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8 Railway St Burwood NSW 2134

P: 02 9747 1701

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  1. James Ellsworth says:

    Does Italian Aussie Bella still work here ?

  2. Tom says:

    Hi All,
    Has anyone been to this place lately? Any recommendations?


  3. Joe says:

    Hey guys, what services does Carmen provide? Bbbj, cim, DATY? And is it extra or included in her service? Thanks !

  4. Fergus says:

    Looks like they have a website now:
    Who took over this place? Most of the girls seem to be Thai or Chinese although I notice Jade is still listed. Any new reviews?

    • Alex69 says:

      Yes the place is still the same piece of shit it always was now run by asians ! Hanna is jade and vice versa the place is awful

    • Carmen says:

      Hi all it’s Carmen here ( the original Carmen ) back on deck here from this weekend call for bookings excited to see you all soon😘

      • Sean says:

        This is first time I would visit the 8 Burwood could you let me know when you available to book?

        • Dean loo says:

          Carmen is back god she looks better then ever can’t wait to see her again 😁

          • Fergus says:

            New website is Great to see Carmen is back.

          • Pauly says:

            Went in a few times to try new talent
            Haide ..complained the whole half hr and told me she makes $700 a shift and she is the top girl there ( I don’t think so)
            Charlie …says she is Lebanese (could be ) she is loud , abrupt ,rough and terrible service .
            Sonia … did not even bother she was rude and thought she was great in the intro I could hear her complaining to the bloke at front reception about something she even spoke to him poorly and guy claimed she was Brazilian ( she is not she is Thai )
            Great to see they have upped there game but for god sake get some good talent ! Best there and always will be as far as I am concerned is Carmen , Imogen , Bella and coco

          • Simon says says:

            Why would you go up no8 and see anyone but Carmen ! She is a superstar has been from the min she started there don’t bother seeing any other girls waste of hard earned cash if you want a good time a hot body to touch no point seeing anybody eles Carmen is your go to always no 1

          • Dom says:

            Is Crystal still there?

  5. Big Baller says:

    Any one know sandys name at maggies?

    cheers Bobby

    • Laith says:

      Where the heck is Carmen ? Has she left or ?

      • Mick says:

        And Tori as well? I’ve called quite a few times for both of them and no ones giving any info

        • James says:

          Yeah where are those two ? I have also called does anybody know where Carmen and tori are ?

      • Cocky says:

        Hey youse guys … WTF move on !!!!
        Carmen ain’t the only lWL in the world.
        She’s left because she is most probably fed up with you pricks. OK ?? Move on… find another pussy… there are plenty around !!!
        It must be real boring to watch thousands of older middle aged blokes squirt… correct ??

      • James says:

        Update Carmen / Yasmin is a permanent resident at cougar town will not be returning to no 8 I saw her a few weeks back tori is not with her as they are still very close friends tori has left the industry according to Carmen and doing really well for herself Carmen does weekends at cougars and some week nights still a great service and love walking in there seeing a friendly face . Staff are fantastic ther as well very accommodating

    • Rostie says:

      why Carmen not work anymore

    • Shaun says:

      Little miss Carmen is at cougar town rivewood now Seen her the other night she’s extremely busy so best to make a appointment not sure what name she is using looks fantastic even better then what I remember her got a slight crush I thought that place was for older birds ? I thought missy was only late 20’s early 30’s never the less glad I found her

      • James says:

        Oh fab is tori with her Shaun ? I be sure to pop in to see her what name is she using Carmen ? Might get on the blower and make a booking I been checking this site on the daily to see if there is any news on the pair

        • Shaun says:

          Not as far as I know think she’s up there solo yeah make a appointment she’s very busy I had to wait an hr to see her then her fella decided to stay longer so had to come back after 2 hrs I did of course it’s Carmen how can you not hehe sexy little minx

        • Shaun says:

          But give it a go tori may be there she wasn’t that night but I saw all the girls in the line up

        • Asif says:

          James. She calls herself Emma. She’s on today

          • James says:

            Her name isn’t Emma it’s Yasmin I saw her the other night she’s fantastic cougars is I a great place won me over

      • Asif says:

        Alex69, she’s on today. Goes by the name of Emma

    • Sam says:

      Sandy uses the same name

    • Tony says:

      Carmen still on break or is she back?

