Annandale 235


235 Parramatta Road Annandale NSW 2038

P: 02 9569 8238

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  1. ParraRdPunter says:

    New management, new renovation, new young girls.
    Reality is new crap management, quick paint job and a carpet clean, old crusty Chinese hookers you’d have to be blind drunk to hand over your cash.

  2. Lloyd Hendo says:

    I went there with my friend billy. This Chinese bird we got had the reddest cunt.. but I just pushed it apart and gave it a massive fucken licking. But love coming up to terrorise this joint. Glove off, 6 of me best, finger in the date. She rates me big time! Big fucken time.

  3. David says:

    Dropped into this shithole a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I should have went to 269, but short on time. the bitch would not even suck dick, cunt was so dry would have ripped the condom apart. Just go a hand job and that was shit.

    Note to self never again.

  4. LabiaLabourer says:

    I hadn’t been here since Moses played fullback for the Eels. So I called up this morning to see who was rostered on. The woman that answered the phone said Michelle and Nana were working. Did I hear that right? Nana? I asked her whether this was the Nana that worked there a while back and she said “Yes”.

    The excitement was palpable as I made my way to 235. I rang the doorbell and a reasonable looking MILF answered. I asked if I could see who was working (as I still didn’t trust the Nana story) and she went to get Nana.

    Oh. My. God! While what walked out may have been referred to as Nana, it was certainly not the Nana I knew.

    Now imagine for a minute that Nana’s Mother had her quite late in life. Now if you will, do some more imagining and picture Nana’s Mother also being the child of a women who decided to have children later in life. Now finally, imagine Nana’s Grandmother had an older sister. Much, much older. That’s pretty much what ambled out from the back of the shop, staring at me with withered lips and soulless eyes. When a fuck!ng Asian looks 70, you can only imagine what her true age is.

    Needless to say, I skedaddled out of there. I had a chill down my spine like the one you get as you throw caution to the wind and speed through an red light camera intersection that has had an amber light for a second or so. I like living on the edge, but c’mon.

    To think they also wanted to charge $70 for me to get busy with Granny. Now I remember why I stopped going to this parlour.

  5. David says:

    Lulu apparently doesn’t work here anymore (according to all the ladies who still work here).

    Does anyone know if she has moved to a different shop? went back to China? I miss her deepthroat, it was the best in Sydney!

    • Cockinarses says:

      Oh lulu where for art thou lulu….I miss your throat… Iknow you are the best anywhere even though I have only tried you.
      Revelation from Dorothy Dix … You are all nitwit fakes… Just pull your own little doggies while you slobs surf the porn sites… Losers

    • Studlee says:

      David, she was still working at 269 New Canterbury Road, Canterbuty last time i went there – about 6 weeks ago

  6. David says:

    Has anyone ever tried a threesome at this place (two girls at the same time), I figure I should be able to, if I just pay $100 for 20mins (1 girl for 20min is $50)? I would love for Lulu to rim my ass whilst I’m fucking one of the other girls.. or for both girls to give BBBJ at the same time (but not sure if the girls are happy to suck each others saliva from my cock)

    • Samir says:

      Hey Dave, if you want a FFM with Lulu, book her & April when both together at 269. $100/30 minutes. Best PSE session! They both rimmed my arse, rimmed each other, munched on each other’s pussy, BB in all SIX holes! Kept going from one pussy to second arsehole then to first arsehole then to second pussy. Kept alternating between these 4 holes for about 10 minutes before blowing in Lulu’s mouth. Farken awesome & i took some videos with my phone. Note that Lulu spreads more time at 235 these days so ask her to recommend tbe second female

  7. happy boy says:

    Hello David, saw Lulu today. She talk about some young gun she saw last week then he came on Friday night. I say been you.Yes she good service woman.My lot went down her throat. She had a throat problem last week for me to empty out in.

  8. happy boy says:

    Thanks Emil. Want to know about Lulu doing 3some.

  9. happy boy says:

    Has anyone had cum in the mouth with Lulu. I ask but rejected

  10. frizzlefry says:

    Saw lulu at 269 / Jenny’s today. She was a bit sore but great fuck.
    Came on her face.

