Golden Touch Massage


55 Aird Street Parramatta NSW 2150

P: 02 9635 1412


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  1. Alan says:

    Ryan,Honey would like to speak with you can you give her a ring please.

  2. ALn says:

    There’s a couple of Asian women working from a house in Parramatta looking for customers, the criteria is , clean decent men over 55 years, they are not interested in the young brigade You won’t be disappointed . Give Honey a ring on 0434584243….. treat them with respect and you will enjoy the spoils..

  3. D says:

    Any idea where the girls are now? Or if there is a close substitute to this place.
    Loved it here. Specifically looking to have another experience with Jay.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ryan says:

      Anyone interested in double with sexy asian chick. Also has japanese girlfriend. Can ring her on 0434584243

    • Ryan says:

      There are a couple of very sexy asian chick’s in parramatta that do some lesbian stuff. You can watch them perform then fuck each of them if you wish. Not sure of the price as it was offered to me but if did sound good. They are in parramatta private place. Ring them on 0434584243

      • cheekyman says:


        How was the experience?

        I’ve just called. $150/hr, $350 for double for an hour.

        • Ryan says:

          I have visited on several occasions. The asians always treat you well. Honey has a slim body big tits and fully shaved pussy. The girls love fucking and sucking. They are in a private house in parramatta. $100 for a great session . Enjoyed it heaps . You wont be disappointed. You can ring her on 0434584243

          • cheekyman says:

            $100 session for double? is that for half an hour?

          • Alan says:

            I visited the girls last Friday had a double with two sex hungry ladies Honey & Miko.
            plenty of BBBG, taking it in turns to jump on for covered reverse cowgirl, I never do unprotected sex and I see a lot of punters do , very dangerous ! anyway the girls a great fun to be with, would recommend,, they are mature and not over fucked women . just ring them on that mobile number to book a time and day. in Pitt st Parramatta down fro highway opisite the park.

  4. Gary Wilson says:

    Place is closed

  5. Guido Hatzis says:

    Called in last night at 11pm for a 1hr massage. Was a nice clean place and welcomed by a older Asian lady. $150 for the hr was paid in advance and in walks in Koko. Mid-20s, very cute, tight body but small tits. Slipped her an extra $20 before we started and negotiated a CBJ. Pretty good value. We showered together first, then the massage which wasn’t as firm as I would have liked, then body slide and CBJ.

    Massage: 5/10
    Body slide: 7/10
    CBJ: 8/10
    Overall experience: 7/10

  6. Ash says:

    They seem close down recently, why?

  7. Drew says:

    Went there today and was greeted by the receptionist who was very friendly , saw Nana a 22 year old cutie first visit here and I was amazed at how great it was , little pricey $160 for the hour ,but well worth it. Start of with a mutual shower and then onto a massage with hot oils and a fully oil body slide.
    It wasn’t too hard a massage but it was very sensual and will be visiting again

  8. Local Client says:

    I came here a few months ago and was pretty impressed given everything people seem to be complaining about.

    The receptionist is nice, and the place is huge. I was greeted by one girl who was wearing a (very) skimpy little bikini and had a fishnet top on. This girl looked like a model but most young Korean gals do i guess. I get explained the prices, more expensive than what I’m used to as I usually go to Central Station and Chatswood a bit. Fronted up the cash and taken to the room by this little Korean beauty. What followed was the best massage I think I’ve had at one of these places, started off with a shower, got a solid and thorough massage followed by a great body 2 body and a good handy and suck with a dommie on.

    Definitely coming back hope it stays there for a good while.

  9. Worksover says:

    Hahah I don’t comment often but those fake alerts below sure made my day.
    So give this place a miss?

  10. BruceWong says:

    my friend suggested this place. and had a choice of four ladies. 1 lady seemed friendly name is Banny. had a time with her.

  11. Neil says:

    It was the worst place I have been to. I got a lady name was Jade for 30 minutes. She took me to a room and asked me to take a shower by myself, she then left the room for 10 minutes. After she came back, she had a mouth full of how she hated the job and Australia and could not wait to go back to Korea. I saw she had something on her lips as well. Jade, be responsible to your clients and do not cut the corners! Anyone goes to there: you will kiss the money and say goodbye. I told the madam before I left that I WIll NEVER GO BACK AGAIN!

  12. kyle says:

    Went in for 1 hour with Cherry. 20years old, busty. We showered togetha both naked…very happy ending after a good massage. very Worth it.