    • Ryan says:

      Visited the other day been a loyal customer here for years picked a Spanish lady Keisha … wish I never did what a horrible service shit massage no touching hardly spoke unless she was complaining brought the other girls down brought the girls that no longer work there down wished one of the new girls would leave told me she had no money and to tip her for what ? Massage poor customer service dreadful and seemed bitter and not wanting to be there guys beware I wasted an hr with her don’t be as silly as me

      • Happy Camper says:

        You must be an old guy.
        Why do you go to this crappy joint, being serviced by old unhappy women for big money.
        Are you desperate or is it just a bad habit.
        You can get massages in Burwood just about anywhere for about $50 / hr.
        TIP: Before you go anywhere masturbate yourself … then go for a regular massage. Much better an cheaper and you won’t do silly things for big money … keep that firmly in your wallet and use it to better your life. Hope that idea helps u and the idiots that give their hard earned cash away to ungrateful women.

        • James says:

          Happy camper don’t knock mature ladies there are heaps around that are sexy as fuck and give way better services then these dirty dogs at no 8 try somewhere eles all the good talent has left this joint anyway so there isn’t much left to choose from

          • Stan says:

            I hear what you are saying-but a lot of these old ducks, in my experience, like to probe to find out if its possible to get a relationship with you. Give me a
            Lithe, smoothe, taut, body any day.Not into wrinkles””have enough of my own,,,, hahaha

          • James says:

            I get ya Stan this place is horrible either way I stopped bothering here when my favs left tori and Carmen I miss them heaps hey haven’t found a working girl yet that compares

          • Boss dude says:

            The girls at this shop are feral junkies Stanks and desperates . Low end of the spectrum of massuses to say the least if that’s what you call them ….. one girl met me in slippers once and the clothing they wear is just not of taste and that Bella my oh my time to retire so b grade looking lass looks dirty and all so incredibly un kept

        • Plummer says:

          Boss dude-yes agree with everything and would extend the comments to all the old desperate dudes that frequent that place my question is why? when there are so many attractive women around. Better and cheaper to pull yourself at home. These women barely pass as female

          • Alex69 says:

            Ageeed I stoped frequenting this place once Carmen left don’t blame her really that place didn’t suit her one bit way to gorgeous to be with those women

          • Joe says:

            This place still around ? Yukkk do people still go to no 8 ? Really ? Last time I was there a girl named Jade was the girl I saw junkie looking chick with bad hair and teeth and a awful junkie body I didn’t meet anybody eles no one was available ok service I guess that’s all she had going for her really tried to be sexy but her junkie appearance was more then distracting and pretty sure she smelt alittle of presparation won’t be visiting that place ever again I only do private girls now

          • Happy Camper says:

            Well done Joe !!
            Can’t understand all the old gents going to this horrid place. Why, I wonder.
            You are prepared to pay big dough to have it off with some slag ??
            Like I said before, it’s a refreshing change and MUCH cheaper to learn to pull yourself off … it’s free, much more satisfying and a lot less dangerous. After you have jacked off, have a nice massage somewhere and put the money aside for a trip O/S. Simple. Just remember, they have seen thousands of willies in their years and they don’t get excited. And their old pussies are as tough as old boot leather.They just want your cash, and piss you off as quickly as possible.

          • Todd says:

            Don’t know why you all have to be so harsh with their looks! If any of us were decent looking we wouldn’t be paying girls. These comments all cross to the line from being constructive reviews to help other punters and into mean, bitchiness. You obviously don’t see them as human as imagine if the girls saw these comments. Maybe how you treat them reflects on the service you get.

          • Alfred says:

            Well Todd – of course what you say sounds very nice and humanitarian. But punters are the ones paying (sometimes big money) and the onus is on us to make effective use of our limited resources. It doesn’t have anything to do with what WE look like. The girls can reject us if they don’t like us. It cuts both ways.
            Look at it this way – you got good money and you go to a fruit shop for some nice fresh fruit. Are you going to select bruised, stale old fruit on display???

      • tony says:

        they advertise on backpage,, NEW MANAGEMENT,, any referrals.. anybody been there lately,, don’t want to waste time & money if not so good,,

  6. Sparky says:

    Was Simone previously at CT

  7. Handyman I - the original. says:

    In response to the “Handyman” post of 5th January he is not the Handyman who has been posting here for the last four years ago because I am !