  11. David says:

    Went there tonight and saw Lulu, it was amazing. Started off with bbbj, she gives amazing enthusiastic bj and goes quite deep she almost took my whole length. Then we fucked a bit with condom in missionary, then with her on top hugging me whilst I pounded away. She loved that I was young (im 26) and kept commenting on how handsome I was. Then she rimmed me whilst giving me a handjob and then switched back to bj. The head was amazing so I had her do that for most of the session, then I finally jerked myself off and blew my loud whilst she was rimming me. Totally worth every cent and the service makes up for the lack of good looks. She also did about 50 minutes when I only paid for 30 minutes and it seemed the only reason she told me to finish up was because her boss came and said something (seemed pissed off), not because she actually wanted to stop (it seemed like she wanted to suck me all night).

  12. Amir says:

    Does anybody know if “May” still works here and if so which days?

  13. Cruiser says:

    Who is the best girl to see here?

  14. happy boy says:

    Just read the last posting on 235. Not good to hear about Mr X experience at 235. I was their two week ago with Lulu and had BBFS that went down as worth it. Although one should be carefuller. Up to now no symptoms of any VD around my service tool area.

  15. Mister X says:

    Just thought I’d post a message to advise that I’m hanging up my punting hat after 20 odd years. I made a very, very silly decision to BB a GILF (seriously she must have been 60) at 235 Parramatta Road Annandale a few weeks back and she made me sick. Real sick. I know it was her as I have not seen anyone else for the few weeks prior or since. I’m not making this shit up and have no vendetta against the premises (I quite like Cindy) but I have to tell you all. I do not remember her name unfortunately.

    About a week after seeing her, my knob started feeling funny. Then the painful pissing began. Then the cloudy pus. Then the yellow smelly pus. I saw the doctor the next day to describe what I seeingand he ordered blood tests and swab tests. I was given a shot of ceftriaxone (as a precaution) and 2 azithromycin antibiotic tablets. It took about 5 days (over the ANZAC long weekend) for my bellend to stop leaking smelly pus, with the colour eventually fading back to almost clear. I went back to get the results of the blood test on the Tuesday and the tests had shown positive for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (seriously, WTF)!

    Then the pain in my legs started on Thursday evening last week. I now have actute reactive arthritis in both legs. It’s absolute agony as it feels like I’ve torn my hamstring in both legs while simultaneously having severe arthritic pain in my knees. I could barely walk last Friday until I saw the doctor. I’m now taking voltarin 50mg (diclofenac potassium) twice a day,and while my right leg is 90% OK, my left is still really sore. It’s worse if I sit for a while and when I first get up in the morning. Reading about complications, a small number of reactive arthritis cases lead to chronic arthritis or can take up to 12 months for the symptoms to disappear. I’m also now getting cold spells and night sweats and feel listless in the afternoons. I’m getting another blood test tomorrow to check for HIV and Hepititis B & C as I’m worried that there might be more bugs in my body.

    Needless to say, this has been a real slap in the face and a bit of wake up call. I will miss the bare pussy, but I only have one life and I need to stay healthy.

    Mister X out.

  16. danu7 says:

    can anyone please tell me, where and when lulu works?
    thank you

  17. Fairmont says:

    Dropped in last night around 10pm, did not ring as I was in the area, did not hold much hope of anyone decent being available at this time on a Sat night. I was wrong Lulu opens the door, takes me straight to a room downstairs and throws her tongue down my throat, good start. Hand over the cash only $50 for half hour, stripped off, Lulu wipes the boys clean and straight into bbbj standing up, I love that position.
    She asks my top get on the message table more bbbj as I play with her pussy, she gets really wet and asks if I want a condom, I say no and she jumps on top and of we go.
    After about 10 mins of that Lulu ask me to fuck her doggie, I thought how the hell on this table but she jumps off and stands there and bends over, ok got it, I hop of the table and enter her from behind and go for around 10 mins before unleashing a weeks worth of jizz inside her, then I keep slowly f__king her for another 5 mins. Fantastic.

  18. RiskyBusiness says:

    Hey, I’ve established that Maria does bbfs, but does she also do cip? And how does she compare to may for the same service? Looking at coming here for the first time on Friday.

