatever.
    Well I don

  64. not-happy-guangtou says:

    And What can I say, I have been a regular customer, supporting the business, looking after my few favourite young ladies, providing fresh flowers the shop. Then one day at the start of the year, everything turned sour. Literally through bullshit, lies and deception, from one of the ladies and management, showing no respect on how much you contributed to the shop, and no apologies saying what they did and say was wrong.
    No consultation and explanation, they shrugged their shoulders, whatever.
    Well I don

  65. not-happy says:

    And What can I say, I have been a regular customer, supporting the business, looking after my few favourite young ladies, providing fresh flowers the shop. Then one day at the start of the year, everything turned sour. Literally through bullshit, lies and deception, from one of the ladies and management, showing no respect on how much you contributed to the shop, and no apologies saying what they did and say was wrong.
    No consultation and explanation, they shrugged their shoulders, whatever.
    Well I don’t give a dammed anymore for their lack of professional approach to customers relation.
    Well it will leave no other option then to not go there anymore and in their own words ‘take your business somewhere else ‘
    Here is my comments, posted for all to read
    Adieu, adigos, ciao, cheers

  66. bugs turner says:

    Anyone got a review on the new girl Maggie?

  67. roving zucchini says:

    Last night change of plans, instead of risking 235 and 485 parra road, I decided to trek to 142 and meet with another of my favourite Melissa. What can I say, soon as we greeted each other, it was straight into some serious business, daty, bbbj, 69, anything that was oral was on. Then wham, into the pussy, bbfs, fucking and pounding in any position. What an exhaustive session. Overall walked away a happy satisfied customer. Cheers RZ

  68. Fairmont16 says:

    Just stayed with Mary, good looking girl but has a big mole in the middle of her forehead, great body, DFK, loves having her breats and nipples sucked, extra $20 she offers BBFS and CIP, worth it, I will be back.

  69. roving zucchini says:

    Hi, welcome back Ayumi, what can I say about this young Japanese goddess, oh what a feeling, it was good to see her back on the roster and I had to make a dash to 142, lot of catching up with her, great session, excellent service and walked away as a happy satisfied customer, definitely will be back, cheers

  70. Paul says:

    ANAL SEX with KAY is amazing ,she is the best .Guys if anyone is looking to fuck ass this is the gilrl for you.I am going to be honest just bring some extra cash and if you are big boy bring at least $100.and don’t fucker to hard she doesn’t like it.goodluck bum fucking.

  71. Andreas says:

    saw Sasa a couple of weeks ago. She was a good looking women but lacks details in her body. IE small tits and unattractivce curve. Service is alright because I just want regular protected sex with these chicks. The receptionist is friendly and loves to joke, which is good. When I called over the line, they say they have 6 available, but when I got there, only 2 can work. That happens a lot with this kind of asian places, be careful. I think i would go back to check it more often than not. Good place anyway

  72. Jimmy says:

    Spent an hour with Paris (not Pairs) yesterday. Was the only girl when I got to the shop

    She says she is 23, but I would say she is 28-30, though she looks fit and fresh.

    She doesn

  73. Breitbart News says:

    Any word on the newest girls?
    paris, rita, susan sandy

  74. Paul says:

    Went again to see KAY ,like I sad that girl dose the best ANAL SEX she was amazing.I say to all you guys that have a descent cook 8,9-10inch come and see this girl you won’t bee disepointed She will do you .the bigger you are more expensive butt she is very good.Deep Anal,CIM,Deep troth.wow

  75. Pai Pai says:

    Went in last Friday early 1/2 hr $90 with Heidi, size 10 tall for Asian with big breasts and nipples to die for. After a little foreplay light kissing that led to DFK we lay on the bed and she stroked my cock which was getting hard as and she told me she loved the look of my big hard cock and what she was going to do for me , first she give me a very sensual BBBj which had me so close then stopped and asked me to suck her pussy and what a pussy she has fully shaved with plump lips and a clit that is very responsive to tongue stimulation in fact only a short time and she was cumming hard in my mouth and she tasted so good. We then fucked in all positions it was like the best most responsive pussy I have ever been inside and she also really enjoyed the deep stroking, her fav posi was mish and I got her off again just before I unloaded. Excellent session and I will be back for more very soon.