    The opinion of the usurper that 90% of the posters are women is mere opinion and tripe to boot.

  8. Sassy Pages says:

    The only reason to visit this place is the lovely Bella, other than that it offers nothing.
    The main receptionist is a ill mannered fuckwit. The day Bella hangs it up this dump should close its doors.

  9. Drew says:

    Saw Simone today for an hour massage . Wow what a massage !!!!
    Other reviews are spot on … not after your cash .. I’ll definitely be making sure I see her again … probably longer next time

  10. Steve shannon says:

    Been going to this place on and off for a few years now. They usually have a good mix of girls working there with a few young ones and Aussie chicks but this new girl who has just started there is awesome.
    I saw simone one night last week and lucky she was working the next day as had to go back for some more. She’s prob early 30’s and a rack on her that she used during the service that f’ing blew me away. Lol
    Nah Serously her tits are pretty impressive. If ya need a recommendation of who is worth the $90 . & extra’s @ this place – hands down see Simone.

  11. Cougar lover says:

    I’m thinking about checking this place out.
    Who is the best Aussie that works here.
    Also it was mentioned that sandy from cougar town works here.
    Can anybody vouch for this.

  12. sam says:

    l saw sandy at riverwood

    • michael says:

      What is her name at Riverwood?

  13. Mitch says:

    I was told annabelle is coming back after popping that kid out last year still

  14. Joe says:

    After reading so many great reviews I popped in for a visit. You guys must be kidding? The place is pretty clean I guess, but with only 4 girls out of the seven available the quality was far from what is described in the earlier comments. Bit the bullet and chose one anyways as I was there for a stress relief. Body slide was poor no oil used, kept insisting on extras so accepted BJ for extra $50 which was not very good just fast and furious. All in all 5/10 I won’t be heading back in a hurry.

  15. Retro punter says:

    Lacey who used work here circa 2005-6 was amazing. She also worked in the Eastwood shop. Please come back young lady.

  16. Jacky says:

    Is this place full service? Or do I have to pay extras on top? If so, how much? I’m looking for half an hour full service

  17. judge fudge says:

    Any nice girls here in the daytime?

  18. judge fudge says:

    Any nice girls during the daytime?

  19. Keith says:

    Does anyone if Melanie and Tracey still work there. They were the best when I used to visit there.

  20. Handyman says:

    Been here 4 times in the past 3 weeks or so, after a brief hiatus. Rooms upstairs are good after their refurbishment 12 months ago. Women one excellent, one good, one better than average, one not so great – inexperienced and a bit nervous. Bella was the first so it’s tough for the others to be compared to her.

    A couple of my mates who are long time clients reckon the evening talent is better than the day time women.

    My main beef is the receptionist who works during the day time, loud, yells at the women, brusque with clients. And she is in fact the owner of the business! Her behavior can be off putting to clients and her bolshy attitude is communicated to the girls. She should set a calmer, quieter tone, and make it an attractive relaxing place to visit.

    Having said that, the evening receptionists are much better and they seem to have established a relaxed atmosphere which makes a visit a pleasure.

    I will be going back.

  21. Styx says:

    Wow what’s going on with this place. First time I’ve ver walked out from introduction with no one worth picking and what the hell is up Angela butt. She just open the door blurted her name and walked off. Don’t know if I’ll give this place another go again.

  22. Enoch Powell was right says:

    Would any punters be kind enough to give an accurate description of Nadia please?
    Trying to get a description of the girls from the ignoramus that answers the phone is the equivalent of asking her to hand over her life savings.
    Thanks in advance.

  23. big baller says:


    Anyone know where sandy is working? doesnt appear she is working here anymore


  24. Vats says:

    Does Alisa the brazilian girl still working here. Where can she be found. Miss her.

  25. Guru says:

    Met a lady here on a Monday, maybe moira? Dark hair, big boobs, great service. Someone fit that description?

  26. Handyman says:

    An acquaintance/friend told me that he had seen Carmen at Bodyrotic Camperdown in the lineup. I would take that information with a pinch of salt, because he is a BS artist who will tell you anything he thinks you want to know.

    However, it is a logical choice for her as she has the talent to attract clients at Bodyrotic prices. Might be worth an enquiry – Bodyrotic has the best women in Sydney anyway – but the prices are as hot as the girls!

  27. sam says:

    does any one do natural french here?

  28. Joe33 says:

    I’m new to this world and I know the girls have to be discreet so could anybody tell me if theres any way of seeing the girls before I book? I’m interested in Jess Carmen and bella from what I’ve read but am worried I won’t find them attractive when I see them

  29. Simon says:

    My fellows think before use oral

  30. Dazza says:

    Is Carmen back on deck now?

  31. hunter says:

    Any one knows about Annabel if she still there?

  32. Simon says:

    Thanks again Alex, I’m new to this world of pleasure I would love to visit that place but needs to know how to enter:
    1 Do I need to call reception and book the girl or just enter?
    2 When I get in does the all girls already in the waiting room fool or half-naked
    3 When I go inside with the girl will she allow it to touch her or I need wait for permission to do anything, because I don’t like to insult anyone
    4 How they accepted payment with cash or card
    Please if someone can give me instructions

  33. Simon says:

    Thanks for that Alex and if you can please just to confirm her description as maybe we talk about another women with same name

  34. Simon says:

    Hi my fellows I have never been to this place actually I’m looking for Anna Brazilian lady because my friend recommend to me she’s 46y busty with long black hair and big ass does anybody know if Anna still working there and what you think about her I called reception but they try to satisfied me with another young Columbian lady

  35. sam says:

    any recommendations this place got any girls with big breasts?

  36. danish says:

    does anyone provide natural french at this place ?

  37. chris says:

    does anyone know what happened to Brazilian Sarah is she still working
    there or working somewhere else/ please inform me

  38. The Man says:

    Does anyone know what has happened to Kerry? I haven’t been able to see her in ages. Did she leave/working somewhere else?

  39. Handyman says:

    The comment/complaint by John on June 8 is more than sad. If he thinks that the service that these women provide is solely a function of price, he knows precious little about successful punting. Get to know the girl of your choice, treat her like a human being- not an object with a price tag – be nice to her – treat her with respect. You will then more often than not have a great time. There are some great women here, but it really enhances the experience if you make the effort to get to know them

  40. John says:

    This place is an absolute rip off, by the time you pay$140 for an hour then $100 for full service that is never very good. So basically it’s $240 for an hour, you can get full service anywhere else for $150 an hour. Oh and the girls are all about 40 and worn out looking, except Jess the horrible rude one and Michelle the user, oh and the Russian Alina, a big scammer and sucked every last dollar out of me. I’ve seen about 5 different girls here now I’ve now stopped going. Guys do yourself a favour and don’t waste your money. I go to the one on 57 Beresford ave Greenacre now, it’s much better.

  41. rob says:

    I think Jess or Jessica was kind of rude and very snippy. She is OK looking 7/10 but actually the worst girl that works here. I would never see her again, terrible massage and made rude snide remarks, just all round a rude not nice girl.

  42. Sebastian says:

    Hi Carthorse,
    From the start Jess told me she was not a trained massage therapist but to be honest I didn’t pick Jess every time because of her massage skills. She is very attractive with a hot body and a wicket/sarcastic sense of humour. I’m not a good looking guy with a rock hard body buy she was nothing but perfect with me but don’t ask me why because I wouldn’t know. I was just my old boring self! I’m just so jealous that you guys get to see her whenever you feel like it. She is a long way from the UK!!!!

  43. LN says:

    I ‘ve been to this place a few time. I have met Bella, Annabelle and Violet. Each of them a different class. Bella gave me the best massage, Violet the best HJ. Both of these girls doesn’t offer full service. Annabelle is HOT and her service is excellent. If you are looking for a comforting total experience with a good massage and not full service then I would recommend Bella or Annabelle for some hot fun… I am definitely going back

  44. Sebastian says:

    Hi guys, my personal experience with Jessica was always fantastic. Let’s face it she is hot & what an amazing body…hmmm…the memories….
    I saw her on a regular basis so it helps if she gets more comfortable with you.
    Moved overseas so can’t have my Jessy fix any more!!! Hope she is still there when I go back for a holiday next year.

