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47 Responses to Midas

  1. Nap Time says:

    So heard a lot online about how this was the place to go for this sort of thing, 3 mates and I chose and booked for 4 people the day ahead, we turned up and waited almost an hour before being told there were only two girls available, two of my mates went off and had opposite experiences one good one bad, while me and the other friend waited for three hours (not too bad watching movies) which only 2 other girls became available in those 3 hours, we ended up leaving without doing anything because they over booked.

  2. Henry says:

    I should have read the comments before going tonight. I used to visit this place since it opened and even before when it was located in Bondi Junction. It used to be fantastic – you used to get a great massage, great receptionists and pretty girls. Now it is pretty much the opposite. I went in at 8 pm, walked up the stairs at 8.15 with a girl. Was done and back in my car at 9pm despite paying for an hour so was short changed by at least 15 mins. Massage was average at best, girl was mechanical and complained a bit. Just very dissappointed that the best place in town is really gone down hill. Avoid until they get their act together.

  3. Brothel King says:

    Anyone ever had fs at this place, or a bbbj?

  4. Gorro says:

    Well, I went to this place several times a year up until I had to move away from Sydney in 2010. Recently coming back, and after reading the reviews, I had to find out for myself if this place has really gone down hill. I hate to say it has. What made this place special wasn’t any “extra” services offered by the girls, but the little thing they did to make you feel special. They will hold your hand, let you put it around their waist, let you put your hand on their ass as you went to the massage room etc. The massage use to be sensual and erotic, and after it was done, you’d feel like a king because the girls were feminine and flirtatious. After the massage, you’d get an awesome foot rub/scrub in the relaxation room.

    Now though, the girls are just too mechanical. I understand they are doing it for the money, but the massage ladies just cannot expect to give a sub-par massage wasting time, always looking at the clock. The little things they use to do to make you feel special has now stopped. The mamasan has let the girls go wild and now it has become purely mechanical. I do not pay all this money for sub-par services. I will go somewhere else.

  5. BK says:

    Visited this place the other day, saw Una, crap massage wasted half the time with the shower & spa, in between massaging different body parts she kept on getting on her phone to change the music or to check & reply to messages. will not be going back any time soon. Waste of time & waste of a hard earned $275. This place has really gone to shit.!

  6. Pussymaster says:

    This place has really gone down hill compared to how it used to be back in the days, not even worth going there anymore, just a waste of time & money..!
    Back in the good days my favourite girls were, Cara, Lucia, Sora, & one more but I can’t remember her name, petite little k-doll mid 20’s I’d say, back then, perfect ass, fake but nice titties, pretty face & excellent service. If anybody knows if these girls are working in another parlour, please let me know, it would be great to visit them again…??

  7. Draeya says:

    hi punters,

    anyone been here recently? i am thinking of going soon and was wondering about the experience about this place relative to its prices.


  8. Kan says:

    Hey guys, I went to Midas last weekend, good experience, but while waiting I spotted an Asian chick covered in tattoos and I just can’t get over her. Any idea who she is?

  9. Big Mac says:

    Went here on a Sunday havent been here about 5-8 years . I was greeted by good looking girls . 3 of the girls looked tired and disinterested 1 was just normal hello in and out all Korean and chinese . And 1 girl actually came in with a smile . Which is the one i chose . She was thai short nice boobs good massage pretty good cbj and hj . This place has changed alot since i was here last . Before every girl came in with a smile and grabbed your hand or put your arms around her hips to walk to the room also there was a bit of flirting and it was more inviting and relaxing . As the girls would treat you like she has known you for years . Now it seems like a mechanical job for these girls . Still had a good session but wasnt the same as before .

  10. Frankie says:

    Attend Midas last week and saw Rebecca for a 45min session. She’s about 5’9 size 14 with nice titties (more than a handful). Natural bush below.
    It stated with her giving me a shower and scrubbing every single curve and crevice on my body and ending the shower with a kiss on my Bb shaft.
    She then told me to lie on the massage table where she gave me a nice firm massage for about 15min before rubbing some liquid all over me and her sliding herself all over me. I turned over and this continued before she used her mouth to put a condom on me and gave me a nice deep bj. She took it off and I finished with a hj. Pretty good.
    Likes – cleanliness. Very clean, couldn’t fault it.
    Dislikes – price. Quiet pricey for what u get from memory I paid $135 for 45min.

  11. Davo says:

    Bloody Hell Freddy. Sounds like you need another holiday.

  12. Fredyy says:

    Midas has gone rubbish now….there standards have droped!

    The review:

    I had taken a break from Australia, (i was gone for 1 year and came back 2months ago)…..