  19. oldpunt says:

    anyone want to do a 3 some with one of these ladies?

    weekdays preferable….i’m a newbie to 3somes..

  20. jetlyf says:

    does may still work here?

  21. Random Guy says:

    Does Maria still work here? If so what day(s)?

  22. danu7 says:

    does lulu from 269 works here?
    If not, any idea where she works?

  23. Mr Y says:

    I was here a few weeks ago and saw Lulu. Although her service was ok but nothing like before at all and I would say with much lower quality and mechanical this time (I had seen her many times before). I realised she expected me to see her for a longer session and not the usual 30 mins which was probably the main reason to not to put much effort in her service like before. She was also repeating the word

  24. Mister X says:

    Hi all. Any idea where the Canterbury 269 thread went? It seems like the Canterbury/Campsie section as a whole has been gutted.

  25. Greg says:

    It’s open till 2am on the weekdays and 24hrs on weekends. Usually there is only 2 ladies on so I think that’s the reason why the phone is unanswered at times.

  26. chris says:

    Does this place close early now? I have tried calling a few times after 9pm and it goes straight to message. I also found this which says midday to 9pm. link to

    It was 24 hours I thought.

  27. Greg says:

    Saw April today. She works on Mondays and Wednesday’s. She is probably around 50. Provides a decent bbbj and gives an effort in her service. Average body and face. I did try Greek with her though. You can tell she doesn’t do it often so had to take time stretching her out. I think if the word gets out she will happily oblige. i payed $50 same as Canterbury prices. Just call cindy at Canterbury and ask to pay $50 instead of $70 that they usually charge and she should say ok.

  28. rummy says:

    anyone tried YUYU the new girl. pls describe body type

  29. Mr Y says:

    Hi All,
    I called the other week and I was told there is a woman named “Suzie”.
    Has anyone tried her?any comments on her service etc.?

  30. coolrunnings says:

    How much is this place for FS 1 hr?

    And comparing to Canterbury 269, which place is cleaner, and which place has better girls generally?

  31. Ben says:

    As I mentioned before I kept forgetting the new name for Anna. I called up and found out her new name is Yuyu. I’ve also been told she comes back mid next week. I will probably try to see her then.

    If anyone else decides to see her please post your experience on here.

  32. cameronau says:

    I made a visit at the weekend after reading reviews on this site. I saw Lulu – she wasn’t exactly a pin-up but the service made up for it. It started with light kissing and then onto a bbbj which got me well turned on. I done daty her and made her nice and wet. At this point things were heating up very well and sort of unexpectedly went onto bbfs without asking – which was so good. I asked for anal but she resisted but managed to get anal after a short persuasion… WOW… it was so tight and I didn’t have to wear a dom/jacket – as I was about to come, I quickly transferred to a bj and came all over her breasts and she cleaned me off with her tongue followed by a short suck.

  33. kedi says:

    hi folks
    tried may recently , she does not do any bj at all, she rubbed herself against me then had sex, no massage/ kissing. did anyone have the same experience with may.

  34. Pete says:

    Haven’t been here for a couple of months. Used to see May when I went here… amazing BBFS. She still work here anyone know?

  35. chris says:

    I noticed there are not many comments about Mimi. Every time i call she is there. Does anybody know if she offers bbfs & cip like Lulu does?

  36. Stu8art says:

    I made a visit earlier today and wow Lulu was amazing but a bit on the milf side but the service made up for it… bbbj and bbfs with cumming twice inside her during the 1hr visit… defo will go back for more.

  37. darren says:

    Folks stuck me head in today to see what this place was about. Only woman on was Lulu fair dinkum she is ugly. Almost has a guys face just plain FUGLY. I couldnt shag that you guys are telling lies she has a really bad head. I walked saved me cash il spend it another day somewhere else. You guys need to go and get your eyes checked!!!!!!!!