  45. chris says:

    does brazilian sarah do natural french anyone know?

  46. John says:

    Went last week. Picked Jessica as she looked hot
    an’ young, although a bit cold.
    What a let down! Not just a poor quality massage but the kind
    of experience that leaves you feeling really bad an empty.
    Ruined my week.
    I’ve seen many lovely girls here and they’re all
    better. Don’t go just by looks.

  47. Roger says:

    I had a very good session with Carmen and Bella in last two visits and they are amazing ladies. I think best in the shop! I enjoyed the experience totally.

  48. TheMan says:

    Hi, has anyone tried Imogen, Melanie or Jade? If so, can you please leave there appearance how how was your experience.

  49. Sabreet says:

    has anyone tried esta??

  50. Sabreet says:

    Any advice or any new girls ??

  51. John says:

    Has anyone tried any of these and if so please advise

    sabrina, Elena, Alisha , nadia, linda,

    and apparently there is some italian chick also working i fogot her name

  52. Fairpunt says:

    Some info, is Jessica (Australian girl) still working here? Thanks

  53. Candy69 says:

    Does Carmen do girls ? I’m a female and she seems quiet sexy me n my gf wanna try her out ? Does carmen have a back tattoo ??

  54. Roger says:

    Is Carmen still there? I need a special therapy from her, ready to shell out few $s. Looks like the name of the shop is “BEAUTICIAN”! Can anyone please confirm?

  55. Dev says:

    Does Annabelle do extras does anyone know?

  56. Beemer says:

    does she offer teabag or yoga slurpy ? how does is taste, like pineapple maybe ?

  57. Tom says:

    Is has been a while, but making a return. Is Jessie or Zoe still working here?
    Any other reconditions?

  58. Chris chris says:

    Hi a they open tom 24th Dec ?

  59. Alex69 says:

    Couldn’t agree more Carmen is a great lady honestly her personality just matches her incredible looks I know she def has a positive effect on my life I actually look foward to seeing her

  60. Styx says:

    Saw Celeste the other night 45 min. I picked her for her body. Skinny tiny thing with short blonde hair , a intense smile and proud member of the IBTC. Nice sensual massage but not much interaction allowed. Felt like a bit extra so got a CBJ in a 69 position. Each extra cost 50 (CBJ 50. 69 position 50 ). Sucked like a Hoover and had a very tidy pussy inches away from my face but didn’t allow any pussy play and said def no to FS which was a shame as her body is so small I could only imagine how tight her box is. Can’t complain about her except she seemed a bit tense at times like she was worried that I was going to grab her. Recommended.

  61. Dennis says:

    Hey guys,

    What are the rates at this place? Which ladies are recommended?


  62. Mykobo says:

    Does the Brazilian Sarah still work here?

  63. John says:

    Has anyone tried any of these ?


  64. Fun901 says:

    Looking for a good massage which lovely Lady to see ? I know Bella very good. Any others ? Thanks

  65. Simon says:

    I walked by 8 Railway Pde, but cannot find this Adult erotic world. Only see a healthy spa, is it the one? Or the one upstairs? Anyone please enlighten me.

  66. Jack says:

    Seen Zoe last night, she is brunette Aussie/ European girl in her 20

  67. Joshyosh says:

    A new girl Zoey working here, anyone seen her? extras?
    Unfortunately missed her seeing her as she was in a booking, sounds ok.

  68. Mykobo says:

    This is still got to be one of the better places to go to right? Well priced and a great variety to choose from?

    Also they all practice safe sex too which is a must for me – too many Asian places are ready to slurp without a raincoat.

    Are there any other ladies here who do Spanish?

  69. gino says:

    Does anyone know who the manager/owner of this place is

  70. Tom says:

    Cintia, new girl working here. Any info about Her?

  71. Mykobo says:

    Is it just me or does the Brazilian lady like extras ? 🙂

    Also, in one of the showers the tiles are slightly raised and kind of sharp, so be wary of them guys.

    Still have never ever seen Carmen before. I’ve seen Elena in lineups. Sorta Skinny, bit of a bust going on. Any good?

  72. chris says:

    is there any extremely busty girls any recommendations please?