  76. Bob says:

    I went to this place Last Saturday around Midday. I was only shown a girl (cant remember name) which I was not really interested in. When I told the receptionist I was about to leave, I was then advised that another girl, Melissa was free as well. Melissa (Chinese) was average looking. So I took her in for 30 mins- $90 full service. She gave me Blow job without condom. Full kisses and cuddles and of course the sex followed by a quick massage. I came quickly in my first go as I was very horny, and then the second round shortly. She had no hesitation if you want to cum twice. Full 30 minutes was used. What else could you ask? Guys, my recommendation is Melissa. Have fun.

  77. Paul says:

    Wow ,is this new girl Kay that works on Tuesday (Thai) gives the best Anal Sex and dose it like a porno actress.if you have got a big cock I tell you go and see her you won’t be disappointed .just do it slowly .and not to forget the bigger your cock is she charges more .enjoy. I will bee back for sure.

  78. Jimmy says:


    who would you recommend to visit for the first visit? Don’t wanna spoil my first impression. I am looking for nude massage and hj

  79. Mike says:

    Waste of money. The receptionist was pretty and really friendly but all downhill from there. Paid $70 for nude massage then sat in a waiting room with tasteless fat porn on a TV then led to a room by my masseuse. She managed to smile once I think. The room smelt like a cross between an old towel and pussy, not a great smell when you’re about to lay naked on a bed with goodness knows how old sheets on it. The slightly tubby girl with tiny tits strips off straight away and gets out a condom (wow, so sexy). I say I just want massage which needs to be repeated. I guess she wanted to fuck? Anyway the dry massage was ok. I try to make small talk and get a word here or there. Mind you, it’s not a language barrier, I guess she just doesn’t want to talk. She suggests I massage her which I’m ok with, hoping it might get things happening. She moans every time I touch her back and then after a few minutes rolls over and says “you fuck me?” I say no so she says “you want handjob?” Usually there’s a bit more tease and buildup but I suppose that is precisely why I came. So I lay back and she gets some lube and pumps a hundred miles an hour till I cum. Worst orgasm ever. A few more minutes of oil massage which was actually quite good. Them I’m offered a shower. I dry off with the towel that I realise must be one source of the smell. Gross. Anyway, the receptionist asks if it was ok with a look on her face that suggests she knows it wasn’t. Must be their dud girl I guess. He says they have different girls every day. Whatever. How bout a partial refund? Meh, I’m done with massage as no way do I want full service from these places. Time to concentrate on getting fulfilment out of the real things in life- family, friends and real sex.

  80. JayJay says:

    Well had my first dud punt here yesterday. Was offered a brand new girl – Lulu. She was pretty enough but really poor service. Giggling and nervous, after 20 minutes she says you finished, pay for one hour if you want more ( had paid $90 for half hour) Her English was not very good and she seemed either to not understand or not want to listen when I pointed out that I had only been there 20 minutes. Left without even coming.

    Usually I prefer a more experienced woman and now I know why I try to stick to that rule.

    Not sure if I will go back – plenty of other places to explore.

  81. kevin says:

    Im gonna have a massage in this place this weekend. Is there body slide body in massage service ??

  82. Mark says:

    Can the girls do dress ups e.g. Nurses and is it extra for this

  83. JAKE says:

    Hi all,

    Anyone booked Eva before? Was told she is 19 years old china gal. Thanks for your reply.

  84. Thomas says:

    Has anyone tried Emma? There was no photo of her on the website and i am very curious of her looks. 19yrs old! man im so exicted

  85. Hornsbyiite says:

    Guys I have visited this place few times and the service is indeed good. But I feel it lacks the local touch. I want to see Aussie girls, south american, european girls.
    All these places are flooded with Asian girls which is really a let down for me nowadays. I dont like that cheap talk, and the girls saying darling darling. so annoying. plus all the bodies are just the same. there is no variety in Asian girls.not being racist or anything but we all need to do something like ask the management or put up comments/feedbacks wherever possible to bring in the Aussie girls.

  86. JayJay says:

    This place has become a regular haunt for me. Always get great and friendly service from both management and the girls. Visited on Saturday afternoon and met a brand new Phillipino girl – so new that she hadn’t chosen a name yet 🙂 Obviously had worked elsewhere though as she was very experienced and skilful. Also spoke perfect English and was well read and well travelled and could hold a decent conversation. Really is nice to connect on that level as well as having a sexy time.

    While sitting in a waiting room downstairs though I heard a punter in the room next door trying to beat down the pricing with the younger of the two managers. Guys – if you can’t afford these places please just don’t come at all. Prices are all advertised. They have to pay a licence fee, rental, laundering, cleaning etc plus they are then offering you there time and bodies. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself. Show a bit of respect for them and yourselves. There are cheaper places than this and also much more expensive. Choose which level you would like and then visit accordingly. You don’t walk into a Gucci store and ask for Target prices.