  38. kedi says:

    wats up guys
    any new girls to try

  39. 69Falcon says:

    Visited Lulu again. Second visit to 235. She really knows how to use her tongue & mouth. Sex including anal was bare back. Her service: 8/10. Appearance: mature, slim build, bolt-on tits, pleasant face. Service was definitely GFE.
    Has anyone been with Lulu in lesbian 3some? If so who was other WL?
    BTW Lulu also works at 269

  40. Kedi says:

    Hi guys
    Any new girls to try. I have tried lulu only from here. Please suggest any good service wl

  41. big b says:

    Is there anyone with any feedback on Tina or Sasha her description and her services?

  42. Falcon says:

    First time visitor to 235 today. Booked Lulu unseen after reading all the reviews about her. Place is a dump. Old house in original condition but the room was clean & tidy. $65 for 30 mins. I’m an older gent so i prefer mature women. Guesstimate of Lulu’s age: about 45. Body was ok. Tits were bolt-on unite i.e. surgically enhanced
    Service was extremely good. BBBJ was very good. My rating: 8/10.
    Massage & foreplay: 8/10. She rimmed & tongued my asshole: 9/10. BBFS: 8/10. Anal: 9/10.
    Will definitely be seeing Lulu again

  43. Fairmont16 says:

    Been a week since my last WL and was kinda in the area with plenty of time so dropped into 235, May was on so I thought yes why not I have stayed with May before and enjoyed it. May took me by the hand and led me upstairs payed for half hour as that’s all the time I had, quick shower and back in the room and there is May in a nice red lingerie number, she said she missed me and straight into DFK, off comes the red stuff and I started to suck her nipples which got very erect then down for some DATY, on to the massage table more DATY then she grabs my hands hard and pulls me up and wham straight in BB we went hard for about 10 mins and then I exploded inside her. Great value I forgot how nice May is but my fav is still Maria.

  44. Benny says:

    What days does Nana work ?

  45. Fairmont16 says:

    I stayed with Maria a couple of Friday’s back, booked for 2 hours and oh my, I have stayed with her before but boy was I in for a treat. I had my cock either in her mouth or in her pussy for at least an hour and a half, she loves sex and the response from Maria if you give her DATY is fantastic. Great value for money.

  46. Tommy says:

    Anyone tried Tina before

  47. Fred says:

    I read about Monica on 269 Blog I believe she is at 235. I tried to call to find out hours but they did not understand . Does she work Sunday from Lunch times How an I book her for particular time.

  48. bad taste says:

    This is a forum to review and comments on punting experience and not bullying, so here is a bad punt post
    After reading about 235, I thought I will give it a go after work last night
    Well what can I say and where do I start
    Firstly doggy premises, doggy unsafe, why has the council let this place stay open
    Secondly, was greeted by a middle age overweight Chinese l

  49. lolipop says:

    How old are the girls over here?

  50. jamed says:

    Rang up said May was there she any good ?

  51. fairmont16 says:

    Spent half hour with Maria today, next time I will make it an hour, She is a nice looking girl, a bit of a tubby but not a sagging one, young too I think I did not get her age, she does not kiss but you can touch and kiss her all over, Maria responded very well to my light touching all over and I almost kissed her entire body, she really started to enjoy it as she started to do some light low moaning.
    Then it was on but in a slow way I really enjoyed it. Maria only works on a Friday, I will back next week for sure.

  52. peter says:

    guys last night i wanted fun so i drop in 235
    i met mimi nice lady i said $50, same as 269 she say ok
    had shower mimi on bed i said i like good head job
    next thing she cleans cock starts licking cock holding shaft real tight making it swell so big and just sucking balls take my 7 inch all the way down what a cock sucker she is enjoying this after 5 minits im near come i say stop than she bights my balls and than pulling cock i said ok i come near your face so she is licking the head pulling me of than i blew she points it to me and keeps pulling my cock till last drop is out,,,,than sucks me hard and fast after 2 minits i blew again this time she swallowed it every drop,,,i start playing her firm breast,,,pulling nipple she say you want fuck me now…i say no lets massage she says you enjoy i do anything you want,,,nice lady very horny

  53. Davo says:

    everyone is being played

  54. Davo says:

    If the cap fits!!!

  55. john says:

    hey guys so whats up with nana ? I rang up couple of days ago and was told she was there. When i arrived one of the girls said that shes on holidays for 2 months so i was like okay….. then i rang up this morning and she was there sounds like im being played………

  56. BB says:

    Who is the best girl here for BBFS? Is there a website with a roster and pics?