    • Steve says:

      Alex69 I went to No.8 at Burwood, along side the Railway, next to the Ink Cartridge shop. The one positioned in residential (which I thought was illegal) and close to a church (also illegal). You know, the place where you work Alex69 – cause we all know that you are just a vicious vindictive verbally nasty person, who is misusing this site – it is meant to be for real punters, not for manipulative females to pretend that they are blokes. You know, I have been attending the Simply Healthy at Burwood that is not healthy at all, where manipulative women like you insult men because of how we look, insult us for asking a simple question, and worse still, take our money and then cut our time short – some old gal knocks on your door all the time, claiming that she is worried for your safety – leaving no happy ending & not allowing you the time you have paid for !!! Only a fool would continue going there. Or those who approve of Highway Robbery and Assaults.

  73. Don Jon says:

    Guys, any recommendations for day girls?
    I work nights and have time during the day.

  74. Handyman says:

    I noticed that the Carmen fans have been quiet for almost a month. Has she moved on? I ask because when I was at Bodyrotic, Camperdown the other day that they had a new girl called Carmen. Didn’t see her though so could not confirm.

  75. Tom says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Carrie, tall Australian girl, mid 20’s. And how about Christina, anothe Australian girl that left recently.

  76. chris says:

    does anyone know nepalese girls working anywhere?
    please let me know

  77. Tom says:

    Saw Angela tonight. Colombian girl, mid to late 20’s, size 10 with a nice pair of tits. Very shy and inexperience. Does not allow pussy play but you can touch tits and ass all you want. Nice girl but lucks the sex appeal of other girls at this place like Christina or Shaide (both gone, I think).

  78. Don Singer says:

    Hi all.
    To answer a few requests.

    $110 – 45 mins
    $140 – 60 mins

    Massage and R&T

    Treat the girls nice and as human beings, and politely ask if they do extras.
    Don’t get stroppy if they say no, just relax and enjoy, and say thanks afterwards. They may be more accomodating next time.

    And thank the manager/reception, it never goes astray.

  79. Tom says:

    New girl Christina at this place, has anyone seen her? Any info on description & service?

  80. Taka says:

    Hi,guys. Can you tell me about fee?

  81. mykobo says:

    Can anyone tell me about the Russian Elena?

    Her looks, service, her personality etc.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m also thinking of doing a double….I’ve never done one before, so am curious.


  82. John says:

    Guys, don’t waste your time or money on Lara.
    Absolutely stuck-up, mentally/emotionally disturbed,
    conceited creature who thinks she’s better than us and doing us a big favor.
    Shoulda recognised that dismal expression she has. One of the worst massages ever & horrible attitude to match. Hope others can learn from my experience and use their hard-earned cash elsewhere.

  83. Sebastian says:


  84. Robert says:

    Bella Bella Bella Gives the best massage . Seen Beautiful Bella for years . 10 / 10 service . What to love Bella is very clean & safe Lady , very Witty , funny , caring Lady .. Gives the best hugs .. Total girlfriend experience.

  85. Wes says:

    Chris, please note:
    1) When you take the dog for a walk and he gets tired you let him rest. If you still feel active you find your pussy and play with it instead.
    ie. Doggy vs. Pussy Play
    2) Head is when a lady gives directions after an encounter. She will often say, ‘go through the door and HEAD to the right’

  86. chris says:

    can any one explain to me what is pussy play and head?

  87. Tom says:

    How many Toms are in this forum? Sorry mate, I usually wait a few visits before asking so i dont know if Shai did full service. I wouldn’t mind having full service with Jessica though. Has anyone got a yes from her?

  88. Tom says:

    Hey guys, has anyone heard of the Irish girl Shai? Has she left? She was one of the best girls here. Not happy!

  89. chris says:

    victora is too old to work there what is she still doing ? she should been retired.

  90. Peter Smith says:

    Is there a website for this shop? One that outlines prices and services?

  91. mykobo says:

    Hey everyone.
    Anyone try Russian Elena?

  92. John says:

    what happens in double ??! Never tried it

    Is it worth it?! Sounds expensive

    Who are best options for double?!

  93. Chris says:

    Hi has anyone ever had extra with Bella ??

  94. Tom says:

    Hey guys, has anyone tried Violet? Is she a new girl?
    Any info on looks and service would be great. Cheers.

  95. chris says:

    has anyone seen Brazilian danni how is her sevice?