    Now before i went on my long holiday, me and my buddy (punter) had been going to midas at least 3 times a week for OVER 5 YEARS….We where vip with midas, all the staff knew me and my buddy… it got to the point that when i called the receptionists to make a booking, they knew who i was and what time we wanted, they would ask how my day was going and small chit chat (like a normal person)…..When we used to go there ALL the staff would make us feel like, “we where at home”…From the cleaners, to the receptionists/managers, to the foot rub ladies, to the security, to the ladies who give you pleasure, they would always great us by name and always make us feel welcome and that this was you could say “our second home”…. Im not going to brag all day now…

    To the GFE….No matter what girl we chose over the years it was well bloody worth it, they knew how to give you a real quality GFE, they gave you good SOLID massage, sexy body slides, nice body kisses, they never ever waisted your time with long showers or clock watching or changing the music and talking before the massage, they gave you that extra few mins if u needed WITHOUT asking for any money or trying to rush you to finish…and they would never ever take a tip no matter how big or small….. (if it was a brand spanking new girl, the receptionists would let us know and we MIGHT have to lead here on for starters)

    It was great….

    After coming back from my 1 year holiday i needed a nice massage..period…so my buddy picks me up from the airport go back home, drop my shit off, have dinner, catch up, then i ask my buddy, lets go midas i really need a massage, then my buddy says, its not same anymore, i laughed thinking wtf or your joking with me….he explained to me how its not the same, he said that if i wanted to go that he would not come ….so i said fuk it ill check it out for my self….

    I called up, new lady on the phone, poor English/ very heavy asian accent (thats ok)….I make a booking and head down…..Upon arrival, i noticed a new security guard (not even a hello nod from him, thats ok mabey hes having a bad day)…..As im walking in, i get this vibe that this is not the same as it used to be, ALL new workers… 1 of the managers is still their tho, and once i walked up to the counter she had a big smile on here face at that point finally recognized me…We talked ….for quite a while….just catching up etc….

    So as im talking i notice 2 new receptionists one of which was curling the other girls hair infront of customers…(im thinking to myself, and to what my buddy told me, “where are your standards”)…the other 2 girls showed no interest in even saying hello to me and the foot rub girls where just giving this look that they did not want to be there..

    Moving on, i go to the waiting room, all new girls ive never seen before, so im like chris tucker in rush our 2 picking the girls….half the girls looked tired or not wanting to be there and it was only 8pm at the time, a few seemed happy…the girls look average to good for a rnt…..so i choose a more happy girl….

    Now before i get to the next part, i went a few times after my buddy had warned me, i was hoping to find the right girls that used to have the “midas touch” as we remembered it …so in this next part of this review this is most of the girls warped up into the 1 review

    They talk to much (time wasting)

    When you go into the room some girls HOP on their phone and ignore you trying to find music or sending messages, until YOU undress then they tell you “take shower”…and there still on there phones

    Some will come in the shower with you but waste alot of time in there

    There massages are mostly through a towel and mabey a few mins by hand and oil, there massages are WEAK and dont know how to massage

    There body slides are not sexy

    They are clock watchers

    5-10mins before your time is up they say “times up, take shower quickly” and if you have not blown your load they say “if u wana stay you have to extend and pay downstairs”

    And the most horrible thing was, some girls accepted tips

    there is just no more class with the ladies

    Before the ladies would make you grab their waist coming up/down stairs and when leaving would walk you into the foot rub room…as now its like “where done fuck off now, dont even look at me” and they go on to the next customer

    The foot rub ladies dont know how to give a good foot massage…

    The foot rub girls look they are in a hell hole in their minds and just not bothered for anyone but them selves, so on my last trip there this is what pissed me off the most…they started to talk shit in korean about the customers and including me….and little did these girls know that i speak korean (you would not expect that from an aussie in hes mid 30s)…So after listening to their crap for a while i kindly said to them in korean “you should be careful about what you say around people you do not know, because you do not know who is listening”….all of the women in the foot massage room frooze and looked like they had seen a ghost, they all apoligised to me in korean, i wacked my shoes back on and walked out the door….

    i remembered that i had one of the girls numbers from back in the day (she no longer works at midas)…i give here a call….luck was on my side, she answered….we caught up for lunch in the city and talked for ages about my holidays, and her holidays, etc…. and she said, “its not the same as it used to be”

    The front counter girls need to be bubbly and humble like they used to be….

    The foot rub girls need to be trained and not talk shit in their native tounge

    The massage girls need a big reality wake up call and SERIOUSLY need to be trained from not time wasting and using their phones to learn how to give a real massage and learn how to give the true GFE

    they need to fix this place up, the ceiling downstairs is starting to rot, all the fat boys in the foot rub room are broken and dont recline back…(execpt the 3 at the back wall where u get your foot rub)….the girls washing the foot rub stuff in the sinks need to shit the door or so it else where….downstairs just feels like circus….not relaxed, peaceful and quite like it used to be

    The music used to be all old school rnb hip hop, but now is this gay korean music….i miss the rnb and hip hop music they had cranking in this place…was very mellow and soothing

    So this is a review from a veteran customer at midas…

    I will not give out any names, so please dont ask me

    thank you

  13. Greg T. says:

    Finally made it here!