  57. roving zucchini says:

    Hi, finally made the decision to visit 235, last Thursday afternoon, holly molly the shop has not changed or improved, greeted at the back door by a middle age overweight Penny, she how long, one look and said half hour, escorted up the fire hazard stair case to the front room. Quick shower in the so so clean shower, dash to the room, on my she commenced bbbj, she can suck, pull her off the love prod on with the safety gear, and started pounding to my hearts content, I knew she came a few times, mickey juices flowing, off with the dom and deposit the load on the bearded calm
    Another quick shower and get away, come again she said, Thursday Friday and Saturday, no thanks
    I might give it a miss for a few more years cheers RZ

  58. Fairmont16 says:

    Saw May today, $100 for one hour, love it. May is petite and has A cup breasts and best but loves having her nipples sucked, DFK, I got BBBJ for about 10 mins them wham, she layed down on the message table, hang her arse just of it and steered me in bareback, beautiful. We went hard and fast for about 10 mins then I emptied out inside her. A nice light message then into it again. I will be back to see little minx again.

  59. AJ says:

    Thinking about visiting 235. Guys who have been there, can you please tell me if the photos of the girls on this website are real? link to -Sydney-Brothel/235-at-Annandale/ Thanks.

  60. peter says:

    guys dont dream,,it can happen i met a lady here we hit it off massage sex was good i said after 2nd visit you like coffee yes exchanged numbers i had her for 6 months free sex anytime i wanted it i got it well every day,,,,,,,her name was mimi attractive chinese big breast she was good when she was climaxing she would make crazy noise make her pussy tight wow what a lady…

  61. Joe says:

    Hey fellas, what’s the half hour price here? Do all the girls provide bbbj and bbfs, or just a select few,Nanna ect? Cheers

  62. Fairmont16 says:

    Had a great hour with Nana today, had not seen her for months but she remembered me and was pretty happy to see me. $100 for the hour, great value, paid,showered into the room and she jumped on me, plenty of kissing then down for a great BBBJ, onto the bed for more BBBJ then 2 mins in Nana jumped on top of me and slid my cock in bareback, Nana was horny and wet as hell she lasted 2 mins then had a orgasm, held me super tight and her body tensed up.
    This made me super horny too and I only lasted another minute. Both hot and sweaty Nana turned on the A/C. She then gave me a nice massage but she was still horny so after 15 mins she said turn over 2 mins of BBBJ and I pushed her onto her back and entered her from on top, holy cow she lasted 5 mins tops then as she came she hugged my so hard I almost could not breath.
    She jumped on top had another orgasm before I finish off. She then asked me if i was married or had a girlfriend, mmmmmmmm. She would be nice on a nightly basis if I did not have to pay, aaahhhh only a fantasy.
    I walked out hot and so tired I had a nap after lunch.

  63. Christopher says:

    So excited tonight to try lulu 🙂

  64. Christopher says:

    Had Linda (Same one from Canterbury) tonight for half an hour service was good massage was 8/10 face is meh she was really into it one weird con she had bandages on her right ass cheek and knee…. mmmmm

  65. Christopher says:

    Had nana wow she gave me full treatment and only for $100 mind you when you go mention that youve been to 269 cantebury manager owns both establishments no massage though as we kept Screwing for the hour came 4 times no where near monica standards but one new thing she showered with be and yes same nana from 269 cantebury

  66. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, what are the rates at this place. I will be in the area tomorrow night. Last time I visited was about 2 1/2 years ago, doggy rooms and the bathroom was filthy, potential fire hazard. I had a Milf who insisted I stay for 1 hour and have a double at a special price, Nah, half with her instead, what can I say, I gave her a good pounding, finish, quick wish and out fast as I can, through the back door. Has this place improve or still doggy the way I described it, cheers RZ

  67. Keef says:

    Someone asked earlier if they’d been with Nana. Yes I have. Couple of times. Been to many brothels, and always used condoms. But recently went to 235 and had Full Sex no condom with a few girls. Freaked me out and I’ll get tested and go into retirement. As for Nana, I think she’s special. While she is is no young beauty (none of them are) she is very giving. And, she has these crazy eyes. Always remember them. Could easily get a crush on her. Don’t know if the girls read this, but if you ever retire Nana happy to hook up again. Is this too romantic for this site?

