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77 Goulburn St Sydney NSW 2000

P: 02 9212 5152

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. James says:

    Back in Sydney for the fisrt time in 8 month. Walk past checkers looks like it’s closedown . Not surprising. Went there December last year with a few friends after a couple of beers. Miserable old Chinese lady Reception. Was told legal price list. Then told to go down Stairs and ask to go to a small room. Dirty inside. Could smell the damp.Then a very short Thai lady come in naked.she most have been at least in the 50s .long hair. Bad pastic surgery on her face And funny fake tits. Her saggy belly. Looked Like she had 10 kids. 5 minutes into the Massage she ask if I Wanted full sex.with Or without condom. Drunk so payed $300. After she gave me her Facebook and messenger .saying she would see me after work. Mary manephat. I think the company takes a big commission from the girls money . When I left I noticed $100 was missing from my pocket. Waited in reception for my friends to come out.we were all disappointed.. A week after I went to the doctors .yes got a STD. If it reopens stay well clear.

  2. Michael says:

    Absolute shit hole . Had Thai lady named may from Chang rai fake tits plastic surgery everywhere. Fearne extra hundred bucks full sex. Even got her phone number. Turns out she was illegally working now. HIV test for me.

  3. RickG says:

    And Freddy doesn’t have a clue, sorry to say. He claims that Midas was the best place ever (and I’m sure that it was outstanding, don’t get me wrong) but degrades other places, simply because Midas did ‘solid work’ and he didn’t have to tip. Freddy’s got it all mixed up in his mind. Plus he thinks he thinks he’s King Kong because he went there often.

  4. RickG says:

    Listen Bitch, this site is for reviewing various massage parlours. It is also a powerful tool since our review can affect someone’s business. For this reason, it makes me angry when people on this site say LIES about a place (Look at that nutcase Steve who has totally lost his marbles last night).
    Freddy claims a lot of things about this place which are absolutely unfounded. Claiming that the girls are not good-looking – when I’ve seen girls there who would put Asian actresses to shame – and that they don’t know how to be sexy or massage properly or give GFE – when I have had all these things times a hundred – is completely unfair!
    And here you chime in saying that Chequers has ‘Grandmas’ – when the girls are in the 20s and 30s. You even claim this about Chicago nearby – I don’t know why you’re bringing them into it – but most of their girls are in their 20s.
    I don’t know what you guys have against them, but it’s not fair to write up untrue information. For this reason, I’ve pretty much had it the people on this site and won’t be back for some time!

  5. Shero says:

    RickG, does getting a massage from your grand mother count as your “usuals”? At least management is keeping it all in the family

  6. Freddy says:

    This place is bad!

    1.Old women at counter look ready to kill, young girl behind counter spaced out
    2. Flip flops re used, big health hazard
    3. Showers, dirty, rusty handles, green shit around shower heads,
    4. Steam room smells like moldy something weird, not steam room smell
    5. Spas would not trust them
    6. Suana seems to be the only CLEAN thing there
    7. Girls, Normal looking to fugly looking, very dumb, 3/10 massage, 2/10 Hand job, No GFE, NO Kissing, No Touching, Ready to run out the door

    My advice STAY AWAY!

  7. Lycan says:

    Had the “King Massage”

    – Sequence of events:
    1. rock up downstairs at the counter and the receptionist asks what massage you want from the catalogue and takes your money.
    2. get naked in a communal mens room, leave your gear in a locker (you get the key)
    3. shower in communal facilities, you have the option of a spa, sauna or steam at this point, they’re all perfectly nice though it smells a little damp from being underground
    4. get given a robe and sent to a waiting room where you have the options of water, OJ or soft drinks until you say you’re ready.
    5. sent to a room and asked to wait
    6. wait 5 minutes
    7. wait a couple more minutes
    8. meet the girl… Angela from Taiwan – tall and… handsome(?)… clearly strong of arm.
    9. serviceable massage, firm and theraputic, Angela was nude but didn’t really make any contact apart from her hands.
    10. strokey teasy bit, then turn over
    11. painful yanking commences
    12. I ask her to be gentle… “serviceable” handjob.
    13. it gets wierd… she makes up a waterproof bed under the in-room shower, puts me down on it, soaps me up and rinses me off like someone washing a baby in a tub. She explains that I should feel like a king now…
    14. leave as quickly as possible.

    Frankly, if I’m paying this much money for a massage I expect to be able to a) pick my masseuse and b) get changed and clean with some degree of privacy. They can have all the classy girls they want (not that I saw one) but their arrangements and facilities are very out of date and need revision.

  8. RickG says:

    Great time the other day. Had Yuki. Very cute, juicy set of tits, and excellent massage skills. She knows how to touch a man. Excellent handjob technique aswell. Liked her so much that after going in the spa/sauna, I came back for round 2!

  9. Haidar says:

    Waste money, I was there last Friday and I chose king style. It is just so normal.

  10. RickG says:

    Had myself the most phenomenal experience the other day here. Had this real nice sweetie with a freakin awesome body. Her skin was like bronze and smooth as hell. The way she was gyratin on me during body slide – Man, I tell you guys! Words can’t express. I told her ‘I’m in heaven’ and she laughed. Can’t wait to go back!

  11. rick says:

    Went to chequers today.Average massage,lots of oil,girl was average.$189 not worth it and then to be confronted in change room by some other bloke was a huge turn off for me.Again its back to bodyrotic for really top notch stylish babes

  12. Mark says:

    Some absolutely stunning and gorgeous girls here! You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven!

  13. Mark says:

    Great place! You guys don’t know what you’re missing! I’m a regular

  14. Tenderrub says:

    used to frequent this joint and i mean twice a week 10 years ago. i enjoyed the spa, steam room and sauna and the time with me mates before going in for the kill. chinese massages were more affordable here 105 – 45 mins with HJ from memory but the hot koreans cost soo much more. i heard there is a king’s package now that is similar to the NURU massages on porn sites. something like 200 bucks for the oily gel body slide and hand relief before the massage on the table….

  15. grub says:

    I have only ever been here when I have been on the piss. Its a bit pricey but the girls are hot. Showers, spas, sauna etc included. Great massages. Used to be better before the pub next door put their tables right near the entrance, but if you can bear the “walk of shame” passed the table its good.


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