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385 Guildford Road Guildford NSW

P: 02 9721 0426

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  1. 53_year_old_Aussie says:

    Recently went for a visit. Shop just look old and dull. A fresh coat of paint and a few decorations would brighten the place up a lot, but it is the service that counts.

    I only saw one girl on at the time I went, but there may have been a Mama-San or another couple of girls out the back, I didn’t see. Shown into the first room, there were two or three, I can’t remember. Anyway, fairly good sized room, walls all the way to the ceiling and lockable door. $35 for 30 minutes or $55 for an hour, I took the $35 option. I paid the money and the girl took a new paper sheet from the shelf, unfolded it and placed it on the table.

    Coco was her name and $40 got her naked. Coco was probably late 20’s, very thin with size A tits, small nipples and shaved down stairs. I was lying face down with her bare pussy was a few centimetres from my face. Some oil on my back and Coco was into the massage – real massage, not just random rubbing like many I have had. And when she was massaging me, she didn’t mind her arse being rubbed either. Onto my legs and after about 20 minutes the roll over came.

    It was a nice slow happy ending and then Coco finished off the time with some more massage. A very nice experience and one I hope to repeat.

    As usual, individual experiences can vary and depends upon the girl and the day. Treat them with respect and you should generally get the a good result.

  2. col says:

    Anyone know if this place has changed hands recently ?
    I’ve seen some new advertising, and also I think a new mobile no.

  3. Tommyboy says:

    the safest bets for first timers looking for b2b and other extras without worry 🙂

  4. Federal Member for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull says:

    After my recent tour of Asian and parts of Europe on a bridge building and fact finding tour Old Malcolm Turnbull needed to blow off some steam and came across 385 Guildford. Having perused the comments section before setting sail, it did not fill me with much hope but for 35 bucks, it was equivalent to what out daily budget is at the local tuck shop in parliament.

    On arrival and through the front door the place appeared uncomfortable, distressing, detestable and slightly distasteful and I thought to myself in that brief moment, this is my kind of place!

    Coco greeted me and yes she is over the age of 40 but for older gentlemen I think she is what you would expect for that price point in the market, not ugly but not pretty either. Coco gave me a quick kiss and I returned the favour by sticking my hand up her skirt and feeling her arse cheeks and what to the touch felt like a g string underneath. I was then told to sit down and wait as she had a client in the next room.

    Whilst waiting another girl walked into the spare room and I could see her in the corner of my eye, spread eagle and under the blanket playing with what looked like her cunt. So not needing a second invitation I promptly stood up and walked into the room and introduced myself, Malcolm! Malcolm Turnbull! Pleased to meet you. She shook my hand and took the blanket off and revealed a short blue dress with skin coloured undies with her legs wide apart. I was about to introduce her to Percy but Coco came out of the spare room and called me in whilst the other girl had a client arrive.

    I paid 35 dollars for the rub and whilst not sounding like I

  5. John says:

    went there on 29th May last Friday, the prostitues there were old…., anyhow I gave it a go, but was very disappointed, the old girl tried to rip me off, massage half an hour $35, handjob $20 extra, blowjob no condom $40, full sex $50 extra, I paid $85 all up for a full service, the service was shit, also she kicked me out in just 20 min, but I paid for 30min, I would not recommend any one to visit this illegal brothel, for the price you pay $85, you can get a much better girl and better room in the legal palor down the road, at least with a shower and bed, in this palor, you can only do sex on the massage table, and the old girl didnt seem to wash herself after the Sex…. shit place, shit girls, shit service…..

  6. ali says:

    how is rate and service


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