Lalor Park Massage


6 Freeman Street Lalor Park NSW 2147

P: 0431 889 751

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  1. Discreet says:

    Looking for work live in Blacktown if interested message me

    • Sexy Boi says:

      How do i contact wuth you hun?

  2. 55_year_old_Aussie says:

    Still open and still going strong
    $35 for 30 minutes
    $45 for 45 minutes
    $55 for 60 minutes

    Call in on Thursday arvo and was met by Amy., mid to late 20’s – not a pretty little princess, but not mature. The shop is a little dated but still not bad. A large front waiting area then through to the area where the girls wait and then along the corridor to 4 rooms. Rooms are large. First room only had a curtain, but it may have been a sleeping room rather then a massage room.

    We ended in the last room with a door but no lock. Walls all the way to the ceiling and it shared an air conditioner with the next room – a hole cut out of the wall between the two rooms and half the aircon in one room and half in the other. Massage table very solid.

    Amy put fresh paper towel on the towel covering the massage table. I opted for an hour and Amy left. When she returned, I offered her $40 and off came her little black dress and underwear. She had a nice pair of B+ tits, no tats and shaved pussy, with just the hint of stubble. She told me that she shaved every day.

    Into the massage. None of the random pointless light rubbing of a lot of girls, Amy knew what she was doing. A really strong massage moving around the body. As well as hands it also involved full body rubs.

    30 minutes and then came the rollover. A few cuddles and then Amy was on the table and I was giving her clit a good rub until she came and again. Then changed places and Amy was lying on me giving me a full body rub. Then the happy ending and back into some more massage before finishing on time.

    Amy only work Thursdays. There was no offer of full service, but it might have been available if I had asked.

    Great service from Amy. Would all girls be the same, maybe or maybe not, that is why they call it punting. Treat the girls with respect and you often get good results.

  3. Tyrion says:

    Went to Johnson St again yesterday evening. I’ve been a few times before but this was the best experience yet. The girls there vary a bit in their level of enthusiasm – some will pull away or close their legs tightly if you try to touch them downstairs. But yesterday I got Lucy, a young chick with braces who’s not shy.
    I always negotiate extras upfront and she could see from the stamps on my card that I knew what the place had to offer. She was a little vague about prices so I said I wanted a body slide and paid her the extra $50 without any real negotiation. (I’ve had other girls there stipulate that $50 only gets them to rub their boobs on you. But even those shy girls don’t usually mind having their nipples licked.) Well Lucy was in a good mood: 5min into the massage she stood at my head and placed my hands on her bum. When I told her I liked that she decided it was a good time to take off her clothes. After a bit of boobs on the back, it came time for me to turn over and she sat on my chest straddling me, reaching behind to tug my dick as I rubbed her clit.
    There was no talk of FS when I asked for extras but twice she whispered, “I want to fuck you.” I don’t know whether that was just dirty talk or a real offer but I didn’t respond since I wasn’t interested.

  4. bob holden says:

    got my first stamp at Johnson st a few mths ago, girl from Taiwan 19, extremely cute, but doesn’t know massage at all, lucky the he was good. she was so skinny my thumb was at the top of her back crack, and the middle finger at the start of the front lol! never done that b4. her bum was so bouncy after I squeeze it I could feel it hit me back, massage 3, he 9.

  5. Husband says:

    Does anyone know if the HE extents to females.
    I’d like a couples massage and while we know can opt for male HE, do they offer female HE.
    I’d like my wife to receive with me.

  6. thebald1 says:

    After reading a few reviews on Johnson st. I decided to check it out today. Was greeted by the cheery receptionist who asks how long i opt for 30 mins $35 option. She said please go into room i will send in girl. 5mins later a pretty petite thai girl in her 20’s walks in named Jennifer only works tues.
    Her massage skills are average but seductive. After 15mins asks if im intrested in extra. I said yes she goes $50 for naked rub and HE. No body to body but was allowed rub her tits and clit. No bj or full service option.
    When i walked our seen another hot young thai girl sitting on lounge will have to come back another day.overall it was a little expansive from other places ive been too but the quality of the look of girls has me trying it once more. Plus might just been the girl i got. Massage 5, H.E – 8

  7. allen says:

    What nationalitys do they have , Chinese, tawian ,, brazilian australians ??

  8. Lam says:

    Checked out lalor park massage in Johnson ave. was expecting milfs as a typical western Sydney massage parlour. Walked up the door and had to ring the bell. A chubby but cheerful lady opened and greeted but she was the receptionist or boss. Took me to the room and told me she will get a girl for me. Nice clean and comfortable room. In came a slim pretty thai girl , probably early to mid 20s . Her name was Nina. Paid 35 for a 30min massage. Her massage wasn’t hard but it was very relaxing. Than came the extras 20 for HJ, 50 for nude and 70 for bodyslide. I opted for body slide cause she has a nice body 🙂 . But no FS :(. It was perfect and a pleasant surprise in this area. They even gave me a buy 10 get one free card :). Boss said diff girl each day link to
    Will def return to check others

  9. Angus Young says:

    My regular place at 28 Hope Street was booked out so gave this place a go.Met at door by lady probably early 40’s. Gave her $55 and she said we can play.She got her gear off straight away and after 2 min massage had her hands between my legs and into the tackle play.After 10 mins it was time to turn over.She said for another $20 I can have the works.Knocked it back this time but might go back soon to take up her offer..HJ was good.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Went there recently. Saw an attractive Asian woman. She would not do extras, nor take her clothes off. Kept saying the boss doesn’t allow it. The boss (an older Aussie guy) was sitting in a room a couple of doors down talking to two other guys and a girl. Really off putting. Won’t be going back

  11. punter333 says:

    Anyone got any action from this place?:
    Tong & Lin Massage Centre
    Office 102, 69 Holbeche Rd

  12. Tom says:


  13. steve says:

    Visited for the first time
    Nini (Knee-knee?)
    Older lady, perhaps 40’s
    Attractive and sweet.
    Best massage ever… full hour 50
    Extras $40 – good happy ending
    will go back
    there is a back and front entrance, reasonably clean and tidy.
    10am to 7pm 7 days

  14. Tom says:

    Do you go through the back of the shop or walk in at the front???

  15. Roger says:

    Checked this place out recently.

    I was greeted enthusiastically by an Asian lady in her 40’s. I got the impression that she was the only lady that worked there since I didn’t see or hear any other girls. Massage was $30 with the HE being an extra $20. She initially intended to perform the massage fully clothed but obliged when I told her I thought she would be wearing less. She only stripped down to her underwear but did not object when I gently adjusted her bra towards the end of the massage to reveal a very nice firm pair of breasts (which I’m pretty sure were natural).

    HE was enthusiastically done. No shower was required before the massage or offered afterwards. This was a bit disappointing since the HE left me a bit sticky.

  16. paul says:

    Have been there a few times. After the first times i asked for extras and of course they do them even had a threesome. Nice tight pussy and tits. I ate one out while the other sucked me off. would recommend them. Go there when it is quiet and you will get the works.

  17. Wanderer1 says:

    Was as expected – reasonable price and good service.
    $20 for the extra happy ending but that is pretty standard.
    Have been back.


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