  87. Waz says:

    Does this place in Hornsby offer massage only ? I am not interested in sex or bj but would be happy for the lady to be naked to add to the experience! Cheers Waz

  88. Taka says:

    visited last week and have nude massage from piya. She was horrible because she tried to finish service less than 15 minutes although I paid for 30 minutes. She started hj soon and finished. No body to body. I wasted time and money.
    But When I have nude massage from Kelly, she never finished in 30 minutes and great service. Which one is your real service???

  89. Ed says:

    The footjob that I got from Angel last week was amazing, she didn’t use lotion like I asked but spit instead & she is an amazing kisser… She is very talented & used her feet perfectly to make me bust all over. Definately coming back here

  90. Styx says:

    Had my first visit here Friday. Thought I was going to have a massage with Heidi but she wanted more as soon as we undressed. Told me how big my cock was and she wanted me to fuck her I paid for 45 massage she just buzzed the boss and said it was changed to 30 FS. Well she said that in Chinese so that’s what I thought she meant lol. I just wanted a CBJ and a body slide. She asked if I wanted it natural which I never so in these places. She slipped the hat on started sucking and when she got me hard just jumped on and rode the cock like a pro. I was a bit shocked as I didn’t plan on this just wanted a body slide. Flipped her over pounded away till I blew. She looked disappointed it was all over so quick. Got a case of the guilts today but put pay to play in perspective for me so I think my punting days are over for a while but how many times have we all said that lol. Anyway Hedi isn’t the best looker in the world but very willing if you treat her right and for 90 I can’t complain I was ripped off.on another note I dropped a ring in the room and didn’t realise till later called and they looked and found it for me so big kudo’s to Heidi and the manager for being honest. Actually love she manager she is a cute frisky thing no wonder the girls are so good. Bye for now !

  91. Jayjay says:

    This place gets busier by the day and easy to see why. The managers seem to look after both customers and staff really well. Went with the short Thai Kelly today and had a great time. They always ask for feedback afterwards which is pretty cool. If anyone is interested in getting together for a bit of different fun here the manageress seems quite keen to organise what customers want. Let her know what you are looking for. Probably best to get yourself a naughty phone so she can get hold of you should anything exciting come up.

  92. mykobo says:

    They get so many new women here looking at their website…..

  93. mykobo says:

    Lucky gives a great CBJ.

  94. darren says:

    Firstly folks i give myself a welcome back too long since my last review. So what the heck visited 142 this arvo to see what was happening. Four ladies on i picked new girl Fanny her first day on the job here. Always a punt picking a new girl never quite sure what you might get. She was 5ft 8 from China not stunning but not shocking looking either. I hit the shower and the the nozzle stayed in the socket of to a good start thats been fixed good. Jump out for Fanny to give me a drying off with the towel always nice to have a little servant when you get out off shower. Onto bed where she did some kissing and sucking of the neck head down to legs and onto wand and pouch. She did a nice job there felt pretty turned on.On with the party hat for some bouncing on the wand then i went on top to bury the sword into her. Overall wasnt a too bad a time she has a tatt above her honey pot im not into tatts on girls not bigger ones anyway it was only her first day so she still finding her feet so i got to allow for that.What i dont like and this is everywhere i have been is at the end when the girl has a shower and precedes to bring up the flem and fluid out of her mouth to clean it. That horrible squarking noise as they empty the contents of there mouth in a spitting fashion. Ive heard it at every asian place i been too just ruins the mood for me all the time. All in all folks still pretty impressed with the variety of ladies here Fanny was 26 i thought she could be older but you can get 19 year olds to late thirties here so a reasonably wide choice. The boss has the porn on in the waiting room helps kill the time when there is nothing to look at but overall when i have been looking at the girls for the most part most of them arent too bad.And when you look at the website they got some real pictures not fake shots like other venues. And the boss still asks for my feedback when i leave i so like that thats the only you can get a proper idea how your staff are going most other places really couldnt give a shit one way or the other. Might have to go back again working in big smoke with all the office girls g in me up all the time a lot of frustration has to be emptied look out 142 girls i will be back! And is it just me i would love to take the receptionist and the boss into the room for some fun im dreamin!

  95. Matthew says:

    Very ordinary massage old ladies never again .