  13. Barry says:

    went there yesterday, a very disappointing place. men were waiting, they didnt had girls. paid for 45 minutes, got 25 minutes of service. had the choice of 1 girl, she didnt understand english. will never go again.

  14. Rods says:

    went there last week with my friend. I had to wait 30min cuz they had no ladies available. said we can use sauna and spa fo free while waiting. they had a small pool with steam sauna and dry sauna.

  15. Riley says:

    I love it when the “Kind receptionist” promotes herself in three posts.
    Chingrish is a dead give away.

  16. Shero says:


    Andrew, Tom & Fracis, to say you have a split personality would suggest two of you, but you have managed to split three ways, 3 posts within 10 minutes with the same poor writing is such a dead set give away. You insult the very intelligence of this web site and readers.

  17. Andrew says:

    Is this place real !!! WOW. I was on a business trip from Vic. I googled massage parlour in Parramatta
    It gave me golden touch at 55aird st Parramatta.
    I decided to give it a shot. When walked up the stairs I met a beautiful receptionist called sunny and I thought this could be a good choice anyways I was introduce individually by the receptionist of 5 young girls literally as well , to get to the point there were Cassie Sara Jessica Tiffany and one more. But Tiffany was my choice. She was a young petite and innocent girl you’ve ever seen her tender touch and friendliness was what I needed. She made me young again. I should say these Korean girls are so nice I wanna try all of them but it make look hmmmm. Anyways on my next trip here if Tiffany is not here I am definitely try the other ones

  18. Tom says:

    I had the best massage in my life. it was my first time i went to this kind of massage. actually this massage shop was introduced my friend. he also gave me one vaucher with 30 dollors discount. the massage shop was beautiful and it had a very luxury interior. importantly the massage, it was perfect. the lady was very hot and also had good skills in massage. the receptionist was also very kind, explaining their service and they also showed all the available girls. they were so friendly. after the massge i felt so fresh and i had a really good day.

  19. Fracis says:

    they are not illegal.

  20. Fracis says:

    I had one of the Best Massage this afternoon.. the receptionist was kind in explaining their service to me. the lady was very friendly while enjoying massage.
    I have been to other massage shops but they were not friendly the way they talk with me. They just wanted to finish their job fast. But lady in this shop had very good skills. you guys better try this shop!!

  21. jeff says:

    does anyone know about opening and closing times for this place?

  22. Rhino says:

    I went there this past Friday.
    – Shower with at the start and ending of the massage.
    – Body Sliding is to die for.
    – One of the best Happy Endings I’ve ever had.

  23. jason says:

    Hey guys, visited last night. They have only been reopened for 2 weeks. I havent visited there prior to last night and i definately give it a 9/10. It is clean, very friendly welcome when i arrived by the young woman at the counter. No eftpos . Prices were 90 for 30 150 for 60 and i think 180 for 90. I went for an hour, chose Jessica. Gorgeous Korean, great tiny body. Undressed me, showered and washed us together. Unbelieveable full body massage and when we got to the body slide OMG! Finished with a very happy ending. Highly recommend the new Paradise Spa and Sauna @ Parramatta.

  24. solidus says:

    oh really… shieeeeeeet… dunno if ill be going back then if there’s any of that tom-foolery going on.. stuff that

  25. beefy says:

    nah they were raiding the karaoke place next to it. apparently something to do with some big ice operation which they busted but they only found a gun at the karaoke joint lol

  26. Trt says:

    Cops raided this place last week. Dunno why is it illegal

  27. Solidus says:

    Hey lads its me again… So jojo isn’t the manager here and think she has been fired or deported Ahahaha
    Didn’t bother me tho… Had a nice Korean girl.. 8/10 massage and happy ending body slide style.. Was good 🙂
    Think they like us white guys since their asian so I’m going to keep on coming back here for the good service they give me… I highly recommend it. Get on it

  28. solidus says:

    went here tonight.. WOW… got a massage from jojo the manager… they have just recently opened up after being closed for a year and half… new owners, and the manager trying to set up a client base, so she’s trying REAL hard to get people to like it.. and man it is good!
    got WAY more than i expected tonight.. and only paid for the massage.. SCORE!!! good luck lads.. enjoy it.. prices are good for a bodyslide and happy ending.. and like i said, if she likes you.. you may come out with more :p


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