  96. Bon says:

    Anyone pls inform carman’s roaster.

  97. chris says:

    hi can anyone explain to me what pussy play is?

  98. chris says:

    hi mykobo
    i have never been to this place actually I’m looking for very busty girl
    who do recommend to me and can I have shower and spa with girls?

  99. arjun says:

    hey anyone tried Brazilian Sarah how is her service does she offer f/s and pussy play?

  100. Tom says:

    Hey mykobo, who’s this tall girl with massive tits? Do you know when she works?
    Todays recommendations? Anyone? Cheers

  101. Tom says:

    Hey guys, any info on Adriana? I believe she was reviewed before but all the info deleted. Description, service etc. Thanks
    Ps: Carmen is working tonight.

  102. Tom says:

    Hey guys, any recommendations for today. Cheers

  103. john says:

    Mia is busty curvy quite talkative but i would say average she is nice and all but not much my type

  104. Tom says:

    Hey guys, thinking of trying Jess tonight, can someone tell me if
    her service has improved? Is she offering extras these days? Thanks

  105. Tom says:

    Hey guys, has anyone tried Mia before? Description & service. Thanks

  106. john says:


    did you get extra’s with Shai? can you pls describe a bit your experience??

    was pussy play allowed??

  107. zain says:

    Umm is this place f/s or massage only?

  108. Tom says:

    Hey guys, had a session with an Irish girl, Shaide, I think? Anyway, young girl(early 20’s), pretty face, pertly & soft tits. Body shape, curvy, I would say size 14. So if you like skinny girls she is not for you. Had an enjoyable 1hr. Give her a go you won’t be disappointed. I just loved her accent it was just an added bonus for me. Cheers

  109. Rob Baird says:

    Always get a very good massage. The Lady’s I have found always friendly.

  110. jason says:

    Any indian or lebenese chicks hea.
    Let us knw

  111. mykobo says:

    Fair enough mikegibon.

    On another topic, I like this place. 2 ladies in particular I enjoy spending time with, one of them I absolutely adore.

  112. mikegibon says:

    Visited Simply Healthy recently. Had massage and extras with a caring and passionate lady. She was so nice with gentle attitude. However, she confessed that the working culture of this place was not happy and staff often had issues and problems. I felt tension in this environment that spoiled somewhat the otherwise warm experience. Such issues should not present to paying customers. Management needs to get their act together.

  113. mykobo says:

    Do any of the ladies here use toys??

  114. mykobo says:

    So who are your favourite ladies?
    Mines Bella and Melanie.
    Hell yes.
    Sarah good too.

  115. Styx says:

    Stupid move ! What did they do threaten the page ! If the girls ( most likely Jess) dosnt like her customers saying negative things about them they should pick up their game !! Maybe her new clients have dropped off because we have been warning each other that looks ain’t everything and to keep us the people who pay her wages happy you need to give more than a pretty face and a stuck up attitude !

  116. Tom says:

    Hey admin, the “Simply Healthy” forum has been removed. Any reason why? Cheers

  117. Steve says:

    There is another site “Simply Healthy”, which clearly shows how nasty these females at this joint are. they have over 315 comments at each other – pretending to be punters. Council need a copy of all of this – so that they can see the abuse that is ongoing in those premises. Broken tables, run down, and soul destroying to workers and clients who attend this premises. Shut down this business & jail the owner – there is no other answer !!!

  118. Alex69 says:

    Ammmmm Matt not sure what simply healthy you going to but must not be the one I go to! The place is a abit shabby but the girls are great! Wen you walk in you hear the girls having a laugh and you can tell they all wanna be there and they all get along with each other ! Happy girls happy massage ! I have never heard swear words shouted out nor do I think the girls cope abuse ! And I have been a punter there for close to ten years

  119. Admin says:

    Thanks for that Handyman – All restored now. Ill have to find out why one of us removed it???
    Unless there was an instruction that it was closed from one of our readers???
    Or the instruction was to remove this adult erotica with the same address but the wrong one was removed. Thanks for your reminder…

  120. Handyman says:

    Hey Admin,

    You used to have two places posted with this address and phone number. Trouble is the other entry had all the comments – about 8 or ten of them. The entry that was removed was called “Simply Healthy.”


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