I really dreaded this party. I didn’t know anyone, and I thought it was just going to a big bore. But I had nothing better to do, and besides, I might meet someone interesting. I arrived at the party, which was already going pretty strong. My host said hello, and pointed me into the direction of the bar, and told me just introduce myself. Great I thought….I hate introducing myself.
I made my way through the crowd to the bar. At the bar, there were three tall, handsome men..no not men. Hunks. I felt my face go flushed as I thought of that word, and tried not to stare at them. I made myself a drink and started to walk away when one of them spoke.
Hi he said..never seen you at these parties before..My name is Tom and this is Mike and John. I nodded at them, and sipped my drink. After a few awkward moments, and feeling the drink start to hit my blood, I became more relaxed and the four of us started to talk. Hours later, I was still at that bar, and the four of us were joking, and laughing and making fun of the people as we watched them dance and talk amongst each other. Mike suggested we all go for a ride..the place WAS getting a bit stuffy. We all agreed to use Mikes car, and we made our way out the front door.
In the car, the four of us were still joking and having a good time. I sat in the back seat with Tom. As we talked, and laughed, he started to caress my knees, and slowly making his way up my dress. I was wearing a garter belt instead of panty hose, and when he noticed this, he smiled at me. I leaned closer to him, and he kissed me passionately, his hands moving up to my mound, which was growing more excited. Mike eyed us in the rear view mirror … hey guys, you stop that, or I’m gonna want to share some! John then suggested we head to his apartment and have a few beers, and well can see who gets some! I agreed, and we were soon sitting in Johns living room.
After having another drink, I started to feel a little light headed, and very relaxed. Mike was sitting on one side of me, and Tom on the other. John was sitting across the room, watching as Mike started to kiss me. I enjoyed his wet lips on mine, his tongue exploring the insides of my mouth. I could feel Tom unzipping my dress, and starting to undo my bra. My pussy was starting to get very wet, and I was getting into being handled by two such handsome men. I could feel Tom reaching around to my hard nipples and he began to fondle them, caressing them in his fingers, and pinching them softly. Mike was now moving his hands up my dress and began to pull at my panties. John said Hey , why don’t you guys move to the bedroom! The three of us looked at each other, and Mike pulled me to my feet. My dressed dropped to the floor, along with my bra. I followed him, with just my hose, panties and garter belt on. Tom was close behind us. I was surprised to see a quiet person like John have such an interesting bedroom! In the middle was a very large water bed, with big posters on each corner, and a huge mirror on the headboard. On a night table were some scarves, a vibrator and other assorted items I couldn’t make out in the dim light. Mike sat me on the edge of the bed, and pulled my panties off, leaving my garter belt on. He pulled my legs apart and smiled at my dripping pussy. I bet that wants to get fucked bad he told me. I nodded. Would you like me and the boys to fuck that pussy, he said. yes, I said. He then asked me if I would like to be their slave girl. I thought the idea was very exciting, and I said Your wish is my command. Tom handed Mike a few of the scarves. First we are going to blindfold you, Mike said. Soon, he had the blindfold around my eyes, and I could no longer see what they were doing. I could feel his hand glide me up the bed, and felt him tying the scarves around my ankles. I felt my legs being lifted and spread very wide. I could no longer move them together. My arms were then positioned over my head and tied to the headboard. I could only hear small whispers and the sound of the men moving. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then it drew very quiet. Just when I was gonna ask if anyone was there, I could feel a hand start to move on my breast. The hand was large and warm and it at first just moved up and down my body, then began to pinch my nipples,harder and harder. I could feel my pussy dripping and wanted to squeeze my legs together to stop the drip. I was starting to have a small orgasm from the nipple squeezing, when I felt another hand on my pussy. It was moving up and down my mound, and then running a finger along my inner lips. I couldn’t hold back, and felt myself starting to come. I could feel my arms pulling on the restraints as the orgasm took over. Soon the finger was up my pussy hole, and moving up and down inside, with another finger on my clit. I was going crazy! I began to come again, and the hand on my nipples and my clit suddenly stopped. Soon I heard a small buzzing noise and felt something warm and vibrating on my clit. I came strong and heavy, my legs shaking like crazy. When I thought the orgasm was coming down, I came again and again. I could hear my pussy swishing with the sound of the vibrator. Suddenly, I felt something on my face. It was a hard cock. I wanted to suck it, but he just moved it along my lips,not letting it slip inside. The vibrator began to move up my stomach and onto my nipples, my wet pussy juice all over my nipples. The Cock was soon in my mouth, and I licked it wildly, wishing I could reach for it. He moved his cock in and out of my mouth quickly, and I tried to keep a grip on it with my lips. As I sucked the cock, I felt another cock enter my soaking wet, hot, tight pussy. It felt so good, I tried not to bite down on the cock in my mouth. He began to fuck me hard, and I started to come with his thrusts. The cock felt huge, and I wondered who it belonged to. The vibrator was still moving on my nipples, and I felt like I was never going to stop coming. The Cock in my mouth drew harder and I could feel the man starting to come. He held my head and pumped into my mouth, spurting hot cum into my waiting mouth, as I sucked it up and out of him. I could hear him moan as I sucked the last few drops out. The cock in my pussy also began to come,and I felt hot come fill me up. The cock pulled out, and soon it was quiet again.
I was exhausted, but I knew these men had more plans for me. I began to feel the ties on my legs and arms being released. I was flipped over, and lifted onto a body. I could feel a hard cock enter me, and I felt another hand pull me forward, so my face was on a hairy chest, with two hands moving my ass up and down on his hard cock. I could feel I was on the edge of the bed, and I held on to the arms of the man, so I would not fall. I soon felt something on my ass. It was warm and wet, and I soon recognized it was a finger, moving up into my ass. No, it was a small vibrator, for it began to vibrate inside me. It was wonderful!! I could feel my pussy tightening up on the cock, as I felt myself come again, and someone began to push the vibrator in and out of my ass, faster and faster. I started to move with the movement and the cock moved with me. I couldn’t stand it, I was having such strong orgasms! I felt the man come inside me, and I was disappointed. I wanted to fuck it some more! The vibrator was taken from my ass,and pushed up in to my pussy, along with the half soft cock inside me. The vibration was on full speed and I could feel the man getting hard again. Soon he was fucking me and the vibrator was fucking me, and I was having orgasm after orgasm. The man came again, and just in time, because my pussy was so tight I wasn’t sure I could hold him anymore.
It grew quiet again, and I was left on the bed alone. After what seemed like hours, the blindfold was removed. The three men were laying in bed with me, all totally naked, and we all held each other and drifted off to a very deep deep sleep.

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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair