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116 Hampden Rd Artarmon NSW 2064

P: 02 9415 3829

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. Steve says:

    Could you guys describe Lucy in more detail pls? Like features and service 🙂

    • Kamo says:

      Mate, what’s to describe? She’s got good ratings from 3 punters here.

      Go in, pay your $150, she’ll suck your cock and fuck you and if you’re nice to her, she’ll let you cum in her mouth.

      She’s nice looking, slim body, decent tits. For a 40yo she’s pretty banging.

      FWIW she’s the girl I do as a guaranteed good punt in Artarmon.

    • Bob Bobson says:

      Got to warn you of a very dud punt. Was meant to see Mimi, but somehow she was booked over my booking. Asked for Lucy, but she was busy too. So took Tiffany. What a bad punt…the worst I’ve had from 116. So don’t waste your money on Tiffany. Tried new girl Honey few weeks back on a Thurs. She was great – definitely going to try and see her again.

      • Kamo says:

        If only I’d seen your review I would’ve saved $90.

        I too saw Tiffany.

        Poor girl had a cough, still working. Underwhelming service.
        No BBBJ.

        My worst punt there.

  2. Kamo says:

    Saw Lucy last week. Still a sexy slim body, great slurping BBBJ and CIM. She works Wednesdays, always great service.

  3. derek says:

    upon a busy sunday I did call and Score! Lucy was still available…I love what she does, was so good I was barely able to keep it together until we fucked…she drained me, pure and simple. little minx.

  4. BK says:

    Saw Alice last night, nice enough face, very slim tiny little girl, nice natural tits, bbbj was ok, rest of the service was very average she also cut the time short by at least 10min. Showered dressed walked out of the room & still wasn’t satisfied. Joy was the other WL working that night so I tried her for 30min, after wasting 15min of my time with her showering , doing her hair & just fuck assing about she finally got to the bed. (WL should be already showered and ready before your time starts)!!! At least I know she showers I suppose. Bbbj was good, then to my surprise she jumps on top of me & just slides the member into her juicy pussy. No sign of condom at all, I filled her pussy with my love juice, then she started saying baby & giggling. It seemed to me like bbfs is her normal service, I don’t want to know how many other punters before me have filled her pussy that day. Probs why her pussy was so juicy.! She just seemed too dirty for me so I’ll leave her for all you other punters that like dirty girl WL & like other guys cum all over their rod.
    Cheers and happy punting.

  5. Ivan says:

    Went to 116 to see Jessica…LOVE her body and service…but she wasn’t working so tried Fayfay??not really sure name…..mature like all here late 30s id say…small tits ,nice hard round arse….started kissing and she was really passionate..moved to the bed for some daty and bbbj…..she wanted sex so on with the dom and she felt nice and tight and moist as i fucked her…i said i wanted to finish in her mouth so i sat up and she pulled off the dom and gave me a great bbbj…nice long hard sloppy suck…bam! …blew hard……good girl,relaxed
    and gave gfe service

  6. oldpunt says:

    may i recommend Rainbow…..very erotic..i was climbing the walls…..hard to make a booking though, so be quick… least an hour …

  7. derek says:

    dropped in on a Tuesday and saw a lovely little minx who was very touchy-feely before we even really got started which is always a good sign. Anyway after a bit of half-hearted backrub we got down to some pretty good mutual oral although as she was so short the 69er wasn’t completely comfortable but still achieved the desired result. Sex wasn’t even hinted at let alone offered but that was ok. then afterwards she gave me a great back rub and massage and some giggly chat of which I understood about half of but it was still a nice way to spend an hour.

  8. derek says:

    returned to this place after some months. Pocket rocket Lucy was on again, oh god she’s good, best oral/tongue action I have ever had, she really loves what she does and makes you feel fantastic…for the first time I paid by credit card and so incurred the 10% surcharge bumping the one hour price up to $165. Still, the way that gal makes you feel it would be a bargain at twice the price!

  9. AsianLovingJ says:

    Is Hannah still there ?

  10. D says:

    Left the rubbers off and enjoyed bbfs tonight with cip…..great service. Had two rounds.

  11. Kedi says:

    Planning to visit on Wednesday.
    Please suggest girl for first timer.


  12. derek says:

    bbbj available here of which I partook and bbfs was offered too, but I declined and covered up instead…still got an hour of fun for $150 so prices have not changed in ages.

  13. Mark says:

    another visit here today, first for a few months, anyway I didn’t catch the ladies’ name that I was with but i’ll just call her Yummy ‘cos that’s how she tasted. Didn’t even bother trying to give me a massage, it was just an hour of rolling around on the bed exploring one another which was awesome. Great oral and very, very satisfying sex…just what was needed. Nice girl with the cutest giggly laugh, even at my lame jokes.

  14. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, the RZ was on the road to find one of his favourite ladies, gave 116a call and heard elysa was roster and available, oh yeah.
    I love mature ladies, they sure know how to treat you and satisfied you, as I said before, show respect, being a regular, you will get the best quality services.
    Elysa ,, what can I say, heaps of positive accolades, services to your heart’s content, GFE, pse, culinary delights daty, position not for the faint hearted
    Walked away satisfied and contented and…….
    Cheers RZ

  15. mark says:

    have been here a few times and have never been disappointed. last time, last month, I was with Sunny, I think that was her name anyway, and she gave me a decent massage.
    The FS however was fantastic as she loved to 69 and then climbed on top and rode me nice and slow until she came, then I flipped her onto her back and gave it to her and she pulled me close and hung on tight as we finished together…
    prior to that I had seen the lovely Lucy with her adventurous tongue…naughty naughty girl.
    ok they’re no supermodels but they are keen to please and certainly don’t lack enthusiasm…this place has fast become my fave.

  16. sydneyfinest says:

    Do not go here… girl promises all, she would let me touch he rpussy, kept undies on during blow job… 1/10

  17. Zain says:

    Went there this month on a Thursday and got Fayfay. Wasn’t too convinced by her looks but I needed the sex and I was so glad that I decided to go with her. Her service was incredibly passionate and delightful. She took her time with the build up as she kept on slipping her finger in my arse and licking my butt cheeks during the massage. Has got a real crafty tongue. I extended to 2 hrs and even after that I kept craving for more.

  18. Asian guy says:

    I had suki. .. It was Ok but not really worth the money

  19. kerilad says:

    went this week on wednesday..pleasant eperience from beginning to end…aaah Kitty was a delight and has a small and tight pussy…made the world of difference.

  20. Scott says:

    In this place, is the FS included? I have already tried massages elsewhere, but now looking for FS which has all the action..
    Is the right place to go for? I think Hannah is very popular here, how is she for such a service.. has anyone tried this with her?
    any experience or info will be really helpful please..

  21. anton says:

    This sounds great! I should try this next time. Fs & Bj are separate from the massage price? thanks

  22. Rude boy says:

    Went this place today Hannah was busy, so opted for fify. Late 20’s or mid 30’s. She gave me very nice massage with full enthusiasm for 15 min. And other 15 min I fucked her. 85 dollors for halfie.. Cheap bargain.

  23. Commando says:

    Hannah is ok enough to create a silicon dependency for any guy 6/10

  24. Mike Hunt says:

    Is she a screamer…

  25. Moon says:

    Hey can someone please tell me that does this place provide sex as well or is it only ‘erotic massage’ and no sex?

  26. Peter says:

    Closes 11pm Saturday nights.

  27. grub says:

    Went and saw Hannah today (Wednesday). Awesome!! Tiny, nice tits, tight ass and a mouth of velvet!!
    She is there Tue – Fri inclusive. She is Japanese speak good English 40ish rather thin so the ride was a little boney but great.

  28. admin says:

    Very easy to get addicted shyguy. You just get up the courage to go in a shop of your choice and the rest will slowly CUM! Once you’ve started you can’t stop!

  29. Shyestguyever says:

    What days does Hannah working? And how much?

    Also , I’m new to this, is there a guide to pooning somewhere that you could recommend? Thanks

  30. Mr S says:

    Agree with POP. Hannah is the queen of suck, but works limited days so book ahead. Japanese and thin, but a mind blowing performance.

  31. prince of Parlours says:

    a must for all men Hannah is a seen to be believed number one suck


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