    Great sexy asian chicks!

    A must for the asian lover!

    Clean place, and great bang for your buck.

    Massage only with happy ending but no sex.

    Greg T.

  14. Greg T. says:

    The MIDAS website is bare bones!

    I would like it if it was more descriptive with chicks pics, and rosters maybe.

    Can anyone give a more recent review of this place?

    Much appriciated,
    Greg T.

  15. Emin says:

    Been there abt 3 months ago. Went for 1hour 30 mins session. Got a confident korean girl who probably doesn’t like her job probably she thing something better waiting for her somewhere better then this job . There was nothing to mention apart from blowing my $250. The biggest surprise was my 1 hour 30 mins session finish in 1 hour and I came out as there was no interest for me to stay. I’ll never go back to wate my $ there. Completely ripper…

  16. vlady says:

    Hey Jack, any names of those chicks??? I have not been here but am go getter. No pussy riots again!

  17. shero says:

    LMAO @ Jack, of course I’m an interior decorator.

  18. Jack says:

    yes you can quote me but did you miss the bit about were I said I KNOW 2 THAI GIRLS WHO WORK THERE “PERSONALLY” I don’t need to go to the shop…I know they are top class…the place could be ordinary but how many guys go to those shops for the decor?? are you an interior decorator?

  19. Shero says:

    So Jack your passing comment on Midas & please allow me to quote you
    “(Could be more I haven’t been there personally)” ? You haven’t been there yet you can say they are “far from ordinary” maybe it was just me and the Thai girl I got when I said it was “very ORDINARY” that’s both the place and the girl..

  20. Jack says:

    I have met a couple of the Thai girls who work here, privately…they are far from ordinary…there are various levels of Thai girls and the 2 here (could be more I haven’t been there personally) are hi-class. There is a difference between K-Dolls and Thai girls though…K-Dolls are a step up again. Just thought I’d let you know.

  21. Shero says:

    Went last Friday (9/11/2012) for the first time, I won’t be going back it was dead set ORDINARY….

  22. Yoda says:

    Hey guys, I just went there for the very first time in Midas and to a massage palour for that fact. I really enjoyed the place, I was nice and the atmosphere was good. I had a korean gal called Hanna, and she was awesome at the B2B. I actually wanted to try for a FS but I didnt know if I could? Should I try ask next time? I was a bit nervous though.

  23. SHYPunter says:

    Hi guys, This is my first ever visit to errotic massage parlour. popped this place of friday evening. greeted by a receptionist and told u wait in a private room. me and my friend was waiting and discussing about the establishment as we heard a lot about it. a lady came in and asked if u guys want some drink. my friend ordered a glass of coke and he got that. within 5 minutes, a madam came in and told that they got 5 girls available at the moment and the girls introduced themselves one by one with their names in a line up. then madam asked me which girl u wanna try today. i was little confused b’cuz in that 5 girls i like 2 of them but did’nt remember her names so i asked the madam to introduce the girls once more to me. the madam was starts laughing and said sure y not. the madam helped me to choose the girl and i lastly decided to try LIN fron korea. as she is looking shy and busty.
    then madam asked about the time and i said 45 min which cost me $125 upfront. then we went upstairs put off the cloths had a shower together with the girl and went straight in to the action. she was so shy like a GFE. she is new to australia, speaks little but good english. massage was quite ordinary but the extras she gave me was out of this world. she is so hot and her boobs was so busty like a pornstar type u know. she gave me a wonderful blowjob and man i sucked her tits so hard that u can’t imagine. and once my cum will came out she fall over me and rubbing my chest with her sexy boobs for 5-6 minutes and it feels so good.

  24. Only 1 of me says:

    I’ve been to Midas several times. I’ve been during the day and during the evening. Love the fact that you get to choose. It’s like the seen in Rush Hour 2. I am like a kid in a candy store when I go there. Every time I’ve gone there, I’ve ended up with a friendly lady who has been more than happy to make sure that I’ve left happy. The last time I went I saw Lil Susie who only works days. She is small but gives true meaning to good things come in small packages.

    I try to go at least once a month and I recommend that everyone gives it a try. Especially if you love the B2B rub.

    And a happy ending for those who want one.

  25. Mr Lucky says:

    Okay lads, walked in last week prices as advertised on their website ($125 for 45 min, $165 for one hour) opted for the $125. Rooms are nice and clean, music is okay although I am sure most of you would not care much about it.
    Walked in on a Friday afternoon, all young Korean girls, some very pretty, thin and athletic, which goes against my principle of big tits and big hips (you know the porn star or playboy type).
    The massage is quite erotic, don’t expect a sports massage or remedial if you walk in there, it is pure ‘tease to please’. Showers is a must before and after.
    I must admit it was very nice even though I was drunk like a skunk in a bar, it felt really good. Establishment is classy and nice on the eye.
    Definitely worth a visit.

  26. Brothel Master says:

    Excellent Choice – Famous for a Reason!


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