Marayong Massage


10/ 38 Railway Road Marayong NSW 2148

P: 0432 885 600

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. 55_year_old_Aussie says:

    Visited a couple of years ago and was met by a very mature Chinese women. When I said that YES I did want a massage, she grabbed me by my groin and led me into a room. All I can say is that I was an enjoyable and memorable session.

    Skip forward to 2020 and another visit. This time I was met by a younger women called “NuNu”. It was $35 for 30 minutes or $50 for the hour, so I took the hour. I offered her an extra $40, but she said naked happy ending was $50 and she stuck to it, so I handed over the $50.

    When she came back into the room, off came her dress, bra and panties. She didn’t allow much touching and then into the happy ending. It was fast and furious. I tried to get her to slow down but she was pumped like a sailor pumping the bilge on a sinking ship. Even after I came she kept at it. Then it was almost half a box of tissues, one for me and the rest for her.

    After that she put her panties, bra and dress back on, much to my dismay and then into the massage. She wasn’t bad, but in the next 20 minutes she was out and back in the room 4 or 5 times. Then at the 30 minute mark she called time. I protested and she did another 2 or 3 minutes and called time again as they were busy and had more customers. I asked for some money back “no money, no money” and she left the room again.

    I had enough of this so I decided to pull the plug and was half dressed by the time she got back, but no I was leaving. She tried to stop me leaving with the usual line, “you come back next week. We fuck next week”. As if!

    You win some and you lose some. So if you go then ask the girl’s name. If she says it’s “NuNu”, then she is a NO NO.

  2. Fred says:

    Went on a reconnaissance visit yesterday. Was greeted by a lady in her 30’s. Prices $30 for 30 minutes or $50 for 60 minutes.

    I gave her the usual excuse – I forgot that I had filled the car. Showed her the $20 in my wallet and asked her where the closest ATM was. She told me, then grabbed my crutch and told me to get extra money. $80 for sucky sucky and full service. Maybe next time.

    Shop is inside the small shopping complex, open until 7pm.

  3. Churchy - da Original & da Worst says:

    I thought of giving another try with Tina and Lynn on Sat. I took both of their services on a different time slot as i need recover my first session with Tina. Tina is getting a little run down with her services and its very much mechanical that is BBBJ, Daty, Anal play, Sex and cum in mouth. Nothing special at all as most of the girls provide these services. She put on a girly voice that irritates the hell out of you because she is an old working lady pretending to be a high school girl. Lynn is worst than Tina as she doesnt let you Daty or finger her pussy or anal. She is younger than Tina that makes up her flaws in the service area. Both of these ladies makes fake moaning sounds and pretend to cum when you have intercourse with them. As we all know they have over 15 customers a day, what are the chances of them having an orgasm with you. Overall, this shop is quite run down and most of girls are milfs. If you like having sex with a mother than this place is right for you. Cheers.

  4. Weallwantahappyending says:

    Can ladies get a happy ending here too?

    • JJ says:

      I think they can get a happy ending also
      However I am a massage therapist specializing in sensual/erotic for ladies if interested
      Email me to discuss if keen

      • Churchy says:

        JJ if you are purporting to be a massage therapist (which I doubt)… you would already know any sexual contact with a lady is regarded by a court of law as sexual assault. Listen you fucking idiot.
        Tell me ?? do you want serve a stretch at Long Bay at the pleasure of her majesty ?? …. for a number of years.
        You frustrated moron. You could only advertise this shit on this unethical site. So much for management allowing this publication. I might actually tell the cops. What a fucking bunch of deadbeats.

        • Sergeant F Hill says:

          Now listen here, the fellow that is called JJ.
          My informant is quite right.
          We are on to you ! Just look out.

          • Huge Cunt says:

            By the way impersonating a police officer is also illegal sergeant hill
            If you are onto JJ…why not find him

          • Churchy says:

            Huge C**nt aka JJ aka JJ Cale.
            Listen carefully.
            What you have done or propose to do is in violation of all ethical standard set by Massage Associations. All it takes is some deranged woman to complain of sexual assault. It is a criminal offence (get that firmly in mind). If you have done this stuff and you are a Massage Therapist or purporting to be one .. I would flee the country before the cops come a calling.
            Management of Parlour Pages is also culpable for promoting this idea and publishing and endorsing an illegal act. Just doing my civil duties.

        • Churchy says:

          I’m such a stoopid moron
          Sargeant F Hill

          • JJ says:

            By the way I am still waiting for you two dumb cunts to find me
            All talk no action…whimpy ass trannies

        • JJ Cale says:

          Churchy. You are full if shit. You are a dumbass moron. A tough keyboard warrior. You know shit about nothing. Sexual assault? Prrrffftttt. Idiot!