  68. Sven says:

    Hi All,

    I am keen to visit and am just wondering if anybody has ever actually caught any STDs from this place?


  69. Happy man says:

    Holly moley, what can I say paid for 1/2 hour after having my balls licked and my cock we’ll sucked without a condom to the point of orgasm I went down on her. I got her to cum three times before she asked me to fuck her. I asked her like this ( bareback) and she said yes. I fucked her for a good ten minutes b4 pulling out an sporting all over her tummy!!! I will definately b back.
    The best bar none…

  70. .Phil. says:

    Parked in side street and went to job a few doors from this place and noticed it on the way. Parramatta Rd is just not on any of my normal work routes.

    So after finishing, decided to call in and just see what.

    Walked in, and rang bell. Short chinese milf (with virtually no english) dragged me upstairs into a room and tried to explain prices. I really couldn’t make head or tail of what she was saying but handed over $50 to see what I got for it.

    She disappears for a few minutes and comes back with towels and we have a quick shower together where she washes me down and started playing. Dry off and back to the room and was instructed to lie down. After a capable massage for 15 minutes, told to turn over. a continuing massage with plenty of playing, then she started a bbbj. Well I decided to see what I could actually get for the funds I handed over. So on she got for some covered cowgirl. decided to get up and bend her over the table and try some anal, she was tight but good. she wanted over, so laid over the table up, and continued some more anal, then a quick change of cover and finished in mish.
    back to the shower and she gave me more bbbj and actually got e a second time. Dressed, down the stairs and out the back door (my request). gave a thumbs up to the mamasan on the way out.

    I have no idea what the normal costs are here but for my Total time of 60 minutes, cost $50 I wasn’t going to complain.I suspect I might have ripped the little milf off, but all seemed happy.

  71. SpottyDog says:

    Anyone experience of newly refurbed 35 Paramatta Road? $75 FS?

  72. spiro says:

    cheap rundown place…chinese style
    no class..
    STD aware

  73. spiro says:

    went to visit 235 pamata rd
    look for the jap girl…
    she was up country china bag, trying to please….
    3 days later i was sick
    be aware

  74. localite says:

    Sorry admin my last post gone under the wrong place would you please fix it. Thanks

  75. Commando says:

    Just remember guys if the place is old then the fire burns better take care check for exits and if they look dodgy they are 3/10

  76. Hitch says:

    This is one hell of a dodgy place!
    Try to avoid cause waste of money!
    Called twice and Madame said 3 gals working but only 2 old Chinese hags !
    $50 for 30 mins but magically after 10 mind time was up

  77. Tenderrub says:

    Excellent writing, love your review and as your name states I’m definately hot and bothered thinking about your experience. Have to pop by and see for myself soon. I’m still guessing what the madams irresistible offer to you was???
    Thanks H&B

  78. HotAndBothered says:

    Last night I set out for a new experience. After phoning about 10 establishments my call was answered by Cindy, who was genuinely helpful and respectful. I arrived an hour later (via the back door) to to find her hanging out the washing. The place is a dive but she was friendly and understanding and the whole scene made me smile. I was taken to an upstairs room and introduced to a lovely Japanese woman who hardly spoke English. That could have been difficult, but wasn’t. I paid $100/1hr for erotic massage and/or full sex, not sure – I really need to brush up on terminology. Doesn’t matter, she took great care of me while gorgeously naked without any body touch restrictions of her. She gave me a good strong shiatsu/therapeutic type massage and I came twice. Oh, did I mention I am female? Ah huh. I know it’s a totally different skill set, but It is so difficult to find women willing to provide women with a reasonably priced massage with extras! Afterwards both hugged and kissed me with much warmth and gratitude, and off I went with an irresistible offer from the madam for next time 😉 Also, at no time did I see or hear any men, which is even greater credit to their excellent customer service. The place might be rough, but these women are good. If that’s what you blokes get, you’re so lucky! Can’t wait until I can return. Any other recommendations for women to woman services would be greatly appreciated.


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