Alexandria 24


KeyHole Image24 Bourke St. Alexandria Phone no is 9699 6319.

From a PUNTER:
Have been there a few times & it is really good value with a large selection of WLs of all nationalities.
Would love to hear what other punters think of the place. It is a lot better than most of those “dives” in nearby Marrickville. As far as I’m aware they don’t have a website. $110/30 mins. Open 7 days: 7am to 7pm.

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29 Responses to Alexandria 24

  1. Scott says:

    Hi I had Rebecca, from Singapore 24_years old 10 out of 10..likes to try any position. Good blow job skills. Bit to much chatty..pounded from the back she was asking for More.

  2. Scott says:

    I had Aussie Claudia. Blond around 37. I have been introduce to 7 ladies all good sort, young and around the world. My choice was kind of MILF $125 for half hour. Good skills, very clean. They have $160 two girls for 20 min.

  3. Nicko8888 says:

    Info for Abbi at marlenes

  4. Nicko888 says:

    Can any one give me more info on Abbi and what she’s like please

  5. pm says:

    Any bbfs girls here?

    • Plummer says:

      Are you asking or telling. Do you mean at your place?. Is this a riddle.
      Well it’s very cold to go bare backed without a jumper – so I think you are trying to tell us no. But are you saying they have fluffy sweaters ?? very confusing.

      • oro says:

        What part of a question mark don’t you understand you moron??? There is a question mark??? at the end of the sentence. That means it’s a question you dumb ass.

        • Stan says:

          Well what I mean is who wants to walk around with a bare back in winter ‘maybe she should
          Wear a fluff sweater. You know what i mean bare back fluffy sweater.. You are really dumb not understanding. Do you get it idiot boy ?

          • Plummer says:

            Hey Stan piss and stop stealing my name.
            But I agree .this goose oro is stupid for not understanding. What a flip. Thanks Stan but in future use your own name.

          • pm says:

            Stan / Plummer, its really smart of you having a conversation with yourself and pretending to be two different people. Gee you really covered that one up well… who the hell talks about a fluffy sweater on a forum like this, only a bone head like you I guess, your just another wanker troll, do you pull your tiny weenie over posts on these forums as well

          • Plummer aka Stan says:

            Hey fool, why the fuck do u want to prop up a ridiculour site like PP by nitwits like you asking inane stupid ridiculous questions like ‘does she fuck bb.Go and bloody well find out yourself.Its just the mad fucker running the site padding it up with nonsense questions…. Oh has anyone seen….. Does,,,,, still work there. Shit what a bloody site.

          • Plummer says:

            PM of course I pull my Weiner… Dont you?
            If you say no you are a bloody liar…ALL gents do
            The really stupid ones pay old ducks large money to do that simple task and feel like fools afterwards.

          • wartboy says:

            you need a good root plummer , good for your mental health

          • Plummer says:

            Wartboy,pro,pm etc etc
            I do ok in thate arena, thanks for your advice anyhow. I’m not into bb fluffy sweaters- i unlike you am more concerned with cock health. Recommend occasional self stimulation…hahaha

  6. jim4u says:

    Any prices on their varied services guys

    • Phil McRevice says:

      Rang last week. $110/ 1/2 hour; $220/hour

      • little wombat says:

        anybody tried 382 Alexandria,, is this new shop,,

  7. Joe smith says:

    Can Abbey from.Marlene

  8. Joe smith says:

    Does.anyone.know.abi from Marlenes she loved bbj no rubber either

    • Paul storch says:

      Yes abbi blonde haired green eyes Amazingly beautiful excellent massage followed by awesome bbj natural then gets on and rides like a demon and is a screamer also golden showers this girl is amazing

      • Swordsmaan says:

        What are the new premises like? Used to go when it was next door. Is Sasha still working there?

  9. Cougar lover says:

    Has anyone visited this place recently.
    After speaking to the receptionist, I was left baffled about the women that work there.
    Sounds abbot suss.
    I wouldn’t be surprise if they are all asians

  10. 69Falcon says:

    Finally visited Marlene’s for the first time in months. Used to be a regular but got distracted by 269, 235, 751 & Amanda Heavens. Picked Sahara. Mixed race: Ugandan & white. Very attractive. Reckon she is about 40. Good body. Nice big firm butt. She likes to take control and direct proceedings. But I dont give her that luxury. After showering, i motioned her to the bench to facilitate oral on her sweet looking & tasting pussy. Advanced to ger asshole & gave that a good rimming. She did not complain. Her oral was excellent. In fact it was so good i unloaded in her mouth – CIM. Service: GFE; 9/10

  11. Swordsmaan says:

    Thanks to Admin for listing this place. Dont know if the have a website. Will ask in next visit. This place is similar to Amanda Heavens & Cougar Town. Great selection of women of all ages & nationalities. Have not been lately but will add review when applicable. Look forward to reading other punters’ reviews


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