          • Con says:

            Hey JJ Cale _ didn’t that artist sing “LIES”.
            Sure he did – that describes you – a fucking liar… no good hiding behind a new name.

            Hope Sergeant catches up with you. Dickhead.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          Churchy. You are DRIBBLING again. You are way off the mark. You have zip LEGAL knowledge. I should know as I’m a real genuine member of tbe NSW judiciary.

          • con says:

            Listen Judge Dreadlocks
            You are a real member of the nsw judiciary ??
            Then F Hill will be interested in you as well. That makes you complicit to all this as well.

          • con rod nu says:

            HeyJudgie Dreadlocks
            Are you a fucking ignorant judge sitting at the bar –i mean pub–its drivel not dribble–nitwit. Guilty . charged haha. Ping ping ping ping oops looks like I have blown a con rod

      • Pal says:

        Hey Guys it’s your good mate “Pal” back again to wreak some havoc. I told you dickheads to behave – or else – so here I am.
        Bloody hell JJ wanting to go to prison, JJ Cale playing his favourite song “lies”, bloody Churchy blessing everyone, Happy Boy being unhappy.
        What I want to know where that fuckin Cheeto and that Jamie (puke) (70yrs and gay).Parlour Pages burying head in sand (probably run some little weedy Chinese guy/gal).

      • Wartboy says:

        FO Churchy

  5. happy boy says:

    Went to Marayong today. Had a 40s Chinese name Sasha for service. The massage was mid range.She striped down then played with my cock. She has a great set of tits with the longest nipples I seen.They would been close to 50mm long and thick. Fantastic to suck on as Sasha played with my cock and ass. Then she pulled out a condom. Put it on . I was standing she bent down then put my cock into her mouth. Sasha took it all in.Then we were on the massage table, She doing a not to bad head job. I had my tongue rolling around inside her wet pussy.Then Sasha such my head while masturbate herself.We started a slow fuck. Moving into a faster dog style. I gave the hand movements to anal. Sasha smiled then ask a little oil first. I pulled that condom off. Sasha said put condom ,no condom no good. I ran my tongue up her ass and pussy . The last was Sasha getting off the table with my cum running out her ass.

    • Churchy says:

      Awesome, bro! Love seeing my cum dribble out if a girl’s arsehole. BOOYAH, KAPOW.
      I prefer to see it dribbling out a tranny’s arsehole. LMAO BOOYAH KAPOW KAPOW KAPOW.

  6. happy boy says:

    At Johnston you can have full service. Some do cip and cim

  7. happy boy says:

    Been going to Marayong for sometime .The girls there get to know you after ,they will give you their pussy to fuck.

    • JJ Cale says:

      And their arse too. Bare back, dude

  8. rambler says:

    Thought I’d give this place a try as they had been ramping up the ads on Cracker. One of my regular haunts at Kings Langley has now closed (one too many Happy Endings for a council employee I suspect) so thought I’d try another local. Youngish sounding girl answered the phone enthusiastically and indeed she greeted me on arrival and looked OK. All downhill from there as I was ushered into a seedy room with aircon not operating and a creaky table by a 50 lady with little English skills. She proceeded to give me what amounted to no more than a light back rub with no structure before its came to the business end. I opted for ‘clothes off’ and her version of b2b was to lean over my chest whilst finishing me off with a lame HJ. Suffice to say I wont be returning

    • Justanotherpunter says:

      Sounds like the experience I had too. Though I got a cbj for an extra $20 instead of b2b.
      $70 all up but the massage part is 15mins of the weakest massage ever.

  9. mudge says:

    Any older ladies work there over 35?

  10. Mick says:

    Went there today, had a massage with HE by very friendly mid thirties lady, great body, small tits huge nipples. Massage average HJ very good

  11. Karl says:

    Received a massage here with a HE from Cissy/Sissy. Very nice older lady and a good chat.

    How’s everyone’s experience here?

  12. Striker says:

    Hey Scott Raymond Fuller,which Lady’s are you talking about and have you been there recently? Anyone else have any service at this shop.

  13. Scott Raymond Fuller says:

    Asian sluts at their hottest. Multiple male orgasams are common!

  14. Roger says:

    The phone number has been disconnected although the shop is still there with the same disconnected number on the window.

    Has anyone been here recently?

  15. jonno says:

    Massage was reasonable but HE was expertly done. I think it wad extra $30 to get her naked


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