  96. mykobo says:

    Who was the lady?

  97. dan says:

    Also if I get massage. What is extra and how much?

  98. dan says:

    Hey guys im new to this.

    im planning to visit hornsby 142 soon so I want to ask some questions.

    for full service do you get the whole hour (as in cum few times) or finished before 1 hour when you are done?

  99. darren says:

    Ahh folks that time of the month yes ” fuck time” so i thought id make another appearance at this place to really get a feel for the joint. Two girls on one scruffy looking Chinese and Indonesian Kelly. Picked Kell jumped into shower to spruce the body up still the socket for the shower still not fixed for fuck sake its not hard that simple shit needs to be sorted out. Anyway when i was finished rooting around trying to clean myself i got out of shower to towel down and seen Kelly having a lye down. Thought to myself this isnt starting out great shes bushed and i havnt even shagged her yet. But all good soon as i moved over to bed she was straight onto the wand. Slurping licking doing her best to keep the customer happy. For the most part she did a good job. I stood up beside the bed while she polished the wand as i was standing i asked her if i could put it in her back door not a problem but you need a fifty to go there. Well i said what the heck i would give the shute a go well it copped an absolute thrashing and Kelly took the lot like a good girl. So $90 for half hour $50 for back door Kelly is no model a little round but a good attitude this place is getting busy at times i shouldnt of said anything but we all need some LOVIN!

  100. mykobo says:

    Loving this place

  101. big banana says:

    Tried Selina, Highly recommend, amazing

  102. Steve says:

    I paid this place a visit for the first time last week, parking and access is an issue because of roadworks in the lane way but found a spot. Spoke to the receptionist who was very pleasant and she asked how I found out about the place and I mentioned this site and they were offering a discount if you mentioned you found them on the internet. She said she knew nothing about that! Anyway selected a very cute girl who was new (Christina I think) and booked for an hour. Massage was very average and was not too turned on but she quickly sorted that. After 45 minutes she jumps into the shower. On the way out the receptionist asked how it went and I told her truthfully and she said ok, “I’ll give you another 20 minute massage”. Having already showered and dressed that seemed like too much effort, but it was good of her to offer. The place is ok, shower is problematic and as always think it depends upon the girl you choose. But if they say they offer a discount, then they should honour it and not deny any knowledge of it. I probably won’t return.

  103. mykobo says:

    Saw Kelly.
    Great service!

  104. flatfoot says:

    Had to drop my car off nearby for some repairs this week , so what better way to fill the time than a quick visit to a place I haven’t tried yet.

    Called first then strolled over. Reception spoke great English on the phone , told me there were five ladies to choose from. Got there and one came out to greet me and got the usual ” only one available” story. Think the name was Fiona . Large natural breasts. Mature but nice enough.

    Booked half hour and had a good enough time. Nice room and good clean showers etc.

    On the way out ,met the receptionist who was keen to know how it was etc which isa ggood sign. Will be back.

  105. mykobo says:

    Been twice now. Got same woman both times. A very friendly mature woman who knows what she’s doing (never had a condom fit so well!) and gives great oral sex.
    As I’m new to the punting scene, she was very relaxing and patient.
    Super friendly.

  106. Davo says:


  107. darren says:

    Ok folks firstly thanks Admin for putting up this place so quickly well done. Ive been going here on and off for close to 2 years. When it first opened it had some real ugly Chinese horrors working there. They gave a half hearted service as well. There was one Vietnam girl who wasnt good looking but she was the best of a bad lot.Her skills in the room were good. The guy who run the place would lie through his teeth to get you in the door to take your cash. Recently it has been taken over by a new owner she seems real keen to get the punters in. After my first time since she took over after the service she came in and sat on bed and wanted to know how it went. Now thats what i like to see a bit of follow up to how her staff are going from the punters. The girl who i seen a couple of weeks ago first up i took her for being maybe indian she had a spot on her head but on closer inspection it was a mole but who cares she give a real good polish and was a keen an willing to keep me happy. New decor the shower head still doesnt fit into socket dont that shit you when you trying to get the wand sparkling things are looking up here. Ive had a few nights at the rsl and rolled down here and had me way open 24/7 so a whole lot better than the other crap near the shops.I was charged $80 for half hour which isnt to bad Admin i think they are keen to here from you Folks give it a try if you are near by let us know what you think. KEEP ON FUCKING!

  108. mykobo says:

    Is this place any good?
    New number on front of shop is 0410883855


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